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Jim Picks Up a Hitchhiker

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I has just left my customer’s place of business and pulled out on to the ‘unlimited access’ four lane for my thirty minute drive home. I virtually lived at the plant on Monday; I would arrive around 8:00 AM and leave promptly at 4:30 PM. He was my best customer and deserved the level of attention I gave him.

Almost immediately, I saw an attractive young woman with her thumb out. She didn’t look shabby and certainly didn’t look like your typical hitch hiker. She was dressed well, albeit casually, in tight black jeans, an attractive blouse and a leather jacket.

There really wasn’t anything up this way other than the factory I had just left. There was a resort that I had just passed, but it was an old folks’ haven and she didn’t fit the bill.

I hadn’t noticed a car broken down on the side of the road. She didn’t look like an ‘experienced’ hitch hiker, but more like someone whose car had broken down and didn’t normally choose this method of transportation.

She had to work for my customer; maybe her car was broken down back in the company parking lot. I pulled over to check her out, pretty sure that I was going to give her a ride. If she did work for my customer, I’d probably see her again, and—who knows?

As she sauntered back to the car with a big smile, I checked her out. She was extremely hot. Tall and perfectly put together, she had long, shining auburn hair, very little makeup, tasteful earrings which matched her necklace, some sort of animal skin boots on her feet and jeans in which she had to have been poured.

She opened the door to get in; close up, the effect was even more attractive. The clothes threw me a little. She had some class to her and this didn’t seem like the outfit one would wear for work. It was the outfit a woman of her apparent age might wear to go out on a date, or drinking with friends. Maybe she had changed before leaving work. Her perfume was faint and not cheap. I felt the familiar stirrings. She thanked me for stopping as she closed the car door and settled in.

I spoke. “Hi, my name’s Jim. Jim Taylor. How far are you going?”

“I’m going all the way down to the, ‘tourist docks’ where all the old folks go shopping for shells and beach art. Are you going that far?” She responded, with a wickedly sexy, almost lascivious smile.

It was my turn. “Actually, I’m going past there, so I’ll be glad to drop you off. Do you work back at that big factory a mile or so back? What do you do?”

She slid over a little closer to me on the bench seat, put her hand on my thigh and replied. “No, I don’t work there. And I think you know exactly what I do.” And with that, her tongue rimmed my ear. “My name is Nona, Nona Lisa.”

Uh oh, I thought. I’ve either picked up a hooker or an under cover female vice cop—neither of which could be good. I had driven this stretch of road, three days a week for years and had never seen any hookers. Plus, rip her up porno she looked too damned good to be a hooker. I’d seen hookers in this general part of Florida before, not the bar variety, but the highway variety, and she didn’t look like what I had seen. She had too much meat on her bones to be a crack whore. What the fuck?

“Nona, I’d appreciate it if you’d move back to the other side of the car and put your seat belt on. It’s the law in this state, you know.” I said indignantly, then continued.

“I didn’t ‘know what you do,’ when I stopped. I assumed you worked for my customer back there and had car trouble. Frankly, you looked too good to be a hooker; I thought you were just a ‘damsel in distress.’

I went on. “I’m still not convinced that you are a hooker. I’m betting on under cover vice cop; you sort of look the part. If so, you’re not very good at it, since that was the most glaring example of entrapment I’ve ever witnessed. Are you a police officer, or working for a law enforcement agency?”

There was a new law in the state that said that under cover vice cops, if asked the question correctly, had to identify themselves. They could also not touch a man’s ‘privates’—even through clothing, until the deal was done—the offer had to be made by the mark. They could not offer a ‘service’ for a fee or expose either their breasts or pussy. The ‘John’ had to do all the work and make the offer. I guess one too many state legislators had been nabbed.

This young lady knew the law, and it was her turn to educate me. “Fuck no, I’m not a cop. First, I don’t fuck for cash, I just suck cock—and I do it very well. Second, what do you think of these?” And with that she unbuttoned her blouse and displayed her bra-less–and absolutely perfect–tits.

Buttoning her blouse, she continued. “I work the tourist docks. I find old men—no offense—whose wives are out buying tourist junk. Some times I strike up a conversation on the street, sometimes I talk to them as they’re waiting in one of the bars. The local cops all know me—hell, I’ve blown most of them. We get in their car, drive a half a mile to the public park and pull off at one of the many picnic sites. I’ve also blown most of the park rangers, so they don’t hassle me. I get twenty bucks—but I expect a tip of an equal amount.”

She continued my education. “The twenty dollar figure is part of the new law; if I get arrested and the ‘fee’ is $20 or less, they can’t arrest me for solicitation or prostitution, only ‘public indecency’, which, if anyone ever noticed, sound like you got drunk at a frat party and flashed your tits.”

She went on. “I work fast. I can get those old guys in the car in under five minutes. I can get a guy’s nuts off, particularly the older guys I target, in seconds. A lot of them have never even had a blow job before; they cum as soon as my mouth swallows their manhood. They’re rus porno clean and quick; they shoot in less than fifteen seconds. I do ten in a couple of hours. That’s at least $400, tax free, for two hours work, sometimes more if they really enjoyed it—and they do—and tip heavy.” With that she unfastened the seat belt and slid back over and rubbed my growing cock through my suit pants.

She wasn’t finished talking. “Oh, that’s a nice one. Can I stay over on this side of the car, now?”

She was an exceptionally good looking woman. I had certainly had my cock sucked before, my wife was pretty damned good at it, but a little strange couldn’t hurt. What the fuck, I thought.

She spoke again. “Look, if you’re not interested in my services, I really appreciate the ride and no harm, no foul. What’s it going to be? We’re almost to my destination.”

“Yes.” I said. “But I want a little extra service. Your ass is magnificent. I want to see your ass, touch your ass, finger your ass, if you get my drift, while you’re going down on me.”

It was her turn. “I don’t usually let a guy do that, well not a guy who is paying me. It’s going to cost you a bigger tip—and don’t even think of touching my pussy! I’m thinking the tip goes to $80, and for that you can even stick your tongue up my ass, if that floats your boat. Hell, you’re a lot younger than most of the men I work on, and you’re kind of cute. Turn right at the next turn. Do we need to go to the ATM or have you got the cash? I don’t take checks or credit cards.”

I indicated that I had the cash. I hit my turn signal and followed the signs indicating where the public park entrance was. We entered the park and I drove around looking for a reasonably secluded spot. When I parked, she moved over and started undoing my belt and fly.

“No, darlin’.” I told her. “For a C note we’re not doing it in the car. We’re going over there to the picnic bench. You’re going to shinny out of those tight jeans and let me get a good look and hold of that hot little ass of yours.” She realized saying no would be a deal breaker.

“Alright, lover, if that’s how it’s going to be. But if the ranger who is on at this time of day catches us, I’m going to have to blow him twice in the next week. Aren’t you afraid, as an ‘upstanding member of the community’ about getting caught in a public park with your dick in some young girl’s mouth and your finger—or tongue—jammed up her tail?”

Yes, I was, a little, but had, by now, completely thrown caution to the wind. “Just shut up, get out of your pants and blow me.” I told her.

“The money first.” She responded, counting it carefully as I handed it to her.

So there I was, a minute later, lying on the park bench, in a classic sixty-nine, with this hot young woman’s mouth completely engulfing my boner as I proceeded to rim and tongue fuck her dirty hole. Fortunately, it wasn’t dirty sert porno at all.

God, could this girl suck cock. I knew I could last more than fifteen seconds, and actually made it to two minutes. The more I held off, the better her mouth worked my Johnson. It was the best blow job I could remember. She was a pretty good little actress, actually acting like she was getting off on my tongue probe of her anal orifice.

I came in her mouth; as she sensed I was about to cum, she took my entire cock to the back of her throat. I could feel her hard, warm breath tickling my pubes. It was a mind blowing orgasm. Somehow, we ended up on our knees, on the table, exchanging an ass and cum flavored kiss.

Before we broke the kiss to recover our pants, you guessed it, the park ranger drove by; he was a young guy—a young guy I knew from a civic club.

He shouted over to us. “Hi, Mr. Taylor, hi, Mrs. Taylor. Up to your usual tricks, I see.” He was laughing so hard I thought he would fall out of the truck.

“Hi, Bryan.” We both shouted back in unison.

We retrieved out pants and hopped back in the car. We exited the park entrance and headed down the four lane for the short, three mile drive home.

“Nona Lisa? Where in the hell did you come up with that name?” I asked.

“I made it upon the spur of the moment. I think I once busted a girl who used that name when I worked vice. That was hot. That’s the first time you made me show my ass, usually it’s just my tits. We’re getting pretty daring in our old age, aren’t we? How was your day?” ‘Nona’ asked.

“I’m sure glad you retired from that line of work. Same old shit. How about you? Where are the kids?” I inquired.

“They’re next door, playing with Beth and Sam’s rug rats. I picked up some nice looking steaks at the meat market. Feel like showcasing your superb grilling expertise?” She asked.

“How’d you get up here, cab or the bus?” I asked.

“Beth dropped me off up where the tourist bus picks up guests from the resort. It’s a little slower than a cab, but it’s free. I could have made some serious money on that bus. Beth knows what we do, I had to tell her. I think she’s going to try to talk Sam into something similar.” She replied.

“Free? Hell you’ve got a good job; as I recall you’re clearing at least $400 a day.” I quipped.

I continued. “Next time, I’m going to want more than a quick blow job. I think I want to tap that hot little pussy of yours—and your sweet little behind, too.”

“That’s going to cost you.” My wife of over ten years replied. “I’m thinking a double C note to go ‘around the world.’ Have you got that kind of cash? Plus, what would Bryan think? You know he spots your car and drives by intentionally just to get a look at my tits, and in this case, my ass, Christ! I’m damned near old enough to be his mother— well, not that old.”

“And a fine set of tits and an exceptional ass it is, Mrs. Taylor.” I responded, as we pulled into our driveway. “I love you ‘Nona’, or whatever your name is.”

I love you too—‘John’.” Mrs. Taylor responded, as they walked to their neighbor’s home to retrieve their three young children.

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