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Hot Summer Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 01

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Martin was away all weekend on a friend’s stag-do and Olivia was coming to stay over with us on Saturday night.

The long summer had been fantastic and it was still hovering around 30c every day and sunny right into early evening, so we’d definitely all be doing some sunbathing, with any luck.

Olivia was meant to be coming over late afternoon as Juliette was out all morning meeting-up with her friend Georgia about 60 miles away, and wouldn’t be back until about 4pm.

So, when the doorbell rang at 11:30am, and it was Olivia, I was quite surprised but suddenly really excited.

Olivia and Juliette have been friends for over 15 years and, whilst I know she’s a bit needy and talks mostly about herself, she is physically so attractive and I’ve always fancied the fuck out of her so this was a brilliant opportunity to spend some time alone for a change, especially if there was going to be sunbathing involved.

In fairness, whilst I might fantasise about have raunchy, wild sex with her, like most men do about women, it’s one of those things that’s never going to happen and will always just be a secret erotic fantasy.

Olivia was wearing a slinky, loose-fitting white dress and flip-flops and, with her slender, tanned legs and gorgeous feet, she really was looking sexy.

We went into the house and, after a two-cheek kiss and a nice tight hug, Olivia said she was so looking forward to just relaxing and getting some long-overdue sunbathing in. This was music to my ears so I left her to sort her stuff out and get changed while I made a couple of large G&Ts.

I went outside with the drinks and sat on a lounger. To my utter delight Olivia walked out wearing quite a small yellow bikini and sat on the other lounger.

Jesus, she looked utterly amazing especially in that bikini. Since she got into fitness and running she really has toned-up and has gone from being a bit scrawny and pale to having an amazing figure. She’s slim, toned, fit as fuck and nicely tanned.

We chatted and laughed for half an hour, finishing our G&Ts, and feeling nicely chilled.

I found it hard to stop looking at her body and equally hard to not make it look obvious, but I had client work to finish so I said I’d leave her alone to sunbathe while I went over the office.

Firstly though, I made two more G&Ts as I really wanted to get her a bit pissed (which I know isn’t difficult!) so she would relax and loosen-up. I have to confess, I made Olivia’s G&T quite a bit stronger than mine.

I took the drinks back outside, handed one to Olivia and she took a huge gulp, saying how lovely it was.

I left her to it and got up to go over to the office but as I walked away Olivia said “Alex, is this completely private here, I mean not overlooked by anyone?”

I said “the old boy next door can see in a bit when he’s upstairs but he’s never there and, to be honest, I’m not really bothered anyway. I walk around outside here naked all the time, it’s a great feeling.”

She just said, “Wow, how lovely is that? I’d love to be able to walk around naked all the time.”

I explained that if she moved the lounger past the conservatory then he can’t see anyway and it’s completely private. I said that I sunbathe naked whenever I can as I just love that feeling of freedom being naked gives you and the warmth of the sun on the parts of your body that never normally see the sun!

She smiled and said, “I know what you mean, I just love being naked.”

I cheekily said, “Well don’t let me stop you.”

I also said that if she moved the lounger round so it faced the office it would be in full sun and be completely private. She asked me to move it for her which I gladly did and I said, “Trust me, nobody can see you here.”

Of course the beauty of doing this and being over the office, which is separate from our house, was that I could watch her without her realising, which is exactly what I was planning to do!

So, now with the lounger in the perfect position, Olivia sat back down, feet towards me, and drank some more of her G&T. She then put the glass down and picked up the bottle of suntan oil and began smoothing the oil into almost every inch of her already tanned body, from her face, over her body and down to her gorgeous sexy feet and all the way back, just to be sure, before settling down on the lounger with the back slightly raised.

Secretly I continued to watch and take pics as she shuffled around on the lounger, changing positions every ten minutes or so to get a really even all-over tan.

After about 30 minutes she put the back down so she could lie completely flat, and then laid down on her front, reaching round to undo her bikini top. She looked absolutely amazing, so slim and tanned; her oily body literally glistening in the sun.

I thought the alcohol must be having its effect as she seemed so chilled and sort-of unaware, and I know how Olivia seems to lose her inhibitions when she’s had a few Manisa Escort so I walked out the office and said bravely, “I’ll make some more G&Ts.” She didn’t look up, she just said, “That would be lovely, thanks my darling.”

I took the drink out to her and this time she looked round, sort of lifting her head, seemingly forgetting she’d undone her bikini top so I had a fantastic flash of her right breast. She did realise and sort of giggled and said, “Oops,” but wasn’t overly bothered. She certainly didn’t cover up. She took the drink and gulped about half the glass. I so knew she was getting pissed and I loved it.

I went back to the office and after about half an hour she got up, put her bikini top back on and went into the house. She was gone for about ten minutes and I thought she’d had probably enough of the heat but, to my utter delight, she returned wearing a really small g-string in place of her bikini bottoms. I mean just a small triangle covering her pussy and a string going right up the crack of that gorgeous arse. I thought I was going to come in my pants!

She laid down flat on her back, feet towards me, and I had the most fantastic view of her crotch in that little g-string.

After only a few minutes she sat up, reached round behind her and removed her bikini top, then laid back down, stretching right out, legs apart with her feet hanging off either side of the lounger and hands above her head.

The view was stunning, laying there almost completely naked, her entire body glistening with oil and sweat and the thin material of her g-string pulled tightly over her pussy.

She seemed to have forgotten I was there, or perhaps she was playing-up to me and was putting on a show just for me. In fairness, she had asked if it was private so I suspect she was actually pretty pissed and didn’t care anymore. Either way I was transfixed and taking lots of photos.

Olivia laid there spread out for ages. I think she fell asleep as her body was totally relaxed. She then stirred and slowly lifted one knee, sliding her foot toward her on the lounger, then did the same with the other foot so both knees were bent and together. She then let her legs fall slowly apart until they were flat on the lounger and wide apart, with her feet together and then shuffled down a bit so she was lying completely flat.

The sight was beyond incredible. Her pussy was forced hard against the thin material and, as she’d moved around and had opening her legs so wide, the triangle had pulled slightly to one side fully exposing her groin and I could literally see the edge of her fleshy outer labia.

She raised both arms above her head again, stretched out completely, lifting her body right off the lounger. As she relaxed back down she slid her hands down from her shoulders, slowly over her small but perfect tits, just pausing to pinch her perfect nipples, then down her belly and over her g-string, stopping to gently caress her pussy and then down to her inner thighs. All the time her eyes were closed.

As if that wasn’t horny enough she then slid one hand under her g-string, pushing the material away and, incredibly, began rubbing her pussy and very obviously and slowly inserting a finger deep inside. She let out a little moan as her finger went inside, she pulled it out, massaged her pussy again and then sank her finger all the way back inside again.

Olivia then closed her legs, hooked a finger under the g-string and, lifting her bum off the lounger, slid them over her hips, down her legs and off. She really was now completely fucking naked and went through the whole routine again; lying back on the lounger, knees bent, feet pulled in, legs slowly opened wide apart until they were flat on the lounger.

This time though, her gorgeous, completely shaved pussy was in full view, looking like a peach that was longing to be sucked and licked.

She just laid there, legs wide apart while I stared at her fantastic naked body. Every so often she would slide her hands down her body and just gently massage her pussy and then slide her hands into her groin literally pulling her pussy lips apart, then out to her knees, pushing down to force her legs as wide apart as possible, before sliding both hands all the way back up her oily body and stretching out above her head.

Olivia had to know I was watching or would, at some point, come out so she clearly wanted me to see her like this. It was the sort of situation I could only dream about but it was happening and for a moment I wasn’t sure what to do.

Time was ticking by though and Juliette would be coming home at some point so I had to do something now. I decided to just walk out of the office as though I hadn’t seen any of this.

I walked down the steps, looked over at her and said, “Fucking hell Olivia, you look absolutely incredible.”

Without even looking she just said, “I know.” She reached down, picked up the sun tan oil and held it up towards me.

I Manisa Escort Bayan walked over and sat on the end of the lounger between her open legs, staring directly at her gorgeous shaved pussy. It was such a fantastic sight.

Olivia lifted one foot and placed it across my lap at the top of my thighs. I took the bottle and very slowly poured a thin line of oil from the tip of her gorgeous toes up past her knee and right up her thigh to her groin, across her pubic mound and slowly back down the other leg to her toes.

I began with her foot gently massaging the oil into her toes, over the soles of her feet and her instep. She has really beautiful, sexy feet and it’s such a turn-on for me as I definitely have a bit of a foot fetish, so I spent ages playing with her toes.

I gradually worked my way passed her ankle, up to her knee and slowly over her thigh, working from outer to inner thigh, just gliding into her groin but being careful not to actually touch her pussy. For now, anyway.

She instinctively bent her knee so her legs were spread wide apart again. Her tight little anus was in full view and her pussy was so open and glistening in the sun I just stared longingly at it.

Although Olivia has dark hair and naturally slightly darker skin, her pussy and lips have no dark skin at all, not even the tips of her inner lips which were clearly and beautifully exposed. Her pussy is pink and open and absolutely gorgeous.

I got up and straddled the lounger so I was sitting directly between her legs and she placed her feet on each of my thighs.

Olivia began to massage her tits and lifted her bum off the lounger a little as if she was offering herself to me so I placed one hand on each of her thighs, and leaned-in towards her pussy.

As I leaned forward, her feet moved into the crotch of my thin swim shorts and kind of nestled either side of my rock hard cock. I heard her say, “Mmmm” as I felt her toes wrap around my shaft and squeeze.

I stopped and sat back a little as she began massaging my cock over my shorts with her oily feet, placing the sole of her right foot against my shaft and pressing hard, rubbing up and down as the suntan oil soaked through the thin material. She squeezed her toes around my knob and gently wanked me with her feet, it was heaven.

I leaned forward between her open thighs again to kiss the very top of her pussy and pushed my lips onto her clit. Olivia let out a little moan as I flicked my tongue over her clit then moved down between her lips, pushing my tongue deep into her warm wet pussy.

I stayed between her legs for quite some time, running my hands over her body and back to her pussy, teasing her clit and lightly fingering her anus, just licking and sucking all over.

She was properly wet and sloppy and very sensitive to her pussy being licked and, within about 10 minutes, Olivia had cum twice, each time making my face and mouth wetter with her fantastic tasting pussy juices.

By now Olivia had wrapped her legs around me and I could feel her heels in my back pulling me harder into her crotch as I pulled her pussy apart with my fingers and continued to alternate between long licking strokes and flicking my tongue quickly over her exposed clit.

She was moaning more and saying, “God that’s so good, please make me cum” and began to raise and lower her hips as the orgasm we’d been working towards began to get hold of her gorgeous, toned, sweaty naked body. I had one finger dipping in and out of her pussy as I licked her and I kept tickling and massaging her beautiful tight anus at the same time.

I had my little finger tip pressed hard into the opening of her anus and, as moved around, and with her legs pulled wide apart, she lifted her body off the lounger, jerking quickly back down again and my finger went right inside her tight hole. She moaned, “Oh fuck, that feels so fucking good,” pushing down harder to force my finger even deeper inside her. With one final convulsion, almost suffocating me as she forced my face hard into her wet pussy, she went almost rigid and then slumped onto the lounger, panting heavily and shaking.

My little finger was still deep inside her anus and my thumb deep inside her wet pussy so I continued to very gently slide in and out using her sweat, suntan oil and gorgeous pussy juice as lubrication as she began to recover from her orgasm. She laid there breathing heavily, legs wide apart and looking absolutely incredible.

I pulled my fingers out, running my hands all over her body and down her legs to those oh-so sexy, tanned feet that I just couldn’t leave alone.

As I massaging Olivia’s feet she said, “You’ve no idea how much I’ve wanted to do that and I’ve waited fifteen years but it was so worth the wait.”

I said, “Jesus Olivia, you must know I’ve fancied the fucking hell out of you ever since I first met you at your Chritsmas cocktail party when you were wearing that amazing sexy black Escort Manisa dress?”

“Honestly, I think about you all the time but you’ve given nothing away so I could never have known how you feel.”

“Every time you come and stay, or we stay at yours, I fantasise about giving you a full body naked massage and licking you till you cum. I’ve been doing that in my head for as long as I can remember Olivia even though you’re married now.”

She replied, “Being married is nothing like this, trust me. We had lots of fun to start with, when it was all new and exciting, but it’s just boring and disappointing now, I really don’t understand what’s changed.”

I said, “I still remember your first Christmas with Martin at your house. You were sitting on the floor in the lounge looking pretty pissed but so sexy, and, at one point, you said something about Martin being down there flicking your bean! It made us all laugh, but all I could think about was what a lucky bastard he was and how much I wanted to do that to you.”

She said, “Well exactly, he couldn’t keep his hands off me to start with but now he hardly touches me, it’s like he’s lost interest in me physically.”

I just said, “Fucking idiot, really,” and, as I slid my hands up from her feet to her open thighs, I stopped to rub her clit again, gently sliding a finger inside her wet pussy. “How can he not want to do this to you constantly? You’re so gorgeous Olivia.”

She closed her eyes and just moaned, “Mmmm, ooh I so love that,” as she opened her legs wide apart and lifted herself off the lounger again, pushing towards me so I could finger her more deeply: one finger, then two, then three fingers sliding deep inside her wet pussy right up to the knuckles and all the way out and back in as far as I could, massaging her clit with my thumb.

She said, “Alex you can massage me whenever you want my darling. I’ll get completely naked for you to massage me, lick me, finger me and fuck me senseless any time you like, but I really need you to fuck me now. I want your cock deep inside me fucking me till I cum again.”

The language was incredible, I had no idea she could be so graphic but it was sooo sexy hearing her talk like that.

With that, I stood up and Olivia sat forward, hooking her fingers under the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down over my rock hard cock. She slid them down and I stepped out of them and stood in front of her completely naked, just my throbbing cock.

She breathed a little sigh of pleasure and smiled, “Oh yes, now that’s what I call a gorgeous cock and my God you’re completely shaved! I fucking love that, it’s so sexy!”

She wrapped her fingers around my shaft with both hands and began to slowly wank me, pulling my foreskin right back down and holding it there.

“Seriously Alex, what a great fucking cock you’ve got, honestly it’s gorgeous. Juliette is such a lucky girl,” she said, again sliding her hands up and then pulling my foreskin back down again. She leaned over and kissed the top of my knob as she began to wank me slowly. Then licking her lips she opened her mouth and slid my knob inside. I felt her lips tighten around the ridge and her tongue licking the shiny surface.

Deeper and deeper she took my prick into her mouth till I felt it touch the back of her throat. She continued to slide her lips up and down the length of my prick dribbling saliva out of her mouth to lubricate my shaft.

I put one foot on the lounger to open my legs wider and Olivia began massaging my balls, lightly fingering my anus and licking up and down the length of my shaft.

Each time her lips left my knob she would wank me faster and faster then slide her lips over the end and sink it deep inside her mouth again. I was so close to coming. She must have sensed it because she said, “Oh yes, come on Alex let me taste your lovely thick spunk, go on, I really want you to cum in my mouth.”

It didn’t take much more, she pulled my foreskin right back again and held it there, slid my prick deep into her mouth till it touched the back, then closed her lips tightly and pulled back, gripping my shaft with her lips and running her tongue round and round. “Fucking hell Olivia, I’m gonna cum, I can’t hold back any more,” I said.

She was smearing her sloppy saliva all over my cock, balls and arse and at the last minute she pushed her wet finger hard against my anus and slid it inside about two inches. The feeling was fucking incredible.

“Come on baby, give me your spunk, come on,” she said. One final hard suck, my hips went forwards and I just let it all go shooting my load into her mouth, my prick seemed to pump and pump, the orgasm was so intense my eyes were watering and I was panting hard!

Olivia just lapped-up my spunk, sucking me harder. She slid my prick right into her mouth and partly down her throat, making her gag as she did it. She sucked for every last drop and swallowed it all, it really was incredible.

“Feel better now do we honey?” she said as she continued to massage my balls and finger my anus.

“How about you suck my clit and make me come again whilst you recover and reload. Then you can fuck me properly and shoot another load of your lovely spunk deep into my pussy.”

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