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Human Doll Ch. 03

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Rose was sitting at his feet while he watched a football game on television. She was his doll for the weekend and had determined to play out the fantasy role to perfection. It satisfied an inner feeling of being controlled and he played his part as her owner so well it gave her a warm inner feeling. It gave her such a constant buzz of arousal she became willing to do anything to satisfy him.

“Lay back on the rug, doll,” Randall told her. He hadn’t been able to concentrate for a single moment with a delicious female at his feet but had to play his part. He could feel the sexual tension in her vibrating out like sound waves hitting his consciousness with a message of need.

At last he was ready to play with her. She felt the pitch of emotions rise to almost breaking point. Her owner wanted to play with his dolly and she was more than ready.

She wore a baby-doll with a little pair of panties; both see-through.

“Open those long dolly legs. Wider,” he said firmly. This woman had been delivered to him for a weekend of play and he had paid for the privilege. At first he thought she just wanted a sexual encounter without responsibility but it seemed she was on her way into ‘dollification’. She was mentally evolving into a fetish living doll and he was more than willing to help her.

He watched her open wide revealing a neatly trimmed pussy. “Now I own you, doll, you need a name. Amy. What do you think of it?” he asked.

“Oh! Thank you master, master’s dolly is so pleased,” she squealed with delight.

“You have learnt to sit still and will learn much more to become my treasured doll,” he said with a big smile on his face. Her porcelain skin with fine bone structure added to the illusion of being a perfect living doll. The make up was hardly needed on an already smooth skin.

“Your new owner will dress Amy up and play with his new doll but there are certain changes that need to be made. Amy’s hair is long and glossy but Amy’s pussy needs to be shaved smooth,” he teased her.

“Oh! Amy is so sorry master, shall dolly prepare now, master?” she asked, in a little cute whispery voice. Her eyes had opened wide with anguish over failing her owner.

“Soon enough Amy. Right now your owner wants to play with his new dolly,” he said with a touch of teasing pleasure in is voice, letting her know he wasn’t displeased.

Rose squealed with delight. For a slit second she wondered how she could possibly have revealed herself fin such lewd position but the intensity of the moment dispelled any inhibitions. She was just an Amy doll obeying its mater.

It made it so much easier to let go when being a doll, being owned by this caring man and with a dolly name. She could leave Rose’s busy pressurised past life behind for awhile. The living doll was evolving into a more effective plaything. It was becoming an object without human moral codes to restrict its sexuality.

He didn’t need to say anything. He slid from the armchair onto the floor beside her. Master Randall stroked her long golden hair fanning it out like a halo. He kissed her lips gently while she lay supine. Rose wanted to react but couldn’t for she had mentally transformed into a compliant doll, no longer human; she was a beautiful doll cared for by a considerate owner.

His hands fluttered over her thighs while little gentle kisses and nips from his teeth were felt through the light baby-doll dress. Her breathing quickened and her eyelids fluttered in double time.

Like the gossamer wings of a butterfly skimming over a summer fresh delicate flower his lips touched her thighs. Tears of joy formed in the corners of big cornflower blue eyes, blurring the room and reality. Everything she had been was wiped away for her to feel nothing but a bundle of sensations erasing everything from her mind.

Intense sensuous charges coursed into her brain from every touch. The little delicate panties were eventually brushed aside. A soft kiss upon her silken purse opened it revealing an inner throbbing passion. Never before had she experienced such patient and intense attention but this was not thought of as her mind became nothing but a reception for incoming messages of pure white flashes of bliss.

Rose wanted to lift her hips to thrust up her sex at her owner as an offering to a love god. Amy became still, just the ragged breathing revealing the obsession as an orgasm coursed through her being and kept on taking her over. The continuous orgasm was replacing her soul until there was nothing left but a doll full of pleasure; a pleasure doll for her owner.

Her owner sucked strongly upon her wet lips teasing out everything with a tongue reaching and searching. A finger stroked her clitoris until her bud felt like an on button permanently set to orgasm mode.

Randall sat back to watch his doll twitching as she came down from a sexual high. He was satisfied with the result and worked his chin from the ache from so long working upon her pussy. She lay back replete, Gaziantep Escort Reklamları as though in a coma, looking more like a doll than she ever had.

“Up you get Amy, onto the sofa,” he encouraged her. “Lay back with your arms likes so,” he said, while arranging them to dangle beside her. She took the hint and flopped into the corner of the sofa like a rag doll without control of her body. Her mouth hung open and he made a mental note to train that part of her body more thoroughly.

Her head lolled into a comfortable position. He smiled at her. “That’s my lovely dolly,” he encouraged. “Your owner has some work to do so rest there for Amy must be ready to play soon,” he added.

When he left the room a sigh left her lips, looking as though she were deflating but it was an expression of fulfilment from deep within her soul. She concentrated on being a good little dolly for her master, not moving except to wriggling her toes and fingers avoiding cramp.

At last the yoga and meditation exercises came in useful as she cleared her mind of everything. Little tenuous thoughts flickered through the dolls little mind concerning the pretty outfits in her room and what games her owner had in mind for later. She tried hard not to think and managed to look like an inert doll propped up in the corner of the sofa.

Randall contacted John for more information on his new doll. He avoided awkward questions but John was waiting to be paid for another job so didn’t press him.

“Thanks for taking her off my hands, I hope you’ll both be happy together,” John said, in closing.

The chuckle hadn’t been malicious but Randall wondered if the guy had guessed at his intentions. It didn’t matter as John didn’t seem to have much of a moral code. He had paid John for the delivery of the doll to his home which added to the sense of ownership he felt.

He walked in to the lounge seeing Rose still in the position he left her in earlier. She was obviously very much into this game and felt a deep sense of responsibility for the vulnerable doll he had purchased.

“Up you get Amy my beautiful doll,” he told her and helped the stiff body off the sofa.

Upstairs he guided her into a relaxing bath. He washed her gently but thoroughly, smoothing his large hands of soft flesh. She lay back letting him take control of her body hardly having to move as he soaped and rinsed every delicate part of her.

After patting her dry with big warm fluffy towels he sat her on the floor. The under floor heating warmed the comfy towels under her bottom. She became even warmer when she saw what he was about to do to her.

“Spread your legs, Amy doll,” he told her. He watched her open up to him as though it was his right to have everything exposed, as though he owned it all.

Rose would have been highly embarrassed to reveal such a private place to a man, even a boyfriend. This man was a stranger though after such attention he had made her his. This wonderful man had earned the right to own her body and soul.

“Hold still, Amy as I know you can, like a good dolly,” he whispered to her.

The steel of the razor felt cold against warm soft flesh as it glided down from below a flat belly. Closer and closer it scraped smoothly, ever closer to her lips. She couldn’t help become excited for him, from what he was doing to her. Her owner didn’t rebuke his dolly so she relaxed letting it happen. After all he was in charge and she could leave it up to him what to do and what not to do.

He gently pulled at her lips to get into every nook and cranny at her crotch. Turning over he propped her up, bottom upward, sticking up in the air in an unglamorous pose. It would be embarrassing for a woman but for a doll it was acceptable for an owner to fix her any position he cared to.

His hand glided smoothly over her belly down to her crotch with the other between her cheeks for them to meet. One pressed at her asshole the other between her lips. Between her engorged lips he found her bud to tease it into greater arousal. Her breathing quickened.

“Not yet doll, Amy can’t cum yet,” he announced.

She didn’t immediately switch off she couldn’t under such powerful provocation though she knew it would be worth the wait in her owners hands. It felt as though nothing existed but her crotch and that powerful captivating stimulus. Much more of this and she would never be anything more than a bundle of sexual, nerve tingling, sensations.

He carried her from the bathroom to the bedroom in his powerful arms to sit on the edge of the bed. Rose brought her breathing under control but the fire in her belly smouldered ready to ignite.

From the large walk in wardrobe he brought out a cute maids uniform. It was small and fluffy with all the extras; apron, cap, collar and cuffs.

“You can look after me tomorrow morning then we shall see what kind of dolly you are best suited to be,” he told her.

“Thank you master,” she smiled. Amy looked up at him with a look of adoration, showing pure pleasure from her owner’s attention.

He led her out of the bedroom to the master bedroom. A four poster bed was sited in the middle of the room dominating it. Persian rugs over polished floor boards, a sofa against one wall, discreet lighting over oil paintings and other discreet touches emphasised its opulence. Subdued lighting added to the romantic ambience.

“Undress me Amy,” he told his doll.

She revealed a finely toned body, naturally tanned in far away places, piece by piece as she gingerly stripped her owner of his clothes. He shook off the leather slippers to stand naked before her. She wondered how any doll could have a more attentive and caring owner.

He pulled back the covers on the bed and summoned her. With great care he arranged her body on the bed with finger kisses to each part of her naked body as he set it as he wanted.

“Tomorrow it’s Amy’s turn to look after the doll master,” he said with a big smile.

She heard a shower tapping and her owner singing with gusto rather than a tune. Rose wanted to jump up and rush to him, to shower him with kisses and soap him as he had her. She wanted to touch him everywhere and use her body as his wash cloth but couldn’t move for she was just a dolly.

He bounced into the room wearing a big smile upon his face and nothing else, smelling of freshness and the rich scent of soap. A large penis preceded him and Rose grinned in anticipation. There were no doubts her owner had a use for his doll but seeing him rampant for his doll was a thrill.

He crept up upon her over the large soft bed like a tiger after prey. The touch of a finger tip was electric.

“Come to life Amy doll, be my living doll to play with,” he commanded.

She was jubilant and eager to play whatever her owner wanted. He grabbed her waist and pulled her on top of him. His knees pulled up so she was sitting back on them with legs either side of his torso.

“What’s this, my doll has here,” he asked with mock curiosity. He pointed between her legs smiling, with his whole face creasing and eyes lighting up with pleasure.

“My masters pussy, to use as he wishes,” she laughed.

“If it is a pussy why is it bare and not furry?” he laughed.

Her face reddened with embarrassment despite everything she had submitted to already. “My master shaved his Amy doll pussy,” she whispered sheepishly.

“It is master’s dolly pussy, so Amy doll had better keep it safe. Right now Amy doll had better use it to satisfy her owner,” he advised. He pushed her forward with both knees so she slid onto the tip of his cock.

He held her by the hips preventing the slide forward down his shaft. She looked at him with a pleading look wanting to be filled. Slowly she slid down his hard cock feeling it fill her, pushing at the sides of her vagina, seeming to open her up.

She watched him reach forward to rub her lips and clit with eyes wide, a look of pain on her face that was instead pure lust. She slid down his cock with her weight impaling her body on its full length.

Her head rocked back with a moan of frustration squeezed for her throat as she tried to lift herself from him, needing to ride him only this time she couldn’t physically move.

She tried to reach down to push up his shaft but the soft bed gave way under her hands. She tried to rock back and forth on his cock but his knees prevented it. She cried out in a fit of aggravation.

“Fuck dolly master, fuck your dolly master. Please! Make your dolly cum, fuck Amy doll hard,” Rose pleaded.

He dropped his knees flat on the bed and thrust up with his hips lifting her up then held her body while pulling down, pulling his cock up her vagina. Savagely he thrust up at her suspended body. With every long hard thrust she let out a yell of satisfaction expressed in garbled appeals for more.

She felt him spurt into her body a gallon of hot fluid filling up a burning hole with his juices. They collapsed into the bed his arms gripping her to him. The sweat soaked bodies sticking together becoming one.

She laid her head on his chest hearing his heart beating a retreat. There was nothing more she wanted but to be there close to him feeling his cock slide from her to stick against her thigh, glued there with their blended juices.

They awoke briefly to kiss and murmur loving sounds to each other then fell asleep.


Sunday morning she awoke to see her lover and owner sleeping contentedly with a beautiful smile upon his face. She slipped from his bed to another bathroom so as not to wake him. A quick shower and she dashed to the bedroom that had meant to be hers. Pulling on the clothes he had chosen for she looked in on him gladly finding him still asleep.

The kitchen was large and unused, all gleaming chrome and clean cupboards. She managed to find something to make breakfast and found a silver tray to arrange everything on, including a jug of cream. It was easy to guess what he liked for there was so little to chose from, which was one way of keeping a kitchen tidy.

Standing patiently beside the bed, maid doll tried not to disturb its owner. A subtle clearing of its throat seemed to do the trick.

Randall opened his eyes to see a beautiful maid doll with breakfast, waiting to serve him. She was dressed in a black dress flared out over the hips revealing suspenders, stockings and a nice pair of red silk panties pulled tight over her pussy.

They cupped her lips in a most seductive way so much so he licked his dry lips obviously not from the smell of coffee, for he was staring right between her legs with a big smile on his face.

The top scooped low to reveal the push up bra struggling to hold onto her large breasts. Her long blonde hair was tied up under a white cap, the unmistakable badge of a servant. The white collar, with cuffs about her delicate wrists, set off the expensive ensemble. This was no party costume or cheap nylon fake but an elegant designer outfit made to measure.

His maid tidied the room while he freshened up and he sat on the bed watching her bend and stretch while she explored the unfamiliar room while dusting. She dressed her owner, pleased to see how captivated he was from watching her work.

“Is there anything Amy doll can get her master?” she purred.

“Nothing for the moment, just keep busy maid doll,” he said, dismissing her.

In the library she continued with chores while he tapped away at a computer.

It was his turn to be teased and she used all her feminine charms to the best of her ability. Every movement was designed to distract him while pretending to clean with a feather duster. Bending over in the tight silk panties, gripping her cute bottom while she wiggled it seductively, was more than he could withstand.

He came up behind to grab her about the waist pushing her over the back of a padded chair.

“Oh! Sir!” she exclaimed in mock anguish, spoiling the effect with a gleeful giggle.

“Maid doll, your master wants you,” he demanded.

Pulling the panties to one side was a struggle but it gave him time to loosen his fly. With his cock in one hand he used the other to keep Amy doll bent over the chair. Feeling his cock enter her she sighed as though about to deflate. Rather her whole body stiffened ready to push back on him. There was no need for he was past teasing her and thrust in hard taking her in one hard shove of both legs.

Deep inside, then almost out again, he piston fucked her fast and hard. With every in stroke she breathed out a breath of sound as he crushed Amy doll against the chair.

“Yes! Master, fuck your doll!” she breathed out in gasps.

Again she was triggered to an orgasm by his cum filling her up. It was not so overwhelming as before but a satisfaction needed from the culmination of over stimulation of a sexy raucous game.

Randall sank down into the chair while Rose pulled the panties and dress into order.

“Is Amy maid doll satisfactory master?” she asked, with a curtsy. The demure innocent music in her voice was both endearing and teasingly sexy. It sounded as though she were asking about the cleaning task rather than the manhandling of her body.

“Maid doll is most satisfactory. However, it is about time a change to dolls costume was made. Amy dolls master wishes to test his doll in another roll,” he commented. He watched the look of glee on her face then change to one of inquisitiveness. She became animated, dancing on the spot as though she were about to wet herself.

In the bedroom, that had become her dressing room, he looked through a wardrobe. There was another maid costume, made of black rubber, but he wasn’t looking for that today. A flesh coloured all in one body suit was also passed over.

“Here we are. Change into this and Amy shall be a different doll,” he smiled.

She pulled on the small sheath of white spandex.

“There is plenty of makeup and your hair needs teasing out too. Take your time to get it right,” he said, with a glint in his eyes. The challenge was now for her to take up and see what she could make of this change of character. He left her sitting at the large dressing table looking through draws at a wide range of cosmetics.

It gave him time to research on the internet the corporation she worked for to gain more information about her. He came to an announcement about investments into new businesses. Seeing her name as the consultant involved he stopped to read the trite marketing write-up. The company’s generous investment into a humanitarian health product was made the most of, only just mentioning the product itself.

Randall searched for the professor and then his research organisation to find what they were developing. He sat back heavily to think. Was he putting two and two together to make five? Had this body suit triggered something in her, a deep seated need? The picture of a student wearing the suit was put together with the way Rose was behaving and it left him wondering.

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