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Jill’s Exploits Ch. 1

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Jill was restless as she walked around her apartment. It had been three whole days since she had been fucked and she was itching for a good hot, hard cock. Her pussy got wetter just thinking about a big hard, hot cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Jill ran her hand slowly over her hot throbbing body. As her hand slid down to her pussy to give it a loving stroke she decided to finger herself and take the edge off her throbbing pussy till she found a nice hard cock to fuck her good.

Jill laid back on her couch and spread her legs wide so she would have complete and total access to her aching pussy. She ran her hands over her tits and pussy, stroking and caressing them, bringing a moan to her lips. Her finger rubbed her clit in a circular motion. Jill felt the heat rising in her pussy, pulsating and quivering as her hips rotated in time to her hand. Then ever so slowly making her body ache with anticipation she moved her hand down to her wet pussy. Her middle finger found it’s way into her hot dripping hole. Slowly she stroked her finger in and out of her cunt, rotating it to help build the excitement.

After working her pussy with one finger she slowly added another bring a moan of pleasure from her puckered lips. Before she knew it she had four fingers shoved up her pussy pounding it with all her might as if it was a rock hard cock about to explode. “Oh yes, fuck me,” she said aloud as she rubbed and pinched her nipples with her free hand. She could feel her self building to the peak. About to go over the edge she started fucking her cunt with her hand as hard and fast as she could, dreaming of it as a nice hard cock sliding in and out of her cunt. “Oh gawd…I’m…c…u…m…m…i…n…g.” Her body jerked as she topped her climax. Gawd, what a relief she thought, now just to get the real thing. Yes, she was a nympho in every sense of the word. It didn’t matter to her who it was. Male, female, black, white, old man or a kid. If she was horny, which was most of the time, it didn’t matter as long as she got a good fucking.

With her body still throbbing from outdoor sex porno her cum, she got up and walked out her sliding glass door to the pool. No one objected to her sun bathing in the nude, and if they did she was always able to change their mind. Today there was no one around so Jill laid down on her stomach and decided to get a little sun, since she had knocked the edge off her hunger. After a few hours of sun she would go looking for a more substantial fulfillment for her cunt.

Jill laid on her stomach on an extra wide longer, with her legs spread wide she could still feel her cum oozing from her pussy and the warm air blowing across her clit. All the air was doing was making her horny again. “Damn” she thought “now what do I do.” As she lay there thinking about where she could get a nice hard cock to fuck and suck she heard the pool gate open. Laying still so as to make the person think she was asleep, Jill looked through the slit of her eyes and noticed it was the pool boy, there to clean the pool. “Yummy,” Jill thought to herself. Tim, whose name she would learn much later was a tall good looking kid about 18 or 19 she would guess.

He was wearing just a pair of cut off and no shirt. He had broad shoulders, muscular arms and a firm stomach. He had a smattering of hair on his chest that ran down into his shorts. They rode low on his hips just begging to be pulled off, or so Jill thought. Her tongue slipped out to lick her lips. Hungry to take his cock out of his shorts and feast on it. As she took all this in she could feel her pussy getting wetter as his eyes took in her body.

Jill was proud of her body and was always willing to show if off. She stood all of 5’4″, strawberry-blonde hair with blue eyes, with a body that just kept going. Round firm tits size 36 C, which always seemed to her the perfect size. Her ass was firm and shapely not flat or to round like some. She kept her pussy nicely trimmed in a heart shape. It always seemed to impress her lovers when they first saw it. Jill noticed Tim staring at her with a look of lust public agent porno that she new meant one thing, good hot, wet sex.

All Tim could do was stare at the goddess before him, this couldn’t be real could it? He saw her legs move wider apart if that was possible. The sun caught the wetness between her thighs. He could see just how wet she was. Seeing this made his cock get harder inside his shorts. He ran his hand along the front of his shorts stroking the hard shaft of his cock. It was pressing hard against his buttons on his shorts. Thinking she was asleep he unbuttoned the top button and moved a little closer to her. Hoping not to disturb her he moved slowly and quietly. Jill hid a smile as she watched him moving toward her all the while he ran his hand up and down the front of his fly.

She held her breath when he reached up and unbuttoned the next button on his shorts. Giving his cock a little more space. It was growing harder as he neared her chair. Jill could see the tip of his cock as it peeked out of the top of his shorts. Jill stifled a moan. She wanted to see how far he would go. As he reached up and touched the head of his cock he unbuttoned the next button of his fly. She could see the pre cum on the head of his cock and her mouth watered to slide her tongue over it and lick it off. Tim noticed that her pussy were swollen and filled with blood, ready to be fucked was written all over her. Tim unbuttoned the last button of his shorts and they fell down around his feet leaving his big fat cock to spring free bouncing within inches of her hot hands.

Before Tim knew what had happened, Jill had rolled over and had the head of his cock sucked into her hot wet mouth. All Tim could do was rock back on his heels and moan. He must be dreaming, “could this really be happening? Was he here by the pool with a gorgeous naked girl sucking on his cock?” “Mmmmmm” Jill moaned around the hard stiff cock that was buried in her mouth. Jill reached up and touched his balls. This made Tim’s cock jump in her mouth. Her fingers started circling his reality kings porno balls and running up the shaft of his cock that wasn’t buried in her throat. Tim reached down and placed his hand on her breast. Finding it firm by nature, no implants here.

He grabbed her head with his other hand and started the age old rhythm of fucking her mouth as she gazed up into his lust filled eyes. He could see how much she enjoyed sucking cock and that she wanted to be fucked bad. He could smell her sex permeating the air, but he just couldn’t stop fucking her mouth. It felt so good her hot little mouth sliding up and down his shaft taking his cock all the way to the base, swallowing all ten inches as if it were nothing. He hadn’t fucked many girls if any that could take all of him down their throat with such ease. Gawd this must be heaven Tim thought as he could feel the cum boiling up, starting to rise up his cock. Not daring to stop he grabbed her head in both hands and started really fucking her mouth for all he was worth. “Gawd…suck my cock, suck it good.” “I’m gonna cum in your hot wet mouth. It feels so fucking good.” Talking dirty to her only increased her efforts and made her hotter than ever.

By now she was on her knees with one hand on his cock stroking it as it slid in and out of her hot wet mouth. The other hand was buried between her legs where she was playing with her hot little cunt. “I’m gonna cum,” Tim said as he slammed harder down her throat. “I’m gonna pump your mouth full of my jism. Oh…gawd your such a cock sucker. I can’t wait to see how hot that little cunt of yours is.” Tim could see that all this talk only inflamed her more. “Take it deep, all of it you cock sucking cunt. I’m going to c…u…m… suck it… gawd yes.”

Tim slammed into her mouth one last time as she felt his hot cum drenching the back of her throat. She could taste how hot and sweet his cum was. She loved the taste of cum and just couldn’t get enough. She licked him dry smiling up into his sex glazed eyes. She licked her tongue out and round the head of his cock getting the last little dribble from his cock. “Now that we’ve taken the edge off, how about a good long fuck?” Tim reached down and caressed her tits, then snagged his shorts as Jill raised out of the lounger taking Tim by his cock and lead him into her apartment.

To Be Continued…

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