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This story has family incest between an adult brother, mother and sister. There is some mild violence committed by a fourth party but this is not part of the main theme. This is a longer one, over twenty thousand words in one chapter with an ending. Although I might, in the future, revisit the story I’m not planning to at this time.

All parties involved in any sexual situations are at least eighteen years old.


PREQUEL: We just couldn’t take it anymore. My sister Becky and I watched as our lovely mother sat down at the breakfast island. She was wearing a fluffy housecoat that was loosely tied at the waist. She was hung over, again, and both Becky and I could see the marks that her lover had left on her upper chest the night before. She also had a bruise on her beautiful cheek and her hair was a ratty mess. When she slumped into her chair her housecoat opened, exposing her entire upper chest to our view. I could see the marks and bruises that the asshole had left on our mother’s boobs, paying particular attention to her areola and nipples. I spoke for the first time, “Mom, your tits are showing. Don’t you have any respect for yourself anymore?” She looked up in shock. I had never talked to her like this before.

******THE DESCENT OF MOM******

She was still, at thirty five, a very pretty and desirable woman. She had gotten pregnant very early in her life and my dad had been forced by our two grandfathers to marry her so that I wasn’t born a bastard. Actually the term ‘shotgun wedding’ was the term that our grandparents had used. Two years later my sister was born. Our parents had lived with one or the other parents’ home until my dad could support his family.

That was the past though, over twenty years ago. Nowadays my parents were not getting along at all. They had been arguing almost continuously for months. Mostly they argued about why my father had no sex drive. Little did we all know that the reason for his lack of sexual desire for my mother was that she was a female.

My parents had made it very clear when their issues began to surface that their marriage, and any other personal aspects of their life were to be theirs to deal with, in private. End of story and no further discussion would be tolerated. From that point on my sister and I had just accepted their arguing and simply wanted to be kept in the dark about our parents’ personal life.

My mom, as beautiful as she was, would have been a catch for almost any man but her confidence took a huge hit when she caught our father finally, with his boyfriend, in bed together. Imagine that, the man that you thought was your soulmate, the man that was the father of your children, the man that you had wished to be beside you as you grew old together tied to his bed with a dick up his ass.

She had been devastated when she found out about the affair. She was served with divorce papers within the week. But amazingly she had insisted on counselling, praying that a third party would get my father to change his ways and understand what he was giving up. It didn’t work though. My father was adamant that he and his lover, a young man of only twenty, would be happy together. After he moved out neither Becky nor I ever saw him again.

When she started to accept the fact that she had lost her husband and the divorce was going forward my mother had gone into a deep depression. She started drinking a lot and picking up men in seedy bars and nightclubs.

The divorce was nearly final, just weeks to go and my father was long gone so Becky and I thought that she must have just accepted the inevitable. My sister and I watched as the beautiful woman that had raised us, that we both loved and cherished, began the slippery slope of depression, alcoholism and degrading herself with casual sex. We didn’t figure it out until months later that there was anything that we could do for her.

My mom had always reminded me of a movie star named Jill Ireland that was a popular movie star in the sixties. She had blonde hair that she kept shoulder length, a timeless pretty face, nice shape and long legs. If I were to describe my mother in one word it would be statuesque.


A bit about my sister and I. I’m Brett Morgan and my sisters’ name is Becky. To be blunt, we have always been very close as siblings. Much closer than normal siblings. We have always been each other’s best friend and confidant. I, as her older brother, had always felt that I was her protector and now I wanted to be there for her if or when our parents were not able to resurrect their marriage.

I had noticed that Becky had become more clingy as she went through her teen years. She would always sit next to me when we had our meals and she would sometimes cuddle into me with my arm around her while watching movies at home. We never fought or argued like most kids would so I have to admit that it wasn’t a total surprise when we became each other’s only lover.

As marsbahis güvenilirmi I said, we were very close while growing up. I was twenty and still living at home because my job as an assistant manager at a fast food place wasn’t lucrative enough to fund an apartment, yet. Becky was eighteen and in her senior year of high school. I was older by two years and should have been the more mature and responsible of the two of us but as our parents’ marriage began to crumble we turned to each other, as we always had, for comfort and security. At first we would just go into one of our bedrooms together to avoid the drama. We would just lay low and talk while our parents fought. Then as time went on, when the arguments got really loud, we would leave the house and it’s toxic atmosphere and go to the movies or hang out at fast food places, always together, to avoid the arguments, and then stay out until late or at least until we thought the fireworks were over. It usually worked.

When we were home our father ignored us. Other than giving us money for our nights out he seemed to have no interest in what Becky and I were doing. So we took matters into our own hands so to speak and we comforted each other.

When in school I was very shy around girls my own age. I had never dated, unless you consider my time spent with my younger sister as a date. I never did. But, as time passed, with the responsibility of being a manager and as an older brother, I had gotten more outgoing and confident. I had to with my responsibilities at work, and at home.

My sister Becky had not dated much either. She had only a few close girlfriends and had always been very self conscious and ashamed that she didn’t have that ideal body that was portrayed in the teen magazines. She was very pretty to me though. I had always compared Becky to my mom, who I thought of as the most beautiful woman in the world. Neither of us were ever in that popular crowd in high school to be honest. We usually just hung around each other as siblings sometimes do when having to deal with the toxic vibe of our parents’ marriage.

We, or more importantly, I had never considered romance with my sister until that fateful night. Our parents were having a terrible argument once again about how my father was never seemingly in the mood anymore. They were in their bedroom and finally it sounded like the loud argument was over so I went to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night though I heard their angry voices rise again. I had just pulled my pillow over my head to silence the noise when I felt my bed move. Becky was in my room, again. She had always depended on me for comfort when stressed and tonight would be one of those stressful nights it seemed. She picked my sheet up and just slid into my bed.

“Bret, would you please hold me? I just can’t stand that noise anymore. My heart hurts for Mom. They don’t make love anymore. They don’t even try to get along anymore. All they do is argue about shit and blame each other. Please Brett put your arms around me and hold me,” she said as she slipped into my bed and into my arms. I could feel her soft body as she snuggled against me. I moved onto my back and she put her knee up over my thigh and she cuddled closer. We had held hands, hugged and lightly kissed each other before on our ‘not dates’ but we had never lay in bed intimately like this before. I was pretty sure that she had a short nightgown on and I suspected that she wasn’t wearing a bra but she was probably wearing her panties as was normal for her. The next words she said would change our relationship forever.

She snuggled her face close to my ear and whispered, “Brett, if I ask you something really personal would you tell me the truth?”

“Sure baby. You know that you are my best friend. We share everything. I will never lie to you.” Becky waited several minutes before she put her arm across my chest and whispered again.

“Okay, but this is really personal. Have you ever had sex with anyone?” My eyes opened wide in the darkness. What had brought this on? We had never brought the subject of each other’s love life up before.

“Ummm, no Becky I haven’t. Why do you ask? Is there someone in your life that you are into like that?”

“No, well yes there is but that isn’t what I’m asking you. What I am asking is, ummm, oh, shit! Do you think I’m pretty?”

“Ummm, yes Becky. You are beautiful. You are kind and thoughtful. You have a great personality. You are perfect in every way. Now what brought this on?”

“Brett, that isn’t what I asked you. Ummm, how do I put this? My body, Brett. Do you think I’m pretty? Like, is my face pretty? Are my breasts big enough? Is my butt sexy? Am I too fat?” We were in very unsettling and heretofore unexplored territory.

“Becky, you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. Only our mother could possibly be as beautiful. Your face is gorgeous. Your hair is the perfect color for you. It’s soft and long and silky and marsbahis yeni giriş full and always smells so nice. Your breasts, not that I’ve ever perved on you, but your breasts are a beautiful shape and fit your body to perfection. Your stomach is flat. Your hips are curvy and your beautiful ass looks good enough to eat. Finally you have long sensuous legs that can turn heads whenever you choose to show them. If I could design the perfect woman she would look exactly like you. Now what is this about? Are you thinking about letting someone get into my girl and make her a woman?”

“Something like that. Ummm… here it goes, but this is hard for me. Brett, have you ever wanted to make love…to me?” Now I was beginning to panic.

“Becky! You are my sister! I can’t have sex with my sister. That’s against everything that we have ever been taught. Sibling sex is wrong and I’m pretty sure that it’s against the law also.”

If it were possible she snuggled closer and pressed her breasts against my side. Then she brought her lips very close to my ear and whispered, “I have. I have imagined what it would be like to make love to my brother. Ever since I started puberty I have been dreaming of it with you. I can’t imagine anyone else that I want to be my first. We both are virgins and if our parents split up we don’t know where we would be living. I’m eighteen so we both could choose but who knows what the future is going to be like if our parents split up.”

Then she sealed the deal by moving her hand onto my semi hard dick. She squeezed my member and I started to harden more, immediately.

“Becky what are you doing? That’s my dick you have in your hand, I told you that we can’t do this. We can’t have sexual relations because we are brother and sister.”

“Brett, do you remember a girlfriend of mine named Cassie? We had math together last year.” Becky was starting to slowly slide her hand along my hardness.

“Yes, I remember Cassie. You two were close for a while. What happened?”

“She is still my friend. She and I tell each other everything. She even told me once that she was having sex with her father. They have been fucking for several years. She even told me that when she goes off to college this fall in another state, her father was going to leave her mother and they were going to share an apartment. They were going to live together as man and wife. That’s incest Brett. It happens more than you think. Sometimes even gay sex between brothers or between father and son or between sisters or…”

“I get it Becky. I really do but that doesn’t make it right. What you are proposing is wrong. I don’t want to mess with your head with some twisted justification that just because other people are doing it it is okay for me to fuck my sister. We are both too young to make those kinds of choices. What would mom and dad think if we ever got caught? We would probably both be kicked out of our home. What then? Becky, it’s just too risky.”

Becky just softly giggled into my ear and continued to whisper, “Brett do you honestly believe that our parents give a flying fuck about what we are doing? When was the last time they even asked either of us what we were up to when we go out together to the movies, or just hang out in our bedrooms together with the door closed. We have been in each other’s bedroom for hours before and we have never heard a peep out of either of them about it. They are so self absorbed with their own problems that I honestly believe that they don’t care what we are doing at all. I think their marriage is probably over. They just haven’t signed the paperwork yet. When they do take that step, I’m going to stay with mom. She is the most vulnerable. Dad is just being a prick to her to make things easier for her to let go when the hammer drops. We are getting off the subject though. Back to my original question, do you think I’m pretty Brett?” Becky continued to slowly slide her hand up and down my considerably harder dick.

“Yes Becky. You are very pretty. You are a spitting image of mom only much younger. Becky please stop stroking me. I’m going to cum if you keep that up.”

“That’s the idea. Cassie told me that it’s best if you get the first cum over with quickly. That way the second time you will last much longer.”

Becky stopped momentarily while she pulled my boxers down, exposing my flagpole. I could feel the precum dripping onto my stomach. She reattached her hand to my hardness while she pulled my sheet below our waists. Then she sat up and with one hand on me, she pulled her nightgown up and off with one swift move. She was naked. The nightgown was all she had been wearing when she came into my room. I realised then that she had used our parents’ argument as the excuse to come into my room and seduce me. When I saw her body the war had been won by her. I just hadn’t surrendered yet. I wanted my sister more than the air that I breathed at that moment.

She continued to stroke my nuclear missile. marsbahis giriş The launch sequence had started. “Oh Becky! I’m going to cum baby. Oh yessss…” My cum shot straight into the air as my sister continued to slowly pump. She giggled quietly and put her head down, mouth open, and closed her lips onto the head of my dick to stem the considerable flow. Once I had slowed to a dribbling emission she raised her head and I could see that her mouth was still closed. She swallowed.

“Mmm not what I was expecting. It’s kind of slimy but you don’t taste awful. I guess cum is an acquired taste. Now Brett, here’s the deal. I have thought long and hard about this, for over a year actually. Neither of us is dating anyone. We, you and I, are all each of us has in our lives at the moment. Our parents ignore us and are probably headed for divorce. They are totally self absorbed in their situation. It’s a given that they are going to split up unless dad gets his head out of his ass real soon and starts fucking mom. Until one of us finds a forever after mate I propose that we become lovers. We are both adults. We both love and respect each other. I get my Depo shot every three months so I am safe from pregnancy. We have been close since we were little so the people that we know shouldn’t notice anything different. Even if we get caught by one or the other parent it shouldn’t be that big of a deal because of how close we have always been. So what do you say Brett? You wanna fuck your little sister? Do you want to learn how to please me? I want you to. I know you do because you are still hard.”

She was right. I was still hard.

I briefly considered her argument. To be truthful she had won the argument already. The jealous and protective side of me didn’t want her first time to be by some asshole in the backseat of a car or while drinking at a party. We had been living together for our entire lives. What could be a more normal extension of our feelings than having a sexual relationship with one of the two women that I already loved. Win-win. So I pulled my naked sister on top of me and into my arm’s to cuddle her.

“We will still have to be very careful around mom and dad. No grab-ass, no hot making out, no nudity or even partial nudity around the house unless we know for a fact that we wouldn’t get caught. You will continue getting your Depo shots religiously. You will also keep your grades up so that you can graduate and go to college. When we are in public we will act like a normal brother and sister would, well normal for us that is. If we adhere to these rules, I think we can get away with it. If you agree to these conditions I agree that we can be lovers.” Becky squealed quietly and slid her naked body over on top of me. Her legs were positioned on both sides of my hips. She leaned over and kissed me like a girlfriend would and mashed her naked boobs on my chest while she squirmed and put herself into position on top of me. She slotted her pussy over my hardness and slowly slid up and down.

“Brett you have just made the best decision of your life. We will be so good for each other. I also have a rule for us to follow though. After we become intimate, you and I will remain exclusive unless we both decide otherwise. That way there won’t ever be a chance that we would have to use condoms or worry about STDs.”

“We have a deal little sister.”

Becky giggled in that cute way that she had and started rubbing her labia up and down my trapped boner that had not softened. She must have been soaking wet because I could feel her slickness coat my dick almost immediately. I was as hard as chinese arithmetic as she moved up and down. I started moving my hands over her ample boobs and pinching her hard pointy little nipples as my sexy little sister undulated across my body kissing me. Our hands roamed across each other’s bodies as we both began to discover the other’s sensitive spots. I could feel her smooth skin and her muscles ripple on her back. When I moved my hands to her ass I pulled her up slightly. My dick popped up into position and I could feel the opening to her pussy against the head of my dick. She grabbed my hardness as she sat up.

“I know this will hurt the first time Brett. Don’t let me stop until you are all the way in. I broke my hymen earlier today so there shouldn’t be any blood but you are larger than my hairbrush handle so this might be uncomfortable for me until I’m stretched out. Are you ready big brother? Are you ready to make your little sister a woman?”

As she said those words she held my dick up and slowly holstered her warm, dripping wet pussy onto me. She felt amazing. There is absolutely nothing in this world to compare with the feeling of a wet, hot, tight pussy slowly sliding on your dick for the first time.

She stopped after the head popped in and started taking short shallow breaths. I could feel the tension as she waited. She was tight. I mean really tight. The hairbrush might have taken care of her hymen but inside her pussy was all virgin territory. Even though I had just cum I could feel the boiling in my balls. I thought of inane things to stop the inevitable. I wanted her first time to be incredible. Mine already was. She took several short breaths and settled down some more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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