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His Sweet Girl Ch. 02

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I sat nervously in the doctor’s examination room the next day and answered in a quiet voice as he took details of my name, age and address. The middle-aged male doctor, who had raised his eyebrows when I told him I was just twenty, seemed brusque and rushed, and I had not protested when he told me a medical student would be observing the consultation. The student was a muscular, confident young man of about my age, and he took a seat at the edge of the room with his knees spread and his arms folded across his wide chest.

“Mr Charles has explained your arrangement to me but I must hear the details directly from the patient for my records, and of course for the sake of the student’s education. I need full and frank answers from you and you must not omit any details. I will be making a permanent note of your answers to remain on your medical file. Mr Charles, who will be paying your bill, obviously has unhindered access to the contents of this file as well.” I nodded meekly and then cast my eyes back to the floor.

“For how long have you been sexually active?”

“Since I was 16.”

“Okay, so four years. And what is the age range of your former and current partners?

I paused. “Mid-teens to… mid-fifties, I guess.”

“Okay, so ranging from about your age to more than thirty years your senior. I see. And how many sexual partners have you had?”


“Now I have some specific questions about your experience of male ejaculation. Has a man ever ejaculated directly into your mouth, vagina or anus?”

“Into my mouth, but only once. I have always insisted on a condom for sex. And I’ve never even had anal sex, the thought of it freaks me out.” I blushed as I remembered Mr Charles gently holding my head down as he ejaculated into my slippery mouth the day before.

“Would you say you had an aversion to fresh ejaculate?”

I paused. “Maybe… I suppose I just never felt connected enough to someone to want to share that with them.”

“So would it be fair to say you have found sexual intercourse relatively unfulfilling Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort in your lifetime? How often do you reach sexual climax?”

“I suppose so,” I said, blushing even harder now. “I only ever cum when I touch myself, never just from sex with someone.”

“Have you ever been filmed or photographed while nude or engaging in a sex act?”

“No…” I wondered where the doctor was going with this line of questioning but he did not give me much time to think about it.

“And have you ever engaged in sexual intercourse which involved stimulation or penetration of your anus by any body part or object?”


“I see. I expect Mr Charles will be pleased that you are almost entirely uncontaminated by other men. Being a virgin would be quite something, but I don’t blame you for failing to keep men away. You really are quite something to look at.

“Look,” he said, gesturing to the medical student to come over from his observation point to where we were sitting. “The soft, full lips imitate hairless labia swollen with arousal. The flush in her cheeks gives a very youthful and innocent glow and her shallow breathing is suggestive of orgasmic gasps. These are the signs to look for when assessing a young woman regarding contraception and sexual health. She is clearly a very sexual being and I’m sure you can empathise with the men who have previously sought to use her body for their own gratification.”

The medical student nodded slowly and walked around me, eyeing up my slender figure, which was now almost shaking with nerves and anticipation.

The doctor then addressed me again, continuing his previous line of questioning. “Have you ever had sexual intercourse with more than one partner simultaneously? Examples would be accepting vaginal and anal sex at the same time, or receiving a penis in your mouth while engaging in vaginal and/or anal sex.”

“No!” I said, quite shocked by the question. The student smirked and slid back into his seat.

“Mr Charles has a right to know these things. And he will be glad to hear there are some things he can still introduce you to. Regarding oral sex, how often do you find your gag reflex interferes with your pleasuring a male partner?”

I stared at him and my cheeks burned. Maybe Mr Charles had told the doctor about my hungry cock-swallowing the day before. “I don’t really have a gag reflex actually.”

“And so you accept erect penises deep into your throat? Willingly?” The doctor raised his eyebrows at the thought but I also saw him shift in his seat and rearrange his pants.

“Yes. How many more questions are there?” I was beginning to feel extremely humiliated as the doctor probed my filthy sluttish tendencies in front of his colleague, and felt increasingly uncomfortable that he was finding my responses arousing.

The doctor chuckled and typed my response into the computer. “Don’t worry, that’s all the questions for now. Mr Charles will undoubtedly be taking care of a few of these matters quite soon. I will prescribe an oral contraceptive which will be effective immediately. I note that you have no sexually transmitted infections so I will instruct you not to use condoms any more. You owe Mr Charles the pleasure of your bare flesh, and you ought to allow him to coat you in semen. It’s very good for the complexion, you know!”

I was aghast at the tone of the doctor but glad he would give me the pill I needed to meet Mr Charles’ demands. I took the printed prescription, blushing, and turned to leave the office but the doctor called me back.

“Not so fast. There’s still the physical exam to take place. Please lie on the table and spread your legs. There will be no need to remove your clothes yet.”

I shuddered with dread but was desperate to follow Mr Charles’ instructions so I cautiously mounted the table and lay back with my legs open. The student pulled my skirt up over my hips and unclipped my stockings from my suspender belt. He gently ran his fingers under the waistband of my tiny thong, then very slowly rolled it down to my mid-thigh. Looking at the doctor for further instructions, he then gently pulled apart my labia to expose my clitoris. For some reason the student was not wearing latex gloves and I knew he could feel my arousal as he probed deeper towards my pussy. He pressed one finger into my vagina and I inadvertently gasped then cleared my throat.

“Okay, we mustn’t stretch out the young vaginal canal before Mr Charles has put it to his own use. I’m satisfied with what I’ve seen already, so if you could just turn the patient onto her hands and knees,” said the doctor to the student.

The student helped me turn onto my hands and knees on the examination table, my thong still rolled down and skirt pushed up towards my waist. I saw that now the student also had a large and unconcealed erection pressing through the front of his pants. My sheer black stockings had slithered down my smooth thighs and wrinkled at my knees. The doctor let out a quiet whistle.

“A very nice example here of an unviolated anus. Do you see how the sphincter remains tight and extremely small? The surrounding skin is soft and smooth and the fleshy buttocks will spread to facilitate penetration of the anus. The doctor pressed a gloved finger against my anus and pushed firmly but it did not yield. “Yes,” he said, almost to himself, “Mr Charles will be very pleased. Lets get the photographs and then we’re finished for the day.”

By this point I was so conflicted between humiliation and extreme arousal at the thought of my nubile body being prepared for Mr Charles’ use that I barely registered what was happening. The medical student stretched my ass cheeks apart while the doctor snapped multiple photographs of my anus up close, and also wider shots of me on my knees with my clothes pushed aside. Then the student pulled my labia apart for more close-up photos, and pulled my flesh apart to display the tight pink opening to my vaginal canal. Finally he penetrated me with two fingers and gently teased out some of my sexual juices for a few wider shots of my shiny genitals. The intimate photographs popped up in rows on the screen of the doctor’s computer, showing my flesh from every angle in lurid detail. The photos were uploaded onto my medical file then I was free to go.

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