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Hopper Hotel: Welcome to Hopper Hotel

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Schuyler held herself close to her “friend” Luke’s body as he spoke to the concierge of the infamous Hopper Hotel. The Hopper Hotel was a hotel found in downtown New York City, that used to hide the Gambino Family, but in modern day it was a club. Schuyler could feel the eyes of the concierge piercing her body as she looked up Luke’s information in the computer.

Unlike most clubs the Hopper Hotel required a reservation, unless you were a VIP guest who could just walk in whenever he or she wanted. Luke was friendly with the owner of the hotel and was able to get them in on only a months notice.

“You’re all set sir, you may leave your jackets with Paulo at coat check. This is your room key for when you’re ready. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ring.” The concierge winked at Luke who took his ID back and smiled.

“Thank you Maria.” Who winked back. “Schuyler, this way.” Luke dropped his jacket off with Paulo. “Will you please remove your coat. Stop being so insecure. You looking fucking hot. The concierges dress was shorter than yours.”

“She wasn’t wearing a sheer top with nothing under it.” Schuyler said as she hesitantly removed her jacket.

“Oh honey you’re wearing more clothes than most people here.” Paulo said handing Luke a ticket stub for their coat check.

“See, don’t be afraid to show your tits off. They’re fucking perfect.” Luke said pulling Schuyler in the direction of where music was coming from. Schuyler stood in a black skirt with laced thigh-highs, and a pair of heeled boots. Her sheet top had flowers covering just her nipples. She would never deny that she didn’t feel incredibly sexy because she did, she was just nervous. Never in her 25 years of life has she ever stepped foot into a place like the Hopper Hotel. She didn’t even tell her roommate that she was coming here. She just left saying “she was going out with a coworker.”

The Hopper Hotel had a reputation even in New York City as being a club where prominent New Yorkers went for sex, drugs, and alcohol. It had the reputation as a swingers club because well that’s what it was. It was the place where couples went to fool around and people went to do things they could never do in the private of their own home. Schuyler had confided in Luke and told him how she’d like to explore her ever expanding sexuality. Luke knew the perfect idea, a club one of his best friends owned. Luke and Schuyler had a short history of two hook ups in Lukes apartment when his crazy girlfriend wasn’t around and many many flirtatious conversations and sexts. But this was something new for Schuyler. She wasn’t wild in bed, she wasn’t experienced as Luke who was 10 years older than her. But she wanted to be. She had recently discovered how much she wanted to have sex with a women and how she wanted to be fucked hard in the ass while she ate some random women pussy. When Schuyler jokingly said this to Luke he brought up Hopper Hotel. Now they were here.

“Let’s go in there.” Luke grabbed Schuyler’s arm and lead her in the room where the flashing lights were.

“Oh my god.” Schuyler stood speechless as her and Luke walked into the room. She was presented with a stage where some kind of wild orgy was taking place. Schuyler instantly felt herself getting wetter as she watched the stage. There were five people on stage, each Gaziantep Saatlik Escort one had their eyes covered by a mask. Schuyler watched as the three women and two men were intertwined on a bed larger than Schuyler knew they made. One women had her legs spread wide as another women sucked on her clit and had her fingers deep in her pussy. That women was being spanked by a tall dark man who had his cock inside another women’s mouth. The second man was fucking the third women pussy so hard, so could barely keep her mouth on the women beings spanked’s tits.

“Come on, these shows got on for hours. There is something I wanted to show you.” Luke grabbed a hold of Schuyler and pulled her to a private area outside from where the stage was. The Hopper hotel had multiple floors all for different likings, fetishes and sexual preferences. As long as it was legal, it happened at Hopper Hotel.

“Wha-?” Schuyler started before being slammed against the wall of the private room by Luke who was a good 8 inches taller than Schuyler. He kissed her neck.

“Did seeing those people on stage make you wet?” Luke shoved his hands underneath Schuyler’s skirt. “Open your legs for me, show me how wet you are.” Luke demanded and Schuyler complied. She could feel Luke’s hardness rubbing against her thigh as she spread her legs. Luke slowly graced the outside of Schuyler’s freshly shaved pussy, before he teased her clit with his middle finger. Schuyler let out a soft moan as Luke used his free hand to pinch her nipple. She moaned louder into Luke’s mouth, stopping to bit his bottom lip. “You’re so wet.” Luke whispered into Schuyler’s ear as he stuck his finger deeper inside her pussy. She let out a groan and she held onto him, gripping the back of his neck.

“Oh fuck Luke, that feels so good.” Schuyler said as Luke rubbed her clit. She slowly moved her hand to the belt buckle on Luke’s pants and undid it. She slipped her hand inside the waistband of his briefs and took his cock in her hand and began massaging it slowly. Schuyler suddenly didn’t care about anything other than the two of them. She was ready to strip naked and stick Luke’s cock in her pussy herself. Luke let out a groan before he kissed Schuyler’s lips hard.

“I have a surprise for you.” Luke said removing his fingers from Schuyler. Luke pulled Schuyler to another room, this one on near where the hotel rooms where. He inserted his room key into the door and opened it. Schuyler had no idea what was going on, but her pussy was aching and it had been too long since she had been really fucked.

Luke pushed Schuyler onto the bed of the ordinary hotel room. He kissed her, sliding his hands up underneath her top, pinching her nipples as he kissed her neck. “I want you to bad Schuyler, I want to cum all over those perfect tits and your ass. God I want to fuck this ass so bad.” Luke flipped Schuyler over and lifted her skirt so that her ass was showing. He placed gentle kissing down it before shoving two fingers deep inside her pussy.

“Fuck.” Schuyler yelled as Luke’s fingers moved in and out of her. Luke slowly retreated his fingers and took his shirt off. Schuyler turned her self around so she could look at him. She quickly unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down his legs. As she was sitting on the bed, Luke’s cock was at the perfect height for her mouth. Schuyler started slow, licking the head of Luke’s cock slowly. She traced her tongue in a circle around the head, griping his shaft softly so she had more control. She continue to lick, up and down the shaft getting it nice and wet. Schuyler put Luke’s cock into her mouth as Luke let out a small groan of pleasure. Luke gripped Schuyler’s hair as she shoved him deeper into mouth. She could feel herself gag as the head of his cock reached the back of her throat. She slid her tongue up and down, looking up at Luke whose head was back and moaning in pleasure.

“You’re going to make me cum, if you don’t stop.” Luke said removing his cock from her mouth. They were both naked and Luke laughed as he climbed on top of Schuyler, kissing her lips hard.

“ugh Luke. I need you inside me. I need to feel your cock in my pussy. I’m so wet Luke.” Schuyler said as Luke kissed her neck.

“Not yet. I have a surprise.” Luke said as there was a knock at the door. Schuyler laid back in frustration as Luke went to answer the door. He was naked as he opened the door and in walked a tall blonde women who was about Luke’s age. Schuyler recognized her from before. It was Maria from the concierges desk.

“Looks like you started with out me. Luckily I’m not wearing anything under this.” Maria said removing her silk robe, which she wasn’t wearing before. Schuyler sat up from the bed and watched as Maria undress and let the silk robe fall to the floor. She wore nothing but a pair of black pumps that made her toned legs look even better.

“Oh my god.” Schuyler felt herself getting wetter as Maria and her naked body moved closer to Schuyler. Maria was beautifully toned with large naturally perky breasts that had to be two sizes large than Schuylers B cup. She pussy was waxed and hair free and she had this blonde hair that graced down her back.

“Luke told me you were looking for your first lesbian experience. I love first timers.” Maria said climbing onto Schuyler pinching her nipple. Schuyler let out a soft moan.

“Maria’s an actual lesbian, we’ve been friends since high school. Her brother owns the hotel.” Luke explained to Schuyler who wasn’t listening because Maria stuck her long skinny fingers deep into Schuyler’s wet pussy.

“You’re so responsive. You like my tits? Suck my tits baby girl.” Maria said lifting one of her breasts and Schuyler put it into her mouth, sucking on it. Luke watched from behind you could see him rubbing his cock in the distance. “You want Luke to fuck your pretty ass as you eat my pussy?” Maria asked, pushing her fingers deeper inside of Schuyler. Schuyler moaned.

Luke reached into the night stand table where there were freshly stacked condoms, lube and a bible. (Brought to you by Hopper Hotel).

“God that feels so good Maria.” Schuyler moaned as Maria kissed her. Maria took her fingers out of Schuyler’s pussy.

“Taste your wetness Schuyler.” Maria stuck her fingers in Schuyler’s mouth. “Do you want to taste my pussy?” Maria asked climbing off of Schuyler and laying down on the bed.

“I need to fuck your ass Schuyler. I’ve waited so long for this.” Luke said to her. Schuyler felt her pussy dripping as she climbed on all fours onto the bed so that she had her face between Maria’s legs and her ass in the air for Luke to access.

Schuyler had never tasted pussy before, but she did what she liked. Schuyler started off by kissing Maria’s inner thighs, nipping at the skin. She moved closely, teasing Maria by blowing on her swollen clit. She could see how wet it was from the outside and Schuyler slowly slid her middle and index finger inside. Maria let out a groan, simultaneously as Luke stuck a finger into Schuyler’s ass, which he applied lube. Schuyler moaned.

“You’re ass is so tight.” Luke said before apply lube to his cock.

“FUck my ass Luke.” Schuyler said as Luke did what he was told. He slowly stuck his cock inside Schuyler’s ass, stretching her. She groaned and had to distract herself. She dove back to Maria and her pussy.

“Taste my pussy Schuyler. Lick my clit.” Maria said. Schuyler slowly moved her tongue to Maria’s clit, licking slowly before moving a little faster. Schuyler did what she liked having done to her. She stuck her two fingers into Maria’s pussy as she licked and sucked her clit. Maria was breathing heavy moaning as Schuyler moved her fingers faster. Luke was holding onto Schuyler’s hips as he pumped into and out of Schuyler’s ass. “I’m going to cum, Schuyler. Keep fucking my pussy with your fingers.” Maria cried out as Schuyler pumped harder and faster. She continued to lick her clit and around it. “Oh my god Schuyler yes, yes!” Maria said. “I’m going to cum” Maria screamed her legs shaking.

Luke was grunting as he pulled his cock out of Schuyler’s ass. Maria screamed in orgasm as Luke moved his hand twice up and down his cock before he came all over Schuyler’s ass. He groaned deeply.

“It seems like you’re the only one who didn’t cum Schuyler.” Maria said to Schuyler who was close after Luke fucking her ass causes more pleasure than she could imagine. “Do you mind if I give your girlfriend the best orgasm she’s ever had?” Maria asked Luke who was sweating.

“She isn’t my girlfriend, but do what you’d like.” Luke said watching as Maria flipped Schuyler over on the bed and swiftly moved between her thighs. She didn’t even hesitate as she starting sucking on Schuyler’s swollen clit. She ran her fingers on Schuyler’s inner thighs sending shivers up and down her body. Maria stuck her middle finger into Schuyler’s pussy as she liked her clit.

“Oh my god Maria that feels so good. Yes! Yes! Yes!” Schuyler yelled. “Yes Maria harder, fuck me harder!” Schuyler felt her orgasm building, she was so close. “I’m going to cum Maria. I’m so close. Make me cum!” Schuyler screamed as Maria pumped harder and fasters in and out of Schuyler’s pussy. “Ahhhhh Fucckkkk!” Schuyler yelled as she reached her orgasm. “That was incredible fuck.” Maria removed her face from between Schuyler’s legs.

“That looked incredible.” Luke said. His cock was semi hard again.

“Schuyler it was a pleasure to give your friend lesbian orgasm. I hope to see you again. I’d like fuck your pussy with a strap on while your tied to a bed post. I’d also like to fuck you while my girlfriend sits on your face.” Maria said picking up her robe from the floor. “Luke give her my number. Next time you’re into coming to the Hopper Hotel Schuyler, you make sure you text me. There are so many things I’d like you to experience. One day you’ll be on that main stage, with everyones eyes watching you.” Maria said before she left, leaving Schuyler imagining what it would be like to be up on the stage with everyone watching her. The thought made her wet again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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