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Hot First Meeting

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I found Tracy’s add here on an adult site and was definitely interested. I did what most guys did; I winked and sent an e-mail, hoping she would respond right back. Well you all know that women really get bombarded with replies so she didn’t get back to me right away. I caught her in chat and talked to her that way, she remembered my screen name and we chatted for almost a half hour that first day. We continued to swap e-mails and chat in the chat room for a month until I finally worked up the courage to ask her if she used any other kind of chat or IM. She told me that she did and we began talking that way. That eventually turned into exchanging phone numbers and we began talking on the phone. We talked for hours on the phone during several conversations and with each phone call we became better friends and talked about almost everything. Our last talk was especially enjoyable because we talked about sex mostly. I found out that she craves sex, my kind of woman! We talked about positions and techniques, her likes and dislikes and of course what I enjoyed about sex. I knew from this talk that I had to meet this wild woman and finally asked if she felt the same way. She said she did and we arranged to meet in a few days.

The time couldn’t pass fast enough and finally it was time to drive to meet her. We met at a public place for coffee, best way to meet a new friend, we had agreed to just say something if either one of us wasn’t impressed with the other. I stepped out of my car and saw her standing by her car. She was everything she said and I thought she was very good looking. I waved and she waved back, smiling. I walked over to her and gave her a big hug and then nice kiss on the cheek. Tracy said thanks and we talked for a few minutes until I asked if she wanted to go inside for that coffee. She smiled at me and took my hand and told me she had coffee at home if I wanted coffee, I smiled at her and asked if she had anything else to offer me at her house? She held my hand tighter and nodded, saying anything I wanted. She kissed me again and told me to follow her to her house. I quickly agreed and we parted ways for just a few minutes. I followed her to her house and parked my car and walked to the door where she waited. I commented on her house and we made small talk as she walked inside and closed the door.

Once the door closed Tracy walked up to me and we kissed deeply, our tongues fighting for control. My hands ran across her body and felt her tight ass and the wonderful curve of her tits. She pulled me close to her and we ground our crotches together. My cock was hard as a rock and I knew she could feel my meat. We kissed for several minutes; our hands exploring each other until I finally broke our wet kiss. Stepping back I commented on how great she kissed and told her I needed to catch my breath. Tracy laughed and said she hadn’t done anything yet, but intended to. She brought her hand up to my crotch and rubbed my cock roughly through my jeans. She moaned softly and asked if I was bursa escort ready to go ahead. All I could do was nod as she took her hands and worked my belt and the button on my jeans quickly. She slid them down my legs; I stepped out of them, took off my shirt and stood before her wearing my boxers and a well-tented crotch. She reached for my cock and stroked it slowly through my shorts. I placed my hand on hers and helped guide her hand along my cock. I kissed her deeply again and asked if rubbing was all she was going to do? She smiled at me and reached inside my shorts and grabbed my cock, causing me to moan louder. She played with my cock and balls for what seemed like forever, my eyes were closed and I was in heaven from her touch. I didn’t even know she had moved to her knees until I felt her warm breath on my cock head.

I opened my eyes, looked down and she was staring directly into my eyes as she swallowed my cock. Tracy was making low moans as she sucked my meat and that felt even better then just her hot mouth, the vibrations from the moaning was driving me wild. I am usually pretty laid back sexually but the woman was driving me wild with her oral skills and I reached for her hair and grabbing it, began to face fuck her. I pulled her gently at first, I was worried she might object, but her moaning increased and soon I was fucking her face like a man possessed. I thrust into her warm, wet mouth and knew I couldn’t last long. I held her head and slowed her, pulling her almost off my cock the sliding my cock back into her throat. Tracy looked back into my eyes and pleaded me to cum in her mouth with just that look. That was all it took and soon I felt the familiar feeling of my cum approaching. My cock swelled and twitched and my hot load flooded into her mouth. I came a huge load and Tracy had a little trouble taking it all, a little escaping from the corner of her mouth. She finally pulled off and the last few spurts from my cock landed on her tongue and lips. My knees wavered from the climax and I stumbled back, pulling my cock from her. Tracy smiled and licked her lips clean, enjoying my cum. I was totally spent from the experience and sat on back on her couch, my cock slowly deflating. Tracy sat beside me and we kissed again, this time a little more tenderly at first, then harder and more wanting.

I moved to the floor in front of her, and looked longingly into her eyes. I brought my hand up and placed them on her ample tits and squeezed them gently. Her head lay back on the couch and she moaned again. I pulled her forward and she helped me take her sweater over her head. Her bra was a sexy push up, and held her tits high like a wonderful sexy display. I noticed that it hooked on the front; my favorite and my mouth went diving at her tits. I mouthed each one, then moved my attention toward the clasp between her tits. I used my mouth and tongue and soon had the bra unhooked. Taking each half in one hand I opened my present like a kid on x-mas morning. Her tits were wonderful, not huge, bursa escort bayan just the right size, enough tit to bounce from thrusts I planned on giving later. I first mouthed one breast then the other, taking time to nibble a little at the perfect nipple pointing from each one. Tracy loved the attention I was giving her tits and brought her hand down and rubbed her mound. I noticed her and spread her thighs a little more and slid my hand between her legs. She placed her hand on mine and pushed my hand tightly to her warm mound. I could feel her pussy lips through her jeans and wondered if she was wearing panties.

Tracy answered my question when she unbuttoned her jeans with her free hand and slid the zipper down. She then took my hand and placed it on her smooth shaved mound. My fingers worked their way along her slit until I couldn’t stand it any more and moved from her tits. I sat back and looked down at myself, naked, and looked at Tracy and mentioned that I thought she was a little over dressed. She laughed and stood up and shimmied her pants down her long legs and removed her bra the rest of the way. I gazed upon her sexy body for the first time and loved how she looked. Her tits were perky for their size and her pussy simply glistened, shaved smooth and wet from my attacks. She reached for my hand and pulled me to my feet, she then led me to her bedroom and we both flopped down.

We lay side by side and my hands went for her wet slit and I continued to rub her pussy, Tracy moaning from the attention. Her hands were busy as well as she massaged my slowly rising cock. I finally took the lead and rolled her onto her back and got to my knees. Tracy knew what was coming and smiled at me as I lowered myself between her spread thighs. I began to lick at her pussy lips, slowly at first, taking my time to enjoy her sweetness. I licked at her lips, then her thighs, building her passion slowly. Tracy finally couldn’t stand it anymore and placed her hands on the back of my head, trying to force my mouth deeper into her pussy. I fought her for a few moments until my own desires took over and I lowered my mouth to her wetness. I licked at her puffy pussy lips, staying away from her clit, still building her to a huge orgasm or so I hoped. Her hands pressed tighter and finally I took a quick swipe at her clitty. She moaned a little louder and humped her hips up to meet my tongue. I licked at her clit again and her hips flew up and forced her clit fully into my mouth. Tracy moaned again and I answered by attacking her clit with full force, I was licking and flicking her clit with my tongue and brought a finger to her wet slit. That sent her over the edge and her legs tightened around my head, my tongue continued its onslaught on her clit and she thrashed on the bed, her climax was so big. She finally slowed her thrashing and I slowed my licking, her cum tasted wonderful and I didn’t waste a drop of her precious liquid. Her legs released my head and I sat up smiling and licking her cum from my lips. escort bursa I leaned in and kissed her, allowing her to taste herself.

I broke our embrace and sat back on my heels, enjoying her laid out before me. Her pussy glistened from her wetness, her nipples were hard as rocks and she had a very satisfied and naughty look on her face. Tracy reached for my cock and in no time I was hard again. Tracy pushed me on my back and leaned over and sucked my cock a couple times, her tits looked so sexy hanging down. Tracy then threw a leg over me and held my cock as she slowly lowered her well-lubed pussy onto my meat. I reached up and took one tit in each hand as she slowly began to rock back and forth on my cock. We fucked slowly for some time, my cock deep inside her, I flexed my cock and she smiled more each time, her pussy contracting around it. I kneaded her tits and pulled at her nipples, bringing a moan from her with every squeeze. I released her tits and slid my hands down her sides, stopping to grab at her ass. I held her ass tight and raised her up then lowered her again onto my cock. Tracy leaned forward and I began to fuck her harder, thrusting up every time I lowered her ass to me. Tracy leaned on her knees and stayed there, allowing me to fuck her with deep, hard strokes. Her pussy was like a silky vise and gripped my cock tighter and tighter. I continued to fuck her hard trying to make her cum hard and fast. Tracy threw her head back and moaned again louder then before, telling me she was having another big orgasm. Her pussy got even tighter and I fought off my own climax, slowing my thrusts. Tracy slowed and settled back with my cock deep inside her. She then rolled off my hard meat and smiled at me. She took my cock again in her mouth and sucked her juices off my meat. Tracy then kissed me, sharing her sexy taste with me again.

Tracy got off the bed and pulled me with her. She led me to the bathroom where there was a full-length mirror on the wall. Tracy stepped in the tub, turned on the shower and pulled me in behind her, closing the door behind us. My cock shrank a little but she quickly dropped to her knees and deep throated me again reviving my hard-on. Once my cock was back to full mast Tracy stood back up and turned her back to me and rubbed her ass along my cock. She turned slightly and told me to watch in the mirror. I turned toward the mirror and watched as she leaned over end took her hand and began to rub her pussy. My cock was at the perfect height and I slowly entered into her again. I watched as her tits swayed to my thrusts and her hand moved faster on her pussy mound. I increased my rhythm and soon I was fucking her hard and deep, her tits jumping from the pounding I was giving her puss. Her hand moved almost in a blur, she was working her clitty so fast. Her pussy tightened again but I didn’t fight it and fucked her harder wanting so much to cum deep inside this beauty. She moaned loudly, the sound reverberating around the shower walls and my cock jumped then began to shoot inside her. I thrust deeply into her and her pussy milked my cock for every drop of cum I had. We finally collapsed on the shower floor, holding each other and enjoying the feeling of wonderful sex we had just shared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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