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Herb Meets Ann

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Editor: jellybelly2


Herb and Ann After Work

One day after work, Herb heads home like any other day. He jumps in the shower and does his normal routine. Washes up his body, brushes his teeth, and puts cologne on. He then leaves the bathroom, and heads for his computer. But there is a knock at the front door. He yells “one minute,” then heads to the front door. He opens it to find this fantastic looking woman. She has caught his eye many times. Herb has talked with Ann several times but not in an intimate setting. He definitely would like to get to know her on a much better level, but he’s a pretty shy guy; not one to be known to ask the ladies out.

He smiles looking through the screen door. He reaches for the handle, and she takes a step back from the door to let it open. “Hello, may I help you?” He asks.

Ann replies “I was looking for some information on the neighborhood.” Quickly the gear start turning in Herb’s head. Rather than standing in the doorway and talking, he invites her in, and she accepts.

He turns and leads her into the living room and proceeds to sit on the couch. She follows, and sits at the other end of the couch from Herb. His eyes follow her as she sits down. She’s dressed pretty nice, just for a normal day. She’s wearing a nice blouse, kind of low-cut; but not too revealing. Nice blue jeans, with open toed shoes. As she sits, she crosses her legs showing off her nicely pedicured toes.

Ann starts to ask about the neighborhood, Herb’s eyes leave her sexy toes and move quickly up her delightful body to make eye contact; where he then notices the color of her beautiful eyes. That this point, he is pretty captivated by her beauty. He catches the smell of her perfume, and now is totally enthralled with Ann.

The conversation about the neighborhood moves quickly. Herb not wanting to miss an opportunity to talk to this beautiful young lady; moves the conversation onto something lighter. They talk for several minutes, making small talk. Herb says, “I was about to make supper, would you like to stay and join me? It’s so much easier cooking for two.”

She replies, “no, I couldn’t impose on you like that.”

“No, you’re not, it would be nice to have a beautiful woman join me for supper,” he replies.

Ann smiles and laughs a little at that comment. “Sure, why not? I’m free for the night.” she answers with a smile.

Herb quickly stands up, and goes to walk past her. But he stops in front of her, and offers a hand to help her up from the couch. Ann accepts his hand, and they proceeded into the dining room; where she finds a nice dining room table with chairs, and Tiffany candlestick holders on the table. Herb sits her down at the table where she can see into the kitchen only a few feet away. Still holding her hand, he says “Thanks. You won’t forget this night” and winks. Ann laughs and giggles at the cheesy comment. Herb moves into the kitchen, and whips up something quick and nice for supper. Carrying on the conversation all the way; just small talk, and starts to get to know her a little better. Right before the food is finished, he carries two candlesticks and places them into the holders and lights them.

Ann seeing this says “oh this will be nice!” Supper is served and quickly consumed. The setting is nice and the company is great, but it seems like the night is winding down.

Ann insists on helping clean up. As they both start to clean up, their hands touch a few times; not awkwardly at all. It feels good, perhaps to both of them. Ann says “I’ll wash you can dry, Herbie.” She starts running the water to wash the dishes. Herb carries the last few dishes over to the counter by the sink where she is standing. He looks over at her, and she to him. A smile is exchanged between the two.

Herb goes to walk behind her to get to the other side of the sink to dry. Herb is much taller than Ann. He reaches his big arms around from behind Ann, embracing her escort ataşehir small body. She reaches her hand up grabbing his forearm. Not in a manner of stop, but to hold on. Herb not seeing any rejection, begins to caress her neck, and starts to kiss her from behind. He spins her around; looking deep into her eyes. He moves in for a passionate kiss, but she retracts just a little. She moves forward just a little, playing the kissing tease game. A moment passes with the two looking into each others eyes; only inches from each others’ faces. He moves closer ever so slightly, she finishes the way. Both of their eyes closed, their lips make contact, a passionate kiss ensues.

Their chests make contact, he reaches up and embraces her; holding her back and pinning her up against the counter with his size. Ann reaches her hands up in between the both of them, and places them on his chest. Using a little bit of her force, she pushes him back up against the island. She takes a little bit of control. Liking what he sees, he runs his hands down her back, then to her ass. He grabs a handful; both of them still kissing.

They both hear the water that is still running change sounds. So they stop kissing and they both open their eyes together, looking into them only for a second. Herb leaves the beauty of her eyes and face to look over to see the sink almost full. He reaches over and shuts off the water. Looks back over at Ann, and she has this devilish smile on her face. She reaches back up to his chest, and overpowers him; pushing him to the ground.

With him now lying on the ground with his chest up, Ann straddles him. She then kneels down placing her nice little ass on his semi hard cock. He is sure she can feel it through his pants. She leans down placing her face over top of his, peering into his eyes. Herb lifts his head up off the ground to make the kiss. She places her finger over top of his mouth, “not yet, I’m running this now.”

With a big smile on his face, Herb asks “may I rub that sexy ass of yours?”

“I’ll tell you want to do!,” Ann commands.

She just sits there on his cock for a minute looking into his eyes, keeping the moment tense. She finally moves closer. Thinking the kiss is coming, Herb closes his eyes. Her lips softly make contact, and then she bites his bottom lip ever so softly. He keeps his eyes closed for the duration of the teasing kiss. She really starts to get into it, opening her mouth and sucking his tongue out of his mouth. He really enjoys that move, pushing his hips up into her buttocks. She stops kissing long enough to say “put your damn hands on my sweet ass!” Without having to be told twice, Herb gladly does so.

Rubbing, grabbing, and squeezing her ass through her blue jeans; Herb keeps kissing her ever so slightly; pushing his hips up into her. Then Ann stops kissing him, and lifts her body up off his chest. She takes her hands, and reaches down to the base of her blouse. She grabs it, and lifts it up over her chest, then up over her head; removing the blouse in revealing a nice black bra. Ann sees Herb’s eyes checking her breasts out and is impressed by his facial expression. She reaches back behind her, grabbing the clasp of the bra, swiftly undoing it.

Ann reaches around with one hand and using her forearm, catching the bra before and leaves her breast. In doing so she creates nice cleavage for Herb to see. Slowly, Ann releases her breast from the restraint of the bra and the material is pulled down revealing her perky nipples. Herbs’ eyebrows lift up; allowing him to open his eyes wider to get a good look. The sight of her breast makes even more blood move into his cock. Ann is sitting on the perfect spot to feel it be almost ready, but not quite there yet.

Ann says “you like what you see so far?” he nods his head yes. Herbs’ eyes leave her breasts to look over her belly button.

Ann says to Herb “I’m going to stand up, put your hands at your sides kadıköy escort and no touching. Are we clear?”

Herb once again nods his head yes.

She brings her legs forward, one at a time, moving them into position to stand; in a squatting position right on Herbs’ cock. Ann slowly stands up. Herb’s eyes follow her bare chest up. She kicks off her shoes one at a time. “I saw you checking out my feet when we were sitting on the couch,” She says, seductively. Balancing on one foot, she takes the other one and moves it up to his face. “Kiss it,” she commands, “Suck on my toes.”

Herb without hesitation does as she commands. “That’s a good boy, now the other one,” she says, switching her feet to allow Herb to kiss and suck on her toes.

“Since you have been a good boy; are you ready for more, Herbie?,” Ann inquires.

Herb was still with his hands at his sides. Now with a full hard cock coiled up in his pants, says “Yes!” Ann was standing over him with one foot on each side of his body; she reaches up to her jeans and unbuttons them. She then lowers her zipper one tooth at a time, to tease Herb. She finally reaches the bottom of her zipper. Her hands move back up; palms against her body, rubbing up to her belly, then to her breast. She caresses her breast for moments knowing Herb is eagerly awaiting her fine body. She then lowers her hands to her sides, grabbing the sides of her jeans, and begins to push down on them; wiggling her ass to ease the removal of the jeans.

The jeans slowly move down her silky smooth legs, revealing her black lace panties, then kicks her jeans off onto the floor. She straddles him; now only with her panties on. She takes her hand and rubs her breast, takes her fingers and rubs at her nipples. Herb lying on the floor waiting… watching Ann. She takes her hand down her cleavage, to her belly, and then to her bellybutton. Her fingertips reach the top of her panties. Slowly she moves the lace aside, and her hand slides underneath her panties. She starts to masturbate right in front of Herb, she works herself over for 2-3 minutes, watching him; watching her.

“You like the taste of pussy? You like eating it?” She asks.

“I fuckin’ love it!” He replies. Ann steps to one side of herb and kneels down beside him, with her hand still in her panties.

“Close your eyes,” she tells him. He does so without question. She then takes her hand out of her panties revealing soaking wet fingers. She then takes them up by his nose, “you like what you smell?”

“Love it!” he says with a husky tone. He moves his head to get a better smell. Ann takes her soaking wet fingers with her pussy juice on them, and rubs it on his lips.

“You may taste me now,” she says to him. He opens his mouth, and his tongue leaves his mouth; tasting her sweet juices. He quickly moves his head forward with his mouth open, catching her two fingers in his mouth. He begins to suck on them licking her juices off of her fingers, his tongue rolls around each finger, lapping it up; his eyes still closed. Ann allows him to suck all the juices off of her fingers. “Keep your eyes closed,” she says.

Taking her hand out of his mouth, she stands up over him. She removes her panties. “Open your eyes now,” she says.

He does, and he sees a nice shaved bald pussy. ‘Excellent for eating,’ he thinks.

“I’m going to make you eat me,” Ann says. Herb nods yes eagerly once more. She moves her feet up by his shoulders. Slowly, she begins to squat; lining up her pussy to Herb’s mouth. Herb seeing it getting closer; the anticipation grows. He opens his mouth. Her wet pussy makes contact with his mouth, and he quickly sticks his tongue in it, and he starts drinking all of her juices. His tongue slides in and out, moves his head so we can get at her clit. Sucking, licking, he is loving her taste. He knows that she must be enjoying herself. She begins to grind her pussy into his face.

“Eat it,” she maltepe escort bayan commands him; moving her pussy over his mouth and his nose making him hold his breath while he eats her. She holds the position for at least 60 seconds before moving. He never misses a lick of her. But as she moves, he gasps for air.

“I want to see your cock,” she says. She moves off of his face. Herb licks as long as he can. She rolls onto her knees beside him, and reaches down to undo his jeans. She quickly undoes them and slides her hand inside to find a hard cock, with some precum on the head. She pulls his jeans and underwear down enough to get to his cock and balls. She sees that he is well groomed down there. Ann takes his dick in her small hand, and wraps her small fingers around it. She strokes it a few times, and some more precum comes out of it.

She then lunges forward lining his cock up with her mouth. Opening her mouth and taking as much of his hard dick in her mouth as she can; sucking long and hard. She starts rubbing his balls as she sucks him off, but Ann is ready for it to be inside of her! She stops sucking his dick, and tells him to get undressed fast, and to not forget the socks too! Herb quickly does as commanded and lies back down. Ann straddles his cock reverse cowgirl, reaching between her legs; she grabs his dick in her hand. Ann now feels his dick pulsing with his heart beat. She takes it and lines it up with her wet pussy, and slowly reclines on to it. His head touches her wet lips and goes right in. But as her juices didn’t make it down his shaft, she pulls back out to just his head inside her. Allowing more of her juices to flow down his shaft, she reclines back onto it. She takes it all this time. She is plenty wet down there. Ann looks back at Herb to see him watching. “Like what you see back there?” She asks.

“Oh yes, I’m watching my dick go into your sweet pussy, and I’m watching your tight little bum move too!” he says.

She rocks back and forth, again and again. With every down stroke, she clenches her ass. Herb moves his hands to her ass; rubbing, and squeezing it, then moves his hand to her hips to help with the motion. As he sees her hand move to her pussy, he feels some action in his balls. She must be rubbing her clit as she rides his cock. That turns Herb on even more. He takes his right hand off her hip, keeping his left one on there to help with the motion, then takes his right thumb and sticks it in his mouth, and lubes it up. Herb moves it down to Ann’s ass and starts rubbing her asshole with his thumb. Not trying to stick it in, but rubbing it. She doesn’t seem to mind. So he continues to rub her sweet bum. He’s watching his cock go in and out of her, and watching her butthole get rubbed. She really starts to grind her hips, getting into it.

Still rubbing her clit; Herb says, “I’m getting close, baby.”

Ann replies “same.”

A minute passes. Both of their breath quickens. Their hearts seem to be working in sync at a hundred miles an hour! Herb says, “I’m going to blow, very soon. Where do you want my cum?”

“In me! Fill my pussy with your hot load,” she replies. Herb still rubbing her asshole takes his thumb off, just long enough for more saliva on it. This time he lines it up so when she reclines onto his cock, it should go in her little butthole. She reclines back and his thumb hits her asshole, and it opens slightly before she stops. Forward she goes, then back again onto his waiting thumb. Her ass opens a little bit more this time. Forward again, then back, then forward again. On this recline she takes it up to the first knuckle on his thumb in her butthole.

This is too much for Herb. “I’m cumming!” he yells and groans.

She says “keep your thumb there, I’m really close!” She goes forward, and back again; taking a little more of his thumb in her ass. She feels him blow inside her. She goes two more humps and stops with his entire thumb in her asshole, as she’s moaning and orgasming. She sits there for a few seconds as the quivers leave her body. She moves forward and his thumb leaves her rear end, then his penis leaves her pussy.

“Would you like to take a shower and stay the night?” Herb offers; as he stands and kisses her.

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