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It Started with a Stupid Bet

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John and David had been friends for a long time. They had been in the military at the same time, although they served in different branches. John had been in the Army as a member of an infantry unit while David had been a rifleman in the Marine Corps. Circumstances had put their units near each other during various operations and they had developed a battlefield friendship. They had maintained the friendship after getting out of the service and had gone into similar professions. They were from the same general area — which had also contributed to their battlefield friendship — and they had settled near each other as a result. They had attended each other’s wedding and regularly hung out together on weekends.

As is usual with service veterans, they regularly gave each other crap, but only in a friendly non-insulting way. It was impossible for them to feel insult from each other. David was a big man who inherited pattern baldness from his grandfather and had a “shiny dome” before he was 25. John was an average size guy who David regularly picked on for “not being a full size man.” At five feet ten inches tall, and a fit 190 pounds, John had to look up to David’s six foot four inch height. Just as fit as John, David weighed in closer to 240 pounds. Where John was pretty hairy and had to keep trimmed, David had very little body hair. Where John had a slightly above average cock, at 7″, a handful around and circumcised, David had a much larger piece of equipment. His cock was almost 10″ long and nearly as thick around as a coke can. His service nickname had been “stallion” and everyone knew why.

Their wives, surprisingly enough, were nearly identical. John’s wife, Diana, was five feet six inches tall with auburn hair, C-cup breasts and a nicely rounded ass. David’s wife, Julie, was five feet seven inches tall with darker brown hair, D-cup breasts and a similar round butt.

The two couples often hung out together and the wives got along very well. Many a weekend had been spent in one backyard or the other, barbequing, grilling, hanging out and enjoying a few drinks. Diana and Julie often shared a pitcher of margueritas as their husbands drank cold beers or the occasional mixed drink. David and Julie had a pool in their yard while John and Diana had opted for a hot tub on their private deck. On more than one occasion they’d had a few too many drinks and either gone skinny dipping in the pool, or soaked in the hot tub, all of them naked. The first time Diana had seen David naked her jaw dropped in surprise. Julie had seen the reaction and giggled, Standing near her husband, Julie reached out and took hold of David’s manhood, shaking it and stroking it in Diana’s direction. “Yeah,” Julie had smiled. “It never fails to please.”

“I bet!” Diana smiled back. But then she turned and did the same to John, stroking it in Julie’s direction saying, “but this never fails to please and won’t hurt me!”

As life evolved, Diana and Julie ended up working for the same retail company and went on work trips together as the job required. It wasn’t often… maybe once each fiscal quarter. They would share a room and keep an eye on each other — or at least, that’s what they told their husbands. Truth be told, Diana kind of envied Julie’s outlook when they went on travel. While Diana stayed “faithful,” as she thought of it, Julie never missed a chance to dance and flirt with other men. Diana never said anything to David, but she told John everything. “It’s just harmless fun,” John would say. “It’s not like she’s cheating or anything.”

“So you wouldn’t mind if I flirted and danced with guys while I’m on travel?” Diana asked her husband.

“I don’t think so,” replied John. “Like I said… just harmless fun.”

“Some of those guys take a lot of liberties feeling her up while they dance,” Diana said carefully.

“That’s between her and David I guess,” said John after a minute. “If she doesn’t tell him or she does and he doesn’t care, it’s not our business,” John finished.

“You’re awful nonchalant about it,” said Diana with a teasing smile. “How would you feel if I flirted and danced with some guy and ended up with him feeling my ass or tits?”

John thought about that for a minute wanting to give her an honest answer. As he pictured it in his mind, he didn’t experience any feelings of jealousy. In fact, the idea of it turned him on a little bit. Was that weird? Finally he gave her his answer. “I’m not sure it would bother me. I wouldn’t want you to hide anything from me because THAT would seem dishonest; like you were lying about something. That would make it feel like you were cheating,” he said. “But if you came home and told me all about it or told me about it on the phone during our goodnight phone calls, I’m not sure I’d care.” He thought a little more and smiled, measuring how much he wanted to admit. “Heck, if it turned you on, you had a good time, and ended up in bed dripping wet and playing with yourself, I’d just be upset that I didn’t get to watch!”

Diana smiled an evil grin, slapped her husband’s Sincan Escort shoulder and said, “Pervert!”

“Yeah,” John smiled back, pulling her into a hug, “but I’m your pervert.”

Hugging him back Diana smiled up at him. “You are… and I love you.”

Time went on and before long the wives were scheduled for another trip. As the two couples lounged naked in the hot tub one Saturday evening, Diana brought it up. Taking a sip of her marguerita, at ease nude in front of their best friends, and wondering what David’s reaction was going to be, Diana said, “So, Julie… John and I were talking about this trip and he says he doesn’t mind if I find a guy to flirt and dance with one evening.”

“It’s about time,” Julie said with a smile. “You’ve denied yourself the opportunity far too long, just watching instead of joining in.”

“Yeah,” agreed David. “I love it when Julie comes home full of sexual energy because she’s been flirting, dancing and getting herself all worked up. She damned near rapes me when she gets in the door.”

“You can’t rape the willing!” Julie said with a grin.

“True,” David agreed with a big smile.

“That’s kind of the result I’m hoping for,” said John. “That Diana will find some hot stud to dance with and get all worked up and then have to just sit on the frustration…”

“Literally!” chimed in Julie and they all laughed.

The conversation moved on from there and even though the topic was dropped, Diana knew she was free to mimic Julie’s behavior when they were on travel from then on. Smiling to herself as she took another sip of her drink, she thought about what might happen on the trip and admitted to herself that she was looking forward to it.

A few weeks later the wives were off on their trip and the husbands were just hanging out, filling time. They found themselves at a local billiards hall, playing games through the evening with John pretty regularly winning. Every time John won he made a point of giving David some grief about it; about how a soldier would always beat a Marine in anything requiring good aim. David smiled and seemed to take the good-natured ribbing in stride, but, for some reason that particular evening, it was starting to get to him. So as they set up the balls for another game, he decided to push the issue. “How about a little wager this time around?” he said to John.

“What did you have in mind?” John asked.

“Well,” said David, pretending to consider it even though he already knew what he was going to say, “How about if I win, the next time we’re all in the hot tub I get to flirt and feel up Diana?”

John looked shocked but caught himself quickly. “Sure,” he replied, confident he was going to win anyway. “But only if I get to do the same with Julie if I win.” He half thought David would back off, but there was something he didn’t know… and David’s reply DID shock him.

“Hell,” said David, “if you win you can outright fuck Julie on the edge of the tub!”

Laughing as he lined up to break, John said, “Deal!”

“Wait,” said David before John could break. “That’s not fair. If I win, I only get to flirt with and feel Diana but you get to fuck Julie?” He paused, as if thinking about the situation before continuing. “If this is going to be a fair bet, the winner should get to fuck the loser’s wife.”

That caught John off guard and made him pause. “I’m not so sure about that,” he replied.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Pool King… not so confident now?” David ribbed him. His verbal tease had the desired effect.

“Okay,” said John, not wanting to back down. “Winner fucks loser’s wife.” David stuck out his hand but added a few more conditions before they shook on it.

“Winner gets to fuck the loser’s wife, no condoms required and no holes barred.” John balked at that a little bit but couldn’t get past the smug look on David’s face.

“Fine,” John said, trying to sound confident, and they shook on the bet. What John didn’t know, as David watched him break, was that David and Julie had been swingers for a long time. For almost five years of their eight year marriage, they’d been going to swinger clubs and swapping spouses with other couples. That was why David didn’t care about Julie’s flirting and dancing on the work trips. If Diana hadn’t been around, Julie likely would have taken some of those men back to her hotel room to suck and fuck.

Feeling a little bit nervous about the bet now, John broke and the game proceeded. His nervousness impacted his play and pretty soon, as the game neared its end, both men had only one ball on the table along with the eight ball. Trying to find his confidence, John lined up his shot — a relatively easy one — and took it. He sank the ball but also scratched, turning the table over to David. With a smile, David lined up his shot, sunk his ball and then dropped the eight ball in the side pocket he specified. John’s heart sank. He wasn’t sure how he felt about David fucking his wife but he had a big concern Etlik Escort over how he was going to tell Diana about the bet and what the pay off was.

David saw his friend’s angst and wanted to relieve it somewhat — but he wasn’t going to let John out of the bet. “Nice game,” he said. “I tell you what. I won’t hold you to absolute payment of the debt.” John looked relieved at that, until David finished his statement. “BUT… you DO have to at least tell Diana about the bet and all the conditions, in front of Julie and I, and if she’s willing to pay up then I get to collect.” John was pretty sure that Diana would kill him for even wagering her like that, but he felt the requirement of fulfilling his bet to David.

Reluctantly John agreed. “Okay,” he said sheepishly, putting his hand out to shake David’s. “But if she throws me out, you have to give me a room until I find someplace else to live.”

David laughed, shaking John’s hand as he answered. “Agreed, but I think you’ll be fine.” John thought about it as they played another game, this time without any bet and without as much bragging from John. It was Friday night and the wives wouldn’t be home until Tuesday, so he had time to try to figure out how to approach telling Diana what he’d done… what he’d bet… and what she was asked to do to pay his bet off.

– – – – – – – – – –

That same evening, several states away, Diana and Julie were in the country western bar in their hotel. Sometimes when they went out on travel they dressed up and went to classy places. Sometimes they wanted to dress down and go someplace a bit more laid back. This Friday evening was one of those dress-down laid-back evenings and the country western bar was super convenient, being right there in the hotel. Diana was in her favorite pair of tight-fitting jeans — the ones she felt showed off her ass the best and a snug v-cut sweater that showed off some of her cleavage. Julie had opted for a mid-thigh length skirt and a button down blouse tucked in. The top four buttons of the blouse were unbutton and she was showing off even more cleavage than Diana was. Both had enjoyed a good dinner and their first marguerita. Now they were on the dance floor, dancing together surrounded by guys who fancied themselves to be cowboys. Some of them were fit. Some of them were ruggedly handsome. Some of them reminded Diana of the Pillsbury dough boy, but they were all having a good time, smiling and dancing. They were all trying to impress the ladies… and the ladies were loving it.

Two guys in particular were doing their best to stay in front of the wives. Both men were about six feet tall and built well. They wore Levis, cowboy boots and button down blue checkered shirts. Neither was wearing a hat and Diana thought they looked kind of like brothers. When the music changed to a slow song, one of them stepped toward Julie and extended a hand, which she accepted. The other stepped to Diana and did the same, and after a few moments hesitation, she took it and stepped into him. As his hands went to her hips, hers went around his neck and they moved together to the slow beat.

“I’m Ed,” the man said into Diana’s ear. “Thanks for the dance.”

“I’m Diana,” she said into his ear. “Thanks for asking… kinda,” and she giggled. The music was still loud enough that they almost had to shout into each other’s ear to be heard, but they managed, exchanging some small talk as they danced. As they moved, Diana saw Julie doing much the same thing with the other man. The song lasted about five minutes and near the end of it, Diana felt Ed’s hands moving a bit from her hips… up her sides a bit… down to her hips… around just slightly toward her butt and then back up to her sides. He was testing the waters. Diana mentally smiled to herself and the next time his hands moved down and back toward her butt, she pulled her hands around his neck tighter, pulling him down and moving her body closer. The combined result was that both of his hands ended up on her ass where he gave a nice caress and a gentle squeeze of both cheeks before his hands moved away.

When the song ended, Ed leaned into her for a kiss before they parted, and she treated him to a quick peck on the lips. It wasn’t passionate, but it felt very naughty to her. Ed was the first man she had kissed other than John since she’d gotten married. When she looked over to Julie she saw a different kind of kiss. Julie had her hand tangled in the man’s hair, their mouths obviously open and tongues swirling for several moments. When they broke apart, Julie saw Diana watching but just smiled big, winked at her and then put out her hand as she pulled away from her dance partner.

Julie led Diana straight to the ladies’ room where the music wasn’t so overpowering. Where it was quiet, standing beside each other in front of the mirrors, Diana couldn’t hold her comment back any longer. “That was a bit beyond flirting and dancing, wasn’t it?”

“What?” Julie said with an innocent smile. Çankaya Escort “The kiss?” Diana nodded to confirm that was what she was talking about. “Oh, no big deal,” said Julie with a giggle.

Diana was surprised by her friend’s response. “No big deal?” she asked, sounding very accusatory. “That kiss was far more than flirting or even a quick peck. You were making out with the guy!”

Julie stopped adjusting her hair in the mirror and turned to look at her friend. “You really don’t know, do you?”

“Know what?” Diana asked. She still looked upset with Julie.

Julie looked exasperated. She looked Diana full in the face and said, “David and I are swingers. We have been for years.” She stopped for a moment, almost laughing at the shocked look on Diana’s face. “All these trips we’ve gone on when I’ve danced and flirted… David wouldn’t have cared if I fucked all those guys as long as I told him about it afterward.”

Diana was shocked to speechlessness for a few minutes. After she managed to find her voice she was still surprised at what she’d heard and in disbelief. “Swingers? David lets you fuck other men?”

“Yes,” said Julie, nodding her reply. “He’s watched me with about a dozen men… and he’s enjoyed most of their wives at the same time.”

Diana was slowly getting past her shock. “So you all fuck other people… together.”

“Most of the time,” Julie confirmed. “If we know someone well enough then we’ll go play alone.”

Diana was almost past her shock and then another thought hit her. “So… all these work trips we’ve been on together… I’ve been holding you back?”

Julie smiled at her. “Not much,” she answered honestly. “It’s not like I fuck every guy who makes a pass at me… but there’s been more than a few that I’d have played with if I’d been on travel alone.

“And tonight?” Diana asked. “The guy you were just sucking face with?”

“Devin,” Julie said. “Devin is his name and you were dancing with his brother, Ed.” She paused and thought for a moment. “Yeah… I think I’d play with him if I was alone.”

“Does John know about this?” Diana asked. She firmly believed that John and David had no secrets from each other but she couldn’t believe that John would keep such a secret from her if he knew.

“Not as far as I know,” replied Julie. “David wanted to tell you all a long time ago, but… well… some people react in a weird way and we didn’t want to risk ruining our friendship.”

“So why tonight?” asked Diana. “What made this different?”

“You,” said Julie flatly. “You’ve always been relatively uptight; never really enjoying yourself; limiting what you’d do. Tonight you looked more comfortable… and you let Ed feel you up and kissed him. I figured you wouldn’t freak out if I told you about David and I.” She paused before adding. “Hell, I half thought you were thinking about playing with Ed.”

Diana took it all in and thought for a few minutes before saying anything else. “Okay,” she finally said. “Do what you want with Devin. I’m going to dance some more with Ed if he wants but I won’t do anything with him I can’t do on the public dance floor.”

Julie smiled brightly. “So if I want to take Devin to our room, you’ll stay down here and entertain Ed?”

“You slut!” Diana laughed. “Did you just ask me if I’ll keep his brother busy so you can go fuck Devin?”

“Yep!” Julie laughed back.

Diana stopped laughing. “Sure… I guess.” Julie smiled even bigger and gave Diana a hug.

“Thank you!” she said and then they were headed back to the dance floor. They found Devin and Ed and a few minutes later, Julie was leading Devin away by the hand. Ed leaned in to Diana to ask, “Where are they going?” He nearly had to shout over the music.

“Upstairs to fuck I think!” Diana shouted back.

With a big smile, Ed asked, “Wanna go join them?”

Diana’s response was to wave her ring finger in Ed’s face. “Can’t. Married!” she shouted. Ed pouted a little but stopped when she pulled him closer and put his hands on her ass. “But we can dance!” she said and pulled him into a kiss. This one was more than a peck and as he tasted her tongue he seemed to stop complaining.

Forty-five minutes later, Diana was half wishing that she HAD taken Ed up to join Julie and Devin. They’d been steadily making out and his hands had explored her everywhere. She was sure there was a damp spot in the crotch of her jeans and her panties were soaked through. She could easily see and feel Ed’s hard cock through his nicely fitted jeans and it was comparable to John’s — or a bit bigger. She was thinking about what it would be like to be alone and naked with him when Julie came back into the bar dragging Devin — who had a huge smile on his face — by the hand. Ten minutes after that, the ladies had said good night and were headed back to their room.

As Diana got ready for bed, she listened to Julie call David at home, tell him about her playdate and then say “I love you” before saying goodnight. Before turning off the light, Diana texted John, as was their custom instead of a phone call, and told him she had news to share when she got home. John replied with a smiley face and an “I love you,” and that was their good night. As she fell asleep later, Diana wondered what John’s reaction would be to a phone call where she told him the details about some guy she’d just fucked.

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