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Ile des Femmes: The Red Room

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“Oh God Jess, it was amazing!”

“I told you it would be. How was she?” A low murmur came the reply. Chastity strained to hear what was said but couldn’t make out the words. Her mother’s laugh followed by “Oh man, I told you she was an incredible fuck.” shocked Chastity. Mom hated foul language and only said it when she was really angry.

“Yeah, you were right, as always.” her Aunt Laura replied. Then silence. Chastity peeked around the corner to see her mother and “aunt” pulling back, a smile on each of their faces. Laura had been a friend of Jessica for so long that Chastity just considered her her aunt in spirit. She’d always looked up to the beautiful, busty blonde hoping one day to have breasts as big as Laura’s. But, as Chastity grew up, she realized that she would never be as well endowed. She remembered one time walking in on her aunt and mother in the bedroom. They were both undressed and acted surprised and upset that Chastity had just barged in. Jessica had explained later that they were trying on new dresses that they’d just purchased and Chastity never questioned why they had to remove their panties to try on dresses. Ever since that time, though, Chastity learned not to just walk in on them. Instead, she learned to eavesdrop.

Chastity crept back down the hallway to the front door and loudly shut it, making sure that her mom and aunt knew that she was home. Letting her school books drop on the living room table, Chas walked in to find both women sitting at the table, sipping tea. Laura looked amazing as always. Her long, blonde hair and white summer dress contrasted beautifully with the dark tan she’d acquired. Chastity momentarily lost her breath at the sight. Ever since that time in her mom’s bedroom, she began to look at her aunt in a new way. Her pussy would tingle and her little nipple would tent her shirt, much to Chastity’s dismay. She let a squeal and ran up to Laura, pulling the older woman into a hug. “Oh man, you look beautiful!” she said after they separated. “Did you have a good time? What did you do? Were there any cute guys?”

Laura laughed and sat back down, shooting a sideward glance at Jess. “Well, yes I did have a great time. A week and a half of being pampered, incredible meals, massages, a pool, a full salon, tennis, and a whole lot of other things…” at this, Jess let out a little snorting laugh. “And sorry honey, no cute guys. No guys at all actually. This resort is women only.”

“Wow, really?” Chastity asked. Her mother had never told her that part. In her mind, when she’d heard that Laura was going to the same resort her mom had gone, Chastity imagined hunky men wearing nothing but Speedos and falling in love with the pool boy. But only women? Well, everything else sounded amazing. Maybe she could convince her parents to send her as a graduation present.

“How was school honey?” Jessica’s voice startled Chastity out of her reverie.

“Ugh! I can’t wait for this to be over!” she replied. She’d turned 18 a month ago and had graduated high school. Already, in her mind, she was an adult. She’d decided to get a jump on college at her father’s request, taking some summer courses but was regretting it. Here she was, busting her backside at the local university while her friends were at the beach. But, one more month and she would be free. “Johnny Roarke still is trying to get back together with me and Beth still won’t talk to me.” Chastity began to rattle on about all of the monumental issues that were plaguing her life, temporarily pushing the idea of begging her parents for a week at the resort out of her mind. That night, while she laid in bed however, it crept back in.

Chastity lay in bed, listening to the soft patter of rain hitting her bedroom window. She was staring at the ceiling at the moment, trying to relax her mind. The issue with Beth was really bothering her. When Beth had come out to her a couple of weeks ago, confessing that she was a lesbian, Chastity had reacted badly, freaking out a little and saying some very derogatory and hurtful things. “Why sugarcoat it?” she thought to herself, sighing out loud. “I acted like a total bitch.” Ever since then, Chastity had tried her best to make amends but Beth was having none of it, not answering her calls or texts.

When she’d confessed what she’d done to her parents, her father said to give it time and let it heal. “And if that doesn’t work, forget her. Chalk it up to a life lesson, baby girl.” he added at the end. So that’s what she was trying to do. Giving Beth space so that the wounds of sharpened words could heal. Chastity didn’t even really know why she’d reacted the way she did. She tried to remember if there had been any signs that Beth was gay in high school that she’d missed. She did catch her friend checking her out in the showers a couple of times but had dismissed it. All the girls did that, seeing how they stacked up against the others. She thought that there might have been bursa escort bayan a few times Beth wanted to say something but didn’t. Were those times that she was going to confess?

Chastity started thinking back to the times she’d “checked out” her friend. Beth was very cute in a bookish, sexy librarian way. Chastity had told her that a couple of times. A tingle went through her body at that moment and she pressed her bare thighs together as her hand rested on her stomach. She could picture Beth’s crooked smile and pretty blue eyes behind those large glasses that she always wore. Then, Chastity’s mind wandered to the last time she’d seen her in the shower. Her friend’s cute butt and long, shapely legs that were always hidden behind baggy jeans. Chastity’s hand began to rub her stomach under the tee shirt she always wore to bed. Her covers had been kicked off a long time ago. When she closed her eyes, she felt a tear trickle down her face as the thoughts of Beth nude in the shower came to her mind again. Then, thoughts of Laura came to her mind as well. The long legs just like Beth’s. The nice butt just like Beth’s. Those huge breasts. Well, to be fair, no one had breasts like Laura.

Chastity’s hand moved on it’s own accord, slipping beneath the waistband of her panties she was wearing. She imagined her aunt, surrounded by all of those women and the words of her mother rang in her ears. “I told you she was an incredible fuck.” her mother had said. What did she mean? Deep down, she’d always thought Laura liked girls too. The way she pointed them out when she and Chastity went clothes shopping. Some of the things she’d said. Wait, did her mom like girls too? Chastity tried to quickly put that image out of her mind. The image of her mom and Laura in bed together. She’d wondered a couple of times about that moment in the bedroom. What would she had seen five minutes earlier? Chastity touched the fur that covered her mound. The way it tickled her fingertips. Moving her hand lower, she was surprised to feel wetness. Letting out a little gasp as her index finger touched her clit, Chastity began to imagine Laura in the arms of the mysterious woman that she’d met at the island. Kissing, feeling each others naked breasts. Images began to flood the young woman’s mind as she started rubbing herself in earnest. Then the thought of her as the other woman, kissing Laura, seeing those amazing tits, touching Laura’s…pussy. With that, Chastity let out a little squeak as she coated her hands with her juices. She held her breath as the self induced orgasm traveled through her body. Finally, she let out a whoosh of air and removed her hand from her panties, trying her best not to get any on her clothes. Bringing her hand to her face, she studied it for a moment, seeing how her fluids glistened in the faint light from outside. Then, she delicately cleaned her hand with her tongue, trying hard not to miss a drop. Would Laura taste like this, she wondered as she swallowed the slightly sweet and pungent fluid. Would Beth?

“Please Daddy! Aunt Laura said that there’s only women there. No boys!” Chastity implored her father who was seated at dining room table, eating breakfast. She had woken up late after a night of fitful slumber, the hair on her pussy matted from dried cum. After taking a long shower to thoroughly clean herself, she donned a clean pair of panties, knock around shorts and her nightshirt before making her way to the kitchen for some food. Chastity was a little surprised to see her parents still here, knowing that they had planned to leave for the weekend and decided to take the opportunity to broach the subject of giving her a nice long vacation at the resort.

“I don’t know, baby girl.” came his reply. Harold looked into his daughters deep green eyes, so much like her mother’s and felt his resistance weakening. He could never say no to his daughter. “I’ll tell you what. You bring up your grade in math to at least a B and you can go.” Chastity let out a squeal of delight, hugged her father around his neck and ran out of the dining room to her bedroom.

Jessica had nearly choked on her cereal when her daughter had first brought up the subject of her going to Ile des Femmes. She did her best to be the voice of reason while still not letting on to her husband and daughter why sending a beautiful, young, naïve virgin to an island of horny lesbians was not a good idea. “Um…honey, that’s, well…” she started but Chastity was already out of the room and Harold had gone back to reading his magazine. Jessica just sat there, her emotions going wild with what just happened. She stared daggers at her husband. Harold could feel the look and glanced up from his reading.

“What?” he asked. “Look, you and Laura went and nothing happened. So she goes for a week and gets her nails done. Like Chas said, there’s no men there. Hell, the resort is probably booked up for the summer anyway. görükle escort Just give them a call and see if anything’s available. Now come on and finish. I want to make it to the cabin before noon.” Jess opened her mouth to reply but still nothing came out. She finished her breakfast in silence, a million thoughts racing through her brain. Plenty of straight women went to the resort just to relax, right? She would just explain to her daughter to be cautious around women who seemed extra friendly. Harold was probably right anyway. The resort, especially in the peak time, was usually booked solid. She would just call, check to see if anything was available and then break the bad news to her daughter that there were no rooms.


Chastity stepped out of the helicopter onto the tarmac. “God!” she said out loud. Ile des Femmes was even more beautiful that she pictured. The past month and a half had flown by. When her mother had told her that there had been a cancellation and that the room was booked for her, she worked her butt off to bring up her math grade. True to his word, her daddy had paid for a week in paradise. She smiled to herself as she shook the hand of the pretty lady in the business suit that was standing at the edge of the landing pad, waiting for her. After checking in, Chastity was led to her room, still starry eyed with amazement to notice the hungry looks that she was receiving from many of the women that she passed. She did blush a little at the sight of several women talking to each other wearing nothing but bikini bottoms, their breasts bared for everyone to see.

The woman who led Chastity to her room showed her how her electronic bracelet worked and how it was keyed to her room. After explaining some of the rules, the woman left and Chastity performed a quick tour of the room she was going to be staying in for the next week. She was happy to see that she had an great view of the ground and swimming pool. In the distance were the tennis courts and a large building that, according to her guide, held the salon, massage parlor and various other amenities that were free to use while she stayed here. Chastity was just about to go back inside when she did a quick turn around. Something in the distance had caught her eye. Trying to focus on two of the women at the pool, Chastity could swear that they were kissing right out in the open. She watched for a second, a tingle passing through her body before quickly stepping back into the room. The words of her mother, to be watchful of overly friendly women, came back into her mind.

Chastity shrugged away the image, secure in her confidence that no one would be able to seduce her. So what if a couple of ladies were kissing out in the open. It’s not like they would kidnap her and have their way with her, kissing her, rubbing her naked body…Chastity mentally shook herself awake and began to unpack her clothes that had been brought to her room while she was checking in. She first unpacked the two dresses that she’d purchased when she, Aunt Laura and her mom went shopping. Both older women advised her that eating in the grand ballroom at dinnertime was formal. So, she’d gotten a little black dress and a beautiful green sequined gown with matching pumps to wear. Chastity had felt so elegant while modeling the dress for her mom and Aunt. She smiled at the memory, then hung the dress up before starting on the other clothes.

As soon as she was unpacked, Chastity went and texted her parents, letting them know that she’d arrived okay, then sat out on the balcony, enjoying the view of the resort before her while trying to decide what to do next. Aunt Laura had told the eager teen all of the wonderful things that were on the island but now that she was here, Chastity just couldn’t wrap her mind around so many choices. While sitting there, she quickly confirmed with her own eyes what the woman who’d guided her to her room had stated. While on the Ile des Femmes, clothing was definitely optional. Everywhere she looked, there were women in various stages of undress. Some just in bikini bottoms and shoes. Many less than that. She watched as an older woman, her platinum hair in one long braid, walk to the pool carrying a bag and wearing nothing but a sun visor and a pair of flip flops. The woman appeared to be in great shape, obviously working at keeping her body fit. For some reason, Chastity couldn’t look away. The woman selected a chaise lounge, pulled a book out of her bag and began to read. Her phone buzzed at that moment and a reply from her mother appeared on the screen. “Your father and I love you. Please be careful.”

Chastity frowned at that last bit. She was an adult now. Her father thought so or he wouldn’t have let her come here. Why was her mom treating her like she was fourteen and about to go on her first date? Right then, Chastity thought it was a great time for a swim. She bursa escort bayan quickly undressed, flinging her discarded clothes onto her bed before reaching into the dresser drawer and pulling out her bikini. Chastity stood there for a moment, holding the scraps of clothes in her hand. Was she able to do it? Was she able to pull the trigger and just put on the bottom half of her swimsuit and walk the distance to the pool?

Chastity let the top fall to the floor as she donned the bottom. Looking at herself in the floor length mirror, she loved the way the ivory white of the fabric contrasted with the color of her skin. She studied her reflection for a moment. Turning sideways, Chastity was happy to notice that her butt was accentuated nicely. She ran her hands over her ass, loving the feel of the smooth fabric. Closing her eyes, she cupped her pussy, pressing her finger against her sex. A shiver ran through her as an image of the platinum haired woman’s naked form flashed in her mind. Chastity let out a little squeak and almost changed her mind about going to the pool. Instead, she ran to the bathroom, grabbed a towel, slipped on a pair of sandals and sunglasses and headed for the door. Just as she was about to turn the handle, she paused. Quickly walking back to the dresser, Chastity grabbed a tee shirt and slipped it over her head, then opened the door and started heading to the pool.

Chastity walked with determination through the building and down the path, doing her best to politely ignore all the women there. She really didn’t know why she was in a hurry. It was as if she stopped to think about it, she would lose her nerve. There were empty spaces around the pool but none next to the woman, Chastity noted with disappointment. Chastity walked over to the nearest chaise she could, and, after taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, removed her shirt and sandals, trying her best to look nonchalant. She didn’t really understand why she was nervous though. It’s not like she hadn’t been naked in the showers after gym or at the local Y back at home. But this was…different. She could almost feel sexual tension permeating every aspect of this resort. It was almost a living thing, like the sirens of myth. Chastity stood there, trying to mentally clear her head but everywhere she glanced, there was a woman unclothed, swimming in the pool or sunning themselves, oblivious to the effect that their naked bodies were having upon her. She felt a slight panic attack approaching, remembering the words of her mother’s text but then Chastity took another deep breath, calming herself down and sitting down onto the chair. Closing her eyes, she felt the warmth of the sun on her body and a slight breeze carried the salty scent of the ocean on it. Finally relaxing a little and mentally chiding herself for acting ridiculous, Chastity opened her eyes.

A serving girl was walking around in a French maids outfit, asking everyone there if they would like something to drink. Chastity followed the young woman with her eyes, watching as she bent over at the waist to listen to the order. Chastity giggled a little to herself for every time the serving girl bent over, she flashed all of the other women her lacy panties. The girl did have some amazing legs though, Chastity noted to herself. Finally, it was her turn to order. Chastity smiled at the approaching woman. She guessed that the lady was a little older than she, probably in her low twenties. The servant was wearing a corset which pushed up her breasts, providing a nice cleavage. A tingle ran through Chastity at that moment and she squeezed her thighs together, squirming a little in her seat. She momentarily lost the ability to speak when she heard the servant’s French accent ask if she would like something to drink. “Um…yeah. An ice tea, lightly sweetened.” The servant flashed her a dimpled smile and Chastity could have sworn the girl was checking her out before she walked away to fill the orders. She watched the girl leave, noting how she sashayed her hips and also noting that she wasn’t the only one watching the departing servant.

It was at that moment that Chastity decided to get into the water to cool herself off. She gasped a little at the temperature but her body soon acclimated to the chill. That’s when she heard a voice behind her say “You might want to think about sunscreen, my dear. You don’t want to get burned.” in a lilting Irish accent. Chastity jumped a little and turned around to come face to face with the platinum haired woman. “Sorry lass. I didn’t mean to startle you.” said the older woman. She looked to be in her forties or so, her body just starting to show the signs of age.

“That’s okay.” Chastity said, trying to sound relaxed.

“Ah. Yeah, I figured you were American. Name’s Brigit.” She held out her hand as she introduced herself.

“Chastity. It’s that obvious?” Brigit smiled as Chastity took her hand, shaking it.

“You come here enough and you can usually peg the American. She’s the one who’s nervous about taking off her clothes.” Chastity laughed at that.

“It’s a little bit to get used to, that’s for sure.”

“Well Chastity, I’m serious about the sunscreen. You can borrow mine if you don’t have any of your own.”

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