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Janet’s Perfect Pair Ch. 06

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The following morning I awakened with a headache, cramps, and very sick to my stomach. Janet was gone which was a good thing as I had the entire bed to myself. I went through the same routine that I had done yesterday but the overall improvement in my health was not better. The shakes were gone and the pounding had turned more to a dull thud as far as the headache was concerned but I’d come to the realization that something had to be done. I was getting worse. While I wouldn’t admit that I could be alcoholic I did admit that I had a drinking problem. I needed to call work and explain that in order for me to get better I would need a week off. This also included Janet and anyone else in my life. The doctor would help me with some stronger medication than the valium if I was honest with him. I would call him and let him know.

I called the doctor and the office had a cancelation and they could see me at 10 two hours from now. I took another valium, showered, shaved, brushed my teeth, and put clean clothes on. The valium started to make me feel better and I thought about having one shot of scotch but knew I would end up having three or four so I abstained.

I arrived at the office and was let in to see the nurse right away who drew blood, took my temperature, and blood pressure. She asked about the valium and I told her how much I had taken and what my plan of attack was going to be. Eva I had known as she had been with Dr. Salter for at least two years. She was short, a little on the thin side but had nice titties that strained the uniform. Of course the thought crossed my mind about asking her out but it was only momentary as at least at this point in my life I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize my relationship with Janet.

Ten minutes later Dr. Salter came in with my chart sat down next to me and proceeded to give me the bad news. Salter was a rather tall, silver haired good looking gentleman who dressed exactly like you’d expect from a doctor.

“Dan,” he said “you’re going to have to go into the hospital and be watched for a couple of days. I’m concerned about possible seizures and we need to lower your blood pressure right now. I’d like you to go in right now.

“Doctor,” I replied, “you make it sound like I really have no choice.”

“You need to at least spend the rest of the day here for testing and medication. Perhaps if there is some improvement we can think about sending you home tomorrow.”

The room was no better or worse than others I’ve been in. As I got into bed it wasn’t five minutes and the nurse came in with an IV and gave me a shot of I don’t know what. I somehow managed czech gangbang porno to drift off to sleep for a few minutes and the lunch tray came in with the usual awful stuff. I wasn’t hungry, my stomach felt like a time bomb but I knew that I needed to eat something so I attacked the jello and some hot coffee. I still felt sleepy maybe because what they had given me was relaxing so I fell back asleep again until I got a phone call from Janet. She was very concerned and demanded to see me in the evening. I made her promise to bring me a fish burger with cheese from McDonalds and she said she would be there no later than 8 PM.

When the nurse came in later and took my blood pressure it had dropped from 190/100 to 160/85, a big improvement. As she took the cuff off my arm I asked her what her name was.

“I’m Donna,” she replied.

“Nice to meet you,” I responded.

“Did you know that I know your girl friend Janet?”

“What a small world,” I responded. “I hope she had good things to say about me.”

Donna leaned over the bed and whispered in my ear “I know all about your titty fucking.”

With that response she grabbed one of my hands and pressed it hard against her breasts commenting “I’ve never been titty fucked before but I would love to feel your cock in my cleavage moving up and down until you cum all over my titties.”

Her remark instantly got me hard and I couldn’t help but look at her very nice chest and imagined how it would feel.

“We’ll have to get together sometime the three of us and you can titty fuck both of us. I’m sure Janet would be okay with it as long as we tell her upfront.”

“Donna,” I responded, “I couldn’t think of a nicer thing to do to you. If we had privacy I’d fuck those beauties right now. There are all sorts of things I would like to do to them.”

“What did you have in mind lover boy?” she replied.

“I could give you a pearl necklace which are strands of cum on your neck and also a little in your cleavage. Rubbing the cock on your nipples can also be erotic and if I spray on the front of your titties the cum might start dripping off your nipples. There are so many things that can be done to worship them.”

“I can’t wait,” she replied, “there already starting to get tingly.”

“For now you’ll have to wait,” I said. “Until Janet agrees with your plan and I’m starting to feel better. You forget I’m here for a reason.”

“While your hear Don I’ll make sure you’re well taken care of and I’ll speak to Janet. But if she still says no we’ve got to figure out a way to make this happen.”

“Let’s talk about czech harem porno it later. Right now I feel so doped up that all I want to do is sleep. Okay?”

With that I shut my eyes as she gave me one more nice feel of her tits which seemed to be just as large as Janet’s. Time will tell as far as this situation was concerned. I drifted off to sleep rather quickly.

Dinner came and I managed to eat the vanilla pudding along with another cup of coffee. I got another shot, blood pressure checked (160/85), and I still had a temperature of 100. Donna didn’t look in on me but I got horny just thinking about tittyfucking her. Would I tell Janet when she came by or wait for Donna to call her? I decided not to say anything and just concentrate on trying to feel better.

True to her word Janet was there at 8PM with a McDonald’s bag in her hand. I could smell the unique flavor their fish/cheese/sauce combination had. I hungrily wolfed the burger down. My appetite and attitude both perked up a little bit as Janet leaned over me to give me a kiss and also show me that she had no bra on. Her tits as usual looked perfect. They stood at attention straight out from her chest, the nipples clinging to the t-shirt she had on.

“I saw your titties Janet and it makes me want to fuck them and give them the spraying they deserve. That should be done every day you know.”

“Why don’t we pull the curtain around and I’ll give you a handjob and spray it all over my big tits. All you’ll have to do is sit on the side of the bed. I think if I pull my t-shirt up we’ll be able to do it.”

“Are you crazy Janet,?” I replied

Janet in a brief moment had pulled her t-shirt up and that was all I needed to see. There they were in all their glory, the perfect pair, with erect nipples. She had that pouty look in her eyes which said I want these fucked right now. She was being a little dirty and I loved every minute of it.

“Pull the curtain around,” I asked.

Janet had already pulled her t-shirt up exposing her lovely mound and spun the curtain around. If someone did come by we could quickly cover ourselves up and pretend nothing had happened at all. While Janet had covered herself up I could still see the two erect nipples clinging to the shirt. I had lifted myself up and swung my legs around, also pulling the night gown up exposing my already erect shaft. She readjusted her shirt back up again letting it rest on the top of grapefruit size breasts, spit on my cock and slowly began to stroke it, rotating her hand as she went.

I could still see some redness from the previous night but as I’ve czech sharking porno said before these were a perfect pair. Size, shape, nipple color, firm yet squishy so they tended to shake like a serving of jello.

“God that feels so good Janet I know that I’m going to explode all over them. The milky white titties will be splattered with my cum. I’ll never get tired of these melons baby.”

Janet smiled at me and arched her back even more while the hand massage had stopped being replaced by her nipples being massaged on the head of my cock. She would massage with one nipple briefly slip it into cleavage and then attack the other nipple making my already throbbing cock grow a little bit larger.

“Your cock feels like it’s on fire Don. Are you going to cum for your favorite titties? I’m ready to take a hot load all over my titties.”

“I can’t believe that it’s only been five minutes and I’m ready to explode for you. If there is any more of that dirty talk I won’t be able to hold it back.

Janet shifted gears a little and wrapped her sexy lips all over my hard cock and said to me “Fuck me in the mouth. Do you want to cum in my mouth? You know you can. You can cum wherever you want.”

Janet set me over the edge and I could no longer hold back and gave her the first burst in her hot mouth. I pulled it out and gave her a hosing of man lotion she wouldn’t forget for awhile. As I felt the tension leave my body she rubbed the cum into her breasts with my cock until it became too sensitive to touch any more. She had that glow that she had satisfied me five times over four days.

Suddenly as both of us were relaxing someone came into the room. You never saw two people move so quickly. I was instantly under the covers and she had pulled her shirt back over her very wet titties. I heard a familiar voice Donna cry out “Are you still awake Don?”

“Pull the curtain back. I’m here with Janet.”

As she did I could tell instantly that she knew we had been up to something as the wet spots of my cum began soaking her t-shirt from her drenched cum catchers.

“You guys have been tittyfucking. He just came on your big tits didn’t he?”

Janet blushed but nodded to her. I just sat and smiled. Donna said “I need a good teacher because I’ve never done it before. Would you let Don fuck my titties?”

Janet responded, “Did he say he would?”

I said “It’s up to you Janet. But if you say yes we could have a threesome which would open the door to all sorts of possibilities.”

I could see Donna adjusting her uniform so the large bumps became even more accentuated.

Janet sheepishly said “I’ll talk to Don and let you know.”

“Ladies I need to get some sleep. Maybe I can go home tomorrow if everything checks out.”

Both Janet and Donna gave me hugs and I was already thinking what things we could come up with to make this a really interesting three way.

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