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Hotel Fitness Reversal

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“Honey, I’ve made reservations for a getaway tonight and already packed a suitcase for you. If you’re up for it, we can leave as soon as you’re ready.”

That was quite a way to start off a Saturday afternoon, since lately their conversations were usually filled with the tensions left over from long-running arguments or daily friction. Although she refused to reveal any details, the thought that Diane would schedule what was obviously a vacation to rekindle their romance gave Jim a positive outlook on their marriage for the first time in weeks.

The anticipation of seeing Diane in something sheer and lacy was quite arousing. Dianne had always been good-looking, but lately she had gotten on some kind of fitness kick – probably some silly video dance exercise DVD – but she had definitely gotten a tighter, hotter body. The prospect was certainly a welcome change from his spending most nights in the guest bedroom after a stupid fight about some trivial issue.

They had been driving for about a half hour and had actually been having a decent conversation for a change. Because they were headed towards Philadelphia he was wondering whether the plans would include some cultural event, and he was trying to recall which of the pro sports teams might have home games.

She exited the highway at one of the upscale suburbs that narrowed the options to one likely suspect since it was near one of his favorite hotels. They had stayed there a few years ago for a conference, but it was extremely memorable for its fitness center.

The well-equipped glass-enclosed gym overlooked the hotel’s beautiful indoor pool. What made it so memorable for Jim, however, was that he had set his two favorite personal records in that gym.

In order for patrons to lift weights without needing a spotter, the gym had a Smith machine, where the barbell rides on a pulley system that keeps it horizontal and has safety catches. It was the first time he had tried such a system, and compared to his previous best bench press of 175 pounds, he succeeded with 200!

With the adrenaline flowing through his veins, he also bettered his 95 pound bicep curl to an even one hundred. Feeling like Hercules led to a particularly energetic episode of victory sex with Diane in the hotel room afterwards. He had resolved to use the inspiration of that day to start working out regularly again, but he never quite got around to it.

Barely able to contain his excitement Jim asked, “Are we going to the hotel where I benched two hundred?”

“Yes, dear,” Diane replied with a degree of resignation – having heard his retelling of the legend many times – as they pulled into the parking lot. “I did make some special arrangements, though. Would you like to hear about them now or would you like them to be a surprise as the evening progresses?”

“Now,” he insisted with childlike enthusiasm.

“Okay. We have reservations for dinner in the restaurant, and then I’ve made arrangements with the manager to use the gym and pool after closing, so we’ll have our own private fitness club from ten o’clock tonight until six o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“Wow! That sounds fantastic!” he replied as visions of a sexy workout danced through his head.

For a change they actually had a very pleasant conversation over dinner, discussing other trips they’d taken, and even reminiscing about their honeymoon. Finally, by nine o’clock, he had run out of patience, so they returned to the room with the idea that they could start the aerobics portion of their workout before ten. Opening his suitcase he saw that she had packed his usual gym trunks and tee shirt, but also enclosed a new pair of interesting underwear. The red briefs had pouch support like an athletic supporter, but were styled like racing swimwear.

“This could be an interesting evening,” he thought.

When they arrived at the fitness center they saw only two people in the gym and one family in the pool, so he took the opportunity to look around. His heart raced as he saw the oft-remembered location of his achievements. Laid out in the room overlooking the pool were the aerobics equipment, a mat area, professional-quality weight machines, and at the far end, sets of fixed dumbbells and barbells, and his pride and joy, the Smith machine with its set of Olympic plates on racks on the side.

They started running on the treadmills and Diane was setting a brisk pace with ease. Jim occasionally observed the other people in the gym. Both of them kept glancing at Diane in her tight shorts that highlighted her excellent buns. The woman on the elliptical seemed envious and the man using the weight machines seemed overtly lustful.

The hands on the clock finally reached ten and the other patrons left as the manager came to lock up. He handed them a special keycard to the fitness center, explained that the cleaning staff would not enter until six a.m., and assured them that he had turned off the video cameras in the gym and pool areas.

Diane smiled at Jim and karabük escort gave him a big hug, compressing her delightful breasts against his chest. She explained what she had in mind for the evening. “I thought that to make it interesting, we should have a little competition, with our usual strip-poker rules — shoes count as one item, socks count as one item, and after running out of clothes, a player has to do a ‘forfeit’ and grant a favor to the winner. We should simply work our way down the room at each station. The winner at the previous station should go first on the next station, since that gives the person going second the advantage of knowing what weight to beat. Finally, we should also agree that we play to the end, no matter how the game seems to be going.”

Jim was more than eager to watch Diane have to remove her clothes piece by piece and was already fantasizing about the sexual requests he would make her perform at each step, so he instantly agreed to the terms.

Diane suggested they start at the mat area with sit-ups. Jim realized he might get beaten on this one since she had been working out regularly, but he was willing to give her this as a head start. He did thirty sit-ups, barely grinding out the last two. She did fifty without even slowing down. He was a bit concerned by her excellent endurance, but figured he could count on the upcoming strength-oriented events.

He took off his tee-shirt and she gave him another big hug, “Thanks for losing the shirt, Jim. You look very sexy to me.”

Next was the three-way leg station. Diane went first and Jim drank in the delightful sight of her sexy and athletic legs pumping as she worked her way up to some very respectable weights of 210 on the leg press, 125 on leg extensions, and 95 on leg curls. Clearly whatever fitness routine she was doing must really favor legs – Jim supposed that a dancing DVD could do this.

He started out with some moderate warm-up weights, but as he progressed to higher weights, they seemed to get heavy faster than he expected. Despite his best efforts he was extremely surprised that he could only manage the leg press at 200, the leg extension at 110, and the leg curls at 85.

Although Diane might be able to hold her own with lower body exercises Jim was still confident that he could show her who was boss on the upper.

With good-natured generosity he conceded, “Well, Diane, you’ve clearly proven that you have extremely magnificent legs. I take off my hat to you… except since I’m not wearing a hat, here goes my sneakers, socks, and gym shorts.” This left him feeling a bit exposed, standing in only the red form-fitting briefs.

“Thanks, Jim. I’m really appreciating the view. I guess I’ll go first again.”

She moved to the arms station and Jim was struck by how shapely her arms had become. He was flabbergasted to see her work up to 80 pounds on the biceps curl machine and 85 on triceps. Desperate to beat her weight and drawing on his memory of curling 100 on the free weights in this very room, he managed to force out a slightly sloppy 90 pounds on both biceps and triceps.

“Still got those big arms, babe,” she smiled. “So I owe you two items of clothing.”

Jim expected her to take off her sneakers and socks. Not much in the way of excitement, but necessary steps nonetheless. To his surprise, however, she added, “Maybe I’ll follow your lead with the top first.”

As Jim had earlier, she used her first item as her tee shirt. Diane’s abs presented a very nicely sculpted view that Jim hadn’t seen before. He presumed it was because today they were still pumped from the sit-ups session, and that he usually didn’t see her just after her workouts… or had he just not been noticing? Diane’s sports bra protruded beautifully from her torso, making her chest appear twice the size of her tight waist. He tried to calculate… A twenty-four-inch waist would mean a forty-eight-inch bust, or a thirty-six-inch bust would mean an eighteen-inch waist… His brain was not functioning very well at math, so he abandoned the effort.

Jim presumed she would use her sneakers as her second item, and so he was shocked when Diane stretched the bottom band of her sports bra forward and upwards to release her full and firm breasts. After pulling the bra completely off she shook her head to straighten out her hair, causing her breasts to sway in a way that made Jim’s cock ache.

“You look outrageously beautiful,” he declared.

“Oh, you’re just horny,” she demurred.

“No, seriously, I don’t know how you’ve done it, but you look sexier than ever.”

“I told you I’ve been working out in the basement, but you haven’t seemed to notice,” she said with built-up disappointment in her voice.

“I’m sincerely sorry about that, and promise to mend my ways,” he replied soothingly.

Jim tore his eyes away from his lovely wife’s chest and walked to the next station. Sitting down at the first position he braced his knees under the pad and did lat karaman escort pull-downs, gradually increasing the weight up to 190. Moving to the second position he pulled the handles back for the row, working up to 175. Satisfied that he would be in good shape, he stepped out of the way of his lovely, half-naked wife.

Watching Diane do these exercises topless was particularly delightful. For the lat pull-down, every time she extended her arms over her head her breasts lifted to an incredible perkiness. After her warm up sets she ended up with four final lifts, but Jim didn’t even notice the weight. As she sat down at the rowing station and braced herself against the chest pad Diane gave Jim another eyeful as her breasts rested on the top of the pad.

This provided uplift comparable to that of a push-up corset, with a rhythmically erotic sway as her shoulders moved forward and back slightly with the rowing motion of her arms. Again she did a few sets, finally finishing with five repetitions of something and stood up.

“You win that one Jim,” she announced.

“I guess I wasn’t paying attention. What were your weights?” he asked.

“Less than yours,” she answered.

“Come on, you can tell,” he prodded.

“One eighty five for pull-down and one hundred seventy for row,” she announced.

Feeling as though he’d been kicked in the stomach Jim mumbled something about needing a drink of water and stormed toward the entrance of the gym. If she could do four pull-downs at 185, she could surely have lifted more than his 190, and if she could do five rows at 170, she could surely have lifted more than his 175. She was toying with him!

He was fuming as he drank a cup of water from the cooler. On the one hand she was clearly trying to show him up. On the other hand she was smoking hot and not hesitant to be sexy towards him. If he could cool down, get over her out-lifting him and play his cards right, this could still be a very good night.

“You okay?” she asked as he returned from the water cooler.

“I just needed a drink. Sorry for the interruption.”

“I used the time to think about the next two items I owe you,” she smiled.

Instead of reaching for her sneakers she hooked her fingers under the waistband of her form-fitting shorts and slid them over the curves of her hips. Her smoldering tush was highlighted as she bent low to push the shorts to her ankles and stepped out of them.

“I hope you like this new thong,” she cooed as she slowly turned around to model it for him.

His eyes followed her beautifully-toned abdominals down until they reached the tiny V of fabric separating them from the flaring of her thighs. From behind the strings revealed all of her superb glutes.

Continuing her show, she used an almost-apologetic tone to continue, “I realize it’s hardly even a piece of clothing at all, but I do hope you’ll let it count as my next item.” She slipped off the thong to reveal her newly-shaved mound. Handing him the tiny wisp she added, “I realize you didn’t get to see it on me for very long, so I thought you might like to hold onto it as a trophy. And, of course, you go first again.”

The last workout station had a shoulder press machine on one side and a pec deck on the other. Jim worked up to 155 on the press and 85 on the fly motion, pleased with the satisfying size his pecs displayed, and then relinquished it to Diane.

Sitting at the shoulder press she pressed the handles up smoothly, letting Jim watch the smooth glide of her muscles and the adorable lift of her breasts with each repetition. After her warm-up sets she lifted 120 pounds four times, 140 pounds twice, and then squeezed out one solid lift at 160.

Jim gave her a short round of applause, smiled, and conceded, “I’m getting used to this by now, but I’d really like to know how you became able to lift these heavy weights. After all, the only equipment we have in the basement is those dumbbells that adjust from five to forty pounds.”

“That’s true. What it means is that during my shoulder press workouts, I have to do twenty repetitions times four sets. But more about that later. I’d like to collect that last item of clothing first.”

Jim removed the red briefs, revealing that due to her sexy workout his cock was semi-erect and leaking slightly.

Diane sat down at the pec deck machine and said, “I’ve used these a few times when we’ve visited gyms, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to use one topless.”

A moment later Jim found out what it was like to watch her use one topless as Diane brought her elbows together. Each repetition compressed her breasts outward and upward into achingly beautiful convexity, as if they were ready to explode with fullness. As he watched, however, he noticed that on each compression she had visible cleavage up to her collarbone, revealing that she had significant muscles underneath her lovely globes. She prolonged the show by doing lifts at 50, 60, 70, 80, and then a final, kars escort triumphant moment as her captivating chest crushed the pads together against 90 pounds of resistance.

“Damn, that’s impressive! What do I owe you as a forfeit?” he asked.

She answered while wiping her forehead with a towel, “I’m tired of having to do twenty or thirty reps with light weights at home. You might remember that a couple of months ago I did suggest that we could get more weights for the basement. You just sarcastically asked me ‘what the heck would I need more weights for?’ Well, now you know. You spent seven hundred dollars on that big-screen TV, so I plan to spend a few hundred on weights and equipment to put together a decent home gym. Your role will be to say, “Yes, dear, whatever you want.’ “

“I hardly think I’m in a position to argue, so I think I’ll put up and shut up. I like the idea of equipping a decent home workout space, and I think I would be very inspired to start using it with you, if you don’t mind.”

Diane nodded and smiled.

They moved to the Smith machine and put a 45-pound plate on each side of the bar. Since switching weights was more time consuming with free weights, they decided to set the weight and take turns lifting, as is customary for actual weightlifting competitions.

After their warm-up sets they each did another set with an additional 10-pound plate on each side, then a second one. Replacing those with a 25 led to another round which Jim felt might be his maximum. He did succeed with an additional 5 pounds, but after adding a second 5-pound plate, he couldn’t get past the sticking point,

He sat up and declared, “Sorry I’ve gotten out of shape, but I don’t think 190 was too bad.”

“I’ve got bad news for you, honey. You should read the label on the side of the Smith machine.”

He stood and read the label while Diane replaced the five and the twenty-five pound plates with a thirty-five pound plate. “‘Caution… Care… Maintenance… Note: The weight of the bar and carriage is thirty-five pounds.’ Damn! So instead of the bar being a standard Olympic weight of forty-five pounds, it’s ten pounds less?”

“I’m afraid so,” Diane replied as she sat down on the bench.

“So that was only one eighty today? And the last time we were here I didn’t bench two hundred, but only one ninety? Did you know that?”

“Actually, yes. While you were strutting around playing Tarzan, I actually read the sign and did the math.”

“So you knew the whole time that I didn’t lift two hundred, but didn’t say anything? Why?”

She sighed, “I knew it was important to you, and I was proud of you, and I did like that you were happy and strong.”

Despite his frustration at this revelation Jim turned his attention to his naked wife as she leaned back onto the bench. He admired her sexy and athletic form as she positioned herself under the bar, lowered it, and made one smooth lift.

“Nice!” he praised.

“Damn that felt good!” she declared. “Could you do me a favor?”


“Could you put another five pounds on each side?”

As Jim slid a 10-pound plate onto each side he made the mental calculations. Forty-five plus 35 plus 5 was 85 on each side, times two plus 35 for the bar and carriage was 205!

As he was starting to open his mouth to say something he saw Diane’s body tense and her breasts arch toward the ceiling. Her naked body was fit and alluring and powerful as she lowered the bar to indent her up-thrust breasts and then pushed it firmly back to the top of its travel.

“Fuck, yeah! That was two hundred five and that was only the beginning!” she yelled. In a quieter and very serious tone she continued, “You might have to start working out pretty hard, because next year I’m coming back to bench three hundred. If you won’t be ready to keep up with me, I’m going to find a real man who can. But for now, I’d say you owe me my winnings, and you can start with oral, right here on the bench, until I say I’m satisfied.”

Dismayed by the radical shift of power in their relationship Jim nevertheless was smart enough to realize that he’d better do everything possible to keep her happy tonight. He knelt between her legs with a sense of duty rather than desire, but his mood warmed up as he ran his hands along her extremely shapely legs.

Jim moved his hands past her slender waist to her sizeable, firm breasts and lovingly caressed them. He made a point of intermittently grasping her nipples, gently pinching and tugging on the tightening nubs. He could feel her body slowly yielding from the adrenaline surge of her muscle triumph to the deeper arousal of sexual desire.

Diane widened her knees and pulled on his arms to direct his head toward her abdomen.

Jim took a moment to gaze at her natural beauty. She kept herself trimmed with only a narrow “landing strip” of hair above her pussy. The lips were pink and already glistened from her considerable leaking wetness.

He gently spread her silky labia as if opening a fragile, expensive gift. Once he did his eyes drank in the beauty of her slit. The pink valley was already shiny from her arousal, with her clit emerged from its hood anxious to be stimulated. And he was the man to do it.

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