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Himbofication by One Coffee a Day

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He stepped into the coffee shop. The head barista, Joey, hated the smug son of a bitch. All he knew what that his first name was Lucius, and that he worked for a big tech company down the street. He always came in and ordered the same coffee, a complicated order that only Joey knew how to make correctly. Lucius never tipped and barely interacted with the barista. As a result, Joey wanted to mess with Lucius. After searching online for a bit, he thought he could kill two birds with one stone and get a boyfriend out of it. He put his plan into action the day after they came in.

He dropped one into Lucius’ drink as he was making it. Today, Joey got a real good look at the man as he handed him his coffee. Lucius had a lean build, his suit and tie still loose on his body. He had perfectly shaven black hair, and smelled like a forest. The loose pants didn’t help Joey figure out his cock size, but he wasn’t packing if there was no bulge right now. Lucius also didn’t seem to have an ass to speak of. The first couple days, Joey saw absolutely no change in Lucius at all.

Finally, after five days of dropping it into his coffee, Lucius actually thanked his barista for his coffee. “Uh, thanks, Joey,” he said, reading the name tag. It was the most he had ever said to Joey after the barista had finally gotten his drink order correct, and he could just say “regular”. Joey didn’t notice any bodily or physical changes, but that would take some time. The first little tidbits of a change started to appear that Monday. As Lucius received his coffee, Joey noticed some blonde roots.

“Oh, are you a natural blonde?” he asked, trying to make conversation. To his surprise, Lucius actually responded!

“Uh, no, I don’t believe so. I’ve had black hair my entire life. Well, I’ve got to go. Nice talking to you, Joey!” He smirked as the businessman left the coffee shop. He had also noticed a small change in Lucius’ suit. He was filling it out a bit more, but it was still pretty loose. The chat between the barista and the coffee drinker izmir escort got increasingly longer as the week passed, as well as Lucius’ blonde hair that was growing out. By that Friday, his hair was a half-blonde, half-black mixture that Joey found weirdly hot.

“So, what are you doing this weekend?” he asked Lucius, after handing him his coffee.

“Oh, probably match with some guy on Grindr and then fuck his brains out.” Joey was thankful he wasn’t holding a cup, because he would have crushed it right then and there.

“You’re, um, gay?” he was finally able to get out.

“Yeah, I’ve been gay ever since the head jock in high school kissed me as a freshman while on a dare. I recently reconnected with him and fucked his brains out.”


“Well, I really need to get to work. I’ll need to leave earlier if I want to continue our chats!”

“Please do,” Joey thought to himself, as Lucius walked through the door. Joey noticed that Lucius was finally starting to fill out his suit, it getting tight on him in all of the right places. The next week, Lucius’ hair continued to grow blonde until Friday, when it was finally completely blonde. A person meeting Lucius for the first time wouldn’t even know that he had had black hair for most of his life. During the chats by the counter, which were a bit longer, Lucius confided in Joey that he had been a bit more forgetful at work than he normally was.

He was forgetting clients’ names or how to do stuff in Excel. It was just small stuff that Lucius chalked up to stress or lack of caffeine. Joey knew the real reason why it was happening, all thanks to what was being dropped in Lucius’ coffee. The forgetfulness continued and increased next week, but the topic of conversation soon shifted to the new suit Lucius was wearing. “Looking snazzy, Lucius! Why the new digs?”

“My old suit got to be too small! I’ve been working out religiously for, like, a couple years now, but it’s only now that I’m starting to gain muscle!”

“Cool,” alsancak escort Joey said. He admired the fact that Lucius had invested in a fitted suit, showing off his burgeoning muscles. He also didn’t mind staring at that bubble butt as it walked out of the coffee shop. At the start of the sixth week of the process, Lucius walked into the coffee shop flustered. Even during the process, he still kept up the haughty demeanor when walking in which Joey had hated. This was an entirely new look for the stud. “What’s wrong?” he asked, before making Lucius’ drink this week.

“I got an email from work yesterday,” Lucius explained, with tears in his eyes. “And they said they were, like, demoting me! I’m becoming, like, too forgetful, and they don’t want me in that, like, position anymore!”

“It’s okay,” Joey said. “At least you still have a job.”

“I guess that’s one, like, way of looking at it,” Lucius said, perking up again. Joey made him his coffee, and the two chatted about something totally different before Lucius had to go to work. Joey also noticed that when Lucius walked in today, he wasn’t wearing a blazer. It was only the white button-down today, which helped to show off his biceps and his pecs. Joey had to hear horror stories from work this week, until Friday, when they stopped.

“They fuckin’ fired me!” Lucius whined to his barista. “They said I was, like, too fuckin’ stupid to do, like, this job anymore. It’s them who are, like, so fuckin’ stupid!”

“It’s okay, Lucius, it’s okay. Know what, I’ll be done working today around noon. Why don’t you hit the gym for a bit and then meet me outside the coffee shop, and we can have some fun together.” Joey winked at the word “fun”, and despite Lucius’ seemingly decreasing intelligence, he understood what that meant.

“Okay,” he said, paying for his coffee. Joey also noticed that Lucius had messed up his pin today. Most people messed it up occasionally, but he had done it so many times on the buca escort exact same keypad that it would seem to mess it up. Joey knew that meant what was being dropped into Lucius’ coffee was working. He finished his shift and then met up with Lucius outside the coffee shop. He had changed into workout clothes since he last saw Joey, and he was also sweaty and reeked a bit. However, Joey was turned on by that, and the two of them went back to his place.

After an intense and mind-blowing fuck session, with Lucius being the bottom surprisingly, Joey asked if he wanted a job at the coffee shop. “It’s low-key and not that stressful. We can just have you working the machines while I deal with the customers.”

“That, like, sounds like a good, like, idea!” Lucius said, with a huge grin on his face. That Monday, both of them entered the coffee shop and both of them made their way behind the counter. Lucius, or Luke as he now wanted to be called, got the job. They were fine with him just working the machines, as it was all pretty much automated. Joey did make sure to tell Luke that any personal coffee needed to be spiked with some sugar pills. Luke bought the excuse it was because the company had made an ill-fated purchase of them, and not because they were the same pills being dropped into his coffee every morning by Joey.

The two of them made a great team in the coffee shop, and Joey made sure that Luke always put a pill in his coffee before drinking it. As the days passed, he loved how Luke was filling out his uniform, especially in the ass department. He loved having sweaty and musky fuck sessions with him after he hit the gym. Joey didn’t mind that Luke’s vocabulary was slipping, and he peppered every other word in a sentence now with “like” and called everyone “brah”. Eventually, the coffee shop had to fire him as well, when he broke a machine that he just needed to press a button to make it work.

Joey didn’t care, though, as the pills were about to run out anyways. Of course, the pills he had been slipping into Luke’s coffee were himbo pills, slowly changing the cocky and haughty businessman into a cock-addicted slutty himbo. Joey was on track to be manager, which meant even more money he could spend on condoms and lube, and on his very loving, but also very dumb, boyfriend.

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