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Hobson Manor

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Main Characters:

Lord Hobson – owner of Hobson Manor.

Lady Hobson (Diane) – Lord Hobson’s wife.

Florence Hobson (Florrie) – the daughter of the Lord and Lady Hobson.

Mr. Kane – the Butler.

Claire – a house maid who also helps in the kitchen.

Helen – another house maid, who also serves double duty in the kitchen.

Mrs. MacGregor – cook, oversees the aspects of the running of the house.

Ben – the new chauffeur.

Expect additional characters in later parts. All characters in sexual depictions are over 18.


An English manor after the turn of the twentieth century.


The bell rang in the kitchen. Mr. Kane was ringing for breakfast to be brought up to the dining room.

“Best be hurrying with those dishes,” Mrs. MacGregor ordered the girls.

Claire and Helen hurried to get the dishes containing breakfast. Helen was a little more experienced, having served in the house since she was 16, now being 19. Claire was 18, but had just been hired six weeks ago and was still adjusting to life around the manor.

Before coming to Hobson Manor, Claire had lived on a small tenant farm with her parents and 3 older sisters. Her sisters had all been married, but she’d decided to take a job rather than marrying, and a little after her 18th birthday had seen an advertisement in town for a maid position at the Manor. She applied and within the week was hired by Mr. Kane.

They both hurried up the stairs, carrying trays with various dishes on them. They emerged out into a hallway and crossed into the door directly across from the staircase. As they entered, the light coming through the windows bathed them in a bright glow, the silver serving dishes gleaming.

“Well, finally we have some food,” Lord Hobson exclaimed. He could be a little curt in the mornings, but was generally a good and kind man.

“Good morning, girls,” Florence said with a smile. She’d always had a hard time maintaining separation from the servants. She felt a desire to get to know them, and always tried to be friendly.

The maids set down the trays on the butler’s station, from where he’d serve the Lord and Ms. Florence. They then hurried out the door again, headed for the kitchen.

“Thank you,” Florence called after them. She was a truly kind girl, very sweet.

“What are your plans for today, Florence?” Lord Hobson asked after breakfast.

“Well, I was thinking of making a trip into town to post some letters. That is, is I could borrow the carriage.” Florence suggested.

“You may take the car, in fact. Have Ben drive you. I have a friend visiting on business this morning. Oh, and if you could pick up the post and save the man a trip out here, that’d be great.” Lord Hobson didn’t even look up from his newspaper.

“Oh, thank you daddy!” Florence said with definite excitement in her voice. All her friends called her Florrie, but her father insisted on her using the name Florence. He felt it was a proper name, not some stupid nickname.

Florrie ran up to her room after breakfast to get ready for the trip to town. She rang for a maid to come help her get into her dress. She hoped it’d be Claire. Helen always seemed to be nervous when she came up, while Claire was at ease. She’d also developed a rapport with Claire, and felt that she could trust her.

It was only a few minutes before Claire knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Florence called out.

Claire came in, closing the door behind her.

“Good morning, Claire! I’m glad it’s you, I can’t decide what to wear into town. I need some help.”

“Certainly, Miss Florence.” Claire said, moving over to Florence’s wardrobe.

“No, I told you. You must call me Florrie when your in this room and we’re alone.”

“Yes, Miss Florrie.”

They discussed the trip for a bit, suggesting various outfits and striking them down before they settled on a beautiful lavender day gown that showed just a hint of cleavage.

“I like this dress,” Florrie said, “it shows off my best assets, my breasts.”

Claire just giggled. Miss Florence was clearly part of the newer generation, with their looser morals.

“You should laugh, you have an even better pair. I’m sure the boys just go crazy when you’re near.” Florrie complimented Claire.

Claire giggled again. It was true, Claire possessed a very nice pair of breasts. They were medium sized but very perky. They stood nicely on her chest, proudly erect as if to announce their presence as a separate entity. Claire had begun to notice that the boys tended to stare at her chest, especially in some more revealing outfits. They usually whistled as she walked past, but she didn’t pay them any mind.

Claire had never cared much for boys, but that had all changed recently. Ben, Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort the chaffuer, had been hired shortly after her. His arrival flipped a switch in Claire. Anytime she saw him, she instantly felt aroused, the place between her legs would start to feel warm. He was a good looking young man. Like Claire, he’d worked on a farm most of his life. As such, he’d developed big muscles and a chiseled body.

Claire must’ve been daydreaming about Ben, because soon she heard Florrie calling out.

“Claire? Are you there?”

“Sorry ma’am,” Claire said with a start.

“That’s perfectly alright, I daydream sometimes as well. I need you to run down and tell Ben that I’m going into town. Daddy said that I could use the car, so I’ll need him to drive me.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Claire said, making a swift exit.

Claire could barely contain her excitement. She was getting a chance to see Ben! She relished every moment she spent in his company. Claire bounded down the stairs, hurrying to get out the door. She ran excitedly towards the garage, blurting out the orders to Ben as soon as she saw him. Then she became bashful, and slowly backed away towards the kitchen entrance.

Ever since their last encounter, things had been awkward between them. Claire thought back to that day. She’d come out to the garage to bring Ben his lunch. After conversing for a while, she caught sight of his cock. It had grown in her presence and Ben had tried and failed to conceal it.

She was overcome with desire and they began to kiss, and before long she’d sucked his cock and he’d fucked her hard. It was all over fairly quickly considering neither had much experience. They were both left panting. Claire had to hurry back to the kitchen lest Mrs. MacGregor wordy about her or become suspicious. It had all been quite exhilarating.

“There you are,” Mrs. MacGregor said as she entered, “Miss Florence really occupied you today, eh?”

“Yes,” Claire began to explain as she put on her apron, “then she had me run to the garage to tell the chauffer that she’s going into town this morning.

“Miss is going into town today?”

“Yes, she’s leaving in a short while.”

“You’ll need to go with her, Claire. I need a few things from the grocer and if someone’s making a trip, you can pick them up for me.”

“Oh, aye I can do that for you,” Claire accepted readily.

Before long the three members of the house were on the road. Florrie had insisted that Claire ride with her in the back instead of up front with Ben. Claire was glad in a way; things were still slightly awkward between her and Ben.

They chatted along the way to town, about this or that. They shared similar interests, despite leading quite different lives. Florrie told Claire what she planned on doing while in town. She’d made an appointment at a salon and wasn’t sure how long it’d take her.

They arrived near town, Florrie insisting that they park on the outskirts and walk into town. She felt they could benefit from some exercise an fresh air. Florrie and Claire walked together before splitting up. Ben stayed with the car.

Florrie finished her errand rather quickly. The grocer was expecting her and had already parceled her order and set it aside. She simply had to pick it up and leave the payment Mrs. MacGregor had sent with her. She was on her way back to the car in no time at all. She saw Ben from afar, leaning up against the car, looking off into the distance. She instantly was aroused, her vulva tingling at the memory of his hard cock inside her.

“Hello there!” Ben said as she walked up to him.

“Hello,” Claire responded weakly.

“Did you finish your errand already?” He asked.

“What?” She was flustered in his presence. “Oh, yes of course, I’m all through.”

“So know I guess we’re just waiting for the miss, eh?”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

An awkward silence ensued.

“She’s going to be a while,” Claire broke the silence, “we could go for another round.”

“What, do you mean like the other day?” Ben couldn’t believe his luck.

“Yeah,” Claire answered, “we can go down in that little barn down in the field. It looks to be abandoned.”

She motioned to a small barn that looked ancient. It’s wood was gray and weathered. It stood in the middle of a field of hay that hadn’t yet been cut. It seemed the perfect place to seek some privacy.

They ran down to the barn, eager to indulge their passions. Ben pushed the door open. It took a while for their eyes to adjust to the low light level. The only light source was the sunlight streaming through the gaps between the wooden planks that made up the walls. After many years, the slats had contracted to leave large gaps that let more light in.

Claire walked in, Ben closed the door behind them. Claire undid her bonnet and set it on a pile of hay. Then she proceeded to slip off her simple dress. That left her in just her stockings and garter belt. She left those on for now. Ben had been undressing as well, taking care to set his pants, shirt and vast somewhere they wouldn’t get rumpled.

Claire looked at Ben’s marvelous body. His muscle tone was exceptional. He had big arms and a solid midsection, shaking that he’d done many years of physical labor. Her eyes made their way down to his crotch. His cock wasn’t huge, but was a very respectable length. It came down below his balls, which were hanging down quite a bit.

Ben took in all of Claire’s beauty. She had marvelous brown hair, silky smooth and wavy. Her body was lily white and her skin smooth. Her breasts were left and large, standing off her chest proudly. The are between her legs was only lightly covered in hair and very neatly trimmed down.

Claire dropped down to her knees and took Ben’s member into her mouth. She delicately sucked on it, coaxing it into a hardened state. It grew rapidly and soon had filled her mouth. She began to lick the tip, swirling her tongue to bring pleasure out of Ben in the forms of moans and groans.

She realized that his balls were also fairly sensitive and began to tickle them with her fingertips. She continued the suction on his shaft, coupled with the tickling. Eventually she took her mouth off his cock and moved down to suck and lick his balls. This brought a huge wave of sensation over Ben as it drove him close to the edge. Ben knew it was too early to come, but felt he couldn’t hold on anymore.

He grabbed hold of Claire’s shoulder and pushed her back gently.

“Let me give you a go,” he said.

“Very well,” answered Claire, leaning back onto a pile of hay.

Ben laid down between her legs. He’d never done this before, but had heard it described by some of his mates and felt it was a good time to try it out. He gently kissed her pussy, taking in the smell at the same time. It was a sweet scent, but musky at the same time.

He gently began to kiss her pussy again and again, pushing harder and harder. Then he stuck out his tongue and swept it upwards across the entire length of it, culminating at her clitoris. Neither one had any idea about what a clitoris was, but they both found out at the same time the pleasure it could bring. Ben felt Claire jump when his tongue hit that little knob.

Claire had been jolted when bens tongue had hit her clit. It felt as if that one action had suddenly drained all the energy out of her. She laid there, euphoric and deeply pleased. Ben continued to lick her, paying special attention to her clit. Once again, it was only a matter of time before she was writing in the throes of another orgasm.

“Can I put it inside you now?” Ben asked, feeling it was time to fuck Claire.

Claire got up and positioned herself on all fours. Ben slid his cock between her legs, rubbing it along the slit between her lips. He did this a few times, each thrust ending in the tip of his penis hitting Claire’s clitoris, which despite being already stimulated, was going into overdrive. Finally he slid his cock in gently, going slow to begin with.

Claire was sopping wet, so bens entry was facilitated. Ben kept thrusting, Claire moving to match his rhythm. They were both experiencing intricate feelings of extascy. Claire’s breasts swung ever so slightly with the motion and force of their sex.

All of a sudden they heard a creak behind them. They both turned around, Claire grabbing her dress to cover herself. Ben just stood there frozen. They could make out the outline of the figure, with the sunlight streaming around the person.

The mystery person stepped inside and closed the door. After turning around the realized it was Florrie. Stunned, Ben and Claire had no idea what to say.

“I’m sorry, ma’am.” Claire said, trying to salvage what little shred of dignity she had.

“Sorry for what?” Florrie asked. The question surprised the naked duo. “Sorry for having so much fun that I heard you from the road? No need for apologies. In fact, I should say sorry for interrupting your intimate moment. It’s just that I’d like to join you.”

Claire was surprised at Florrie’s actions. Ben still stood stunned, his cock sticking out in the air. He had no idea where this was going.

“Now, we have some time to kill, since we aren’t expected back until an hour before dinner. If you’ll help me get undressed Claire, we can continue this little tryst.”

“Of course miss,” Claire set aside her dress and stood up to help Florrie.

They carefully removed Florrie’s dress, setting it in a spot of the barn that it wouldn’t get dirty or filled with straw.

“Where are your knickers, miss?” Claire asked, noticing that they were gone after she’d seen Florrie wearing them just this morning.

“Oh, I got tired of them. They make me so uncomfortable, so I left them at home. Now help me with my corset please dear.” Florrie answered nonchalantly.

“You are a lucky boy, Ben,” Florrie said while Claire undid the laces to her corset.

“Yes, miss, I’m a lucky man indeed.”

Claire finished undoing the laces and helped Florrie out of the corset. Her beautiful breasts spilled out tantalizingly. While hers were slightly bigger than Claire’s, they were not as firm and sagged ever so slightly.

“Fuck me, I’m a lucky bastard.” Ben said.

“Now Ben, watch your language. Claire and I might be interested in sex, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t ladies.” She smiled deviantly. “Now resume what you and Claire were doing earlier. This time though, Claire, you will lick and eat my pussy.”

Ben and Claire were eager to get back to the pleasure of sex, and resumed their former positions quite quickly. Claire was hesitant about eating out her mistress, but remembering how much pleasure it had brought her pushed to share the pleasure with Florrie.

Claire buried her face her face into Florrie’s pussy. It tasted exceptional! Her juices were overflowing and Claire sipped them eagerly, relishing the sweet taste. Ben had resumed fucking Claire, this time harder than before, each thrust forcing her face into Florrie’s lips.

Florrie was enjoying this immensely. She began to knead her own breasts as Claire began to draw circles around her clit, edging closer and closer without actually hitting it. The anticipation was killing Florrie. Claire could feel that she had Florrie on a string and continued to tease her. The stuck her tongue deep inside her vagina, flicking inside her.

After withdrawing, she went back to circling the newfound source of pleasure. After a few circles, she pushed the clit down hard with her tongue. It caused Florrie to spasm violently. Her back arced as she experienced pleasure like never before. Almost simultaneously, Claire reached her edge, tightening up in the feeling of orgasm.

Ben was close to coming, so he pulled out. Claire and Florrie rose up, feeling today after their orgasms. They took turns sucking on bens cock, and before long, Ben came all over Claire’s breasts, covering them with his white cream.

“That was exceptionally good!” Florrie exclaimed. “Now we must be getting back, much as I hate to say it. Claire will you help me get dressed.”

“Certainly, miss. First though, can you clean me up?” Claire requested, motioning to her cum-covered breasts.

“After all you do for me?” Florrie smiled and dove down onto her breasts, licking them clean. This brought Claire even more pleasure, as Florrie didn’t limit herself to the cum. She licked and sucked on Claire’s tiny nipples..

“All done,” Florrie said, standing up. She’d left Claire gasping for air.

They all got dressed and got back to the car, hoping no one had seen them. The car ride home was slightly awkward, but everyone was feeling on top of the world. They arrived at the Manor with no incident.

Claire continued thinking about the threesome. Where had Florence learned such devious things? Why had so volunteered so readily to join their little affair? There were many unanswered questions.

Florence was bored with dinner. There were two men visiting her father on business, but both were older and held little of interest to Florrie. She couldn’t stop thinking about the afternoon she’d had. It wasn’t her first time, but she’d certainly never enjoyed it as much.

In fact, her only other sexual experience was when a certain cousin of hers had come to visit a couple of months ago. The cousin, named Ann, was a real firecracker. She seduced Florrie one night when they were both a little drunk and they’d performed oral on each other. Florrie had enjoyed it, but it only serves to kindle a sexual curiosity inside her. She wasn’t a lesbian, because she still wanted to experience a man’s cock. She’d have to figure out a way to get a cock inside her.

“Claire, what happened this afternoon?” Helen asked. They were back in the room they shared, getting ready for bed.

“What? Nothing.” Claire had been preoccupied thinking.

“I don’t believe that. Come on, tell me! You know I can keep a secret.

Claire hesitated and then proceeded to recount all the details of the encounter, including Florrie’s involvement. Helen’s face reflected her shock. When Claire finished finished, Helen just started laughing.

“Damn, Claire, you get into the craziest things. One thing is for sure though.”

“What might that be?”

“You know how to get laid. Now we best be off to sleep. Tomorrow is another day, and who knows what will happen to you tomorrow.” Helen rolled over in bed, clutching the covers.

Claire wondered what marvels might await her tomorrow.

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