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Hunter , Leanne

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Hunter was an executive for a large manufacturer in California. He was an expert salesman, but he’d not limited himself exclusively to sales. If he found an opportunity to increase business for the firm through other means, he wouldn’t hesitate to go for it.

His aggressive nature caught the eye of the President of the company and he was caught by surprise when he was presented with a promotion to Vice President of Corporate Sales.

With his new salary, Hunter closed on a new home. He immediately held a house warming party and invited his friends and colleagues.

It was a fabulous home sitting on five acres. The driveway entered the property over a small pond and wrapped around to the side of the house where an iron gate led to the backyard. The backyard sported an indoor/outdoor pool with a swim-up bar, tennis courts and a gazebo with a large deck surrounding it. The garage opened on both sides. The garage doors facing the backyard were open to expose the Lamborghini he had bought the previous year. He’d never taken it to the office, but he wanted to show off his success on this day.

The turn out couldn’t have been better. People from virtually every department attended. The band was great and the catered food was delicious. It was a huge success.

The next week, Hunter was inundated with email thanking him for the party. One cryptic email stood out among the rest. It read:


Your party was incredible. Why don’t we get together and have one of our own?



He wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. He knew Leanne and he could only assume that this letter didn’t mean what first came to his mind.

He replied to her and told her that he would be happy to host a party for her if that was what she meant. She wrote back telling him that she wanted him all night at the party but couldn’t find the right opportunity to let her emotions show for fear of coworkers catching on. She asked if he were free Friday night and said that she wanted to serve him drinks at the swim-up bar.

He replied, “I’ll be waiting. If you plan on getting wet, you better bring a few changes of clothes.”

The week went by slower than ever and he began to get anxious about the evening to come. He pondered what he was going to do and how he would treat her to an incredible evening. He finally decided on the night’s events and had quite a surprise in store for her.

Leanne arrived at Hunter’s house around seven o’clock on Friday evening to find his Lamborghini out front with both doors up and the engine running. She got out, grabbed her bag and started for the front door.

Just then, Hunter walked out with a hanging bag full of clothes. As he closed the door behind him, he said, “Get in. I’m takin’ you for a little ride.”

She stood at the passenger door confused as to where she should put her bag. Hunter walked up behind her, grabbed her bag and stuffed behind the seat.

“Get in!” he sarcastically, but impatiently said.

Leanne got into the car and Hunter closed the door behind her.

He crammed his bag in the car and jumped in.

“Do you want me to excite you?” He asked? “Do you like it fast?” he added.

“Oh yes! Excite me! I’ve been waiting all week!”

With that, Hunter released the emergency brake and stepped on the gas. The car screeched out of the driveway and down the road, speeding faster and faster with every second. Hunter was going through the gears like an expert. The engine was rumbling and vibrating Leanne’s entire body. She was absolutely exhilarated.

The excitement, the mystery, and how Hunter had taken charge of the situation so quickly aroused Leanne.

“I had no idea you had plans for us. I thought we’d be spending the evening at your place.” Leanne said.

“No.” Hunter said. “I’ve got something special planned. An adventure.”

Leanne sunk into the seat as Hunter accelerated even more to the freeway. Leanne’s adrenaline was rushing through her body so strong that she couldn’t speak.

Hunter exited the freeway and took an old gravel road crowded with trees and vines. Leanne was scared for a moment and then she saw the ocean. Hunter pulled onto a secluded part of the beach only accessible from this hidden road. Hunter advanced onto the beach, turned parallel to the waves, and slowed the car to crawl, resting his hand on Leanne’s thigh.

She placed her hand on his and sighed, “This is beautiful. How did you know this was here?”

Hunter removed his hand from her lap and reached for the console, flipping a switch. Leanne heard a click and then, suddenly, the doors opened upwards. Hunter returned his hand to Leanne’s lap and squeezed her leg. Leanne reached over and rubbed Hunter’s arm as she gazed out towards the moonlit ocean. She could hear the waves crashing on the beach over the rumble of the engine and she could feel the spray gently misting her arm and cheek.

Hunter gently hit the accelerator again. Only ten feet from the ocean’s edge, Hunter sharply turned the car towards czech experiment porno the water and abruptly stopped. He put the car in reverse and backed up just out of the waves’ reach. He stepped out, reached into his bag and removed a bottle of wine and a single wineglass.

He walked to the front of the car and met Leanne who had propped herself on the hood. Leanne was wearing a sundress and flats. She was stunning. She was looking out, admiring the beach at dusk. Hunter handed Leanne the glass and opened the bottle, pouring just a little into the glass for her approval. Leanne grinned as if to say, “This could be muddy water and I’d still drink it. This is heaven. Fill it up.” Hunter filled the glass and threw the bottle into the sand, spilling the rest of the expensive bottle of wine.

Leanne laughed in disbelief and took a sip. Hunter took the glass from her and took a sip for himself. Leanne leaned back onto the hood, resting on her elbows. Hunter took another sip, turned to look further down the beach, and then took Leanne’s hand and pulled her to her feet.

“Let’s walk down to that rock. Take off your shoes.” Hunter said as he leaned down to remove his socks and shoes.

They walked down the beach just close enough to the water to get their feet wet. Leanne finished the shard glass of wine as they approached the large rock, which was partly in the water, breaking the waves as they came in. Hunter took the glass, threw it into the water, and leaned her back against the rock. He pressed his hands against the rock on each side of Leanne and kissed her for the first time. The waves were crashing against the rock, blowing mist all over them. The wind blew strongly whipping Leanne’s dress about her knees.

Hunter took in her ravishingly aromatic perfume as he continued their long, first kiss. Leanne’s knees were weakening. She grabbed Hunter around his neck to hold herself up. His mystery and commanding ways had her completely mesmerized. Hunter moved his head back, peered into Leanne’s eyes, gave her one last kiss, and then led her back towards the car.

Alex knew Leanne was a very strong and independent woman and, if he wanted to continue taking the lead in this foray, he had to keep her on her toes. They had only been there for about 15 minutes and Leanne began wondering what could be better than this. Excitement filled her once again as she dreamed of what was to come.

Hunter took Leanne’s hand as they walked back to the car. He leaned into her and whispered, “Your lips are heavenly. I can’t wait to have them again.”

Leanne smiled and looked away, trying to compose herself.

They left the beach and pulled back onto the frontage road. Leanne knew not to ask where their next destination was, because she knew Hunter would not answer. She just dipped into her seat and rubbed Hunter’s arm as he worked through the gears pulling onto the freeway again, slightly more cautious.

There was a faint sound of music coming from the rear speakers, but there was a peaceful and serene silence as they made their way to the unknown. Occasionally, Hunter would glance over at Leanne and catch her watching him. He’d squeeze her leg, smile, and look back to the road.

Hunter was nearing an exit ahead, but it was still too far away to make out which one.

Grinning, Hunter said, “Are you ready for some fun?”

Leanne looked up at the exit sign and saw “LAX Airport 1 mile” and asked, “Are we?”

Hunter just smiled, not confirming nor denying her question.

Hunter was driving faster now and the exit approached quickly. At the last moment, he veered off the freeway, confirming her suspicions. He took the corners leading up to the airport like a race car driver. Leanne just sat there quietly. Hunter turned and approached a large, isolated airplane hanger.

Pulling up to the hanger, they were greeted by a stewardess standing at the foot of mobile stairs leading up to the rear entryway of a Jumbo Jet. Two other attendants walked up to the car and opened the car doors. Hunter exited the car and walked around to help Leanne out.

Hunter led Leanne to the ladder where the stewardess stood holding two glasses of wine.

“Oh. I get my own glass. How wonderful!” Leanne playfully said.

Hunter took Leanne’s hand high above her head and assisted her onto the first step of the stairs.

She could clearly see inside the plane. There weren’t any luggage racks on the ceiling or any seats that she could see from her vantage point. The walls were a dark wood and there were dim lights spanning the length of the plane.

She made her way up the stairs as Hunter followed. She entered the foyer of the plane to find the wide body completely absent of traditional seating. It was decorated with a sunken floor with plush leather couches, and chairs lined the walls. To the right, at the far rear of the plane, was a full bar made of glass and smoked mirrors. Just in front of the bar was a wooden dance floor. Soft, romantic music was playing from czech first porno video hidden speakers. The atmosphere was seducing to say the least. Just beyond the dance floor was the dining area. A dark mahogany table was long and just wide enough to walk past.

To her left, Leanne saw what seemed to be a game room. On the left side of the plane, there were large screen TV’s and an entertainment center. On the other side, there were coffee tables in front of the couches and blackjack tables between those. Just beyond the game room was a wall with two large, inward-opening French doors.

Leanne stepped onto the dance floor and walked towards the bar.

Hunter said, “Have a seat. Is the wine to your satisfaction?”

Leanne wiped a drop from her lip and nodded that is was. Hunter removed his sports coat to reveal a black button-up polo complimenting his tan slacks and black shoes. He draped his coat over a barstool and walked towards Leanne. She positioned herself for Hunter’s approach, but he walked right past her and towards the game room.

Frustrated, Leanne rose, walked towards the foyer and looked out the window to see the attendants driving the Lamborghini into the hanger. The other attendant was positioning a taxi vehicle in front of the plane preparing to tow the plane out of the hanger. The stewardess came up the stairs and an attendant followed her with Hunter and Leanne’s baggage. The attendant left as quickly as he came in and the stewardess locked the door. A quiet hiss came over the plane as it pressurized.

“My name is Jeanie,” the stewardess said. “You’ll find yellow call buttons throughout the plane if you ever need my assistance.” she said as she walked towards the front of the plane. Passing Hunter, she introduced herself and continued on.

Hunter turned the music on in the game room and walked back towards the unsuspecting Leanne who was still peering out the window. He approached her from behind and wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her shoulder through her silky-fine hair. Leanne leaned her head back onto his shoulder and rested her weight on him. They watched the ground crew scramble as the pilot started the engines and the plane nudged forward as the taxi towed the plane out of the hanger.

The stewardess returned and said, “We have time for a quick tour as we taxi to the runway if you’d like.”

“Yes, please.” Leanne said.

The waitress showed them around the plane, but Leanne wanted to know what was behind the French doors.

“And lastly this is your private room. Oh. Before we enter,” (the stewardess pointed to the floor which hid a stairway that went down and under the main cabin) “This is how I traverse between the front of the plane and the rear. Underneath it… You don’t have to worry about me coming through these doors.”

The stewardess opened the French doors to reveal an enormous bedroom suite.

“On the far end, straight ahead is your bed. It’s custom-made. It’s the size of four king-sized beds. Down and silk. If you’re allergic, I can replace them. The ceiling is 50 feet at its highest point. The skylight, which is just above the bed, was custom built for this plane.”

Leanne cuddled against Hunter and smiled.

“To the left of your bed is a door which leads to the bathroom with full-sized amenities. Your closet is also through that door and to the right. Behind you is the entertainment center, breakfast nook, and a mini-bar and fridge for your convenience. You’ll notice the windows span the full length of the bedroom. It makes for a wonderful view. Do you have any questions?”

“Didn’t you forget something?” Hunter asks.

“Oh. I’m sorry, ma’am. You’re closet is full of evening attire and you’ll find other things as well. Am I forgetting anything else?”

Hunter replied, “No. That will be all for now. We’ll ring if we need you. Thanks Jeanie.”

Jeanie left and Leanne turned around.

“You set all of this up? This is incredible!” She exclaimed.

“Change if you’d like and I’ll see you in a bit.” Hunter said.

Hunter returned to the rear of the plane and took a seat at the bar.

The stereo muted for a moment and the pilot’s voice came over the intercom, “We’ll taxi for another minute or so. Please find your seats. We should arrive in approximately fourteen hours and twenty-five minutes. Enjoy the ride.”

Leanne whispered to herself as she changed into a black evening gown, “Fourteen hours? Oh my. Where are we going?”

Leanne hurried out of the bedroom. She met Hunter with one short kiss as the plane began to accelerate.

Leanne and Hunter sat in a couch just off the dance floor as the plane accelerated. Leanne slid into Hunter as the plane reached lift-off speed. She reached over to him and kissed him deeply. The plane smoothly rumbled down the runway and then, all of a sudden, quietness. They were in the air. The plane turned sharply to the left and upwards. Still embraced in a kiss, they were pressed against the back of the couch as czech game porno the plane sped into the sky.

Hunter was waiting to hear a bell ding to signify they were free to move about, but he was getting impatient. He took Leanne by the hand and lifted her to her feet.

“I’ll be right back.” He said as he walked back to the game room to turn the music up.

“Is that OK?” he asked in a slightly amplified voice.

Leanne motioned her thumb up and then gave him an OK. Hunter strutted to the music on the way back to Leanne and led her to the dance floor.

“I have been waiting to do this since Monday.” Hunter said as he moved his hand down to Leanne’s bottom. “You look absolutely stunning in this dress. I did okay, huh?”

Leanne whispered into his ear, “You did wonderful. I am overwhelmed. Do you feel lucky?” and then she kissed his earlobe.

Hunter grinned and pulled her tightly to him. They danced close to the window and watched the downtown lights shrink to a large fuzzy glow beneath the clouds. They could barely hear the engines of the plane.

The evening progressed wonderfully. They had dinner and danced until about 2:00am. Leanne was almost too aroused to control herself and Hunter wasn’t exactly tame. They had been dancing and laughing for hours and they were both bursting with anticipation.

They made their way towards the game room and chose slower music. Hunter was leaning over changing selections when he felt Leanne cup his ass with both of her hands. He knew he’d found the right one. As he stood upright, she reached around him, grasped his chest and pressed her breasts firmly into his back. He reached behind him and placed his hands on her ass. She sighed and he turned around to take her into his arms. As he did, he stopped and backed up against the entertainment center and leaned back.

Leanne pouted and then Hunter leaned forward, grabbed her hair, pulled back pulling her head back, and kissed her hard and passionately. He moved his leg between hers and pressed firmly, exciting her. Leanne responded by pulling him into her more and then she pushed away. Teasing each other with short encounters, they were touch-and-go throughout the game room. They kissed by the blackjack table and caressed each other on each of the couches. They ended up near the entertainment center. Hunter was working his way into Leanne’s evening dress.

She walked towards the bedroom and shouted, “Now it’s your turn to wait. I’ll be right back.” And she closed the doors behind her.

Hunter took the nearest seat and looked out the window at the moonlit clouds as they whisked through the sky.

A few moments later, the French doors opened and Leanne said, “Hunter. I’m ready.”

Hunter turned towards the bedroom and saw Leanne standing in the doorway in white lingerie. She wore stockings attached to her garter with gold clasps, white laced panties, a boustierre that fit her skin-tight. A white transparent top draped off her shoulders. Her arms were resting on the French doors above her head and the skylight lit up her hair with an incredible glow.

“Come here Hunter.” she whined with a pouting lip and a motioning finger. “Look what I found.”

“You look beautiful. I’ve never seen such a sight.” Hunter gasped.

Hunter walked to Leanne and took her into his arms. He walked her backwards towards the bed and laid her down. Starting with her toes, he massaged them one by one as he kissed the tops of her feet. Then, he slowly began working her calf muscles, one by one massaging them to limp ecstasy. He tickled her thighs and then released the clasps holding up her stockings, but he didn’t remove them. He moved up her stomach with his fingertips, watching her jump and twitch. He grazed the sides of her breasts and went straight to her shoulders. Now kneeling over her, she gave her one short kiss and then rolled over on his side.

“I want to watch you undress.” He commanded. “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

“Not before I undress you.” She said. “Sit up. It’s time for that shirt to come off.”

Leanne removed his shirt and scratched her nails down his chest and onto his stomach, stopping at his belt. She pushed him back down and unbuckled his belt. She leaned down to kiss his stomach and then ran her tongue down to the top of his pants. She unclasped his slacks and reached inside his pants to get a preview of what was to come. She pulled her arm downward to force his zipper down and then stood to her feet. Hunter sighed with delight and winked as Leanne removed his shoes. She laughed as she tugged at his slacks. Hunter arched himself into the air and Leanne set him free. Then, she leaned forward and removed his green and maroon silk boxers.

Hunter scooted back the full length of the king-sized beds and rested his hands behind his head on a plump, down feather pillow.

Leanne stepped onto the foot of the bed, still far away from Hunter, and began to sway from side to side, teasing him as she began her undressing ceremony. She began with her stockings. Slowly, she rolled the white-laced stockings down her leg, one by one and playfully shot them at Hunter. Next, she removed her draping top, walked over to Hunter and dragged it up his legs, dropping it on his patiently waiting and aroused member. She turned around and waggled back to the end of bed.

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