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Jennifer’s dark hair fell around her head as she sat down heavily then leaned back. The bus stuttered forward, finding its momentum, then shuddered uncertainly into the night shaking its passengers of exhausted workers, partygoers and drunks.

Jennifer leaned forwards again. She’d always hated night buses. Smelly and uncomfortable, when all she really wanted was to be back in her own bed snug and warm.

She closed her eyes, imagining it. Luxuriating in the space, stretching her lithe body under the sheets… Turning over and counting to ten, before feeling a pair of hands on her shoulders, then looking up to see his face staring lovingly at her. Feeling as he pulled the sheets from her naked body, relaxing in expectation…

A heavy thud on the seat next to her brought her back to reality. A young guy had just sat down there, obviously the worse for wear. He was looking dishevelled and plainly extremely drunk.

As the bus lurched forwards he slumped heavily into his lap and stayed there. Jennifer worried that he might throw up over both of them and started to move to jump clear onto her seat if he did.

Fortunately he showed no sign of it, instead he brought his head into his hands and sighed heavily. Gazing blankly forwards, he seemed to be really angry about something but keeping it firmly to himself; try as she might she couldn’t make out much of what he was muttering.

The good samaritan in her wanted to ask what was wrong, but she knew not to get involved – “Let sleeping drunks lie”, as her friend Laura had put it. Anyway she really didn’t want to, as long as he kept away from her.

Jennifer turned to look out of the window and to try to escape the alcohol fumes of her intoxicated travelling companion, but try as she might she couldn’t really take her mind back to her own friendly surroundings.

The guy got off after a few stops, leaving only a nasty smell in her memory. She sat back and continued counting off the landmarks back to her small North London flat.

It was just as well, she supposed, that he had got on – she’d fallen asleep on a night bus before and didn’t want to repeat the experience. She’d got off lightly that time, nothing had been taken from her and she hadn’t been hurt, she’d just waited for another bus for an hour in the freezing cold of a December night and then journeyed back to hers for another half hour. She had no desire to try her luck again.

Jennifer cast her mind back to the party. It had been a good one; her friend Katy had a knack of inviting the right people at the right time. Laura had been there, and Nick; he was trying to get over his girlfriend leaving him and had spent the night flirting outrageously with any girl in striking distance. That had been fun, they’d always got on well but she didn’t really want to go too far with him. Maybe when he was a bit happier again she’d give it a go…. maybe not. That would be then though.

Erica was there too; the little blonde sexpot! Jennifer really quite envied her, with her cute little body – she knew how to use it too. Odd that she was really quite a nice person underneath, and they were good friends. Erica was bursa evi olan escort happy with herself and her life, and felt no need to go around stealing boyfrieds or making herself unpopular – thank god! Jennifer didn’t think that she’d stand a chance in a face-to-face showdown with her.

Hmmm, that was the funny thing, really, she thought – in all the time they’d been at the party, Erica hadn’t really had much of a look-in with him – what was his name? James something. She’d been chatting away to him and really looked quite interested, but he’d just made polite conversation and then looked at Jennifer.

A little shudder went through her as she remembered it. She must have talked with him, on and off, for over four hours – God knows what about! And he just stayed, talking to her. Looking straight at her and laughing with her.

A feeling of frustration built in her as she realised that he must really fancy her – she didn’t know why she hadn’t properly realised at the time. They were all talking, drinking and having fun – but how could she have missed a chance like this?

He’s one of Katy’s friends, she thought to herself. Katy had a remarkable ability to know fit young guys and then completely fail to pull them. Now that she thought about it, he’d mentioned it early on – something about her having a boyfriend at the time. Hmmm….

He was around her height, something like 5’9”, with close-cut dark hair and amazing eyes. Sort of browny-green, with large pupils, they were the first thing she noticed on looking at him closely – she’d turned away blushing when she realised that she was staring at him.

She could imagine them now, bearing down on her face, his naked body brushing hers and his hands running up and down her arms as she mock-struggled from where he’d tied them to her bed-frame…

Jennifer came back to reality with a jolt as the bus stopped particularly sickeningly and she realised that it was her stop. Jumping up, she rushed down the stairs and just made it out of the centre doors before they hissed shut and the shuddering vomit juggernaut rattled into the night.

She turned her collar up at the cold night air and hurried along her road. She was glad of her warm suede and fake fur coat, a Christmas present from last year, but wished that she had longer legs right now. The walk was five minutes down the main road and then into a little side street. Third door on the left.

Her hands felt out the rough shape of the keys in her pocket as she rounded the corner, holding them tightly as she braced herself against the inevitable gusts of wind. She really wasn’t sure where her fantasy of James – whatever-his-name-was tying her up had come from. She’d never indulged in anything other than straight sex, and hadn’t really thought about enjoying any rougher stuff before. It seemed pretty compelling at the time though.

Finally she threaded the key into her front door, pushing it home and then turning. The lock released suddenly, showering her in a gust of warm air from inside. She hurried in and shut the door behind her.

Once inside, Jennifer removed her coat altıparmak escort and headed straight for bed, stopping only to get a glass of water.

Her mind was still on James-something as she entered her room. She was quite annoyed now – why hadn’t she even asked him for his number? She wouldn’t have felt ashamed about it at all. And maybe he’d have invited her back to his place…. she might even have accepted. Katy would probably know, she kept everyone’s numbers and addresses. But Jennifer didn’t really just want to ring her up out of the blue – she didn’t know Katy too well and didn’t really know how to phrase it properly.

Jennifer looked at herself in the mirror as she started removing her clothes. She tried to keep her body in shape and it showed – a sexiness shone through despite her dishevelled, slightly drunk look. Her long dark hair, though now displaced and a bit sweaty, had started the evening as luscious black locks; though not long, her legs were not short either and her thighs were just about the right width. Again, not bony thin and not fatty either.

Her breasts were a generous B-cup and she ran her hands over them as she removed her lacy black bra, the one that Adrian had loved.

Adrian. The bastard. Jennifer took a deep breath, closed her eyes and counted to ten. He wasn’t around any more and his memory wasn’t going to spoil this evening.

Opening her eyes she removed her panties and stood naked for a second. She imagined James, who cared what his surname was, coming in through the door and taking in the view. She imagined seeing a growing bulge in his trousers as he realised what she had in mind…

She shook her head and put on her night-dress. It was nothing special – just a plain night-dress – but she rather liked it and wore it most times that she slept alone, which had been quite a lot recently.

Jennifer parted the sheets and slipped her body into them. Turning off the light, she lay for a while just looking up into the darkness – imagining a soft voice whispering to her, a soft tough caressing her. She imagined James’ eyes looking down at her, running her hands around his head and resting them on her broad shoulders.

She imagined him lightly kissing her, first on the forehead, then the cheek, then lightly on the lips. She imagined his hands running down from her shoulders onto her breasts, naked and exposed in the shaft of moonlight from the window…

Jennifer started from the pleasant image as she felt a hand on her breast, but relaxed as she realised it was her own. She felt warm and comfortable inside and her nipples were hardening as she became more aroused.

She’d always liked nipple play, almost since she’d started masturbating. Sometimes it was hard to find the right guy to do it to her, but she knew ways to make them at least try.

Her hands fondled her breasts, brushing the rapidly hardening nipples as she imagined his form over her again, imagined him taking her wrists and tying them to the metal frame. Jennifer slowly moved her legs apart and her knees up as she felt her pussy softening and moistening. She imagined him gemlik escort leaning back, observing her spreadeagled form, then lightly and softly saying how naughty she’d been and how he loved naughty girls.

She imagined herself upside down and him spanking her, both her ass cheeks, and let out a real light moan of pleasure as she exhorted him to punish her.

Her right hand moved slowly downwards towards her most sensitive area as she imagined him spreading her legs and slowly running his fingers up and down her slit. She started to mimic her dream, parting her labia from the bottom and running her fingers up to brush her enlarging clit.

Jennifer brought her other hand to her mouth and started sucking her fingers, imagining herself again spreadeagled the right way up on the bed, and his cock in her mouth. She imagined his voice whispering again and again how beautiful her body was, how good her mouth felt, how wonderful her toungue was.

She let out a louder gasp as her right hand folded back the hood of her clitoris, exposing it to the full force of her flicking hand. Jennifer rode her thighs up and down on herself, pushing her body downwards onto her hands.

She imagined herself blindfolded, naked to his mercy as he finally headed her pleas and drove his hard cock into her. Two fingers of her right hand slid easily into her vagina as she stretched herself, bucking up as if to take the full length of his erect penis into her. She imagined him calling her name, whispering it over again as she squeezed her fingers inside, caressing every inch of the sensitive walls.

Her other hand violently palpitated her breasts, stretching and squeezing them to her ever-imcreasing rhythm. Moving her right hand, she started flicking over her clitoris with the thumb whils still keeping the middle two fingers inside, pushing upwards to find her elusive release spot.

Jennifer felt herself building to an ecstatic climax, as she imagined herself again blindfolded with her arms tied to the bedstead, bent over in a doggy position as he pleasured her in every way. His body leaned over her, whispering into her ears, with one hand on her breast and the other on her clitoris, all the while pulverising her sweet vagina with his thick cock.

Finally her legs started shaking as she gripped her left nipple harder. Her entire body convulsed in rich orgasm as she imagined him straightening up and crying out, shouting his love for her as his pent-up semen shot into her welcoming pussy.

After what seemed like an age, her orgasmic fires cooled and Jennifer lay back in her bed. She had ridden her night-dress up to her neck and her copious vaginal fluids had made a small patch on the sheets. Her duvet was on the floor next to her. She took her time coming down, lightly touching herself and imagining him lying there next to her, stroking her and cuddling her. She sighed as finally the lateness of the hour overcame her. Sitting up she reclothed herself and grabbed the duvet, before falling into a fitful sleep.

Jennifer woke late the next day, and enjoyed his company again in the same way before getting up. She said hello to her flatmates, Neil and Kim, as she made a late brunch but was still distracted. Sitting in front of the TV eating, she was starting to get turned on again, just by the thought of this one guy.

“This has got to stop.” she thought. She went back to her bedroom to find her phone and started to dial Katy’s number….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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