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Jack’s Dad

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Authors note:

This story is a work of fiction. The characters are not based on real people. If sexual acts between family members is offensive to you, then you shouldn’t read this story. There is no violence or non-consensual sex in the story. If you are okay with consensual father son sex, enjoy the story.



Jack had always admired his dad. He was not only a handsome hunk but also, a good man who loved his family and treated his wife with respect. When Jack reached the age of puberty and started to have sexual thoughts, he looked at girls his own age, he felt nothing. When he looked at his dad his little thingy got stiff. He didn’t think anything about it at the time until he talked to some of his school friends who were all excited about the girls. Jack couldn’t understand why he didn’t feel the same. He was actually more excited about boys his age than the girls. Was he different? What was wrong with him?

As he got older his sexual fantasies never involved girls. It was worrisome. He talked about it with some friends of his own age. That was a big mistake, he was shunned and called names. His friend Albert told him he must be a faggot and to stay away from him. He and Albert had been friends since kindergarten, he felt total rejection. Albert told his other friends and they isolated him. The only friends he had now were girls. Although having girls as friends didn’t excite him, he was glad that they didn’t reject him.

At home his admiration for his dad became sexual thoughts. He would look at his dad while he worked around the house or relaxed by the pool. He was especially attracted when his dad took off his shirt on hot days while cutting the lawn. His dad had a beautiful body, washboard abs, large pecs and a chest covered in a mat of curly dark hair. He would feel his cock get so hard that it hurt. He started hanging around where he could watch his dad hoping to catch a glimpse of his hot body.

Jack noticed that when other men were around his dad would sneak a peek at their bodies and butts. The better the build the longer he looked especially as they were walking away from him. Sometimes he would, for no obvious reason, follow the guy down the street. He seemed to be interested in big framed men with well-toned muscled upper body and thighs. One-day Jack’s family went on a day trip to a national park near their home. After a day of hiking in the wilderness they went to the pool to cool off. By this time of day, the pool was a popular spot. Jack noticed that both his mom and dad seemed to be checking out the men. Dad was definitely looking at guys in swim suits, dad seemed to be particularly attracted to the bulge in their trunks.

Jack wanted to look more like the guys his dad looked at and started working out every day after school. He planned to show his former friends that he was no sissy faggot and if his dad noticed so much the better. It was hard work and he didn’t get the body of his dreams overnight. Months went by with gradual results. His dad did notice and complemented him on his efforts and not spending all his time playing video games. As Jack matured he noticed that the changes were happening quicker and by the time his eighteenth birthday came around he was ripped and his package was as nice as any his dad had seen at the national park pool.

On his birthday Jack’s dad wished him a happy birthday and gave him a big hug and held him a little longer than necessary. Jack noticed that his dad had squeezed his biceps and leaned hard into his body pecs to pecs. His dad commented on how quickly his little boy became a man. This was the first sign that dad had really noticed.

More time passed and Jack didn’t think dad was paying any attention to him. He decided to buy a speedo to replace his old baggy bathing suit. He went to a sporting goods store that catered to the swim teams at the local schools and colleges. The staff was very helpful and Jack left the store with a suit that prominently displayed his package.

Jack waited patiently for a chance to show off his new swim suit or lack thereof. On the weekend if the weather is good Jack’s dad likes to barbeque steaks on the grill out on the patio by the pool. Saturday turns out to be a perfect day and dad readied the BBQ. When he took the steaks out on the patio, Jack was in the pool, swimming laps. His body was slithering through the water doing Olympic style turns at the end of each lap. Jack is a good swimmer, he alternated between strokes on each successive lap. On the backstroke he tried hard to make sure his package broke the water surface often. Somehow, he just knew his dad would notice.

After completing his usual 20 laps, Jack laid on a lounge chair giving his dad a perfect view from his position behind the BBQ. Dad was definitely looking and before long Jack heard him cursing profusely because he had burned the steak. His dad was madder than hell, at himself. Jack smiled and readjusted his hardening cock as his dad took out his frustration on the burned steaks. With a sharp knife and patience his dad rescued some of the steak. Dinner was a tense time kastamonu escort Jack’s mom was pissed about the steaks. “What the fuck were doing? Where was your mind? I definitely wasn’t on what you were doing and I know it wasn’t on me. I’d bet you were dreaming about a sweet little cunt on some playboy model.” She screamed. Jack smiled at his dad.

After dinner Jack went to the gym to work out. It wasn’t hard work anymore. He was in maintenance mode. He was proud of his body and he knew he had his dad looking. His cock was semi erect all the while he was working out. When he got home, things were still tense between his parents. Jack had the feeling it went deeper than the incident with the steaks. When he thought back over the last couple of weeks, he realized that his mom and dad were going through a rough time.

About a week later Jacks parents had a massive blow out. His mom was screaming at his dad “I don’t know what the fuck you’re doing George but I know you have eyes for someone else and I am not going to put up with it. You are either with me and only me or I am out of here.”

“Come on Mary, there is no one else. You are my wife. I love you and only you.”

“I’m not stupid George, you’re either screwing someone else or you’re seriously thinking about it. I have seen you checking other women. Come to think of it you may even been checking out some hot men too.”

“Oh, so now you are accusing me of being gay too. Is that really what you think Mary?”

“No, not really but something is going on. I can’t take this anymore. I am going to visit my sister. I’ll be there at least a week. That should be enough time for you to think this through.”

Jack’s dad moped around for a couple of days. Jack exhibited his nearly naked body at the pool for hours each day. His dad tried to ignore Jack, but Jack knew he was watching. The evidence was a bulge in the crotch of dad’s baggy swim suit. Jack pulled himself out of the pool, the tip of his hard cock was pushing against the string tie of his speedo. The strain on his cock had caused it to curve from the base up to the top of his speedo as it tried to free itself. When his dad saw it, he groaned. Jack knew he had him. He cupped his balls in his hand and smiled at dad, then stretched out on the lounge chair next to dad.

Dad’s cock was rigid, long and thick. Even in his baggy swim trunks Jack could see that it must be painful. Jack spoke of mom leaving and sympathized with his dad. Dad told him that he was more worried about him and how it would affect him. Dad came over and gave Jack a hug. Jack hugged back and kissed his dad on the cheek. His dad turned his head and the kisses were lips to lips, then they became an open mouthed, tongue dancing fight for dominance.

Jack’s hand moved down dad’s body as dad’s hand moved down his. Both men were sizing up the other Jack groaned into his dad’s mouth. Dad backed him through the patio door into the house and over to the sofa. As Jack’s knees backed into the sofa, he went down on his back with dad on top of him. Dad’s cock ground into Jack’s and they were thrusting against each other. Jack reached down and pulled the string releasing the knot at the top of dad’s swim trunks. Dad was rubbing his hands all over Jack’s toned muscled body. Jack had to see his dad’s cock, he pushed the trunks down and felt the snake that was dad’s cock leap over the top of the trunks as they descended down over his hips. Jack grasped it and although it was about the size of his own cock, it felt huge in his hand. He stroked the uncut skin back and forth over his dad’s cockhead. Jack had never touched a cock other than his own before. It sent a shockwave through him. He wanted more, so much more.

Dad took charge at this point. He could have put a stop to it like a dad should, but he couldn’t do it. This had gone too far to turn back. He quickly removed Jack’s speedos and dropped to his knees breaking the kiss that had lasted for at least a minute. He kissed down over Jack’s shoulder muscles to his pecs, sucked his nipples and continued his mission with a slow advance over his abs until he found the treasure trail. Jack’s cockhead perched right at the top of the treasure trail and his dad’s tongue lapped the pearly drop of precum from his piss slit before his lips parted and engulfed the cock he had been dreaming of for months. Jack’s cock tasted so good the precum was sweeter than he expected and Jack’s pleasure was obvious from the groans and moans coming from him. Before his dad knew what was happening Jack’s balls had pulled tight to his body and his cock expanded as he tried to hold back his load of cum. He failed and fed his dad several healthy ropes of cum. His dad had trouble swallowing all of it but caught up as the spurts diminished to drools. Dad just stopped sucking and kept Jack’s cock in his mouth through the sensitive stage that follows orgasm. Jack was taking deep breaths enjoying his first sexual contact with another person and – WOW – it was his dad.

After a few minutes Jack’s cock started to recover and firm up, he could almost kayseri escort feel the blood rushing into it as it lengthened back into his dad’s throat. Not to be outdone Jack told dad that it wasn’t fair and that he should get a cock to suck too. Dad turned 180 degrees so that his cock was right in Jack’s face. Jack wasted no time. His dad’s cock was dripping with precum as his lips pushed the foreskin back and all that sweet and delicious nectar flooded into his mouth. The taste and the feeling of power that flooded over Jack made his head swirl. He went to work on dad’s cock. The head felt so soft and smooth and the shaft was so hard. He lapped at the head before sliding his lips down the shaft feeling every bump and vein. The cockhead hit the back of his mouth and Jack gagged. He needed to reset his gag reflex. He wanted to taste balls so he pulled off his dad’s cock and kissed his way down the shaft until he could open his mouth and engulf the big soft orbs that were his dad’s balls.

Jack was in seventh heaven. For so long he had dreamed of his dad, even before he knew what he wanted to do with dad. Dad’s cock was amazing and Jack was so glad that dad’s cock was the first he had ever tasted. Jack savored every drop of precum that drooled from his dad’s cock and was so happy when dad groaned or moaned appreciatively. Jack noticed that his gag reflex was easing and he was going further down his dad’s cock the longer he sucked on it. He doubled down on his efforts and it seemed as if he was gaining a half inch on each stroke in and out of his throat. ‘Fuck’ Jack thought, it has to be 9 inches and I have most of it in my mouth. On the next stroke Jack’s lips made contact with his dad’s nicely trimmed pubes. He pushed down, held his breath and hummed.

Jack’s dad was conflicted, he shouldn’t be doing this but he still held Jacks drooling cock in his mouth. Then when Jack had said he wanted a cock to suck too, his conflict was even worse, but he wanted it so badly that he got in the 69 position and never looked back. Jack’s cock felt so good in his mouth and the taste of his cum lingered. He remembered when he was Jack’s age he could have half a dozen orgasms in a single night. He hoped Jack could too. After Jack had gagged himself on his first attempt he spent some time kissing his dad’s shaft and sucking his balls before going back to his cock. It wasn’t dad’s first blowjob and although it was obvious that Jack was a beginner, it was the best he ever had because it was from Jack. Jack was learning quickly as he kept taking more cock on each stroke. It took him a few minutes to get it all in his mouth and his dad could feel his orgasm building. Then when Jack’s lips circled the base of his cock and the humming started that was too much and his cum exploded right down Jacks esophagus.

Jack had to breathe and pulled up on his dad’s cock catching the last half of his dad’s cum in his mouth. The taste was a little stronger than the precum but it wasn’t bad. In fact, Jack decided almost immediately that he loved it.

Jack’s dad knew that what he had allowed to happen was wrong. But, fuck it had been the best blowjob he ever had. Still, the guilt weighted heavy on him but he did nothing to end what was going on. Both of them were still naked and Jack being young was ready for more. Dad’s cock was limp as Jack tried to lick and suck it back to life. His dad pushed him away from his cock, so Jack licked his balls instead. Dad moaned. It felt good and was not overly sensitive like his cock. Dad spread his legs wide and slid to the edge of the sofa so Jack had better access to his balls.

Jack sucked on each ball for a little while before he slid lower and licked dad’s taint. Dad liked it so much, he was squirming and moaning loudly. Jack then tasted his first ass as he flicked his tongue over and around dad’s asshole. When it was nice and wet Jack dipped his tongue into the hole which seemed to be driving dad crazy. Jack spit on his fingers and worked the spit into dad’s ass. Soon he was able to slide a finger in and with more spit the second finger followed. He worked the fingers in and out adding spit as required.

Jack’s dad hadn’t been fucked since he was a teenager but he remembered how good it was and regardless of how wrong it was he was going to get fucked and his son Jack was going to do it. “Fuck me,” he told Jack as he turned face down with his ass up over the edge of the sofa. Jack spit right on his dad’s asshole and again inserted two fingers. When he withdrew his fingers, he spits into his dad’s gaping asshole and before it had completely closed he had his cockhead pressing into it. Inexperienced as he was he didn’t know that it was going to hurt his dad if he entered too quickly and he continued to push into him. His dad howled in pain and Jack pulled out and started apologizing. His dad told him he still wanted him to fuck him but that he needed to adjust to the size of his cock slowly.

Jack tried again taking his time and gaining depth very slowly. Soon he felt the tight ring of his dad’s sphincter on the shaft of his cock. Dad kıbrıs escort seem to be in some discomfort. He asked if he was okay. Dad said yes but to stay still for a while. Jack waited until his dad said it was okay to move but to do it slowly. Jack nudged his cock a little deeper and then back a bit and held there for a few seconds before he nudged in a little further. Dad seemed to be liking it now telling him he was doing great. Jack took his time and after about a minute his pelvis was against his dad’s hips. He started to fuck with short slow strokes. His dad was moaning and encouraging him. He lengthened and sped up his strokes. He felt his dad’s asshole gripping his cock it was so tight and warm. Jack knew that even though he had already cum twice, he couldn’t last long. He tried to hold on but within a minute or so he knew he had lost the battle. He pumped harder into his dad and spewed a big load of cum into his hungry hole.

Jack would need some time to recuperate but he was not done yet. He saw his cum dripping down his dad’s crack onto his balls. Jack thought about it. He had never tasted his own cum before so he leaned in and licked it up. It tasted almost like his dad’s cum with a little bit of ass flavor. Soon dad’s ass closed choking off the flow of cum. Jack dad turned over and Jack noticed that his cock was hard again and went for it and started to suck on it. “Whoa,” his dad told him that it was too much too soon for a man of his age. So, Jack was content to just lick his balls and the shaft of his cock. His dad pulled him up into a tender kiss and told him how much he loved him. However, this was totally wrong and they could never do this again.

Jack was disappointed but he knew that his dad would never be able to resist and this would happen again and it did, the very next day.

Jack had gone to his room that night and slept like a baby. His dad may be feeling guilty but Jack was not. He loved what had happened and he knew his dad did too. He knew that what had happened could break up his parent’s marriage but surely, he and his dad could enjoy their new-found pleasures without hurting mom.

Dad usually slept in on Sunday mornings but this morning Jack heard his dad’s bedroom door click open at about 7:00 AM. He thought his dad was just going to the bathroom until he heard his doorknob as it turned. Jack feigned sleep. His dad entered his room. As he stood looking at Jack sleeping on his bed. Jack was peeking through his closed lids at the crotch of his dad’s pajamas. His dad had a hardon.

Dad moved closer to the bed and reached down touching Jack’s cheek. Jack moaned, took his father’s hand and tugged him toward the bed. There was no resistance from his dad. Jack reached to stroke his dad’s cock through the pajamas. His dad moaned and gave in and joined him on the bed. Jack slid his hand through the fly of dad’s pajamas and stroked his big beautiful cock. He pulled dad’s cock out, knelt between his legs, pushed back his foreskin and savored the precum from within his foreskin. His dad groaned knowing that he had lost his battle of resisting Jack. He had every intention of convincing Jack that they couldn’t keep doing this. Of course, as soon as he laid eyes on Jack he had a raging hardon and everyone knows that a hard cock has no conscience.

Jack’s lips closed around dad’s cockhead and slid down slowly taking most of it on the first stroke. His dad groaned with pleasure as his cockhead lodged in Jack’s throat. Jack was slower and more deliberate this morning. He pressed his tongue hard against the underside of dad’s cock and stroked from head to base slowly flicking his tongue around the head at the top of each stroke and sucking hard at the bottom. After several minutes of this his dad told him that he was too close and he didn’t want it to be over so quickly. Jack eased off and let his dad rest.

“My turn, ” said dad. Pushing Jack to the bed and pouncing on him. He swallowed Jack’s cock whole. Jack groaned as shivers racked his body. As his dad worked his cock from tip to balls the groans turned to moans of pleasure. His tongue was like magic on Jack’s cock, the way he flipped around the cockhead licking the ridge and lapping at the piss slit was driving Jack crazy. His balls were aching trying to hold out and make it last. Every thrust downward drove Jack’s cock deep into dad’s throat. Then he took it deep, held it there and started swallowing causing tightening and massaging around Jack’s cockhead. Jack couldn’t hold out any longer and fired his load squirt after squirt. His dad swallowed it all his throat milking out the hast drops.

Jack’s dad then let his cock slip from his mouth and started licking his balls. Jack was in sexual heaven and before his cock was limp it was firming up again. When his dad saw his cock starting to swell again he shifted his attention from Jack’s balls to his asshole. He lapped all around the hole getting Jack soaked between his ass cheeks. When his dad’s tongue probed Jack’s asshole, blood rushed into his already engorged cock. With each push dad’s tongue went deeper into Jack’s ass and his cock jumped. Jack’s dad reached to his trousers pocket and retrieved a tube of lube. He placed some lube on his finger and worked into Jack’s ass then put more lube on Jack’s asshole and worked two fingers in up past the second knuckle. He twisted and thrusted with two fingers until Jack’s asshole was totally relaxed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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