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One of the most memorable erotic experiences I’ve had …of which I have had many… was discovering and observing my girlfriend during the act of masturbating.

In my many years of exploring the sexual realms I have found that the hottest experiences are those impromptu ones. The ‘out of the blue’ occurrences one happens upon or stumbles into tend to be those that are indelibly burned into one’s memory.

Her name was Regina. A young twenty something woman I’d met while working for a company in an eastern city. She worked out of an adjacent division and would visit my section from time to time delivering files or paperwork. I took notice of her from afar..an attractive mixed race woman of black and white parentage with long dark hair and golden brown skin. She had a perky way about her. A pleasant smile and up beat personality with an excellent eye stylishly dress. We would chat in passing, brief banter and keeping it light but and in spite of finding her intimidatingly attractive…I built up the nerve to ask her out.

In all honesty, sex with her was not on my mind but just the opportunity to simply spend time with such a lovely creature even for a single date. So when the day came, I caught up with her on one of her departmental visits and asked her to a movie. I braced myself for a tactful decline but was surprised and pleased when she accepted. The following weekend I picked her up at her apartment which she shared with two roommates.

The evening began uneventful and pleasant. The movie was mediocre but it was the company we both sought on a chill winter night and the evening moved along quite agreeably. We had intended to stop for a bite in a cozy restaurant I knew of near one of the city’s many colleges but the subway ride there was interrupted by a power outage and we were forced to the street with scores of other riders.

Once reaching the street I had to improvise and suggested a taxi to my place to which she agreed. I hailed a passing cab and we made our escape for the ten minute ride to my apartment in a quiet enclave on the edge of town. Taking her to my place had not been in the evenings plans. The cab pulled up in front of my building, I paid the driver and soon were entering my apartment. So began a low key evening of conversation, jazz on the stereo and take out Chinese food we had delivered.

It was easy. It was relaxed and we were good company. We talked of work…our lives..our families…our friends as the hours passed. Before long the conversation died down as the clock on the wall was closing in on two thirty in the morning. I offered to call her a taxi back to her place and two attempts to do so resulted in the dispatcher informing me of long waits due to the subway problem earlier. I looked at her..this beautiful woman sitting in my apartment on my couch. I could tell she was tired as was I. I hesitated and then suggested she was welcomed to spend the night… on my couch. Nothing more… I promised. She looked at me..smiled thoughtfully..then agreed. I found an extra blanket and pillow and gave it to her. Thanked her for a great evening and then went to my bedroom and closed the door.

In the morning when I entered the living room she was already up and later in our relationship admitted she hadn’t sleep very well thinking surely I was going to approach her in the night but was moved that I really had kept my word of nothing more but allowing her to spend the night. I suppose that was the first bridge of trust that opened between us.

A month later, after almost nightly phone conversations and meetings at work we dated again only this time instead of going out we returned to my place for another quiet evening of good company and food and it was on that night we first embraced. It felt good… it felt right…for it had been a long time for both of us. Escort bayan With few words we decided it was maybe time to take our friendship further. She excused herself to the bathroom and I to the bedroom. As I dimmed the lights and drew down the sheets. I heard her behind me and turned to see her form in the doorway in the dim light of my bedroom wearing only my dress shirt she’d found hanging on my bathroom.

It was to be our first time…the first night of many. I took my time with her…massaged her shoulders… her back..reveled in the softness of her skin and the perfumed dark fall of her hair. I marveled at the warmth and closeness of this beautiful woman I had never intended or even had hoped to sleep with… but here she lay next to me, in my bed and in my arms.

I moved atop her, nuzzling her neck, kissing her ears, her neck, her throat, my lips beginning the journey down her body. The shirt she wore was already off as I had unbuttoned it button by button until amble breasts quivered free to the attentions of my lips, planting loving kisses on each..suckling both brown nipples tenderly. She coo’d. We deep kissed again, tongues dancing and then I returned to my intended journey down her belly, kissing, licking… my mouth making its way to her navel and beyond… to that intended place.

I felt the cotton of her panties under my lips. I felt the swell of her pubic mound under them… inhaling her arousing woman scent through the cotton, planting loving kisses upon it. She lay with closed eyes..letting out a soft gasped..her hips doing a little heave as I pressed my mouth there. I kissed her inner thighs…teasing her..drawing it out.

On her own volition her fingers came down, hooked inside the waist band and pushed the underpants down. I helped her. Skinning them over her thighs and down those long golden legs I and other men had admired at work. They came off in a simple motion. I tossed them aside and she lay back, drawing her knees back inviting the return of my mouth. Her pussy, though not bare, was neatly trimmed, the pubic hairs covering her lips defined the labia as if she recently trimmed them with scissors rather than a razor.

I moved down laying flat on my stomach between her parted thighs and pressed my mouth soflty into the heat and womanly wetness. She gasped, her hips rose to meet my mouth, she whispered my name. I eased my tongue deep inside that wonderfully slick oven and her hips urged upward. I went after the easily found nub of her clit…swirling my tongue round and round…lightly..lightly..fluttering….gently suckling like a nursing babe. Holding her thighs back, feasting on her for slow, timeless minutes until her body went tense..shivering…her hands gripping the sheets as she let out high moan of pleasure..her open thighs rocking. Her first orgasm with me.

She lay sighing and smiled at me as I drew my body over top of hers again. We shared a soft laugh. “My…my..my!”, she exclaimed.. I held her for a time as we both lay enjoying her after glow. “Now what about you?” she said. I rolled off her and gazed at her as we lay side by side…she looked peaceful..satisfied. I told her I was happy just like this..to be with her..to lie with her. I kissed her and we both drifted off to sleep.

The morning came early…the sun had not risen but we were awake. We lay in the spoon position..my hips up against the swell of her buttocks. She pushed back against me and my cock came to life. She felt it pressing against her cheeks..rigid..an arching morning erection swollen and rigid… for her. She turned to me…we kissed. “I want to please you” she whispered.

She lay on her back and I moved between her parted thighs. She gazed up at me, reaching down, gripping my cock, softly stroking it, guiding me..pressing the big mushroom head against Bayan Escort the already moistening opening of her pussy. She was hot wet..she was ready… and then she cautioned: “We have to be careful…I’m not on the pill.” I kissed her and promised I would…. and then with an easy motion I eased forth..penetrating…expanding and filling her for the first time. ” Ohh God..Ohhh God..ohhh yesss..yesss…!”she whispered.

We made love in that early dawn . We slow fucked.. in rhythmic sweetness…the sound of our breathing…the muted creaking of the bed…the moist sounds of hard cock filling her welcoming womanhood the only sounds in the room. The tempo built….quick firm strokes…thrusting .thrusting.. her calves locked my hips drawing me full into her..her arms about my shoulders. She calling my name and hearing her call it drove me to the edge.

I wanted to unload deep inside this beautiful creature..I wanted to fill her up completely…but I kept my promise and withdrew at the last moment. She lifted her head, craned her neck gazing down her belly between her open legs…her eyes focused on my cock, slick with her honey as if she really wanted to see the moment of ejaculation . “Cum for me! Ohh baby cum for me!! she demanded. And I answered her demand..gripping my meat..raising up on my knees…. fist jacking, pumping out an eruption of hot manna saved up since the night before. My balls emptied in creamy jets across her belly, one, two, three for spurts upwards between her heaving breasts. It was wonder. It was completeness.

It was one of those deep down jolting orgasms that leaves one shivering and sated…emptied…the hunger fulfilled. I collapsed next to her, laughing..gasping..breathing. We lay there..side by side…naked..damp with sweat…no longer just friends..but now lovers.

So it began and later we stepped out into a day of sunshine and newness holding hands as we walked .The first day of a new relationship. Our first stop, a pharmacy near her apartment where she renewed her birth control prescription. She said she had not needed it for a long time… and was looking forward to making use of it again..with me.

Within a month she was spending more and more time at my place and eventually all but moved in, glad to be away from the noisy, crowded apartment she shared with two other women. She would happily prepare dinner when we arrived home from work…still keeping our relationship on the low from co-workers.

We’d spend quiet nights watching tv or going out to a jazz club or dinner on weekends but unfailingly we both knew almost every night or morning or lazy Sunday afternoon…would be one of love making in all its variety. In the living room…the bedroom..the kitchen…the shower..the floor. She liked it missionary…she liked straddling my cock and sinking down its length and riding me. She loved it doggy style pushing full back..drawing forward so that my cock head was almost out..and then plunge back down along the full length so she was filling herself again and again.

There were those unplanned moments…once meeting her at the door as she brought groceries home. Dropping to my knees before her…opening her jeans and pulling them down to her ankles in one motion as she stood leaning against the door..her hips arched outward offering me her pussy right then and there. Her beautiful face gazing down watching as I buried my face and tongue in her bush. I made her cum as she stood there …her knees buckling and going weak…slumping down to the floor..naked from the waist down her jeans and panties in a awkward clump around her ankles.

I leaned in to kiss her and she pulled my mouth to hers our tongues dancing, she tasting the flavor and scent of her own sex on my mouth. It was a turn on in itself and off came the jeans and we partook Escort of deep urgent fucking right there on the hardwood floor. The neighbors be damned who may have heard it all just outside the apartment door.

Of all the sex we had the most memorable erotic moment with her was one in which I was not supposed to have been there at all. It was on an evening I had to work later than usual. She had gone back to the apartment ahead of me.

Upon reaching home and entering the apartment I was met by the smell of something delicious baking in the oven. Dinner was soon to be had I thought. Closing the door behind me I called out to her but there was no answer. Then I heard the sound coming from the bathroom of the shower water running.

I walked down the hall to the bathroom, the door was closed. I was about to knock but for some reason decided not to…and gripped the door knob and gently turned it…it was not locked. I eased the door open and peered inside expecting to see her form through the opaqueness of the shower curtain but I could not. The noise of the over head fan combined with the running water masked my entry. I stepped inside and moved over to the bath tub and eased the curtain aside and was met by a startling sight.

In the steam and heat of the bath tub Regina lay on her back in blissful repose…her eyes closed…her mouth open forming an O …her left hand seemed to be squeezing her right breast while the right arm was extended, running down the length of her torso…the hand between her legs….the fingers of the hand spreading the lips of her pussy so that her clit was receiving the full benefit of the gushing stream of water from the bath tub faucet, as it fell in a steady stream between her wide apart thighs.

I was amazed. I was shocked. I was aroused. My cock immediately rising in my pants. By accident I happened upon on a very private moment…a moment I’ve come close to… but never repeated again in all my life: discovering a woman in the act of oblivious self pleasuring and she being totally unaware I was observing her.

I stood watching for no more than a minute and I suppose she felt my presence and opened her eyes. She was startled…let out a shreek.. drawing her legs together almost pulling herself into a ball. Her expression was mix of embarrassment and no doubt anger. I assured it was alright and apologized for intruding explaining my intent was to playfully surprise her.

Her solo session was abruptly over but we made up for it later that night. As we lay in the dark enjoying a post orgasmic moment she explained it was her special way of getting off. She never used her fingers..never a vibrator but the running water did the trick big time for her.

She discovered it as a teenager, soaping herself down there and choosing to rinse off by positioning her pussy under the bath faucet. She was surprised the feeling was electrifying and experienced her very first orgasm that way. She admitted she could cum multiple times that way and even did it in college if she had the dorm shower room to herself…sitting on the floor of a stall..legs apart but rarely was it as satisfying as the force of a direct stream. She even admitted doing it while living with her roommates, locking self in the bathroom until they came pounding on the door wondering why she spent so much time in there.

She permitted me the honor of watching as she masturbated in the tub from time to time…something she never shared with anyone. The idea of being watched seemed to turn her on even more and I would help by sucking her nipples as the faucet water did its work making her cry out as an orgasm convulsed through her.

Our relationship lasted for another year when the company transferred her. She moved way and eventually made her way to the west coast where she became involved with another man.

Over the years I’ve repeated that scene many times in my memory and even now..so many sexual encounters and adventures later I still find it to be one of the most erotic and impromptu experiences of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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