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Hotel Sex Pt. 02

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Tracy was positively purring following our first fuck. After she’d swallowed my large (even for me) we’d curled up on her bed, kissed and fallen asleep wrapped around each other.

Waking with a desperate need to piss, I extracted myself from the beautiful Tracy, I went to relieve myself, then figured that at 07:30 in the morning, grabbing a quick shave and shower would not be a bad idea. Whilst shaving, Tracy stuck her head around the door frame and said with a grin on her face “I do hope that I’ve not done anything wrong?”

“No, I just needed to piss. Thought I’d grab a shower.”

“Me too, I used yours. However, I’m up to sharing that shower if it is on offer?”

With that she padded past me, slapping my arse, before bending over at the waist to pick up a couple of towels from the shelf. She turned on the walk-in shower and walked in, I thanked the hotel’s owners for installing a full length glass wall on the walk-in shower, as Tracy started to rinse her sinfully hot body.

“Hey, concentrate on shaving and you’ll get in here quicker.” she shouted from the shower, clearly she’d seen me gawping at her.

Finishing, the quickest shave I’d ever had, I almost slipped on the floor in my haste to get into the shower, joining the soapy beauty. We kissed hungrily, hands roaming over each other. My stiffening cock continuing to rise to full erection, Tracy’s hands grabbing my cock helping this process along in a most pleasurable way. However, it was not just Tracy who’s hands were getting to the good stuff. Tracy’s soapy tits were getting full attention, her large nipples stiffening under my touch – her boobs were super sensitive, and rolling and rubbing her nips was clearly working as she moaned audibly as we kissed. Taking the initiative, I spun her round and pulled her into me. This enabled me to get one hand to her pussy as the other continued with her breasts. Tracy and I continued to kiss, she looking up and over her shoulder, as I leant in to meet her. Meanwhile, my roving hands found her clit.

“Fuck.” She broke our kiss as her body flinched slightly. This I took as a good sign, and continued, squeezing her nipple in one hand as my other hand fingered her slit.

“Ohhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmm.”

Then it was my turn to jump, she’d reached back and found my stiff cock, pumping gently.

“My Maraş Escort my, someone is pleased to see me.”

“I could say the same for you.” I said deliberately playing with her clit. Then, a surprise as her fingers joined mine at her slick cunt.

“You filthy slut.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t like?” with that, she squeezed my cock at the tip with her spare hand, resulting in a quick intake of breath from me.

Fuck, Tracy I should have got to know a lot sooner. My roaming hands had landed on her gorgeous butt, and were lavishing attention on her firm backside. Tracing along her butt crack all the way round to her hot slit, I experimented with my thumb on her asshole. Her appreciative moans told me that she was enjoying it, and that I should continue. Slipping a finger in her pussy, she parted her legs slightly, but when my thumb popped into her ass, she put both her hands out to the glass to support herself.

“OH MY GOD. That feels amazing.” One hand drifted back down to her slit and started to play with her clit, as I continued with both holes.


Tracy’s legs were starting to tremble as her breathing came in shorter and shorter gasps.


Nothing on this world was going to make me stop making this sexy, beautiful woman reach her orgasm, and I sped up my probing, rubbing my finger and thumb together through the thin membrane. That seemed to do it, she wordlessly came open mouthed as she bucked in my arms. Her pussy grasping my finger with a vice-like grip, as she climaxed.

When I could, I removed my hand, and started rubbing soap into her body as she eased down from her cloud nine. Tracy then surprised me by leaning forward and, reached back and grabbed my cock, pulling me forward to rub it over her peachy ass. Then tiptoed and placed it at the top of her thighs and under her slit. This enabled her to be able to get her hands on it from the front, grabbing it and pulled me forward so I was tight behind her.

“Look at that, it looks like I’ve got a cock.” she skillfully played with the tip, as all I could manage to utter was a grunt of pleasure.

Releasing me from her thighs she reached behind, gripped my cock and lined it up with her slick pussy. I could feel her warm slit on my cock, then the tip was in, Maraş Escort Bayan both of us gasping. It took a couple of shallow strokes before, she pushed back and we were halfway there.


Waiting patiently, I returned attention to her boobs, her moans telling me I was hitting the spot. Tracy, then moved forward, before pushing back another inch or so.


We continued slowly fucking each other, her slick, tight pussy squeezing my cock, she felt incredible. My hands mauling her tits and hard nubbins, were joined by one of Tracy’s hands as the other slipped down to her clit. Looking over her shoulder, she said between grunts,

“Yeah. mmmmff. Fuck. mmmmm.” then “ALL OF IT, GIVE ME IT.” I nodded, grasped her waist, pulled out slowly and waited.

“FUCK ME! GIVE ME YOUR COCK, FUCK YOU ARE BIG.” She yelled as I eased in, waiting, letting her come to terms with the stretching of her tight pussy.

“GOD, that feels so good, baby.” I withdrew slowly, before sliding all the way back to the hilt with a very appreciative guttural moan from deep within Tracy.

Deep stroking slowly, I fucked Tracy into building excitement. Tracy was alternating with diddling her clit and letting her fingers stroke my cock as it slid past her tight lips. Tracy’s breath was now coming in gasps in time with my strokes, her diddling got faster and faster then, she swore,

“FFFFFUUUUCCCKKK.” I’d squeezed my thumb back into her asshole, this had prompted her legs to start to tremble again.

“FUCK ME DAVE.” she demanded. However, I continued at the nice easy pace as we closed in on her orgasm.

She looked back over her shoulder, and demanded again.


“You’ll…have…to…wait…for…that…I’m…enjoying…fucking…your…tight…cunt.” my words were interspersed with either a withdrawal to the tip or to the hilt insertion.

“FUCK ME HARD DAVE, PLEASE.” she wailed.

Her breathing was now ragged, her tight, wet, red-hot pussy gripping my cock, in an attempt to milk the come from my balls. Continuing with the merciless, slow, deep pace, her whole body now starting to tremble. I was struggling to maintain my pace, my whole body was begging me to fuck this MILF as hard and as Escort Maraş fast, for as long as I could manage, but I had to hold off.

Then the floodgates burst and her body went tense, her legs twitching uncontrollably as her pussy once again clamped onto my cock. Open mouthed and silent, she came for 30 seconds on my cock, before she came back to earth.

She looked back over her shoulder at me, “You evil bastard. When I tell you to fuck me, I want you to FUCK ME.”

“Honey, you want me to fuck you, all you have to do is ask.” with that I started to pound at her pussy, slapping against her ass, balls swinging forward to smack against her cunt.

“FUCK.” she braced herself against the wall as we shagged. After a few minutes of this she started to tremble again, her moans the only thing coming out of her mouth.

Her whole body started to tremble again under the pounding her slick pussy was taking. She was close, and the vice that was her pussy was driving me to an eruption also, but I had a plan, an ambitious plan. Pulling out, I spread her ass-cheeks and aimed at her hole. Thankfully, slick with her pussy juice, and the water from the shower, the head popped in with relatively little pressure.

“OH FUCK.” she screamed.

“Play with your pussy for me baby.” with that, I eased a few inches in to her tight hole. Tracy had other ideas, and took a deep breath and eased all the way back till I was buried to the hilt in her tight ass hole.

Unbelievable, I’d never managed this before, all the other girls had liked the idea, but had shied away from taking it all. Tracy had managed in one swallow.

Tracy, was now just uttering a stream of moans, and guttural noises. My fingers joined hers on her pussy, with both of us fingering her clit. I slowly withdrew, before sliding slowly back into the depths of her ass. The trembling was spreading to her body, and a moan was building up deep within Tracy. Clearly, she liked to be ass-fucked, so she was going to get pounded. I pulled out slowly, before slamming into her ass. That seemed to push her over the edge and she came again, wordlessly, open mouthed. Her ass was also twitching, squeezing my pole, as my orgasm started to build.

Deep within my balls, I could feel the impending release, as I pounded her ass, my moves becoming more desperate as I had now reached the point of no return. Then I blew, roaring as I shot deep within her ass.

Tracy looking over her shoulder simply said, “You filthy bastard.” she looked satisfied, sated, as my softening cock slipped out of her ass, followed by a stream of come.

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