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I Should Have Been Sleeping…

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Do not Copy me its not nice!

ADULTS ONLY!! If your not an adult, where the hell are your parents?

##Please send any feedback you have to the link below! I love to hear from people so feel free.

Based on my life: Names have been changed to protect privacy.

It was 12am and I had just taken a few sleeping pills when Carrie bursts through the door of my apartment. I’m standing there in my bathrobe, ruing the day I gave her a key and obviously ready to go to bed.

“What are you doing?” she asks smiling giddily.

“Guess,” I say rubbing my neck.

“Joe called. Want to go out?”

I know I shouldn’t go. I have to be back at the hospital at 11am,and I haven’t slept in three days. I don’t know why I say yes, but I do.

So here I am at the tiny house that belongs to the guy Joe is staying with. To ward off the affects of the sleeping pills I’ve drank about a half-gallon of vodka and lemonade. As a medical professional I know that this is bad and is likely to put a person in a comma, but it work like that on me. When I mix the two it’s like speed. I don’t care what anyone says, I can still hold my booze.. kinda.

While watching porn Joe and Carrie disappear leaving the Guy and me alone on the couch. I wait for the guy to make a move on me.

The couch feels spongy underneath me and the woman sucking dick on the TV seems to be bored. My legs begin to twitch. I feel the guy thinking just a few inches away from me.

“Come on now pal” I think to myself “we need to get started so I can get home and get some sleep before I go back to work!” I feel him moving on the couch I look over at him. Finally he laid back.

“Come here,” he said, and like a puppy I obeyed.

I crawled over to him and rested my head on his chest. He meant business though. He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. I could feel it now hard as rock in his shorts. I began to rub it through the material expecting him to touch me back. Nothing, but next thing I know his cock is out of his pants and he’s standing in front of me.

I’m staring at the fat head of his thick stout cock. To his surprise my hands and lips are on his cock quicker than he tell me to suck it. I stroke his balls while I suck and lick the giant head of his cock. He’s moaning. I stroke his cock with my hands as I began to lick his balls more pressing roughly on the skin behind them. My fingers reached his hole he moaned in encouragement. Being the sport I am I began to press lightly on his hole and I slid his thick cock back and forth between my lips. I suck him deep into my mouth as I finger hi ass. He lets a cry of pleasure out and I know I have a live one on my hands! I play with his ass hole, gently rubbing my finger around it, while I deep throat his fat member. Suddenly he starts fucking my throat with out warning. He grabs my head forcing the fat tip of his cock down my throat.

I almost gag on his dick. I pull at his hands that are clamped onto my head and he ceases the brutal assault on my vocal cords. He moans as I increased the pressure of my finger on his ass hole.

“Oh yes.. Hmm suck that cock,” he murmurs. He begins to shake and fuck my face again as I push the tip of my little finger into his ass. “Oh yeah girl. fuck yes..”

I continue to suck the fat head of his cock while I finger fuck his ass gently. “Take this shit off!” Çankaya Escort he says pulling my sweater down over my shoulders and grabbing a breast through the material of my bra. I moan on his cock as he touches me “You wanna get fucked?” he said slamming my head deeper on his cock “Yeah.. yeah.. You wanna get fucked.. bend over that couch!”.

I don’t say anything. Honestly, hell yes I want to get fucked, but I don’t have a condom on me and I’m not about to go bug Carrie who was still in the bathroom with Joe. I just keep sucking his cock and finger fucking his little ass hole, pretending I don’t hear him. The volume of the porno we were watching is up really loud. He begins to relax again. I keep sucking intently, then suddenly the bathroom door opens. I pull my sweater up and sit down on the couch attempting to look innocent.

Carrie just laughs pretty aware of what was going on seeing as this guys pants are around his ankles. Joe exits the bathroom after Carrie and shouts something like “Oh yeah” The guy does up his pants, and for a split second were all just sort of starring at each other.

Suddenly Carrie grabs my hand “Lets all go into the bedroom!” she giggles . Laughing, I follow her down the hall to they guy’s bedroom and we drunkenly plop on the bed giggling as if we were back in high school again. Joe and the guy walk in looking at us and seemingly amused.

“Come on Carrie,” Joe said pulling her up from the bed. Carrie giggled as he carried her back out into the living room.

I sigh and look over at the guy. He looks back at me grinning. I fight the urge to roll my eyes, but I need to get fucked. So I take his cock out again and begin to suck. I suck his cock harder then begin to stroke it with my hands as I lick his balls again. He moans as I begin to lick under them and then slowly toward his ass.

“Fuck yes” he murmurs as I brush my tongue against his ass hole. I go back and forth my tongue flickering from his scrotum to his ass hole. He begins to breathe heavier. I continue sucking and licking his thick cock. I begin to finger fuck his ass gently again.

“Goddamn this is so good” he mummers “You’re the fucking best mmm” I almost laugh. I never know if guys are beginning sincere when they say that or if they just don’t want me to stop. Either way I don’t honestly care I love sucking cock.

I begin to finger myself as I suck his cock I moan in pleasure from my own stimulation. The guy notices and gets harder in my mouth. He kneels above my head and forces his cock down my throat again. I suck it greedily still fingering my soaking wet pussy like crazy.

“Show me that pussy!” he murmurs. I continue to suck as I slowly undo my jeans and pull them down exposing my carefully chosen red satin thongs very damp from my own excitement. Licking his cock up and down I slowly slipped my panties off.

“You want me to lick your pussy?” I moan yes as I suck harder on his dick. He suddenly slams all his weight down on me as plunges his tongue into my over sensitive snatch. His cock invades my mouth like an air assault and its width chokes me. I cant breath between his eating my pussy and his cock blocking my airways! I moan and push his hips up.

He quickly lifts up and I sit up. I smile and begin sucking the fat head of his dick between my lips Keçiören Escort and licking it. He slides his hand down my back and begins to finger my ass hole. I moan in pleasure.

“Lick my balls!” he gasps, and I suck and lick his balls happily. I look up at him for more instruction as I pump his cock in and out of my mouth.

He gets on his hands and knees instructing me to lick his ass hole as he strokes his cock. I do, but I am a little disoriented from the booze and I’m not sure if I’m doing everything right. He doesn’t seem to notice he moans and murmurs “This is some fucking porno shit right here!”

“I wanna cum…” he moans.

“Cum in my mouth” I whisper sucking the fat head of his dick between my lips and massaging it with my tongue. I look up at him for more instruction as I pump his cock in and out of my mouth “Lick my balls more. Talk to me!”

I begin licking again “You wanna fuck me? I ask sucking a nut into my mouth playing with it with my tongue.

“I wanna fuck that ass,” he moans.

“Okay,” I whisper into his cock.


“Yeah I don’t care. just fuck me” I say shrugging my shoulders.

“God yes,” he moans as I continue to suck his balls and tongue fuck his ass as he strokes his fat cock.

“Now girl!” he says pulling my hair forcing his cock into my mouth. He erupts in my mouth and I suck his cum from him. I swallow his spurts listening to him moan, I milk the last bit of cum from his cock and lay back.

He lays back and I drunkenly stumble back onto the bed. He breathes heavily sighing.

I need to get off really badly now. I grab his hand and put it in between my legs, sliding a few of his thick digits between the lips of my moist cunt. I begin to manually pleasure myself with his hand. He suddenly realizes my intention and begins to move his hand with me. I feel my body vibrating and I moan writhe and hump his fingers. I cum weakly, moaning. I pull his hand from me with out saying a word. Now it’s my turn to lay back breathing heavily and sighing.

We lay there for a moment then I see his cock is hard again. “Get that cock!” he says looking at me. I take him back into my mouth gently sucking him.

He begins to finger my ass again and I begin to respond my ass pumping against his finger. “You want me to fuck your ass?” he whispers.

“Sure,” I say softly into his balls.

“You want me to eat your ass hole first?” I nod yes while continuing to suck him

`”If you want to,” I whisper “I really don’t care..”

He helps me to the edge of the bed and onto my hands and knees. He begins to rub my ass hole. “You want me to use lube or spit.

“Spit,” I reply I’m extremely excited but a little nervous. I haven’t had anal sex with a cock that thick, I’m worried it might hurt.

“You want me to eat your ass hole first” I nod yes and he plunges his tongue in my ass quickly I moan feeling his wet lips and tongue invade my most private areas. He stands back up, positions his cock at my backdoor and slams it in. I scream in pain collapsing on the bed. Pain invades my body and pules through every part of me. I lay in the fetal position for a second

“I’m so sorry are you okay?” he exclaims.

“Yeah give me a minute,” I whisper, waiting for the pain to stop.

When it Etimesgut Escort finally ceases a few seconds later to his surprise I am back on my hands and knees in front of him.

“Are you sure?” he says aligning his cock with my hole. I nod yes.

“GO slow,” I moan as he slips the fat head of his penis into my ass. I moan and cringe a little as he pushes a little more in. Finally when his cock is all the way in my ass, he begins to move slowly in and out of me.

I moan in pleasure as his cock slides through me, waking up the pleasure centers that run through me. “Does this hurt?” he asks almost sounding concerned.

“No it feels good” I moan pushing into him “Don’t stop” with that encouragement he begins moving faster. I begin to feel an orgasm coming and I moan. He begins to go even faster his thick dick tearing in and out of me. His rough hands clamped tightly on my hips, slamming me into him. “I’m going to cum!” I moan as I feel my pussy muscles contracting deep within me. I moan and shake as he continues to impale my ass with his cock. He fucks me harder slamming his fat dick into my ass.

I moan and begin to cum again. He snaps his cock out of my ass then plunges it into me again. I scream in pleasure.

HE moans softly. “Like to fuck my ass hole?” I ask as the waves of my last orgasm fade.

“Oh yes I love ass fucking!” He pulls out of my ass again and then slams into me again. I moan pushing my ass into his hips harder.

One of his hands leaves my ass and grabs my long hair pulling my head back. I moan in pleasure and he pulls my hair harder slamming his cock in and out of my ass. I begin to finger myself as he fucks me harder every few strokes pulling his cock out and then plunging it back into me. I begin to cum again hard. Between the cock slamming in and out of my ass and my fingers working my clit I begin to cum hard. I feel my ass gripping his cock, squeezing its thickness as my orgasm broke free. I screamed in pleasure into my palm, collapsing from my hands to my elbow.

I whimper in pleasure as he continues to fuck me. He eventually pulls out of me and collapses next to me on the bed. I lay there breathless for a moment. “Thank You,” I say laughing a little.

I turned to him, he was staring dazed into the ceiling “That’s the longest I’ve ever fucked a girl in the ass”

“Oh,” I say trying to seem like I actually care.

“The hardest I’ve ever fucked a chick in the ass too.”

“That’s nice,” I say leaning over him searching for my clothes. I say I’ll be right back. I run to the bathroom with my clothes and quickly put them on. I look in the mirror at myself. I shake my head and smile into the mirror. I quickly wake up Carrie who is passed out next to Joe on the living room floor.

“Wake up Carrie!” I say laughing “We gotta get you home to your husband, and I have high school in the morning!”

Joe looked up and me and smiled, he knew Carrie wasn’t married and I had graduated from high school almost 5 years before.

“WHAT?” I heard coming from the guy’s bedroom.

“Long story man,” Joe shouted laughing. Carrie hugged him and began to put her shoes on. “You guys can stay here and sleep with me” Joe said sleepily, but with the obvious threesome in the back of his head.

I leaned over and hugged him “I would but you know me and my No cuddling rule!” I say laughing.

Joe stood at the door waving to us as we got into the car “Bye Carrie Bye Lo, please drive safe.. come back soon!”

Carrie looked over at me in the passenger seat “Its like 4:45 man!” she said laughing. “Wow in and out in 4hours”

I laughed “Did you have a good time?”

“OH yes!” she said pulling out of the driveway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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