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Into The Woods

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She was told to wear heels, a trench coat, and red lipstick for this evening. Make sure there is not a stitch of clothing underneath. She drove the car to the meetup spot, trembling in excitement, fear and nervousness. She wondered what her partner had a plan for her. They talk about ideas and ways they would like them to happen, but nothing solid.

He messages her that night after work, instructing her to go home to shower, shave, douche her ass and put on lovely perfume. Then she was to dress according to him, this way. She ran situations of what could happen through her mind, but her thoughts were only racing.

Finally, she arrived at the parking lot of this enormous park with trees. She did not see any other cars; where was he? It was 9:00pm. Did she get time and place wrong? This out corner of her eye, she notices a glow of cigarette and out pops him from the shadows of the trees. He slowly walks toward the drive door. She gulps and quickly steadies her thoughts. Well, this is it, the big surprise. He walks to the driver’s door and opens it. He reaches in and undoes her seat belt, and grabs the keys to pocket them. “Come,” he whispers.

She inches herself off the seat and out of the car, stares at her partner’s face, hoping for clues. His face was stone-cold; he would not provide a comforting smile but rather a mischievous grin. He stretches out his right hand to help her up off the seat and spins her around in a quick circle. Absolutely, perfect.

He lets go of her hand and reaches for the belt on her trench coat. Quickly, he has it undone and onto the buttons. escort izmir He throws her coat back in the car and locks the door. Next, he shut the door. Her eyes dart around her, and she, for a brief moment, tries to cover herself with her hands, which is not enough. Here she is, in nothing but heels. Her heavy bosom, heaving up down with a quick breath…she asks why he took her coat. All he does is smile.

Out of his cargo pants pocket, he pulls out a set of cuffs and puts on her wrists in front of her. “Don’t scream, or run,” he whispers. I got something special for you tonight. Next, he pulls out a blindfold from another pocket. “Trust me, “he whispers; once the blindfold is in place, he steps behind her.

He places a warm hand on the small of her back, “walk,” he commands. She begins to walk in the park in total darkness, trusting her partner. Finally, after what feels like a long time of walking in the silent night, he speaks. “Stop, this is a good spot.”

Unaware, to her their several people quietly gather in the clearing. Under careful arrangement from the man, there were here to come to sexually feast in a sense on the flesh of this woman. The gentleman had arranged a gang bang of sorts for her.

The women invited to this carnage of flesh were to prime her body for the many cocks to fill her holes tonight. Also, the women were to keep the men aroused when it was not their turn. She had talked about an anonymous gang bang for ages. Finally, he made it happen tonight.

Her partner instructed her and help her to the ground. She was to lay on her back, her cuff izmir escort bayan hands above her head, while still blindfolded, her legs to be spread. Once into position, he nodded to the crowd to come forward.

The crowd was told to be quiet, not give away the exact number of people involved. Her partner watches while leaning on a tree to make sure no rules were broken and for his pleasure. The woman started to rub her breasts, tweaking her nipples and sucking on them. They blew warm air on them to get them to pop. Mouths were all over her body, give g warm kisses, blowing gently on suck areas. Then she felt a warm mouth on her groin, precisely on her clit. Slowly at first, flicking off a tongue, that soon picks up the pace. She started to writhe with pleasure, trying to maintain the instructed pose. Moans escape her mouth. The tongue slid down her slit, flick the opening of her vagina. A finger was slid in and picking up speed. Then, another finger enters her. She gasps as an orgasm crash over her body. Then the hands of women who were caressing her body, stop, the mouths lifted from her smooth skin.

A firm average size cock was an inch in her mouth; instantly, she began to suck. A second cock then enter her vagina. The men picked up speed and began to stretch her mouth and vagina. Then she felt a salt brine in her mouth. The guy pulls outs out of her mouth, and another soon replaces that one. The guy in her vagina stop suddenly; he had finished, his come leaking out of her. Within a few minutes, the second guy in her mouth ends and pulls out.

Next thing, she feels izmir escortlar that she be scooped off the ground and impale on a rod of flesh. She is pushed down into the right angle against that guy’s chest, so her ass is exposed. The fifth guy lubes up and enters her tight hole gingerly at first, stretching her out. Then, deeply, he penetrates her as she relaxes. She is heaven, from the orgasms. A third cock enter her mouth, and all three began to penetrate her, building speed. Almost tandem, the guy’s orgasm and shoot more come into her.

This pattern of mouth, vagina and ass penetration mixed with groping of mouths and hands go on for what seems forever, but it has only been a couple of hours. When it clears, she is exhausted, the partner lifts the tree and waves his hand, “enough!” is all he spoke. They all stop and leave her body.

He kisses her lips and lifts her tired, limp body off the ground, and carries her back to her car. Once back near the parking lot, he takes the cuffs off, then the blindfold as he sits on the edge of the park with her in his eyes. When she slowly opens her eyes, she looks up in her partner’s face. It glimmers nothing but love, he whispers, you have done good tonight. He kisses her lips and stroke her hair. They cuddle like this for a few moments. Once she has regained some strength, he digs out another pocket of some water for her to sip on. Next, he lovely gives her some chocolate from another pocket. He then whispers to her, “I love you, you did great.”

Once he felt safe for her to drive, he stood her and himself up. They walk hand in hand to her car. He unlocks the car and helps her put on her coat. He then gives her keys back. Furthermore, he kisses her lips one more time. I will see you at home, he said. Then, he walks back towards the trees as she drove home in bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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