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Jess’ Fantasy Ch. 02

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It had been a couple of weeks since I had sex with Billy in front of Jess. Jess and I had talked about that night a few times. It was crazy to know how much it had turned her on. Every time we’d start talking about it, she would get so horny she had to have sex right here and right now. I wasn’t complaining. Jess was so sexy; I was so turned on by her and I loved having sex with her. I’d be lying if I said that talking about that crazy night didn’t turn me on either.

I could tell Jess wanted a night like that to happen again when she planned another small party and invited Billy.

I laughed when she told me her idea to invite Billy again. “Wow, you really want this to happen don’t you!” I teased her.

“You know I do baby. It was SO hot! I would love to see that happen again… But no pressure! I am just inviting him, and if something happens, it happens!” she said and gave me a wink.

Honestly, I thought it was sexy that she was setting this up, but I wasn’t really imagining that it would happen again. That night with Billy was hot to think about, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to make it a habit. It felt like it could have been a one-time crazy thing. I stopped thinking about it.

The night of the party, I was a little shy to see Billy in a group setting. Every time our eyes would meet, he’d give me a little smirk like he knew our secret. I looked at Billy and had flashbacks of that other night. I imagined him naked, his dick, and how he fucked my ass so well. There was something really taboo being at a party with people and knowing that I had that guy’s cum in my ass before. I couldn’t help to get turned on.

Jess was sipping on her drink beside me away from the guests. “So, what do you think babe? You want to have sex with Billy again? She said innocently, almost like a child asking for a new toy.

“Ha ha, not sure, is that what you want?” I responded. I was honestly confused, not sure if I even wanted to do it. I was turned on, but shy about the whole thing. It was hard for me to talk about openly with Billy in the same room.

“You know I do! But, again no pressure. I love you.” Jess said softly and pecked me on the cheek before she rejoined the party.

The night actually went really well, it was awkward at first, but I just ignored the fact that Billy had pounded my ass weeks ago and just acted like nothing had happened. Jess’ friends were really fun, and I remembered how laid back and chill Billy was. We played some drinking games and had some fun conversations. I was getting a little drunk with time, and the party actually went longer than I expected. By the end of the night, Jess had a couple of friends still here including Billy. I had come to terms that Billy and I weren’t going to do anything tonight. I was actually getting tired and my head was slightly spinning due to the booze. I decided to call it a night and go to bed.

I could still hear muffled sounds outside my door but I was still managing to fall asleep. I was about half asleep, when I heard the door crack open, I didn’t even look up, I just stayed on my back and slightly opened my eyes to realize the room was pitch black. Jess was probably getting ready for bed. She came in bed with me. I felt her hand softly grazing my leg, slowly bringing itself to my dick. She was probably horny, thinking about Billy and I in the same room, but she may have been slightly disappointed nothing happened. I was still half asleep so my dick wasn’t getting hard very fast. Her fingers started petting my limp dick and balls slowly and it felt really good. I was slowly awakening. She grabbed my semi-hard dick Pendik Escort with her hand and then I realized something. This wasn’t Jess’ hand, it was much bigger and it started stroking my dick. I slightly jolted out of my trance and then I heard a voice.

“Shh, it’s ok, it’s just me” the voice whispered.

I recognized Billy’s voice instantly. I was not expecting this but I immediately became hard as a rock.

“There you go… he’s awake now…” he said softly as he stroked my dick sensually and bringing his other hand to gently massage my balls.

This was feeling really good. I decided to not overthink and just let it happen.

It felt different to get a hand job from Billy. Jess had small hands and it felt like she had to work harder to stroke my dick. Billy’s big hand basically covered my whole dick in one handful and it seemed like he had power over me. He easily stroked my dick, like if it was his little toy. Something about that made me feel extremely submissive. I still had my eyes closed and I was just enjoying the moment.

“Dude, you are soaked!” Billy said as he removed his precum covered hand from my dick.

“Oh sorry…” I responded; slightly embarrassed that I had made a bit of a mess.

“Don’t be sorry, this is really hot, it lets me know that you are loving this” he said reassuringly. I heard him lick his fingers clean. That was really naughty.

He took my hand and guided it towards his balls. They felt big and full. I instinctively started to massage them. I’ve always loved playing with my own balls, but playing with Billy’s balls was something else. I knew how good it felt, so I felt naughty being able to bring that pleasure to him quite easily. I changed between grazing, squeezing and petting his balls and he was letting out small moans. I grazed my fingers up his shaft and quickly remembered how big and thick his dick was. There was something about touching a really thick dick that was incredibly sexy. I could feel how hard he was and the thicker veins on it, it had a really nice texture. Playing with his dick was really fun because I was imagining it was mine. I felt so turned on imagining that I had such a big dick and remembering that it wasn’t mine. Joe’s breathing picked up as I stroked his dick slightly faster. I really loved being able to pleasure him, it made me feel powerful. I was a bit in a trance right now and decided to engage with him.

“Do you like when I stroke your dick?” I asked a bit shyly and innocently.

“Oh yeah Dyl, it feels so good…” he responded softly, trying to enjoy every stroke.

I kept stroking him, and remembered how much I loved sucking his dick last time. My mouth actually started watering thinking about it again. I continued to not overthink anything and just act on impulse and instinct.

I scooted down the bed and brought my head to his junk, I couldn’t see anything so I was using my hand to guide me. As I got closer, I recognized his smell, and it made my dick grow even harder. I had missed that. I was so infatuated in the moment, I buried my face in his balls, sniffing, licking and kissing. I felt naughty so I decided to start by licking Billy’s dick like a lollypop for a bit, he loved it.

“Oh god, you are such a tease…” Billy said trying to control himself. I could tell he probably wanted to fuck my ass now. I loved being wanted, and I felt like a bit of a slut.

I continued to lick his whole shaft and decided to give him what we both wanted. I opened up my mouth wide and put his dick inside me. I could taste his precum right away, it was delicious Kurtköy Escort and made me suck even harder. I still wasn’t very good at deepthroating, especially with his size, but I was doing my best and he definitely enjoyed it. I was so turned on, just thinking about the current scenario. I had a huge dick in my mouth, and I couldn’t help wanting more.

After a few minutes of sucking, I took my mouth off his cock to catch my breath. He didn’t waste time. He put his hands around my hips and turned me around so my back would be facing him. In that moment I realized how strong he was, being able to flip me around so easily. I could feel my dick pulsating in excitement. He started humping my ass cheeks with his massive dick and I really wanted him inside me. I pushed him back for a second and told him to wait a second as I reached for the lube in my night stand. I poured a good amount on my hand and rubbed it all over Billy’s dick while stroking it. I took the residue of the lube on my fingers and started fingering my ass just to get ready. I turned around and presented my ass to Billy.

Billy lined up his dick and I couldn’t handle the anticipation. I tried to help him penetrate me by rocking my hips. I could feel his big head slowly slide inside and I gasped for air as I was getting filled up by his cock. He pushed it in even more and got it all in. I remembered the feeling now, and I loved it. In the moment, I realized how silly I had been earlier when I thought that I didn’t want to have sex with him again. He started slow, sliding his dick in and out of my ass. I could feel my dick swelling up just by getting fucked. It was such a different feeling than fucking someone.

Billy reached around and grabbed my dick and started stroking. Whenever he did that, I realized that I could barely contain myself. It was really hard to resist cumming too quickly. I really did not want to cum yet, as I was really enjoying getting penetrated.

“Careful… Billy…” I whimpered between my moaning. “I don’t want to cum too fast.”

He gave me a couple of more thrust, bringing and keeping me on the edge. I didn’t know if I could resist anymore… Finally, Billy removed his hand from my dick, I caught my breath and focused not to cum as he took his dick out of me. I was relieved, I was not ready to finish so soon.

He flipped me around flat on my stomach and my head was in my pillow. I felt incredibly vulnerable and submissive in that position.

“This is so hot.” I heard from across the bedroom. It was Jess. How long as she been here? I had no idea that she had sneaked-in. That caught me by surprise, but loved that she came in to participate. “Don’t mind me baby, just enjoy Billy’s dick. I am loving this, and don’t worry, everybody else is gone.” she added.

Billy towered over me and I could feel his weight on top of me as he lined up his dick with my asshole. His cock was poking my ass and I wanted it so bad.

“How bad do you want this dick, Dylan?” he asked mischievously.

He was playing with me. “Really bad Billy…”

“I want you to ask me nicely to fuck you, I want to be sure that this is what you really want” he added.

The naughtiness of this exchange got me so worked up, I could feel my precum leaking out of my dick onto my sheets. “Please fuck me Billy, I really need that big dick in my ass!” I said, openly admitting to him what we both wanted.

He shoved his dick inside me. It felt incredibly tight in this position. With each thrust, my own dick was humping the bed and it was amazing. Getting fucked while being pinned down Kartal Escort on my stomach felt so animalistic, I could feel how powerful Billy’s legs were when he was pushing his dick deep inside me. My ass was really getting used to his dick, and felt better and better the more he fucked me.

As Billy’s pounding intensified, my dick was rubbing the bed a lot. The stimulation of that alone was enough to make me cum. I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Oh, fuck me Billy, I’m going to cum so hard!” I let out.

“Oh yeah cum baby! Cum while I pound that tight ass of yours!” Billy said dominantly.

I could hear Jess moaning in the background and that just added fuel to the fire. The whole scene was too hot. I focused on the fact that this big juicy dick was inside me and just lost it.

“I’m cumming now!!” I yelled.

Billy sped up and pounded me even harder as I was cumming hard into the bed. I couldn’t stop moaning and grunting loudly with every pump of semen spurting out of my dick. When I finally stopped cumming, Billy kept his dick deep inside me and I felt like a whore. I loved the feeling.

Once my breathing calmed down. He pulled his dick out of me. I instantly felt a feeling of emptiness.

Billy got up beside the bed with his dick still rock hard and signaled me to him. He hadn’t cum yet, I felt like I HAD to make him cum after that pounding.

I kneeled in front of him and took his dick in my right hand and started stroking it. Even thought I had just came, I was actually still really horny.

I could smell my ass on his dick. The mix smell of sweat, ass and precum, was so naughty. I took it in my mouth and it tasted very salty. I was surprised how much I actually loved it.

Billy had fucked me for a while, so I think he was close to cumming.

“Oh, fuck dude!” Billy groaned. “I want to cum all over your face.”

I never imagined that another man would ever cum on my face. I’d seen so many porn videos where hot chicks would get a facial from a big dick and I always loved watching that. I was now going to be that “hot chick” getting cum all over my face. A part of me was really excited. My dick got hard again. I decided to just keep giving-in to my naughty side.

“Oh yeah Billy…” I encouraged him. “I want it so bad, cum for me, cum on my face!”

He couldn’t hold it in anymore. He starting grunting in a very manly way and then started cumming huge strings of hot thick cum all over my face. The first shot caught me by surprised but I instinctively opened my mouth to try to catch some of his cum in my mouth. The second string of cum spurt directly onto my tongue and I got the immediate taste of his spunk, it was delicious. I closed my mouth to swallow but the cum kept coming, it felt like he was cumming for minutes, I was quickly covered in it. I just realized that I had swallowed another man’s cum. I could feel the thickness of it still going down my throat and it felt so naughty.

“Oh… my… god…” I heard Jess whisper in the back. “Jesus Christ, I cannot believe I witnessed all of this again… It was even hotter than the first time…”

I felt pretty happy that this scene had such an effect on Jess, as I stood there with Billy’s dick softening up in front of me, and my face full of his cum.

“Dude, that was amazing, you are becoming a bit of a dick slut aren’t you Dyl?” Billy said as he reached for his clothes.

I didn’t know what to say, I just scoffed, wiped my face with tissues and crashed on the bed.

Jess joined me on the bed and Billy didn’t stick around. He thanked us for the good times and left.

For the rest of the night, Jess and I briefly talked about how hot the sex was but I was exhausted from that pounding. Jess reminded me how much she loved seeing me with another man, and reassured me that she loved me more than anything. We cuddled and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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