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Home on the Range

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Authors Note: This story was inspired by the idea of sex on horseback. Many thanks to Cloudy for her help with saddles, gaits and the possible ways to make it work.


Dr. Erica Welch shifted in her seat and uttered a tiny moan. Closing her eyes, she pulled her glasses up and massaged her eyes. This is insane, she thought for the hundredth time that day. She returned her glasses to their normal place and tried to concentrate on the paperwork before her. The CBC’s and other blood work on one of her patients needed to be examined, but her breasts were becoming uncomfortably full and every shift of her weight reminded her of the fat plug seated in her dripping pussy.

She shook her head and with a bemused smile, stood up, and tossed the stack of papers into her in-box. They would be waiting on her in the morning. Theoretically so would the woman who had so drastically changed her life these last few months, but the novelty of that hadn’t even begun to wear off. Just thinking of her, getting home to her, and getting physical with her, sent tingles down the pretty doctor’s spine.

She carefully hung her lab coat and stethoscope on the coat tree in the corner of her office and pulled on the navy jacket that matched the pants she was wearing. She was glad she had chosen dark pants today, as the growing stain at her crotch was evident. Every movement caused the plug to move within her and she was so wet it felt like it was sliding out. Even though her rational mind knew the extremely tight panties she wore would prevent that, her inner muscles clamped down on it and she gasped. She had gotten so used to wearing boxers, but Cristy still surprised her occasionally and this had been one of those mornings. The eight or ten calls throughout the day, where her girl told her all about what she was doing with her own vibe had ensured Erica stayed on edge.

“I am going to kill that little brat for this,” she vowed before taking a deep breath and exiting her small office.

Jill, her receptionist smiled and waved as Erica breezed past, doing her best to keep her face neutral and hips turned to hide the growing wet spot in her slacks. Jill’s husband, Brent, worked in the office next door and since she rode in with him, she always stayed two hours past office hours. The arrangement actually worked out very well, as many parents didn’t get off work till five and the convenience of being able to schedule appointments till seven hadn’t hurt her business at all. Of course, being the only pediatrician in Claymont didn’t hurt either. Fighting the urgent need she felt, Erica locked the door from the outside before getting into her truck.

It was nearly a thirty minute drive out to what she and her lover rather euphemistically referred to as the ranch. In this neck of the woods, one hundred and seventy five acres barely amounted to a homestead, but it was more than enough for them. Maneuvering through the traffic was a test of her will power, but she managed to make it to the old state highway and accelerated away from the skyscrapers and strip malls. Claymont had aspirations of being a big city and if the new highway budget came through it just might make it. For now it was a medium sized city with pretensions of being Dallas south.

Within a few miles all traces of civilization had disappeared. This was cow country, and soon the roadsides were deep ditches, filled with weeds and lined with miles of barbed wire fences. Behind those fences were thousands of acres of pasture and more cattle than her mind could even comprehend.

Her own small piece of heaven had been prime cow land when she bought it from an aging rancher who was scaling back. Rather than getting some cows, Erica had purchased several horses and now had a respectable herd. She had crossbred mustangs with quarter horses and most of the local cowboys came to her for their mounts. She earned a considerable additional income raising and selling them and had recently purchased an Arabian stud and a Tennessee Walker mare. It had been rough at first, just her and her young daughter, but she had managed to build her herd while building her practice in town.

Unlike Claymont, Hobson’s Crossroads had no pretensions of being anything more than a small country community. Erica was a very attractive woman and had found it easy to make friends when she moved here after her divorce. Welcomed by the few residents, she quickly became a familiar presence at the local store and gas station. She had exceptionally nice legs, toned from hours of riding and working on the ranch. These complimented nice hips, a gorgeous ass, flat tummy and large full breasts. Her voluptuous figure had been widely commented on in the small community, but suitors had been few, as she was often at work until very late when she was struggling to get established.

By the time she had settled in and had time for social functions there had been no one to invite her anywhere. She hadn’t minded, she liseli porno was sick of men and found the life of solitude on the ranch to be just what she needed. Most of her social life occurred online and over time she had developed a rapport with a certain woman from one of the message boards she kept up with regularly. The mutual attraction proved to be stronger than Erica’s innate caution about letting anyone back into her life and eventually she had invited Cristene out to stay for a few days.

That had been six months ago today. As she slowed for a truck pulling a trailer filled with hay bales she considered that. It was hard to believe that so much had happened in six short months. Even more amazing that her life had changed so much, she thought. The truck was moving slowly, but rather than pass she pulled a cigarette out and lit it, rolling down the window. The smells of fresh grass, rain, cows and good earth entered with the sweltering evening heat. There had been so many changes and one of them was beginning to get uncomfortable again.

Her lover’s first priority, once she got settled in and they decided to try and make a go of it as a couple, was to attempt to get Erica lactating. The sexy doctor had experienced mixed feelings at first, but the constant and loving attention to her breasts was extremely pleasant and she had not voiced her concerns. She loved the relaxing feeling and emotional closeness of having Cristy suckling and never really expected it to start her producing milk again, but she had been wrong. Erica had decided that the apparent joy and utter contentment on her lover’s face when she nursed more than made up for the inconvenience. On days like today when she worked late and didn’t make it home for lunch she questioned that decision, but deep down she knew the moment she got in she wouldn’t change it for the world.

The truck pulled off to a gated entrance and the driver gave a friendly wave as Erica accelerated past him. She waved back, but it was a conditioned response. Her mind was now evenly divided between her aching breasts and quivering pussy. Even driving was on as close to automatic pilot as she could get, and she was still miles from home.

By the time she wheeled the big tuck onto the gravel driveway that lead back to the house she was nearly beside herself. Bouncing along the dirt drive nearly undid her as the big plug seemed to be fucking her with each rut and pot hole. Her legs were shaky and after parking the truck, she had to sit for a few moments and concentrate before she felt steady enough to walk to the front door. The plug sent insistent signals through her pussy, with every step she took, that she needed attention. Erica collapsed against the door as her knees went weak and a tremor passed through her. She had never been this close to orgasm without anyone even touching her and it was disconcerting.

The door swung open unexpectedly and she collapsed into Cristene’s arms. The redhead wasted no time in shoving her against the wall and falling to her knees. She didn’t even close the door, Erica thought fleetingly. Cristene tugged the doctor’s shirt out of her slacks and leaned forward, trapping the material against Erica’s tummy with her forehead. Her small, nimble hands quickly defeated the button and pulled the zipper down, allowing the slacks to fall open.

Erica groaned when she felt her lover’s soft, warm lips gently kiss her just above the waistband of her panties. She let her feet slide out a little and tangled both hands in Cristy’s thick red tresses. She felt another kiss, higher up and then gasped when Cristy began to tongue her navel. Her hands went to the wall for support as her legs began to quiver and threatened to give out on her.

Cristene curled her hands into Erica’s slacks and pulled them down; releasing them when they caught on the doctor’s splayed knees. The redhead dragged her nails up Erica’s sensitive inner thighs and then peeled her panties down as well. Erica felt long slim fingers dig slightly into her wet pussy and moaned as she felt the plug slide out of her. She had grown accustomed to it and felt strangely empty as the tip slipped past her lips.

Cristene sat back on her heels and tossed her head, clearing her hair from her face. She looked up and then closed her eyes. Erica heard herself whimper as Cristy stuck out her tongue and ran it from the base of the red plug to the tip, collecting the doctor’s faintly whitish cream. Base to tip, base to tip, base to tip and then back again, slowly rotating it in her hands. Erica was struggling for breath by the time Cristy had thoroughly cleaned the plug, deep throating it to make sure she got every last drop. The redhead smiled impishly, tossed it away and leaned forward, resting her forearms on the wall and burying her face in Erica’s steamy crotch. Erica felt Cristene’s nose graze her already erect clit as her tongue began to lap at her slick inner folds.

The mobil porno redhead moved her head down and slowly tongue fucked the moaning doctor before moving back up and laving her clit. Erica’s hands shot to the woman’s head and reflexively pulled her face even tighter against her quivering pussy. Her hips jogged and her breath came out in a shuddering gasp. The first contraction was so powerful she felt like her skin would be ripped off. Pleasure shot through her like jagged bolts of lighting. She leaned forward, nearly doubled over by the intensity of it and then threw her head back as the next shock hit. Her head slammed into the wall and she saw starbursts behind her tightly closed eyes.

As the powerful pulses of pleasure faded to mild aftershocks she slid down to a sitting position on the floor. The red head sat back on her heels and licked her lips sensuously.

“Welcome home,” she purred.

“Imp,” Erica managed. Her breathing was ragged and the aftershocks still sent ripples of pleasure though her. “Dinner’s ready,” Cristy said, using her fingers to collect the glistening wetness on her cheeks then sucking it clean.

“Yours is too,” Erica managed with a smile.

Cristy stood and smoothed her dark skirt before offering a hand to her lover. Erica rose and pulled up the panties, but stepped out of the slacks. Cristy flounced off into the kitchen, wiggling her ass more than was necessary, even in the five inch heels. The doctor went upstairs to their room and tossed her work clothes in the hamper. She looked around curiously.

“Cristy,” she shouted. “Where’s Faith?”

“Over at the McDonald’s,” her lover called back.

Erica nodded to herself as she opened her dresser and pulled out a pair of blue silk boxers. She should have known. Cristene was practically insatiable, but she was so damned protective of that child. She would wear things the cat woman of Bourbon Street wouldn’t be caught dead in, try things that were so lascivious they often left Erica gasping, but never once in six months had she ever done anything even slightly unseemly in the presence of Erica’s daughter.

Erica was hungry, but the fullness in her breasts was becoming painful and she was beginning to leak. She headed downstairs to the living room and sat on the sofa, turning on the TV as she did so. Cristene came out of the kitchen and put dinner on the antique table before lighting the candles.

“Come and get it,” she said seductively, the words dripping with innuendo.

“No, you first tonight, babe,” Erica responded, reaching back & unclasping her bra.

“But, it’ll get cold,” she protested half heartedly.

“Yours won’t wait, luv,” the doctor said with a gentle smile. Cristene came and lay down on the sofa, her head in Erica’s lap. The doctor raised one of her long legs and rested her foot on the sofa. This brought Cristene’s head up to her breast; her green eyes sparkled as she gently sucked the stiff nipple in her mouth and began to nurse.

As the girl gently pulled at her nipple Erica sighed. Her nipples were not extremely sensitive, but she always felt it when her girl was nursing. Despite herself she reached down and stroked the redhead’s soft cheek. Cristy’s eyes remained closed, but she cooed, causing Erica to feel a tingling in her pussy. There was something so intimate, loving and close about this. It left her feeling connected on a level that transcended words. While it was erotic, it wasn’t sexual, more sensuous. She always felt languid and relaxed afterwards.

As Cristene drew hard, Erica felt the fluid leaving her nipple, more aware of it with the pull and less so as her girl swallowed. She felt a kind of euphoric drowsiness steal over her, which only became more pronounced when Cristy squirmed in her lap to switch nipples. Her skirt had worked its way up, revealing the tops of her white stockings. Erica trailed her hand down and pulled the skirt up revealing her girl’s pale thighs and white lace garters. Despite the pleasant lethargy, she found her interest piqued and tugged the skirt harder. Without losing contact with Erica’s nipple, the petite redhead raised her ass, allowing Erica to bunch the skirt at her waist. Cristy wore white satin panties which seemed to hug her mound and caused desire to rise in Erica’s tummy.

Before she could do more than look, she felt Cristy’s tongue flick over her nipple, sending a shockwave of pleasure into her system.

“All done. Now eat your dinner before it gets cold,” she said playfully.

Erica growled low in her throat, but the petite girl rolled out of her lap and onto the floor. She bounced up and smoothed her skirt down, smiled impishly and then walked over to the table. Erica smiled and shook her head as she rose. A shiver of pleasure ran through her body that seemed to start in the small of her back and radiate all the way down to her toes.

Dinner, as usual, was superb, but simple. öğrenci porno Cristene used very few spices and Erica was forever adding hot sauce to her lover’s creations. Cristene ate sparingly and soon took her plate and silverware to the kitchen. She returned with a slice of chocolate pie on a dessert plate which she placed near Erica. The brunette looked up at her and smiled. “None for you?”

“You know what I want for dessert,” Cristy said with a shy smile. Six months and Erica still wasn’t used to that. It boggled her mind how Cristy could go from aggressive, sex fiend at the door, to shy, demure, unconscious innocence now. Erica didn’t know how she did it, but she hoped it never stopped. She slid her hips to the edge of her chair and shucked her boxers.

“Be my guest, baby,” she said as she returned to her meal.

Erica spread her long legs as her lover crawled under the table. Eating dinner while Cristy had her dessert was always an experience. The little femme adored giving head and was extremely good at it. Erica concentrated on the pork chop on her plate, even as her lover’s soft lips on her inner thigh sent a shiver through her.

At first Erica had been unable to eat while Cristy was giving her head. Over time she had developed the ability to concentrate on the magical sensations her lover’s tongue produced, while eating on auto pilot. There were still times, however, when something went wrong. This time she was taking a swallow of beer when Cristene’s incredibly soft tongue pushed between Erica’s slick lips and grazed her clit. She hadn’t realized how sensitive she still was from the episode at the door until white hot pleasure shot through her system. Erica inhaled sharply and then spewed beer all over the table as her body was wracked with a coughing fit.

“Damn,” she cursed, wiping her face. The childish giggle from under the table caused her to scowl, but her eyes were laughing. The tip of her lover’s tongue traced delicately along her lips, allowing her to catch her breath, then delved back between them to toy at her entrance. Even though she expected it, she still groaned when that unbelievably agile tongue slipped into her tight channel and wiggled around. Erica concentrated on the pork chop on her plate like it was the most interesting thing in the world and tried to ignore the delicious ripples of pleasure coming from her pussy.

The pretty doctor’s hips slid off the edge of the chair and her legs involuntarily spread open. Cristy’s arms slipped under her thighs and curled around them, coming to rest on Erica’s mound. Delicate fingers spread her lips, pulling them open to expose her clitoral hood and now erect clit. She gasped when she felt the flat of Cristene’s tongue dragged over her clit and her hips began to jog as the soft tongue started to dust her clit with feathery caresses. Erica pushed her plate away and pulled over the dessert plate. She was fighting back her orgasm, as her shaking hand took the fork and cut off a large section of pie. Quivering now, on the ragged edge, she quickly took a bite. The sticky sweet chocolate flavor filled her mouth as her pussy contracted violently. She felt an electric current pass under her skin and saw stars on the back of her eyelids as she threw her head back and arched her back.

Before the raw pulses of bliss subsided to mild ripples her teeth and lips were numb. Her breathing was labored and her body quivered as Cristy crawled out from under the table and daintily wiped her face with a napkin.

“C’mere,” Erica said, her voice still thick with passion, but the petite woman evaded her grasp and winked before turning for the door.

“Get your ass back here,” Erica growled.

“No way, I gotta go pick Faith up and you need to finish eating. I’ll be back in half an hour or so,” Cristy said as she glided down the short entrance hallway and out the door.

Erica smiled and wiped her brow. Two orgasms since she got in and her body was still thrumming with need. She wasn’t usually a dessert eater, but she finished the pie and had another piece before putting her dishes in the sink and running some water over them. As much as she would have liked to meet Cristy at the door in the same way the little woman had met her, she knew that wouldn’t happen. Erica made her way back upstairs and donned a sports bra and t-shirt. She went back downstairs and collapsed on the sofa, clicking over to the news channel.

When the door opened she sat up and held out her arms. Faith bounded into the room and jumped on her, squealing with delight. Cristy followed with Faith’s bag over her shoulder and her rain coat on her arm. Erica was holding her little girl and laughing, but she kept an eye on her lover. Cristene moved with an unconscious grace, putting the bag and coat away, and then going to the kitchen.

Faith was telling her all about the doggies she had been playing with when Cristene put the little girl’s plate on the table. Erica picked her up and took her to the table where they sat and listened as she ate her dinner. Cristy had her ever present cup of coffee and Erica was working on another beer. Once Faith had finished her supper, Erica took her upstairs to put her to bed while Cristy cleaned the table and did the dishes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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