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Infinite Possiblilities : Marrisa

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My name is Elliot and i am fifteen years old. I have never been the most popular kid in high school but i have my freinds and am not bullied. I live in a nice house with one sister and my parents. Ive had a few girlfriends in my life but ive never done anything sexual except for a kiss here and there.

My sister is three years older and had just left for college a month ago so i was very lonely, as my sister and i werre very close. Along with this my parents had just split up and i was constantly caught between their fights and they were almost never home as they could not stand being with each other during the diviorce settlement and the custody battle. So my life sucked and i was home alone.

It was a hot september day when the sun was beating down and the only thing you could do outside would be to swim, anything other than that would be pure torture in the heat. This was fiine by me as i had a great pool in my back yard. i was on the swim team so i was practincing some laps in the pool when i heard my doorbell ring. I went to the door and saw it was my neighbor marissa who was also a great freind of mine despite being a year younger. We had often hung out together and her parents once split up as well so we constantly helped each other out through tough times.

I immediatley new what she wanted and i was almost expecting her as she usually came over to swim on summer days. She came in to the house and changed right away i waited for her by the pool and as usuall she was stunning. She had a fantastic body and a beatiful face. She ran towards the pool and did a beatiful swan dive right into the pool. My eyes followed her the entire time.

After a little while of talking we started to play some of our usuall games, şişli escort we always loved to play catch with a nerf and often this would progress into a game where we would both be almost wrestleing each other to try and get the ball. This involved a great sum of physical content.

Soon we got tired and were sitting next to eachother very closley she started talking to me about how she was being bullied by some girls in school and how no boy would ever go out with her. I consoled her and told her that any guy who dindnt want to go out with her was not good enough for her anyways. She gave me a huge hug and we stayed in this embrace for a long time. By this time my penis was semi hard and i tried to get any dirty thoughts out of my mind.

Then all of a sudden she kissed me …… not a kiss on the cheek but a real ten second kiss with plenty of tounge. I was left speechless and all i could say was lets go dry off. I went up to take a shower to get the chlorine off and told her she could come in after me. I was in the showe as the water splashed down over me pondring the kiss. How i really loved it, how it was more passionite than one ive ever felt before. Then all of a sudden i heard the door squeak and through the curtian came Marissa stark naked and gorgeous.

Immediatley i pulled her to me and locked her in an embrace her lips and my lips met and were locked into an age long kiss that made my cock fully erect. She looked down and noticed this and a smile grew on her face. She went down on her knees after gaining my look of apporval and took my member which was a good size fully into her mouth. I immediatley let out a moan as she took my penis in and out of her mouth. I stopped her after a minute and pulled her up into another kiss then i immediatley went to my knees to return the favour.

Her small camel toe pussy was dripping with juices making me sure that she wantied this. I was inexperienced but i know by the sounds coming out of her mouth thats she loved what i did with my tounge. after that she came down on top of me in the bath tub and we lay on top of each other making out once again.

My hand slowley travled to her breasts and i felt her up all over. Her breasts were amazing the kind you always want to see your stringy cumm fall all over. I swichd positions with her as she moand some more and i positioned my rock hard member at the entrance of her pussy. This was the first time for both of us so we held hands as i thrusted foward slowley but sureley.

She winced a little and i immediatley stopped but she assured me that it was fine and told me to press on. I contineud to thrust foweard and felt the restistance of her hymen. She felt it too and gave me a little nod and i pressed through and popped her cherry at that moment. I continued to go in and out and at that point we were both moining increasingly. I stopped and retracted from her vagina.

I had been fantasiziing about fucking her asss the entire time and she new it too. She turned over and her fantastic ass was staring my straight in the face. I squeezed it for a minute then grabbed a bottle of lotion and slatherd it all overe and inside her as i didnt want to cause her any more pain.

Then i placed my prick at her asshole and went foward with a strong push. She screamed a little but asured me that it was fine. Then i fucked her ass pasionatley and with plenty of force. I could feel that i was about to cum but i pressed on anyways. Then right when i was about to i pushed deep into her ass and filled it with hot cum. She turned over and we stood up in an embrace my hand still cupping her but cheeks. i could feel the warm cum drip out of her asshole and over my hands on her ass. We showered off and went back to my room.

The whole time i felt bad though as she did not get to orgasm. So as we wnet down onto my bed i started to bring myself back by slowly rubbing my now limp cock. She saw me doing this and took my cock into her mouth once more and slowly sucked and literaly blew me away. I was hard and ready again. This time i entered her wet pussy with no heasitation slamming away as she screamed with pleasure. Her whole body began to tense up and she had her very first orgasm. She squirted all over my bed and we hugged naked in bed and fell asleep for a few hours. This was okaay as she often slept over my house and her parents would nto be worried.

Later at nicht my parents were still not home as they were out doign god knows what. i woke up in the middle of the night with her still by my side looking a vision and still naked. I looked under the sheets and saw myself rock hard once again and tried to go back to sleep but i could not doi it.

I pulled her to me and she stired a little but i grabgbed some vaseline from the bedside table and slatherd it all over my cock. Tthen i entered her ass once again. She immmediatley woke up starteled and then let out a huge moan as i pounded her from behind. I began to shake all over and this time i didnt wnat to cum in her ass agian so i stood up over her and blew my load all over her perky nipples..I fell asleep once again with her in my arms and our bodies were almost one. And as i fell asleep i knew that there would be infinite possiblilities for the days to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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