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Public Sex

I turn my key in the front door and let myself in. I’ve been working away for three weeks and after a delayed and crowded train journey, I was finally home. I hurry through the door with a sense of urgency and pull it shut behind me.

I should explain that we’ve spent the afternoon playing our favourite game and things have reached a fever pitch. The game consists of one of us mercilessly teasing the other by sending erotic text messages and pics. There are only 2 rules: You can’t respond and you’re not allowed to masturbate to relieve the pressure.

Today you were doing the teasing. Throughout the course of the afternoon you had sent me 23 messages, telling me what you wanted me to do to you in explicit detail, 6 pics that you’d taken the previous evening of yourself caressing your naked body in front of the long mirror in the bedroom, and a short video of yourself laid on the bed with your legs spread wide getting off on your favourite vibrator. The caption asked “want a piece of this baby?”

As you can imagine, I was getting pretty fucking horny whilst I had to sit through the monthly accounts round up meeting and more lately, the busy train journey home. It felt like I had been hiding an erection for hours and being unable to act on it made it almost unbearable as I fought to push your sexy messages and pics to the back of my mind.

But now I’m here and it’s time for some payback. I drop my bags and coat on the hallway floor and head for the kitchen where I can hear you singing along to the radio. I find you still in your smart work clothes, standing at the sink washing those annoying items that you can’t put in the dishwasher.

It’s only then do you notice my arrival and you turn to greet me. But I don’t have time for such pleasantries. I march up close behind you, pushing my body against yours and placing my hands on your hips. Before you have chance to turn your head, I tell you to stay exactly where you are and don’t say a word.

I take a handful of you long brown hair and firmly pull your head back forcing you to stare up at the ceiling. With your hair out the way I kiss the side and back of your neck causing you to gasp under your breath. My free hand starts to roam over your body and caress you through your clothes. I start on your thigh just above your knee moving up your leg, over your hip and around your stomach. I continue my path upwards and begin to caress your breast through your cream satin blouse.

Despite the eagerness of my kissing and touch, you let out a soft moan as if I’m gently massaging you with a feather. I lick along your jawline, probing your ear with my tongue, nibbling you as I go.

You can’t move. I’m trapping you against the sink and have complete control over your movement by keeping your hair pulled tightly back. I whisper in your ear how horny you’ve made me and how I’m going to destroy you for teasing me so unforgivingly. I can hear an immediate change in your breathing bursa escort pattern in reaction to my words. You’ve always enjoyed being dominated in bed but tonight feels different, like you’ve completely submitted your body to me.

I pull you backwards slightly, away from the sink. My hand leaves your breast and I slide it down your front, over your mid-rift and pubic mound, down until I reach the hem of your skirt and come to rest on your trembling thigh. I use my foot to push your legs apart giving me access to run my hand up the inside of your thigh. I slowly trace a path upwards with my fingers until I reach your panties. I start to rub your pussy through the fabric softly at first, but soon quickening the pace until I’m grabbing at your pussy roughly and squeezing the soft folds beneath. All of the built up frustration of the day is starting to flood out of me directly on to your most sensitive area. I manoeuvre my fingers inside your wet lacy panties and touch your hot swollen lips for the first time that evening.

You’re panting now, your breathing has become heavy, interspersed with moans and grunts as my fingers explore their way between your soaked lips and dip into your hole. You gasp as my fingers brush your clit. I rub in a circular motion with the pad of my middle finger and pinch it causing your legs to shake and you to push back on to the bulge in my trousers.

I finally release your hair and relocate my hand to your other breast. I can’t control myself any longer. I pull your blouse hard to the side. There is a sound of ripping fabric and the buttons ping across the kitchen. The front of your blouse falls open exposing your cream lacy bra and the two sumptuous breasts nestling within it. I pull the strap down off your shoulder freeing one of your big firm tits. I begin to caress it and in contrast to my previous roughness I lightly stroke your soft skin, cupping it and rolling your bullet nipple between my forefinger and thumb. With my other hand still fingering you and working on your clit, and my hard cock pushing against your ass you’re completely lost in the moment. I slowly remove my hand from your panties and hold my soaked fingers to your lips. I instruct you to take them into your mouth and lick them clean as I pull down your remaining bra strap freeing your other breast.

You’re leaning forward over the sink with your ass pushed back. Your skirt is bunched up around your waist and your breasts are exposed amongst the torn fabric of your blouse. I sink to my knees behind you taking a moment to savour the heady aroma of your sex. I hook fingers into the waistband of your panties and pull them down. You step out of them one foot at a time. I kiss the back of your knees then lick up the back of your thighs stopping when I reach your cheeks. I tell you to spread them wide apart exposing your red pussy lips and your tight asshole. You arch your back to push your ass out further still to give me the best access possible. bursa escort bayan Your breasts are dangling over the sink, your nipples occasionally dipping in the warm soapy water.

I start to tickle your lips with the tip of my tongue, lapping up and down the length off your slit from your clit to your puckered hole and back. My tongue darting between your swollen lips into your pink hole makes you moan. I love to lick your pussy and just like when enjoying a fine wine, take my time to enjoy the exquisite taste and aroma. The tip of my tongue makes it’s way to the entrance of your ass. I tantalise you for a short time by circling your puckered entrance before I force my tongue into you. Pushing my face hard against your spread cheeks, you return the compliment by driving backwards pushing it in to your tight hole as far as it will go. I reach between your legs for your pussy and slide two fingers in whilst tongueing your asshole. You’re so wet and sticky. Your juices start to run down my hand and arm as they flow from you. Your legs are trembling and I can hear by the increasing volume of your moans that you’re building towards your orgasm.

I stop. I don’t want you to cum yet. I want to you to feel the same frustration and desperation that you’d made me suffer earlier. I pull you away from the sink, turn you to the side and push you forward so you’re bent over the breakfast bar. Your exposed ass high in the air inviting further punishment.

I lean forward, pinning you face down on the work surface with one hand as I undo my belt and trousers with the other. You’re lost in a heady mix of ecstasy and submission. “Fuck my wet cunt you horny bastard. Ram that cock in me and fuck me now. Fuck me like a fucking slut” you hiss through gritted teeth. But you’re in no position to make demands

I pull my boxers down and my rock hard cock springs free. It feels like I’ve been hard for hours in anticipation of this moment. I rub the swollen purple head of my cock up and down your wet slit mixing my pre-cum with the moisture flowing from you. I position my cock at your entrance. I can feel you tense your stance in anticipation of my thrust into you. But I take it away. After a few moments I rub it along your slit again only to deny you the feeling of being filled for a second time, and then a third.

“I want to hear you beg for my cock baby” I tell you. “I decide if and when you get fucked”. You turn your head to look back at me with a look of despair on your face. Whimpering and almost unable to speak through your crackly voice you do as I’ve instructed. “Please baby, I need your cock, please. I need to cum now. I need to cum on your cock. Please fuck me. Please make me cum. My pussy is yours, do what you want to it”. Green light! With that I use my knee to push your legs wider apart and tell you to reach back and spread your ass cheeks as wide as you can. Both your holes are exposed, well lubricated and ready to be consumed.

With escort bursa one hand still pushing you flat against the surface squashing your breasts flat, I put my hand on your shoulder and pull you back hard, whilst simultaneously ramming my cock into your wide open slit. I fuck you in a frenzy. Each grunt which accompanies every thrust is countered by your scream and yelp. You’re powerless to do anything other than take the pounding I’m giving you. You have completely submitted to my will. After only a couple of minutes of this extreme treatment, you start to cum. Your legs begin to quiver and you shriek loudly. I can feel the walls of your cunt tighten and grip my cock. I keep up the forceful assault on you, refusing to let your orgasm subside. I remove my hand from your back and push my fingers in to your mouth. In between your moans of pleasure you hungrily suck on them covering them in saliva.

The sight of you spread over the work surface being fucked like my slutty plaything pushes me over the edge and I spurt my thick hot cum into you with a loud grunt. We slow to a stop as I unload the last remnants of my creamy sperm deep into you. I take my hand away from your mouth and position my slick finger at the entrance to your tight exposed asshole. I slowly slide it in beyond your entrance, “FUCK” you jump but I keep going until my finger is fully embedded in your ass. My cock stationary but still buried deep inside you, I start to work my finger in and out of your tight hole. Juice from your pussy and my cum had mixed with the saliva on my finger and made an excellent lube. Your tight puckered entrance was squeezing my finger for all it was worth but I’m able to slide it in and out of you with ease.

You take my anal assault for a couple of minutes before I withdraw my finger and lift you upright. Turning you around it’s the first time we’ve looked at each other face to face since I had arrived home. Your ripped blouse still hanging from your shoulders, your exposed breasts red from being crushed beneath you for the last 15 minutes. I cupped them both and take a nipple into my mouth. Flicking it with my tongue at first then sucking it hard whilst biting makes you shudder and yelp out loud once more.

I love your breasts and continue to suck and fondle them both. I can tell they are getting sore as you become more and more sensitive to my attention. Stepping back I push your shoulders down encouraging you to kneel. My cock is covered in our combined juices and it’s hovering about 3cm away from your face. “Clean me off” I order. With a hand on each side of your head, I tilt it back slightly causing your mouth to open and I push my cock in. Brushing past your tongue then the back of your throat I slide it in all the way. You gag and choke a little but you soon regain your composure. You take over the initiative so I remove my hands from your head and let you lick and suck my cock and balls like the expert that you are.

Once you’ve fully restored my erection I help you to your feet and we share a long passionate kiss. Collecting a bottle of wine from the fridge and two glasses we head upstairs to continue the evening at a more leisurely pace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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