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Island Adventure Ch. 03

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So, Day Three comes and goes without event . . . and I mean WITHOUT EVENT! I didn’t get to see My Islander all day. No matter where I looked, he wasn’t there. It was a heartbreaking day. However, I couldn’t let on to the hubby how dejected I felt about it. I didn’t want him to think I didn’t want or love him anymore. In fact, even without My Islander around, just thinking of him got me so aroused that I took the hubby back to the grotto for a little ride. So, I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded knowing that he was just “filling in” for the time being. But then Day Four . . .

I wake up early, head out to the pool, and lie down next to a lady I’ve been sunbathing with throughout week. We strike up a conversation and her husband joins us. They talk about what they’ve been doing on their vacation so far and my hubby joins us and tells us about another activity tonight that we should at least watch – if not attend. It’s a dinner/party/bonfire, etc. It’s a bit expensive and I’m a bit reserved (woefully shy, actually), so I know it won’t be worth the money for me. These things are great if you’re outgoing and willing to let your hair down . . . I cut mine off a long time ago. I know it’s not going to be for me. But, we all agree to go together to dinner in the restaurant so we can watch.

I’ve given up hope of seeing My Islander (not really, but I tell myself that), and spend the entire day at the pool. Then we change clothes and head to a wine tasting party that precedes dinner. It’s in the same place as the Welcome Party, so I’m on the lookout and sure enough . . . here comes My Islander. His eyes are scanning the crowd and when he sees me, they stay on me and his smile grows wider.

AJ sees me smiling and turns to see what’s caught my attention. He scoots Şanlıurfa Escort his chair closer to me, puts my hand on his crotch – he’s hard! – and asks me what I’m thinking. I don’t even stop to consider my words, I blurt out, “I want him!” He smiles. The couple from the pool have joined us . . . they don’t know what I’m talking about and ask for clarification. I’m mortified! What have I done? I try to cover my blunder with some lame story about wanting My Islander to take us on a tour of the island. They buy it! Whew!

We get up for dinner. I’m not hungry anymore. I’m near tears; I want My Islander so bad. He sees that we’re heading out and he walks in our direction. What to say? Leave it to AJ to break the ice. He and My Islander begin talking. They walk in front of me and the other couple – thank God! I can stare at that sweet ass all the way to the restaurant. Sure enough, My Islander offers to take us on a private tour of the island. I’m screaming “yes” in my head, but leave it to AJ to set it up. He lets the moment pass without setting a time and we part company at the restaurant.

I can’t even focus on the conversation at the dinner table, where we’ve been joined by another couple, because I’m obsessing about My Islander. I lean over and ask AJ several times why he didn’t set something up. He just smiles at me. I can’t take it. I can’t eat. I want to go out in search of him. I give away much of the food on my plate so I’m finished when AJ’s done and we beg off from spending the rest of the night with our new friends.

AJ leads me to the Registration Building where they have free drinks . . . I think he likes me being a little tipsy! He pours a couple and we walk around to the seating area – My Islander! Oh joy! My Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan heart immediately begins pounding so hard I think everyone nearby can hear it. AJ sits down with My Islander and they talk about all kinds of things. I have no idea what . . . I’m an idiot. I’m just standing there, staring, (drooling I think!) dreaming of what I could do to him – and even more – what he could do to me! I think AJ’s going to set up the tour . . . I can spend hours in the company of My Islander . . . but no! They discuss it a bit, but My Islander already has another obligation in the morning and isn’t sure when he’ll be back. Before I know it, AJ stands and says his goodbyes ’cause he’s tired and ready for bed!

What! I’m frantic! We can’t go back to our room! I NEED MY ISLANDER (even if only to look at)! I’ve been standing, staring, dreaming and throbbing in all the right places for more than an hour! I tell AJ I’m not tired. My Islander laughs at me. AJ smiles. I tell AJ I don’t want to go to bed. More laughter and smiles. What da deal is (as they say in the islands)?! I comment about last night, when I sat out on the deck for hours after AJ went to bed because I couldn’t sleep (yes, I WAS looking for My Islander). Still nothing. No satisfaction. No invitation. No plan. Nothing. AJ takes my hand, bids My Islander farewell and takes me back to the room.

All along the walk to the room, I’m asking him why he didn’t set something up. “Why didn’t you schedule the tour?”

“I have his number, Baby. I can call him if we decide we really want to do it. ” he answers.

“What!?!?! What if he sets something else up in the meantime!?!?! What if he decides not to come back this way after his morning obligation? Baby, please, Escort Şanlıurfa call him now and set something up.” I demand.

“Baby, you are the most important person in my life and I don’t want to do anything that will jeopardize our relationship.” He says. “I know you feel something now, but tomorrow you might change your mind. I couldn’t live with it if you do something for which you’d later have regret. I just can’t risk that.”

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe today is the day you decide to stand up for something. Wow!” I exclaim . . . but I can’t stay angry with him. I mean, really, that’s sweet of him, right? Besides, I’ve been pulsating with desire most of the day. I need that fire quenched! Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to say I don’t love my husband. I ABSOLUTELY DO. But, as I’ve said before, in the past ten years, our sex life has been pretty non-existent, so anything that jeopardizes my getting lucky tonight is simply out of the question. I need him!

He knows my desire. He sees my need and I can see that he’s excited. It’s a whole new thing for us. We strip one another’s clothes off as soon as we get in the room. He lies me on the bed, kisses me (and he’s a VERY GOOD kisser), then begins kissing his way down to that part of me that’s screaming loudest. As he flicks his tongue back and forth across my clit, he starts asking questions . . .

“What do you want him to do, Baby?”

“Fuck me!” I breath. (Real creative, right!?) I can’t believe I even said that! I don’t usually use that word. But, my desire is so strong, I just can’t help myself. I WANT HIM TO FUCK ME!

Back and forth we go; he asks a question, I answer in near desperation. He rises above me, begins spanking my clit with his hard cock and I’m already near explosion. He thrusts it inside me and I scream in the throes of a massive orgasm. Wow! I can feel my muscles squeezing, clenching, sucking his cock . . . he cries out and follows me in release. We fall asleep (yes, I actually sleep) in one another’s arms . . . and dream again . . .

More later . . .

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