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Hotel Anal Fun Pt. 01

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As I stand in the shower preparing for what the night will bring. I think of what you will be doing to me. My hands begin to massage my breasts and to tweak my nipples. My pussy starts throbbing as I think of all the things you said you would do to me.

I reach down and start to slide my fingers between my pussy lips. Teasing and pulling on them. They stretch out long as I pull on them. My clit is tingling and I rub on it to get some satisfaction. I dip my fingers inside my pussy and get more of my juices to slide over my clit.

I imagine you walking in on me, and not being able to control myself I start rubbing faster and faster. I keep thinking about you pushing your fat cock head into my asshole. How much I want you to be my first real experience with it.

I’m so close to cumming. I rub my clit even faster. I feel the familiar signs of a massive orgasm coming on. I reach around with my free hand and tease my asshole with my finger. It’s all it takes, I fly it an orgasm so huge my feet go numb, my legs tremble and I can barely breathe. I have to catch myself before I fall, bracing against the wall.

I recover and rinse off. Then I head out into the room. I booked this room just a few days earlier when you told me you would be in town. I walk to the dresser and took out the small bag I has placed there when I arrived. Taking it to the bed I opened it and started taking out the items we agreed on when we last spoke.

I bought at your command, a small 1″ wide, 6″ long dildo, and a large 3″ wide, 8″ long dildo, and some very interesting lubricant.

But also Eryaman Escort brought couple more items as well, a pair a fir lined handcuffs, and a silk scarf. My hopes are that you will play a little with one of my fantasies. I arrange everything on the foot of the bed in plain sight.

After carefully drying myself I sit at the little vanity table and put on my makeup. You said no lipstick so I only use some cherry chapstick. I fix my hair nicely, but leave it loose so you can grab it and use it like you want.

I go back to the bed and open the lube. I need to be ready for you when you arrive. I gather some lube on my fingers and reach around to rub it on my asshole. I’m not satisfied with the result so I climb up on the bed, get on my knees and lay my top half flat. This angle makes it easier to reach between my legs and rub more lube on my asshole.

I push 1 fingertip in to get some inside. I am getting excited again as I get more lube and start to slide my finger slowly in and out of my ass hole. I can’t stop from bringing my other hand to my clit again. I have to orgasm. It’s coming on so fast and I am starting to moan, so I don’t hear the door open when you let yourself in.

I’m on the edge of orgasm when I feel you put your hands on my ass, I startle for a moment but look and see you there.

“Rub your clit faster,” you order me.

“Yes master,” I answer and do as you say.

I’m rubbing faster and faster than ever before. I’m so hot and excited knowing you’re watching my masturbate. You pull Sincan Escort my finger out of my ass to get a closer look.

“Don’t stop and don’t cum yet,” you tell me and I hear your zipper being pulled down. “Are you ready for me?” you ask.

“Yes, yes,” I say, knowing what you are going to do.

“Just stay relaxed,” you instruct me. Then I feel the thick, fat head of your cock as you press it against my asshole. “Rub your clit faster,” you tell me.

I do and it makes my toes begin to curl. I have to fight hard not to cum. I’m moaning louder now.

Just when I thought I could not obey you, you add more lube to my asshole and to your cock then start to slowly push forward into my ass. The sensation is overwhelming. It’s like you are made to fuck my ASS.

I slide in all the way. Balls deep in my ass. Then I hear a camera snap. I remembered just then that I had asked for you to take a picture of your cock in my ass. Then all the preliminaries are gone. You start to pull out and go back in again just as slowly as the first stroke. You go easy at first knowing that I’m still practically new at this.

I’m about to cum, but you haven’t given me permission yet.

You’re fucking me faster and faster as my ass hole loosens up more and more.

“Please,” I start whimpering. It’s too much pleasure, I need to cum.

“Please what?” you ask me, “Say it. Tell me what you want.”

“Please I need to cum,” I tell you.

“No, you tell me and pull your cock out with a pop.

“No!” I can’t Etlik Escort believe you just stopped. But it was short lived shock as you push back in, harder, faster. “Oh god yes!” I’m moaning louder. “God fuck my ass.”

“Who am I?” you ask.

My fingers are flying over my clit. I push two into my cunt. You see this and pull them out.

“I said, who am I?” you say again and slam you cock harder into my ass.

“My master!” I scream.

“And who are you?” you ask as you start to pip you cock in and out of my asshole. You’re enjoying seeing my asshole opened wide, knowing you are the one who did it. You fat cock head makes a loud pop every time you pull it out.

When I can’t answer right away you slam your cock back in then reach around and grab my nipple and give it a twist.

“Who are you?” you ask again.

“Your cum slut!” I scream.

“Good,” you say and FUCK me faster and harder. You see the large black dildo next to us. You pick it up and start teasing my cunt with it.

“Oh FUCK,” I moan as I can’t hold back. “Please I have to cum, master please let me cum.” I’m begging for you to let me cum.

“You can cum now,” you say and shove the fat black dildo deep in my pussy. I scream out as my orgasm rockets through me. My toes go numb as as I cum hard on the feelings of your cock in my ass and you slamming me harder and harder. I feel your cock pulsing in my asshole. I know you’re about to cum.

“Oh please give me your cum master, I need it in my ass.”

That’s all you needed to hear. You roar as you bury yourself balls deep and cum in my ass. You hold there as you empty everything inside me. I start to come down from my orgasmic high and I feel us both sliding down to the bed, your cock still in my ass and the dildo still in my pussy. I don’t want to let the feeling end.

You move my hair and whisper, “Nice to meet you.”

I laugh, “Nice to meet you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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