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It Started With A Movie Ch. 01

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American Dad

Andy knew Todd and Chris for so long now that they all saw each other as brothers. The three of them were roommates in college several years ago when Andy first met his wife Claire. Nowadays it doesn’t surprise Andy to find one of them, with their wife or significant other, visiting Claire when he got home from work.

Keisha is Todd’s wife. She had known Todd since high school. Todd was a varsity basketball player and Keisha had just made the cheerleading squad when they met. Being on the basketball team, it’s easy to imagine that Todd is tall. In fact, he’s over 6-foot 8. He claims that when he first saw Keisha’s hard-body and ebony complexion running onto the court in her miniskirt, he started getting an erection and had to fight to get his mind back on the game.

Chris was an art major. He and his girlfriend Cathy met in college as well. Chris mainly wore denim whenever he could and Cathy usually wore black. They never quite looked like a couple when they were out in public but something between them just clicked. As odd as it seems to their friends, they never got married. They’re still considered a couple, though, because Chris and Cathy would never leave each other and they are really and truly in love.

One evening, the three couples were over at Andy and Claire’s house, having just come back from seeing “sex, lies and videotape…” at the movies. They were sitting in the living room drinking, talking and discussing the movie when Claire asked Keisha if she’d ever let herself be recorded, talking about her sex life. To their surprise, Keisha gave a mischievous smile and admitted that she probably would. Todd looked a bit nervous at her and when everyone saw his look, they laughed.

Not to be left out of the spotlight, Cathy, the art major, piped up and said with confidence, “Hell, I would! sert porno But it’d be a shame to keep a video like that private. What a documentary of twenty-first century human sexuality we’d all miss out on. It would be a shame if a tape like that was stored in some pervert’s closet.”

Todd looked at Cathy and said, “If you’re so brave, how about telling us all about one of your fantasies.”

Cathy didn’t expect that and reconsidered. She said “Come on…you guys don’t really want to hear what I’ve got to say.”

Not to let the moment slip by, Claire said “Sure we do, or the comment wouldn’t have been made. We should be fair though and let everyone take a turn.” Claire added, trying to coax Cathy to speak. “We’re all good friends and I don’t think anyone would broadcast this to anyone outside of our little circle. Besides, I think I know what girls think about but I’d love to know what drives guys…sexually.”

There was silence as everyone in the room considered the implications. Before anyone could raise a voice in protest, however, Cathy made the decision for everyone by speaking first.

“OK, this is one I’ve had for a long time now…It’s kind of a dream which I’ve had a few times but before I totally wake up, I always finish playing it out in my mind.”


I’m leaning forward against a waist-high Grecian pillar on my elbows. I am in some kind of art gallery. I can hear that there’s a crowd of people behind me and I’m not wearing any clothes. On my right and left are two sculptures of men waving fronds at me. I can’t move my body but I can move my eyes enough to look around. The statues are crouching on one knee and I can see that they both have erections. There is a small reflective surface against the wall in front of me and I can see part of myself sex mex porno and a few of the people behind me. My skin is painted white and looks like alabaster. The director is explaining the artwork to them.

“Here we have Federini’s classic ‘A Lady Waiting’ in which, the figure of a young woman is waiting for her lover to approach her while two of her servants watch at her side.”

I can feel the eyes of dozens of people looking at me. The most intimate parts of my womanhood are exposed to them for their examination. It turns me on incredibly and I’m afraid that I will become wet and they will know that I am not a statue and that I am real. As I look in the mirror, I can catch a glimpse of my breasts as they hang under me. My nipples are erect and white like the rest of me.

“Notice the attention to detail that Federini puts into the delicate folds of skin and the apparent softness of her hair.” The guide continues. “The piece allows us to see the decadence, the eroticism and at the same time, the loneliness that many of the wives faced during the reign of Augustus Caesar…Now, moving on to the next room…”

The crowd starts to move to the next room and there is silence as the light in the room dims. In the dim light, I see that the fronds are slowly moving and the faces of the two men are peering at me. Then I hear soft footsteps behind me as if a person without shoes were approaching. I can almost move my head now and as I shift, I can see in my reflection that my breasts sway under me. I still can’t move from this position (or I won’t) and the figure approaches. “I have been looking for you.” A voice behind me speaks softly.

“I have been waiting.” I hear myself whisper. The servants continue to gently wave their fronds, creating a gentle breeze, which caresses stranded teens porno my skin. Then I feel two hands run down my back and come to rest on my hips. They are strong hands like those of a warrior and they hold firmly onto my hips as I feel the first touch of a penis pressing against my lips. I realize now that I am very wet and I close my eyes as he enters me. Slowly at first, the man (my husband) slides in and almost all the way out of me, and then I feel him quicken the pace. He pulls me onto himself with quick thrusts and then pushes me off again, slower. I feel the heat of my pussy rising and hear my heart beating and the gentle slapping of our bodies in my ears. The room seems to get smaller. I look up again at the mirror. The crowd has returned and in the dim light, they watch. I feel my wetness start to run down my inner thigh and I can hear the sloppy movements of his penis pumping in and out of me, filling me up with himself. We continue performing this seductive act of sex for what seems like eternity. The onlookers stay silently in the shadows. As I start to climax, I feel his grip tighten and his muscular thighs press against the backs of my legs. His movements stop as he forces himself even deeper inside of me, pumping his semen deep within me. I feel his pulsing penis pressed against my own throbbing pulse deep inside of me.

“Then I usually wake up.” Cathy said. Sometimes I think about the dream when I’m by myself at home. It’s not a very realistic fantasy but I imagine it is.”

They just sat there speechless for a moment. Then Claire let out her breath. “That got me SO wet.” She said.

“Me too.” said Keisha.

“I started to get hard,” admitted Todd. Keisha discreetly moved her hand to Todd’s pants to check and giggled. Then she put her head on his shoulder.

Andy looked down at himself and saw a bit of a bulge in his pants too. “Who’s next?” he asked. “Should we alternate, girl – boy?” They all looked at each other and then actually it was Chris who spoke up.

“I’ll put in one for the guys.” He said…

To Be Continued…

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