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Hero’s Life Ch. 11

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Big Tits

Author’s note: So if you’ve been following along, you know that Tracy and Lisa are the Australian girls that took Hero’s virginity when they met as teens on vacation 10 years ago in Thailand. He described that night to Peaches in Ch. 01. (If you haven’t been following along, well, I just told you.) Stay with me folks, this story is finally beginning to circle in on itself as I originally intended. My semi-customary warning: this time there’s a bit of the ol’ slap and tickle in here.


Let’s get you up to speed shall we? I’m a 28 year-old accountant living just about any guy’s dream. I am in love with two women who love me and each other. The girls are radically different. Heather is a petite, curvy, 18 year-old coed bombshell whose blonde hair, blue eyes, and enormous, round breasts nearly make you miss her delectable little tush and her incredibly sharp mind. She’s also has a small “do good’er” streak in her that was mostly responsible for pulling Samantha in. Sam is… not a do good’er. In fact, she’s done some things that our local priest or even our sheriff might take issue with. Sammie is even tinier than Peaches, less than 100 lbs, with green eyes, dark, near black, wavy hair and beautiful olive skin. She’s a dancer, with all the grace and limberness that implies. Sammie is smart in her own way too… maybe even a little past smart. She can see into people absurdly well and has a certain knack for finding their buttons – good ones and bad ones. Yeah, we keep a close eye on her.

How’d this happen? Kind of a right place, right time, say the right stuff, sort of thing. Hell, I don’t know, sometimes I swear I’m just along for the ride. The scene that just unfolded at my front door was a prime example.

Plucked from a decade-old dream, two beautiful Australian women that I slept with as a teenager during one ridiculous night in Bangkok had just appeared at my house. Heather had found them by virtue of a detailed story I had posted on an erotic story website. Then she’d invited them to the United States, into my home, and now, into my den.

I had not seen this coming. Neither had Samantha, evidently. We were left nearly speechless at the front door. Eventually, Sam and I gathered our wits and headed into the den to join them and see what our lovely young Heather had wrought.

“So, who needs a drink?” we heard Heather offer as we made our way down the hall. “We’ve got mulled wine and hot buttered rum. Both are warm and ready if you’d like some.” As I stepped down into the den, Heather winked at me and continued, “For you, our lovely guests, Hero may even pull out some of the primo single malt that he’s been hiding from me.”

“‘Hero?'” Tracy, seated comfortably with Lisa on the couch, turned to look at me with amusement.

“It’s a nickname that stuck. Blame Peaches. Actually, hers is a nickname too. Her real name is Heather. And the quiet one here is Samantha.”

Sam waved and smiled.

The girls started talking all at once and I did what smart guys do: I kept quiet. I watched the four of them. Laughed when they laughed. Smiled when one of them looked at me.

My eyes kept coming back to Tracy. She was even more attractive than she had been years ago. She was certainly less gangly. And was she taller? No, she just carried herself better. She was more self-assured and spent a lot less time looking at her feet. She had turned into the true beauty I anticipated so many years ago.

When she got up, I followed her swaying, denim-clad rump into the kitchen. The jeans she wore were stylishly paired with a pair of black heels and a soft, black cashmere sweater. Her pale blond hair, curled at her shoulders stood out against its darkness.

Tracy turned and caught me looking at her. With her high heels, we were almost at even eye level. That was sexy in its own way – a hint that this beautiful woman was my equal in more than just height. She smirked indulgently, acknowledging that she’d caught me eyeing her up but didn’t seem to mind all that much.

I pulled a pair of mugs down from the cabinet for us. “Tracy, I should warn you. It’s a little different here. Sam and Heather and I are…”

“Relax, Peaches told us all about it,” Tracy smiled. “Besides, after the way Lisa and I broke you in with our crazy three-way it figures you ended up a bit more open-minded. It’s partly why we came.” She sighed. “Lisa and I have led strange lives. She fell in love with a guy a few years ago, a great guy, and they’re married. He doesn’t know that Lisa and I are lovers. She’s been too afraid to tell him, he’s very straight-laced. He thinks we’re just friends. Sometimes it feels sexy the way we have to sneak around together. But mostly it’s just hard.”

“I’m so sorry…” I said gently, ladling out some buttered rum for each of us.

“Don’t be. We’re OK. Though I am looking forward to hanging out here for a few days where we can just be ourselves. You’re not going to mind if you catch us snogging on the couch now are you?”

She hesitated a moment.

“Plus, there’s the escort ataşehir other part of why we came.” She pushed a lock of pale blonde hair behind her ear and stepped in to touch my chest. She looked at me meaningfully. “I’ve thought about giving you something. Something I should have given you a long time ago.” She bit her lip and her lavender eyes became large, soft, and honest. “I’ve still never been with a guy.” She took a sip of her rum.

“I don’t know what to say…”

“Don’t say anything. Think about it. You also need to talk to the girls first and see if they’re OK with it. They have a fair claim on you and you all look very happy together. Lisa and I are dropping in out of nowhere.”

(I would later pull Heather and Sam into another room. Peaches was amazed I even thought I needed to ask. Sam summed up their opinion: “The way we see it, it’s really between you and Tracy.” They were fine with me sleeping with Tracy, but with the caveat I should have expected – they wanted to watch and, if possible, join in. They seemed more certain about it than I did.)

The five of us spent the evening in the firelit den. We drank and talked and laughed. Lisa and Tracy recounted my youthful dorkiness from a decade earlier for Sam and Heather’s entertainment. I fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night to some quiet giggling. It wasn’t the giggle-prone Peaches. She was asleep with her head resting in my lap. She’d still refused to put on clothes and her blanket had slid down to uncover one of her huge, round breasts. I pulled the blanket up to her chin to keep her warmer.

The fire had burned down to coals. In the dim, red light I could just make out Sam, Lisa and Tracy in front of the fireplace. The three of them were snuggled together, Sam in the middle, and the Australians were taking turns kissing her hungrily.

Half asleep, I teased Sam. “Don’t hurt them Sam, they’re our guests.” Lisa and Tracy looked at me, confused. “Just trust me ladies.” I looked back at Sam. “Be good, Sam.”

I stroked Peaches’ hair and drifted back to sleep. I was in and out all night, periodically waking up to catch snippets of conversation from the protracted sex games that were taking place on the floor.

“I’m not sure I can…. oh God that’s good.” I heard Lisa moan. …

“Where do you put the… ahh ahh…” Tracy sighed. …

“There’s no way that’s going to fit. Try it this way.” Samantha suggested. …

I woke up much later to Peaches nudging my shoulder gently. It was dawn and she had had finally put some clothes on; red flannel pajamas she’d unwrapped yesterday morning as part of another early Christmas present. She tiptoed over to the three naked sleeping women intertwined on the rug in front of the fireplace and draped a big blanket over them. There was a collection of Sam’s sex toys spread out around them.

“OK, so everybody is still breathing and I don’t see any blood. Dude, what did I miss last night?” Heather whispered.

“Not sure. I fell asleep and missed most of it too.” I scratched my head.

We snuck into the kitchen and made coffee as quietly as we could. We ducked over into the sun room, trying not to wake the sleepers, and cuddled together onto a loveseat. Savoring the warm sun, we clutched and sipped our coffee quietly for awhile.

“It’s nice to have a little alone time with you.” Heather rested her head on my shoulder.

“Very nice.” I stroked the soft skin along the side of her neck. “Thanks for inviting them, darling. It was very sweet. You never cease to amaze me.”

“Eh… can’t have you getting bored now can we?” She turned to look at me. “So, are you going through with it? With Tracy, I mean.”

“I don’t know. I’m not sure we can ever go back. Maybe it’s best to leave it the way it was.”

“Well, for what it’s worth, she doesn’t think so. She can’t get you out of her head. If you make it good for her, and I know you would…” Heather poked me “… the worst that happens is she closes this door and moves on with her life. Maybe finds a nice boy of her own? She’s tall, blonde and pretty. There’s probably plenty of guys lined up. Or, maybe she’ll stick around here for awhile and we can molest her together. Either way, not so bad.”

“You’re talking me into fucking another, maybe two other, women? You really are amazing.”

“And don’t you forget it.” She took another sip from her coffee cup.

Just then, a nude Sam limped her way into the room to join us. “Oh my head, what the hell happened last night?” she murmured.

“From the looks of it, you ladies finished the buttered rum and the mulled wine then had yourselves an all-night lesbo-orgy,” I teased.

“Ah hah. That explains why I’m naked and sore everywhere. I don’t think anybody remembered to use lube,” Sam winced and slowly eased her slender naked body down into a club chair across from us.

Peaches couldn’t resist the chance to join in the fun. “Has Sith-y Sam finally met her match?”

“Well, somebody could have warned me. kadıköy escort Those two are a trap.” Sam yawned, then rubbed her head in pain. “The tall blonde one came on all sweet and gentle. Then the cute little freckly one jumped in and showed no mercy.”

“Yup, as I recall, that’s how they got me,” I reminisced. “Did you have fun?”

“Hell yeah. I think we should ask them to move in.” Sam rubbed her head again and groaned.

Peaches unfolded from my lap and stood up. “Come on Sammie, let’s go get you fixed up.” She took the nude Samantha by the arm and ushered her into the kitchen. “You need a good BM.”

“Uh… I’m not a morning pooper so…”

“No silly, a Bloody Mary. I’m getting good at them. College kids get lots of hangovers.” Peaches set Sam down on a barstool at the counter. Sam rested her face on the cool granite countertop. Peaches rounded to the other side of the counter and went to work with a blender. She moved with a well-practiced quickness. She’d been sharpening her bartending skills at school. I wondered how she managed to do this and keep her stellar grades. And who was she making these kinds of drinks for? I drank second-rate beer through college. Peaches was still a bit of a mystery. I liked that about her. I saw the tomato juice, tabasco, worcestershire, lemon and lime juice all go into the glass pitcher. Then she lost me with a string of brown spices. I did, however, recognize the red threads she steeped in the vodka before pouring into the blender.

“Saffron?” I asked.

“Yup. Bharat variation. It’s killer.” Peaches punched the blender’s button. It roared to life. I cupped a hand over Sam’s uncovered ear against the noise.

Peaches filled a pint glass with ice and poured in the velvety red liquid, then topped it with a lime wedge and a quickly cut stalk of celery. She pushed the glass in front of Sam. “Drink.” She instructed simply.

Sam sucked almost a third of the glass down before coming up for air, gasping “Good.” She laid her head back down on the counter.

Lisa and Tracy, no doubt roused by the loud blender, wandered into the kitchen. Lisa was wearing just a t-shirt, her smooth freckled legs were bare. Tracy was wearing Sam’s bathrobe. On her taller body it fit like a very short kimono and her breathtakingly long lean legs stretched out beneath it. I also caught a glimpse of her little blonde muff. She saw me peeking and pulled the robe’s bottom closed again to cover herself. “Hey, no perving!”

“Sorry, couldn’t be helped,” I blushed.

Peaches poured two more Bloody Maries for Lisa and Tracy and in return received more glowing praise for her bartending skills. I looked at Peaches. For the first time since she’d shown up again for the holidays, I really just looked at her. She was so young, so pretty, so sexy, so smart, so talented, and so sweet. I had missed her terribly. My heart swelled and I moved towards her.

“That was very nice of you.”


“I mean really nice.”

Peaches caught my emphasis and looked me in the eyes hopefully. “Nice, as in ‘treats’ nice?”


I moved behind her as she bent herself over the bar counter on her forearms. She swung her round little rump from side to side.

“What are ‘treats’?” Tracy asked as I pulled Heather’s red pajama bottoms down until they pooled on the floor, revealing her taut young ass.

Sam explained it with her casual bluntness, “He’s going to stick his tongue in her butt.”

“Errrr…” Tracy stammered.

“She likes it,” Sam continued.

“He did it for me our first night together.” Peaches wiggled happily as I knelt behind her rounded ass. “I think I fell in love with his tongue first.”

If Peaches had any reservations about being naked from the waist down in front of an audience with my face pressed between her buns, she kept them to herself.

As for me, I reasoned that Sam, Tracy, and Lisa had put on a show for me last night. I planned on returning the favor. So I licked and lapped at the valley between Heather’s cheeks. She moaned and her head hung limply from her shoulders.

The girls just watched quietly as I worked on her. It was Lisa who broke their silence. “What… what does it feel like?” she asked Peaches.

“Warm, moist, soft. It tickles at first. Then it’s pure pleasure.”

“Can you come that way?”

“Every time. Sometimes it even makes me…” Peaches trailed off a little, embarrassed.

“…squirt,” Sam finished her thought for her.

“Really?” Lisa asked.

“More of a leak actually,” Peaches explained between sighs.

“That is so hot,” Tracy admired.

“I would do that for you, you know,” Lisa looked at Tracy.

“You’re a total perv, but I might just take you up on that,” her lover replied.

Peaches began to groan. I had slipped my hand into the keyhole space between her thighs to circle her clitoris with my thumb. At the same time, I pressed my tongue more insistently into her rosebud. It began to give way. This was always my maltepe escort bayan favorite part; Heather’s tight teen asshole finally yielding – accepting my tongue. Her knees buckled when I finally wormed it all the way into her ass.

Tracy couldn’t help herself. “What was that?”

“His… tongue… it’s up inside… and… he’s… curling… it… to lick me… on the inside. Rubbing my clit too,” Peaches was barely coherent now.

“She’s going to come soon,” Sam observed. She reached across the counter to stroke Heather’s hair gently. Peaches picked up her head to look at her. I couldn’t see her face from where I was but I knew what it would look like. Her eyes would be glazed. Her pupils huge.

“He’s really got you going today…” Sam grinned.

“Uh huh, hot… being… watched… too,” Heather gasped.

The subtle part of Heather’s treats were over. I began to sodomize her with my tongue, pistoning it in and out of her rectum. My thumb was a blur at her clit.

Peaches moans became a continuous pant. Her body went rigid and I jammed my tongue into her butthole so hard it made my mouth ache. Her back bowed up as she came, gasping and wiggling, working her own ass around on my tongue. She almost shook me loose.

As she was coming down, I kissed each of her rounded little cheeks and gently pulled up her pajama bottoms.

“Awww, don’t you want to take my butt?” Heather asked as she reached back and stroked my erection through my pajamas.

“Raincheck.” I steered her to another stool and sat her down. “Right now, breakfast.”

Lisa leaned towards Peaches. “I remember how thick his dick is. You really let him put that thing in your bum?”

“Definitely,” Peaches replied, resting her head on the counter, “especially after he works the tongue magic for me.”

Was it my imagination or were both Lisa and Tracy looking at me with slightly more intense interest? I kept that thought to myself as I made, and we ate, a mountain of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and toast.

Afterwards, the girls cleaned up, got dressed, and went shopping. It gave me time to do a little work and to think about what to do, or not to do, with Tracy and perhaps Lisa.

The girls returned several hours later, bags in tow, wearing shit-eating grins. They’d been drinking too – they were all quite tipsy, except for Sam who I prayed had been the one driving. They dumped their bags on the kitchen table in front of me.

“Those are suspiciously big smiles on all of you, was the shopping that good?” I asked, peeking in the bags.

“The shopping was good. The sex wuzeven better!” Lisa slurred.

“The four of you had sex at the mall?”

“Nope, five of us,” Tracy giggled tipsily. “We dragged a hot little salesgirl at the lingerie boutique into a dressing room and showed her the time of her life.”

“A complete stranger?”

“Actually, no,” Heather piped up. “Her name’s Stacey. She played field hockey with me in high school last year. She was an underage little cutie-pie junior then. She’s all grown up and a barely legal hottie now.”

“Yup,” Sam agreed as she pulled her cell phone from her purse. “Want to smell my cellie?” She offered it to me with an evil look.

“Hah, no thanks. I can guess where it’s been.”

She shrugged and began fiddling with her phone’s buttons. “The vibrate setting was helpful. Now I just need to clear the 20 unanswered calls we made after I uuhh… loaned it… to Stacey.”

I had a moment to picture that scene before Lisa stumbled towards me and plunked herself into my lap. Her dark brown eyes were glazed over a bit and she clumsily itched her freckled button nose. She smelled like she’d stuck her face in a bucket-sized appletini. “So are you gonna fuck my girlfriend or not?” she slurred.

“Well, I think…” I started.

“Do it! Do it! Do it!” the girls chanted drunkenly, crowding around the table.

“I’ll suck your dick for it!” Lisa blurted out, sliding her hand into my pajama bottoms and stroking my shaft.

I looked at the girls and made peace with my fate. “Okay okay!” I looked a Tracy. “Tomorrow?”

Tracy nodded brightly.

“Hurray!” the girls cheered.

“Now get these stupid pajamas off.” Lisa whined, tugging at my hips. “I want to see if I remember that thick cock of yours correctly.”

I was a little disappointed when the other girls peeled Lisa off me. They threw her into the shower to sober up a bit.

Their visit to the master bathroom must have given them an idea because shortly after Peaches, Sam, and Tracy came back down, they announced that they were going back upstairs to climb into the oversized whirlpool tub. Heather and Sam loved that tub. They would sit in it until the water got cold, drain it half-way, then refill it with hot water.

The house “tubbing” endurance record – 4 hours(!) – was set by Sam almost two months ago on the day she heard that her ex-boyfriend Danny got engaged. It was the same Danny she’d dumped only four months ago. He was a complete douche but, for reasons unfathomable to me, the news still made her depressed. She sat in the tub all afternoon commiserating with Heather via cell phone until Sam’s battery ran dead. I brought her a fresh drink periodically and begged her not to pass out in the tub and drown.

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