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Aries Steele

I had been talking with him for almost a year. Today I would receive my instructions from him about our first real life meet. I can feel the millions of butterflies that appear to now live inside of me. Was that nervousness or excitement, could it be both, I wondered? The door bell rang. As I walked to the door taking a couple deep breaths I could feel my heart racing.

I held the package that would forever change my life. I took the package into my bedroom and kneeled next to the bed. I placed the package on the bed. I brushed my long wavy chestnut locks out of my face with a smooth gesture of my right hand.

I opened the letter First as i was instructed to do. The letter started with a small note to me then instructions on how to get to the cabin. The next part of the letter included his expectations for the time at the cabin. He said, “In the box you will find an old hourglass.”

“This is the type that takes a key to release the sand.” The Key is on a ribbon which belongs to you.”

“Please bring the hourglass with you to the cabin.”

“my wish is for you to walk in, place the hourglass upon the table, remove your clothing, then start the hourglass with your key.” He went on to instruct, “We will talk for one hour with no contact and at the end of that hour, I will ask you to give me the gift of yourself.” His words made me wet and ache.

I arrived at the cabin on time and nervous. I took a deep breath and walked to the door. With the hourglass tight in my hands. I walked in and placed it upon the table as instructed. I began to remove my clothing watching his deep brown eyes study me. My heart raced and I could feel heat rushing into my inner self. I removed my heels then slipped off one stocking then the other. I glanced at him and smiled. He had a very calm look to him. I wondered how could he be so calm so assured. I slipped off my sweater and released the button holding cihangir escort my skirt as it fell to the wooden floor. Removing my peach lace bra and thong. I stood with only a piece of ribbon and a key upon my flesh.

I started the sand, glancing at him.

He said,” very nice you did just as instructed. You please me so Jewel.”

I whispered, “thank you Master.”

He gets up and begins to pace the room as if a caged tiger. “Now tell me of this one limit We are still having a problem with and what shall we do to fix it?”

I knew exactly the limit he was speaking of, I have told him that I do not wish to crawl. I look at him and say clearly, “I find crawling to be humiliating and it bothers me Sir.”

“I have done many things for you and this is the one thing I ask you to understand Sir.”

“I will except this limit as a soft one if you will understand that I truly wish to see you crawl for me someday. I will wait until you feel right about it.”

“Do you feel that is fair to both of us my Jewel?”

“yes Sir.”

The sand continues to fall and we talk of many things. We talk of dream, hopes , expectations, our feelings and how each of us will meet the others needs. The last grain of sand falls thru and the hour is done. He looks at me deeply, “My Jewel will you submit to me and make me feel complete and happy?”

“Will you give me your greatest gift to cherish and care for always?”

Tremors going thru me. I kneel, “yes Master.”

“I submit to you and by doing so complete us as one Sir.”

“I do this of my own free will as a choice to belong to you always Master.”

He places a dark green collar around my neck and kisses me softly as we join as One.

Time passes…..

We spend several years together happy and One. He is always pleased with me as he says, “My Jewel serves me well and mecidiyeköy escort brings me great pride.”

He calls me up to remind me of the Birthday party tonight for his best friend. He says,” I have thought of the perfect gift bring with you the hourglass my Jewel.”

“yes Sir.”

When I arrive at the party he takes me to the den to talk. “Jewel I have thought of the perfect gift and it will affect you so I wanted to tell you first.”

” I wish you to serve John for one hour.” He glances at the hourglass. “Is this something you can do for me Jewel?”

I am a bit surprised but, John is his best friend. “yes Sir.”

So as the party goes on I am brought to a large bedroom where John is waiting for Us.

“John my friend, for your birthday Jewel will serve you for the single cycle of the hourglass.”

“She will do anything you wish until the hour is spent my friend.”

John looks surprised, “Thank you!”

“This is truly my best gift.” Glancing at Jewel. John has always found Jewel to be amazing and he now feels his excitement as he watches his best friend walk out.

I start the hourglass, “Happy Birthday John.”

“Please kneel Jewel and let me feel your mouth explore my cock.”

I lower to my knees and take his cock into my mouth slowly exploring him and making sure I do my Master proud. I suck fully and deeply making each motion seem more urgent then the next. I play with his full sac and can feel him tighten and grow close. I take him deeper and let him feel my throat muscles tighten and as the last grains slip from the hourglass he explodes into my mouth and I swallow him. I whisper, “happy birthday John.” I rise up. I gather the hourglass and leave him laying happy and spent.

Many years have passed now…..

Today is Master’s 60th birthday. I have made him a shadow box with many memories in it from all of our years kurtuluş escort together. He has asked me to meet him at Our cabin and bring the hourglass. I am as excited today as I was all those years ago when we first met. Walking in and setting the hourglass on the same table I had so many years before. I see him sitting in his big winged back chair. I start to walk to him.


I stop and look at him, “yes Sir”

He says,” Today for my birthday I wish to see you crawl.”

I am shocked. All of these years he has never brought it up. “Master why bring this up now?”

“I ask you not to ask this of me.” Almost begging, “please Sir.”

“Today is my birthday and it is what I want for my birthday Jewel.”

Head lowered, “I can not give that to you Sir.”

“You will start the hourglass and within that time you will crawl or leave Jewel.”

“Master, you will release me if I do not crawl Sir?”

“Start the hourglass Jewel.”

I start the sand moving then plead with him, “please Sir It is the only thing I have ever refused.”

“How can you release me over this?” I spend the next hour trying to get him to change his mind. The last sand drops thru and He has not given up the idea.

“So shall you crawl for me?”

With a tear streaked face I say, “Good bye Master.” I turn and walk out. My world changed in less then hour. I am shaking and a sadness I did not think possible envelops my heart.

Ten years later….

There is a knock at my door. I open the door and John stands there with the hourglass. He hands it to me. I am puzzled. John says, “He is gone and wished for you to have this.” I drop to my knees and cry.

The next day I drive to the cemetery. I walk to his plot and stand there sobbing. How can he be gone? I place the hourglass on a bench and start the sand. I lower to my knees and I crawl to him. “I could have done this for you years ago.”

“please forgive me Master for wasting all those years.” I lay across his plot and cry till my tears would come no more. I gathered the hourglass and left.

Each year on his birthday I go to him. I crawl for him and spend the time of our hourglass with him. jade.

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