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Sadistic Nature

I knew by the time that we got home that Jennifer was just about exhausted. I pulled the case from her hand and was surprised at the weight of it. I lugged them up the stairs and into our flat above the shop in its Chelsea back street.

“Good grief Jennifer what have you got in here?”

“Er, well money!” She was actually blushing.

“What the hell do you mean?”

“Make love to me now? I have been on the brink since, well forever. I really need to have an orgasm and you do it by far the best.”

She was undoing her jeans and let them fall then stepped out of them. I was horrified at what her legs looked like. She said. “Do you think you can help me get out of this it’s too intense to do it myself.”

I took the tail of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head. I felt her shuddering beneath me and became a little gentler. I got it over her head and looked at her body in bra and panties. Hundreds of stripes and bruises crisscrossed her body. She gave me a wan smile. There was not a normal unblemished spot in view.

“Dear God Jennifer you let them do this to you?”

“Yes and I loved every minute of it. I was in ecstasy from the moment you took the cane to me.”

She was reaching behind to undo the bra. It fell to the floor and I just stood there, stunned into silence. Her beautiful breasts were livid globes; there was some dry blood on one breast. She was pulling her panties down. She pulled them off and showed me her bottom.

“Come fuck me Michael run your hands over me and give me some release.”

I was frozen, stuck to the floor. I had led my wife into a room of sadists and then left her to this fate! I could not move.

Jennifer was undoing my pants and then my shirt. I somehow let her strip me. I was struck dumb; I thought of something to say then dismissed it as inadequate. She pulled a hand to her breasts. She pulled the other to her crutch, which was wet, dripping wet. She had my cock in her hand and I was ashamed to be erect. She was taking small steps to back up against the kitchen table. I felt a shudder pass through her as she made contact with the surface. I put my arms round her and lifted a little. She was shimming around and got her haunches on the table, her legs were up round my hips. And I felt her hot wet box devour my hard cock.

I began to pump and ran my hands along the raised welts. I could feel all over her back and down around her buttocks. She was thrashing her head about and saliva was flying from the corners of her mouth. I had never heard the noises coming from her before. Something between a growl and a scream. Guttural primeval noises. And she went on and on and again I felt remorse, I began to slow. Her eyes flew open. “No Michael! Harder! Rougher!”

Some how the look in her eyes made me angry. It had been the look I had seen there when she handed me the riding crop after I fucked Rebecca. I fed on my anger and pushed her upper body back, she supported herself with arms behind her and I grabbed her tortured tits, pulled, and pushed while I thrust and thrust. Her head went back and she began that canlı bahis sound again. I was getting to the short strokes very quickly. I was brutal with her breasts I was ejaculating and almost tearing her tits off her.

Her growl turned into a scream and I felt my legs get wet as she gushed over me in my final strokes. I pulled out and my senses returned. I pulled a chair from the table and sat on it with a thump.

Jennifer was still on the table, legs lewdly splayed. Both arms behind her, supporting her upper body. My eyes traveled down her body. I could see that there was another place where she was bleeding and the dried blood I had seen earlier was tinged with fresh blood. I felt disgusted; I could not find words to speak.

My eyes traveled down her body looking at the welts and bruises that crisscrossed her tummy and then my gaze froze on her engorged labia. They looked like slabs of liver, purple, swollen; her normally nice tight snatch was distended beyond imagination.

At last I found my voice, “Look at you woman and you wanted to fuck in that state!” She opened one eye and a ragged smile crossed her face.

“I knew if you had seen me down there at first you would have come over all protective then angry. If you had done the protective bit, you would have wanted to take me to hospital. If you got angry, you might have left for good. I just wanted release.”

I lost my voice again.

“You can be protective now if you like, please put me to bed.

There are some nice oils on the dressing table. I put them there before we went on holiday. All this is superficial. I will make a full recovery. In a week, or so I will look as good as I ever have done. There won’t be a mark, and my cunt will be as good as new!”

I shook my head, confusion, anger, disgust, wild emotions ranging, raging through my head. I stood and gently picked her up. I struggled up the narrow stairs and put her on the bed. I pulled the bedclothes back and she rolled onto her back then side as I pulled the sheet over her. I saw the unguents and oils, a large ornate bottle. I opened one its fragrance exciting, expensive. There was a sticky label on the bottom of the bottle. I turned the bottle to read the label. It had cost more than I earn in a week!

Words were on the tip of my tongue, but after looking at Jennifer who was watching me, the tip of her tongue just visible and a smile beaming at me as she lay back on the pillows and pushed the sheet back. She knows that look just melts me and I melted.

I began a very gentle massage rubbing the fragrant oil into her flesh along the welts and into the bruised areas. As I moved down to her labia, I finally found my voice.

“Those video tapes show those animals doing all this to you?” I had anger in my voice.

“Yes Darling Michael and I want you to watch them with me we can have divine sex watching them abuse my body.”

“I suppose they fucked you silly as well?”

“No Michael that was not what they paid for, just the whipping and beating.” Her voice was soft even accusatory.

The mention of money jarred my brain.

“Money bahis siteleri does that mean they paid to do this to you?”

“Yes Michael I am a pain freak whore! I have been for quite a while, since long before I met you.”

“Roll over let me do your back you whore.”

She rolled over and I anointed her back. It was not as bad as her front it seems they liked doing her tits and cunt more. There were however two giant bruises across her rump. She was obviously in pain when I massaged the oil into them.

“What did these, for God’s sake?”

Jennifer wriggled her rump. “Beautiful aren’t they. I already had a sneak look at that sadist doing them. He used a lump of wood about four feet long. He almost dropped it after the first blow.”

“Good grief! He could have broken your hip or maimed you. He had better not meet me in a dark alley or anywhere else! I will beat him to a pulp.”

“That’s just about what happened! The others set upon him after he gave me the second stroke, which is what he had paid for. They had to take him to hospital afterwards, but he will be back so you can do that I am sure he will enjoy it!”

“You mean he was a sadomasochistic. While you are just masochistic.”

“Michael lover there is a bit of sadism in me as well. I really got off watching them gang up on him. I was urging them on!”

I realized I was naked and erect. I had just about finished her back and she had her head turned and said with that special look.

“Is that for me?” she was pushing back and her buttocks rose up. “Fuck my ass Michael. Fuck your pain loving whore of a wife in her ass.”

I slammed the bottle of oil on the dresser and pushed my cock with all the rage boiling inside me into her. I fucked her hard and fast. I held her hips hard, digging my fingers and thumbs into the compliant flesh of her waist. She was helping me plunder her ass. I came in an explosive climax not caring if she did or not. I was a raging angry bully.

I released her and pulled my still throbbing dick out of her. I realized she had both hands at her liver-like labia. She had cum as well. I rolled off her on to my side of the king-size bed, the only luxury in our frugal life. My cock was still hard but I was sated.

“God you were good Michael, I just loved that, but can we swap sides I don’t think I can turn over. I will have to roll!”

I swung my legs out of the bed and strode in high dungeon round the bed. I was so confused, I was angry, disgusted and turned on. My cock was waving like a lewd flagpole as I strode towards the door.

“Irish coffee would be nice?” Jennifer used her softest voice and I knew if I looked, I would be lost. I looked.

“There is a fresh tin of cream, the spray on stuff in the fridge, be careful, read the label, or you will be wearing the hot coffee.”

Now please pity me I was looking into those bedroom eyes that have seduced males forever. My anger disappeared, my disgust abated and I melted. My wife had planned and planned, she knew exactly what she was doing, exactly where we were headed. I did not have a clue. I also did not have a chance or way bahis şirketleri of stopping this mad rush into sadism!

I made the coffee. I added the whiskey. I read the instructions on the can and got the cream to float. I took the Irish back up the stairs. A raging bull reduced to a servant!

I entered the bedroom to see my naked wife displayed wide-open legs, liver at her crotch and three red rivers of blood from her waist! Jesus I had broken her flesh.

“Er Jennifer here is the coffee, you are bleeding.”

“Yes I know!”

A lazy hand wandered to the ruptured flesh at her pelvis. “I think there will be ten bruises as well! You sure did me good honey. Did you manage to get the cream into the mug?”

I thrust the mug of Irish coffee towards her and she took it. She was still trailing a finger round and through the fingernail indentations. She was obviously still on a sexual high. I was disgusted with her blatant sexual display; I was even more disgusted with my body’s response. My erection waved and grew harder.

“This is too hot! That is not, come in my mouth Michael, give me your cream!”

I was on remote. I had no responsibility for what happened next. I was not present.

I know I took the mug from her hand and placed it with exaggerated care beside her. I was aware I kneeled astride her with my cock between her purple breasts. I was aware I took them and squeezed them in and around my raging cock. I was aware I fucked her tits. I was aware her mouth took the end of my cock into her mouth at the end of my up thrusts. I was aware I was ejaculating.

“I came again honey.” Was all Jennifer said.

I handed her the Irish coffee cool enough to drink now.

“Jennifer we have to talk.” I said a while later. I had downed my drink Jennifer was still sipping.

‘About what Michael love.”

“Well work and Money. We have to go to work tomorrow we have to pay the rent and well you seem to have spent rather more than I earn. I don’t think you can go to work for at least a week can you get sick leave.”

“No I cannot. I do not actually have a job! I resigned before we went on holiday, so I do not have to go to work tomorrow.”

“Jennifer that leaves us with rather a large problem. My wage just covers the rent what are we going to eat?”

“Michael I told you I was a pain whore, open my suitcase take what you want pay the bills now let me sleep.”

I was knocked sideways by this reply. I went downstairs and opened her heavy case. There were her clothes of course; I never really knew how she afforded such good gear. And there at the bottom of the case were bills, lots of them. Mostly Euros, but lots and lots of English pounds. Being a pain whore obviously paid well. I began to count. There were thousands and thousands of both currencies.

Darling wife, pain whore, had enough to keep us both in comfort until the Easter holiday. I began to understand how she had planned the Ibiza holiday. I began to realize that I looked forward to watching her video and wondered about what she really had planned for the Easter holiday.

Authors note.

If you liked this story, please vote and send me feedback.

Jennifer and Michael’s story goes a long long, way into BDSM land. Their friends also enjoy the journey that these lovers traverse into group sex with lots of pain.

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