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It’s So Very Hard To Wait

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It’s 9pm and here I am at work and it’s about 96* and I have a moment so I’ll them as I get them. I printed your letter and took it to work, but I don’t need it. All I have to do is think about what I want to do when I’m with you. Sometimes I play it out several different ways here’s one:

When I arrive at your house your dressed in something comfortable what ever and you’re sitting on the couch just chilling looking sexy. I know what you want, I know what you need and as I get undressed you stand up and began to remove what ever you’re wearing and sit down on the edge of the couch. Not a word is spoken and all out responses are like automatic. I then lower myself to my knees and softly lick your pussy lips parting them with my tongue and finally inside you. I then ease back and work my way to your ass hole and back up to your pussy. I can’t decide which one I’m going to fuck first but, I’ll keep eating both for now. The only sound you hear are the ones we make and the TV, I slowly insert my fingers into your pussy and ass and finger fuck the hell out of you.

After you cum your licking your lips as if you want this hard long dick hanging between my legs in your mouth but, just wait I’ll give it to you. First I have to decide which hole I’m going to fuck first. Ok I think I’ll lay you on the floor Antalya Escort on your back and push your legs way up in the air and hold them apart and play with your clit for a moment (not a single word is spoken yet except for our gasp and ahhhh’s) I slowly insert into you inch after inch until I’m all the way in. Then begin to fuck the shit out of you I feel your pussy lips tighten as you go into the first of many orgasms; I watch you with your eyes closed and your head going from side to side your pussy juice running out of you and is helping to lubricate your ass hole for me. I look down and my dick is all white with your cum I pull out of you and move in front as you rollover on all fours and sit up on your knee’s.

I just hold my cock as you take it in your mouth and lick your juices off it. (My God you suck cock great) I watch you play with it with your tongue and finally slid it into your mouth all the way too the balls. Part of me wants to hold your head and face fuck you, your lips sliding up and down and I’m hearing you gasp and choke a little; I love to feed my cock down your throat (borderline Dominate) “Suck my cock” ( borderline Forceful) “Eat this dick” (borderline grateful) “ Ohh! Yes thank you so much” (borderline Un explainable) “That this gorgeous women is sucking the shit Antalya Escort Bayan out of my cock and loving it”. Now since you remembered the last time I ass fucked you the had towels near by and you lay them on the floor and get into an all 4 position with your face down and ass up as if your reading my mind you reach back and spread your cheeks for me. (Ahh! Your ass hole looks so good opening and closing. ( man I’m hard as hell and it’s 930PM I have written 4 pages already and my thoughts just keep flowing, I’m listening to the guy’s talking shit about what they do, how they do, and what their girls and then I’m laughing to my self I want to walk up and show them the letter I have in m pocket but, it wouldn’t matter because to them you’re a women that’s to good to be true so I’ll just let them dream while I live their fantasies where was I Oh yeah I was sticking my cock in your ass) I don’t ever want to hurt you and, I’ll try to be gentle I really want to just shove the head of my cock in your ass and get past that tight ring and then relax and let you take it like you want it.

I’m so excited I’m getting harder and harder (Shit got to stop work time 945pm). Ok I’m back its Monday 0430am and I just got my ass kicked but, I don’t care all I had to do was think about what I’m going Escort Antalya to do you tonight and time flew by. Now where was I?

I love watching my cock slide in and out of your ass you always did say it felt good. Now I cant help my self I slam fuck your ass hole good and quick like some prison bitch in a movie hearing your cry out and reach back to pull me harder and faster I put your hands on your ass cheeks and have you keep them spread them wide you speak for the first time saying I got to us the bathroom and I tell you piss in the towel as you try to pull away I hold you tighter and fuck you faster and harder when all of a sudden you let go a stream of piss the sensation takes you over the top your body jerking and shaking the neighbors are beating on the floor below us. Every time I push in you let out another stream my god I can help myself I dick flexes and expands before exploding inside you I cum so much that it pours out of your ass and as I fall back to floor behind you and you remain on all 4’s panting still and I can see your asshole convulsing and pushing my cum back out your ass and down your legs. I cant help myself something inside me clicks and my perversions kick in and I have to eat your ass hole I have to get this cream pie you slowly fall on your side the taste is sensational a beautiful balance of all your nectar and take my cum covered cock back into our mouth and suck the last of it out.

You continue to do this until I’m hard again and we start over and that was just the first 20 minutes I’m there. I don’t have to leave for another 3-4 hours…………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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