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Hot Tub Seduction… Pt. 01

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I come back outside into the backyard after grabbing another drink. I notice my girlfriend still in the hot tub with a couple guys who weren’t in there before. I look at my watch.. it’s starting to get a little late. People have been leaving the party pretty steady since about 1am…

Two people by the bon fire and only a few inside as well.

I look back over to the hot tub and notice Scott, the owner of the house. I talked to him earlier. Seemed like a pretty social guy, loved to throw these parties to meet new people. I respected that. It’s a huge house and I certainly would if I was him.

I walked back over to the fire, warming up a bit. After a few minutes, I can hear giggling from the campfire…

It was tough to see what was going on at the fire when you’re in the hot tub… I knew that from earlier. I slowly walked until I could see the familiar site of my girlfriend’s back.. giggling into the night. Scott was sitting beside her to the left and the other guy was across.. grinning and laughing along.

It was tough to hear… but I could see Scott jokingly act like he was gonna pull the string on the top of her bikini…

She lightly pushed him away but he just smiled and kept his hand close to the back of her neck…

She gasped and giggled…

“Youuuuu wouldn’t” she grinned at him.

“He would.” smiles the other guy across the tub.

I can see the expression on Scott’s face…

He softly bites his lip.. and says, “Do you dare me?”


He continued to let the string of her top move between his fingers.. leaning slightly closer to her in the water.

I kind of giggle to myself…

“They couldn’t have picked a worse target” I think. Her and I have been together eight months and she is a naturally shy girl. She’s always been pretty vanilla with me and doesn’t even like to say dirty words without blushing like crazy.

I fully expect her to shake her head and them.. and come find me…


She doesn’t.

She giggles.

“You’re silly” she utters.

I look around back to the fire to confirm that nobody else is paying attention to the hot tub. The evening certainly is almost over as the final couple drops their empty drinks and make their way out the back gate towards their car.

“Hey!” I hear from the hot tub. Turning back, she has her mouth open in playful shock…

“What?” he grins… “It’s just my hand on your leg. It’s no big deal right?”

“I.. I guess not…” she manages to squeak out.

The guy on the other side of the hot tub leans back just a little and chuckles.. “You’re such a good girl.. aren’t you?”

“Oh. I am. I absolutely am” she giggles.. moving her gaze back over to him, Her words were proud.. but I can tell she’s being playful. She’s teasing them.. I can hear it in her tone.

Scott shuffles himself until his arm moves around my girlfriend. She seems to just float and let him adjust her a little…

Little did I know, but his hand rested on her hipbone.. as he started tracing slow, small, little circles over her side… feeling her skin.. and her bikini bottoms.. over and over…

“Connor… stop staring at her tits…”

She giggled

“I can’t help it!” Connor exclaimed… “what else am I supposed to look at? They are right there!”

As Manavgat Escort she giggled.. Scott took that as his opportunity to pull her in closer… “Well. If I pulled her bikini top string earlier maybe we’d both know what they look like!”

He wrapped his arms tightly around her and said, “Well let’s make a deal… If either of us can guess how big they are… will you flash us?”

I watched.. as my girlfriend turned to Scott… her lips inches from his lips now..

She softly bites her bottom lip before saying… “Oh.. you’ll never be able to guess…”

My girlfriend quickly looked around the backyard for me but I was standing unnoticed behind a fence fairly close to the tub a this point. I had a great view of the tub.. and I could make out basically every word.

Scott slowly reached up…gently tugging along her bikini string..

“Hey.. you’re supposed to guess…” She said.. pushing him away slightly. Both sets of eyes were on her, trying their hardest to get a good view. I couldn’t believe it but she looked like she loved the attention.

“34 C?” came a guess from across the tub…


Scott leaned in.. and said with a sly tone.. “hmm, they might be a little smaller than that.. i’ll guessss… a handful?”

“heyyyy…” she responded. “That’s not fair”

“Well how big are they then?”

She sighed… a big sigh…

“Theyyyyyyyyy are a 34B”

Scott laughed and.. slowly reached his hand out of the water. Looking her right in the eyes he said… “I did guess a handful… and.. I feel like I’m right..”

She looked at him.. as she bit her lip and looked down at her chest…

“They are a beautiful handful..thank you.”

Scott.. slowly pulled the string…as she.. sank into the water…

“Cold are you?” Connor inserted.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” her coy words danced in the air.

“Well hell, if we are going to be friendly…” Scott said, “Maybe I don’t know what you’re talking about either…”

Scott reached into the water.. out of view.. and through her wide eyes.. I knew what was going to happen. Scott reached into the water and put his swimming shorts on the side of the hot tub and layer back…

“Scott.. what are you doing!?” she gasped and giggled.. trying to quiet her tone…

“I don’t even close to know what you’re talking about” Scott sighed.. closed his eyes and slid into the hot tub just a little.

With.. hesitation, I heard her playfully mumble, “Well. mayyyyyybe I should leave you to yourself if nobody knows what they are talking about.. huh?” And she sighed…

I know that sigh. That sigh comes after an episode of her favourite tv show is done. That sigh says, “This was fun but.. now what else do I have to do.” I knowww that sigh.

But I couldn’t stop thinking… about how close Scott was to her. Their arms weren’t touching.. but.. there certainly wasn’t much distance between them. I could only see the sides of their faces as the adventure unfolded.

“I think the water is the perfect temperature.. and I have nooo place to go. Don’t you think it feels nice?” Scott grabbed her arm and put it out of the water..

“See.. isn’t it a little bit chilly out here? Doesn’t it feel nicer under the water…?”

Scott… Manavgat Escort Bayan was guiding her hand.. back down… and..closer.. to his body…

He looked her in the eyes.. and said..

“Don’t you wanna know.. if it feels nice?”

She looked him deep in the eyes.. grinned..

I was waiting for movement from his hand.. hers.. but.. it seemed… still.

She finally says…

“Scotttt. You’re being badddd. I know the water feels nice. I’ve felt water before. Water is water.”

Connor slumped back in the tub across the water. He’d been silent for a while but commented, “I think… Scott is an upstanding gentleman. Good fun is good fun. No harm done.”

She slowly slid her hand away from him and just sighed deeply. This was a different sigh. She was relaxed. She softly closed her eyes while Scott.. moved close to her. Arm to arm. Relaxing in the warm water.

Connor shift a little in the water, and played with the jets, turning them on just a tiny bit. Stirring the water. “There. We got a bit more flow and a bit more heat.”

Scott let his hand lift in the water in front of them, holding one of the floating strings on her bikini top on the surface of the water. Playing with it in his finger tips. He started to slowly pull it towards Connor.

“It’s still tied around my back, nerd” she giggled in Scott’s direction.

“34B” Scott grinned.


“You said if I guessed right…”

“But you didn’t guess! you gave a weird answer!”

“I just guessed! 34B. I can’t help it that you didn’t give me actualllll time to make a guess. That’s you breaking the rules. Lean forward for just a second.”

She gave him playful, evil eyes…

“I have noooo idea what you’re talking about…” as she shifted her body.. to move.. a bit forward.. and turning her back a little bit to him…

Scott looked over at Connor… with a slight nod and wide eyes. A look of excitement and confidence. They wanted to see how far they could push things and.. it seemed she was responding incredibly well.

Maybe.. this would be a good time for me to walk around. to show my face and tell her that I’m tired and we should go. I couldn’t look away. I was frozen. What’s wrong with me? Step in.

But I can’t help it… I wanna see what she is going to do. She’s never been like this…


She put her hands on her own chest.. holding her bikini top there.. as Scott reached behind.. and untied it on her back. Before she could slump back into the water.. Scott scooted closer.. and wrapped his arms around her. and she held her top tight..

“Hey!” she giggled.

Scott pulled her back just a little bit and said, “The bubbles.. the water… you’re fine…you don’t have to be such a good girl…”

The moment.. she relaxed. Scott slipped her top from her grasp.. out of the water. and tossed it over to Connor.

Connor laughed and grabbed it.. placing it on the side of the hot tub near the controls. “Ooo! It’s safe over here. Don’t worry.”

Scott wrapped his arms around her under the water. pressing himself close while his hands. looked to be slowly tracing over her stomach.

“Scotttttt. You’re being bad againnnn” she said.. softer…slightly softer…

Scott’s hands moved Escort Manavgat under the water.. and it was clear… Scott was grabbing her tits…

“I needed to see if I was right. They are a beautiful handful. And guess what… I might be a little bad…but you’re not stopping me.”

She opened her eyes and looked across the tub…

“Oh, do you like what you see?” directed at Connor. “Your friend here is being bad and he should probably put his shorts back on…”

Connor smirked while he leaned back and said, “Looks like you’re enjoying it. Relax. If anything, you’re still wearing too much clothing.”

“Well, you’re still being a gentleman at least. Keeping your shorts on.” She replied.

Since she didn’t stop Scott from moving his hands higher on her body.. he kept going.. slowly fondling her chest..

She finally leaned back into him a little bit while he had her wrapped up. She bit her lip. I could tell Connor knew exactly what I knew… she was giving in. His hands felt good.. and she was giving into him.

Connor laughed a bit and said, “Interesting. It’s been a while since anyone called me a gentleman. How about if you ever take your bottoms off, mine will come off too.”

“Oh my bottoms are absolutely staying on.” she said softly, but confidently. She had closed her eyes again while Scott continued to softly massage her tits… rolling his fingers along her nipples.

“Yeah? You wanna keep your bottoms on, baby?” Scott leaned in and started gently kissing along her neck.. She moved her head slightly.. allowing him to kiss. I for one, know she loves being called pet names like that. It makes her so wet and he just found one of her simple pleasures that makes her weak…

He continued, “Are you really a little good girl? How do my hands feel on your chest..? Do you like it?”

She moaned and quickly continued… playing along as she did before…, “I.. I don’t… know what you’re talking about..”

He moved.. one of his hands out of the water.. and slowly moves his fingers through her hair…

And then he gripped.

Gripped firm.. slowly turning her head to face his..

“Tell me. Are you a good girl?”

“Mmmmm I… don’t know…”

He cut her off.. by slightly tugging on her hair..

And oh… she bit her lip..

She was letting them tease her… move her… suggest things…

but this moment, she was caught.

She had let herself give in…

Was it too much?

Could she simply just push herself away.. grab her bikini… and try and find me?

He cut her off. Tugged on her hair.

He leaned in and kissed her.. and she kissed back. She passionately let her body fall deeper into him.. until she took a breath and straightened up..

He let go of her hair as she looked back forward..

Scott had her wrapped up still.

She looked across the hot tub and locked eyes with Connor.

“Tell Connor what I’m doing with my hands…” Scott insisted.

“Oh… he’s teasing me. He started by making small circles on my hip… but he moved higher and higher.. his hands are on my tits Connor. He’s grabbing them… pulling on my nipples.. oh.. ohhh. mmm yeah… yeah… he is.”…

Scott leaned in.. and whispered something into her ear…

She opened her mouth.. to moan.. but I don’t think anything came out…

“Yeah? You want me to say that? Mmmmm. Do youuuu?”

I felt so… confused… helpless… and turned on…as I watched my girlfriend look across the hot tub at Connor and say…

“Mmmm Connor… I’m his good girl”

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