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Ida’s First Taste of White Meat

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Big Cock

Part 1

So I turn and look deep into your eyes, Ida, and you say I really should be heading home now as I have to attend to my Mom. As I hold your gaze, I start undressing you with my eyes and say ‘ I’ll walk you home, Ida, it’s not safe alone at this time of night’.

As we move out of sight from the Kingfisher Restaurant, I squeeze your juutelengo, and tell you to link arms around each other like we are lovers. You are happy to oblige. We move along quietly and silently and every few steps I squeeze your juutelengo and you sigh like you enjoyed the feeling and want more of my touching. We cross the road and go into your compound. As soon as the gate closes, I pull you close to me and kiss you passionately. You kiss me back and put your arms around me and I can feel your heart beating fast as your breasts press against my chest. Your lips taste delicious and as your tongue pushes inside my mouth, I sense you are getting turned on. I squeeze your ass and pull you closer to me so you can feel the stiffness growing in my groin as my erect cock presses urgently against your pussy. ‘Wow, that feels good, Paul,’ as your hand moves down to my crutch and gives him a gentle squeeze. At exactly the same moment my hand caresses your breast through your tight Dress, and I feel your nipple growing as my fingers play around with the sucking end of it. “Mmmmmmmmmm, so nice, Paul, I want you to fuck me but not here, it’s not safe. Let me go inside and check if my folk are asleep, then we can go to my room.”

Within a few minutes, Ida was back by my side grabbing me by the hand, saying ‘let’s go and have some fun’. She guided me quietly through the house in the pitch black darkness and, as a door opened she led me to her private room lit by candlelight. There was a large bed in the middle of the room with a couple of pillows on it. The door closed quietly behind her and I heard the gentle click of the lock ‘we won’t be disturbed now, my love’ whispered Ida, in a sexy, sultry tone. We held each other tight and kissed passionately, as my hands grabbed at her full breasts and Ida quickly pulled my shorts down so she could get her hand on my erect member. ‘Ooh, it’s so big and hard, Paul, I know I’m going to enjoy having this big boy inside me’. Ida lifted her African wrapper dress over her head and I helped pull it off her to reveal skimpy sexy hot pink bra and panties. At this wondrous sight, my penis almost jumped to attention and stood out proud in front of me, primed for action. Ida swooned, and licked her lips, ‘I’m gonna have some fun taking this monster in my mouth as she stroked him and tickled my balls’. She turned around inviting me to undo her bra strap, as I let it fall to the floor. She turned to face me, revealing the most gorgeous pair of big chocolate brown breasts with almost black nipples sticking out like beacons, begging to be sucked.

‘Wow, those beauties are magnificent, your body is everything I have ever desired’ Paul whispered into Ida’s ear before he bent down and began sucking each nipple in turn. They seemed to grow in his mouth and tasted delicious and Ida sighed in ecstasy, but then pulled away and slid down to the floor suddenly. ‘I need to suck this big white cock, he looks like he needs it’. Betturkey Ida kneeled with her eyes fixed on her first white meat and opened her mouth to taste my pre-cum.

She cupped my balls and flicked her tongue on the end of my penis like she was licking an ice-cream. ‘Ooh Fuck, Ida, that feels so good, don’t stop’ Paul begged her as he grabbed the back of Ida’s head to pull her onto his throbbing dick. She opened wide and took him all inside her mouth and she felt the end at the back of her throat, ‘mmmmmmmm, fucking wonderful’ swooned Paul, as he stroked Ida’s head and played with her ears. Ida came up for air, stood up and gave me a taste of my cock as she pushed her tongue inside my mouth and gave me a very long, deep wet French kiss. ‘I want you to suck my pussy, Paul, as she slipped out of her soaking wet panties and lay naked on her back on the bed. I moved onto the bed beside her and told her to lift her ass up so I could slide a pillow under it to give me better access to those beautiful glistening pussy lips. ‘Ooh, fuck, that looks so sexy’ as I licked my lips in anticipation of the beautiful feast before my eyes.

Part 2

I needed an answer to a simple question before I dived in to the feast before my eyes. So I took a deep breath and asked….

“Ida, you look stunning when you are naked, but I must know one thing before I get to work on that lovely body of yours.”

“Anything you want to do, it’s all yours,” Ida sighed.

“So are you really sure you want this white cock inside your pussy?”

“Ooh yes please, I know that’s exactly what she needs” Ida responded without a moment’s hesitation as she lay there on her back stroking her already wet pussy. I couldn’t help but stand there staring in wonderment at the beautiful sight of my African Queen stark naked on the bed as she continued to stroke her pussy and beckoned me with one finger to come and take a closer look. Her heavy breathing told me she was bringing herself close to orgasm. I lay down beside her and started to lick and suck on her breasts and tweaked her nipples which were now getting as hard as bullets. My lips moved up to her chest then neck and sought out her plump luscious lips and our tongues did a bit of a sensual dance together. I kissed and teased her earlobes and neck before moving back to her breasts. I could tell by her reactions that she was enjoying the sensations of my lips and tongue working on her ultra-sensitive nipples and I could sense she was getting near to cumming.

“Paul, I want you to lick my pussy before you fuck me good,” she implored between heavy breathing. I needed no second invitation as I slid off the bed and yanked her legs to the edge of the bed so I could spread her legs wider apart to get better access to her beautiful juicy pussy. I licked the insides of both thighs as I fondled her breasts and gently grazed on her pussy lips and I could taste her love juices dribbling out of her soaking wet pussy. Ida moaned in ecstasy and it seemed like she was having her first orgasm for a long, long time.

“I always had fantasies about making love to you, Ida.”

“What were we doing, Paul?”

I laughed nervously. “Um, uh. Well, you were completely naked. And Betturkey Giriş then I’d come in and kiss you from head to toe.”

“I like that,” Ida said, giggling.

“And then, I’d go down on you for a long time.”

“That, too.” she purred and I chuckled.

“Then, I’d uh, um, stick my cock inside you, and you came, like, two times.

Spread ’em, lady!” I joked, watching as she smiled and parted her legs wider “How many fingers do you want me to use?” I asked, sucking two in case she wanted me to use two.

Ida actually seemed a little flustered, not expecting to be asked this, “Two, I guess.”

I nodded, fingers still in my mouth. “Okay. Lemme know if I’m hurting you, as I slid them inside her hot, wet pussy, and she started licking her lips again.

“How’s that feel?” I asked her, still getting off on the pleasure I was giving her.

“That is so fucking good” moaned Ida, closing her eyes.

I brought my fingers out and sucked them again. “Damn, you taste good.”

I stuck my lubricated fingers back into her pussy and went a little faster. She came again. That made two times, and as she came, she pulled my head towards her pussy and I licked her hard clit and Ida went crazy, bucking on the bed like a bronco but I managed to hold onto her ass as my tongue continued to work it’s magic on her clit. I started moving my head around really fast, like I’d seen in a couple of porn movies, and she got even more turned on. “Don’t stop, Paul that is fucking wonderful”, screamed Ida in ecstasy. Since she was close to orgasm again, I slid my fingers in, sucked her off, and finger-fucked her, bringing her to an even more intense orgasm. I could feel Ida’s clit throbbing on my tongue. When I came up for air, it looked like tears had spilled from Ida’s eyes. “You okay?” I asked as I kissed her and she nodded. “Yeah,” she breathed, apparently too weak to speak.

When she had recovered she wanted to tell Paul about her fantasy.

“I had this one crazy dream about you. We was in the Jacuzzi, though. Ooh. And you said, ‘I’ve always had this fantasy about black girls’ I said I always thought you was such a cutie, and you took me there and then and fucked the shit outta me. For real.”

By now, my shirt was completely unbuttoned, and he was completely hard. When Ida saw his hard cock, she stroked it.

“Fuck me now, Paul, I want your big cock inside me”, begged Ida.

I slowly eased my dick right into her love hole, gently like she was a virgin. It felt like it had been waiting for something big for a while. I smiled. “I’ve been waiting for this for so long, Ida.”

They kissed, with tongues entwining, and when she lost her breath, I knew it was time to start thrusting it in and out. In and out, in and out. Ida dug her nails into his back and said,

“Oh! This feels so good, Paul. Harder, baby! Harder!”

I followed her order. In and out, a bit harder this time. I wanted to prolong her orgasm, though, so I pulled out and started gently playing with her clit. Then I stopped. We made out some more. My tongue wrestled with hers. I grabbed one of her tits and massaged it. I played with her nipples, and then she held my head in her hands. Betturkey Güncel Giriş We stayed that way for about a minute. Ida enjoyed my varied sexual techniques as she clenched her teeth to keep from screaming out with joyous pleasure. Her sexy body moving up and down at a fast pace, and breasts bouncing. Ida wrapped her legs around my waist and her hands roamed around my ass. She cried out her orgasm, writhing and humping in a sort of orgasmic seizure. I hauled my dick out of Ida’s pussy and shot an enormous load of golden cream on her breasts. Ida smiled as she massaged and rubbed it all over her breasts and belly.

“I want that dick up my ass now,” Ida demanded. We switched to Jutal fucking (doggie style), which I later found out was her favourite position. I fingered her asshole with her juices and gradually stretched the tight hole until I had forced two fingers deep into her hole.

“I need your big cock now, Paul, fuck me hard” and I obliged straightaway. My cock eased in gently inch by inch until my full six inches was buried deep in her ass and my balls banged about on her ass cheeks. I hammered away as hard and fast as I could and slapped Ida’s ass which made her groan and beg for more shouting “fuck me, fuck me”. By now, Ida was completely out of control. She screamed my name out and told me how great the sex was. I continued banging away inside her ass as hard as I could. Within seconds, we climaxed at the same time and then collapsed on the bed tangled in each other’s arms.

After a little while, I aroused and looked into Ida’s eyes – what I saw there was total lust and I knew she wanted me again. Ida then took the lead and climbed on top of me, and, resting her hands on my shoulders, she lowered herself onto my erect cock until she’d impaled her pussy on him.

Ida straddled him and began riding. I put my arms around her waist, and thrust back into her pussy. Ida grinned, and asked him if he liked her hot pussy.

“What do you think Paul said? I love it but before you really get started on me I want to suck those big breasts again.”

Ida leaned forward, happy to oblige, because she loved nothing better than having her nipples sucked when her pussy was grinding on a big dick. I responded by pumping my dick faster into Ida’s pussy. She screamed, and wriggled and writhed about in a most sensual way and bent down so I could take her luscious tits into my mouth. This wild ride lasted a few more minutes. She bounced up and down on my cock, and I grabbed her hips and held on for dear life. I know it’s totally stereotypical, but I’d heard that black girls were REALLY good at riding – now I knew for sure that it was definitely true.

She kept bouncing, and just before I was about to come, I grabbed her right off my dick, and then threw her to my side in a swift, yet gentle, motion. She seemed more than a little turned on, too. I thrust my cock back into her from behind her and we soon resumed a nice rhythm grinding each other on our sides. I grabbed hold of her firm ass, and continued to thrust deep into her pussy, after a few more strokes I ejaculated one last time. At the same time, Ida finally climaxed in a series of multiple orgasms. I lay there completely exhausted. Yes, Ida had fucked my brains out like a real expert. She turned to face me, kissed me passionately, and told me we must do that again some time. Then she collapsed in my arms and we both fell asleep.

Somehow, I think Ida will soon want to have another taste of white meat!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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