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Julie Wants to be a Good Girl Pt. 01

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I walked into my local convenience store and turned down the first aisle. There in front of me was the most gorgeous ass I had ever seen. I mean literally, all I saw was a cute little ass. It was someone bent over from the waist and restocking the candy shelves.

She must have sensed me behind her because she straightened up and turned toward me. “I’m sorry,” she said smiling up at me, “did you need to get by?”

I was so taken with her I was speechless. She was maybe 4-11 and not over 95 pounds. Long brown hair and eyes to match. Maybe 19 or 20 years old.

“No, I mean yes, I need I need to get milk, milk from the cooler,” was my ultra smooth reply.

She flashed a stunning smile and pointed out the dairy door. I mumbled a quick thanks and went and got the things I needed. I got to the checkout and I asked Mary who she was.

“She just transferred from the East End store. Names Julie Lassman, she’s from Dyess.”

“Dyess is 20 miles from here, that’s a long commute,” I said.

“She said something about a roommate so I really don’t know where she lives,” she frowned at me and said, “I don’t think your wife you appreciate your interest in her.”

“Is that just because she’s your sister or did you have another reason to think that,” I joked.

“Yeah, yeah, bite me. See you guys Saturday night.”

So over the next two years I casually flirted with Julie. My business had expanded. I now had 3 service trucks with more work than we could handle. I thought my home life was going well until I came in one evening and found a note from my wife that said she was leaving me for a coworker. A female coworker.

Well after about six months of combining moping and 16 hour work days I decided it was time to rejoin the land of the living. I screwed up my courage and asked Julie if she would like to go out sometime. Of course my timing was impeccable as she had, just the week before, gotten engaged. I did get an invite to their wedding six months later. Mary talked me into going to the wedding as each others plus one. The groom was a mousy looking guy not much bigger than Julie.

Flash forward two more years and I had bought out cleaning service companies in the two towns closest to me and now had 12 service trucks. I also had an office manager and a shop foreman who both thought me being out on a service truck was not the thing for the boss to be doing. I spent the extra time dating, golfing, fishing and oh yeah, dating.

I had casually dated quite a few women and without knowing it had built up quite a reputation as a lady pleaser. All I knew was that I got to sleep with quite a few young women, a lot of them on the first date. I never had a complaint from any of them. As in everything else, practice makes perfect. I had as much money as I needed and took my dates to very nice restaurants or for nice weekends away with no thought of how much it cost. Sometimes I would teach them a new trick or two and sometimes they would teach me.

So one afternoon I pulled in to the C store and got out of my truck. I noticed Julie sitting on one of the picnic tables at the side of the building. I went over and plopped down across from her and, “Hey beautiful what’s up?”

When she looked up I could she she had been crying. I moved over to sit next to her and said, “OK, who broke your heart and where can I find him.”

She came back with, “Danny, and he’s probably in my apartment he threw me out of yesterday.”

“Wait, your husband threw you out? What kind of a fight did you guys have? If it’s your apartment why didn’t he leave? What happened to all your stuff?”

“You don’t want to hear all my troubles. Just go inside Gary, it’s OK,” she said as she tried to dry fresh tears with a tissue that was falling apart from overuse.

“No, no it’s not OK. Nobody I care about gets treated that way. Start talking and we’ll get to the bottom of this and get started on fixing it,” I said very calmly. I was certainly not calm inside and it was all I could do talk slowly and comfortingly to Julie.

“So had you two not been getting along for a while?” was my first question.

“Yeah for quite a while now, um, I think about two years now,” she said.

“Uh, Jules you’ve only been married two years.”

“Yes,” she said, “that sounds about right. He was never very affectionate. We were married for three months before he even, well, even screwed me. We’ve only done it four times in two years,” this admission set off another round of tears and I went to my truck and brought back a box of tissues.

“So what’s the problem, is he gay?”

“I don’t think so,” she said, “he has a hard time, then she giggled, he has a difficult time getting an erection. He tried Viagra once and I had to take him to the hospital because it hurt so much.”

She was quiet for a minute and then said, “Can I ask you a question? Is an erect penis supposed to be longer than 2 inches?”

“Uh, well, in my experience yeah, quite a bit longer in fact,” I stammered.

“I didn’t brazzers porno know, his is the only one I have ever seen,” she said.

“Well in real life they aren’t as long as the 10 inch ones you see in porno films,” I pointed out.

“Oh, I’ve never seen a pornographic movie,” was her reply.

I was thinking to myself what planet is this girl from anyway. She must be 24 now and has never seen porn? Is that even possible?

“How is it that you have never seen porn?” I asked her.

“Well when I was a young at home my parents caught my brother looking at porn and set the parental controls so high I couldn’t even get National Geographic online. My roommate and I couldn’t afford internet and Danny and I would rather read than be on the computer so no, never seen any.”

“So, I bet you don’t need to look at porn either,” she said.

“What makes you think that?” I asked curiously.

“Because of all the dates you have, I hear them talking in here, talking about how they like to um, screw you. What a good um, fuck you are.” I looked at her and she was blushing up to her hair roots.

I was thinking about what I should say, or if I should say anything when she came out with,”So how long is your penis when it’s hard?”

“Ah, that’s kind of personal isn’t it? It’s not something you just casually ask someone.”

“Well it’s not casual, it’s related to what we’re talking about isn’t it? So give me an answer” she bored in.

“OK,” I laughed, “you asked for it. It’s seven inches long and the head is the size of a golf ball, ” I blurted out.

She sat there stunned holding her tiny hands seven inches apart. She looked at me in awe and said, “I guess I know why the women are talking about you.”

“OK,” I said, actually a little red myself, “back to your situation. So how does his not being affectionate lead to throwing you out.”

“He said he is tired to pretending that he cares about me and I should just go away and leave him alone. But it’s my apartment, all the furniture, the appliances are all mine. I lived there for two years before he came along,” she said indignantly.

“Do you have a lease with your landlord?”

“I did but after the third year he said I was a good tenant and didn’t need a lease anymore. He even gave me back my deposit.”

“Let me guess, you pay the rent in cash right?”

“Well yeah,” she explained, “he gives me a $20 a month discount if I pay in cash.”

“So he gets a grand a month rent, gives you 20 bucks, takes the rental off the books, pays no taxes and charges off any repairs to his other units. Nice for him, bad for you,” I explained it to her.

“Well, I thought I was helping him out,” she said defensively.

“Right, so in effect you have nothing that proves it is your apartment and your stuff. So what did he do with your clothes and stuff?”

“I went home after work yesterday and all my clothes, makeup, girl stuff was all out on the porch. And my keys didn’t work. I stayed in a motel last night.”

“OK, what’s the address,” I casually asked her, “and I’ll look into it, let you know if I can do anything”

She wrote the address on a scrap of paper and handed it to me. When I tried to take it she held on for a moment. She looked deep in my eyes and finally let go. I got in my truck and took off.

I reached down and got on the company radio and called Rich and Bill, two of my oldest employees. We go all the way back to high school and are still tight.

“What’s up boss,” they both answered. I came back with, “You guys want to help me do something really stupid?” They answered, “Sure” and “Why not?” I gave them the address and told them to meet me around the corner in10 minutes. They were in company trucks with our logo so a little discretion was in order.

I made some phone calls and then gave them a quick rundown on the situation. They nodded and asked how we were going to play this. I said I wasn’t sure. He had to be afraid of something, we just had to find it. We decided to just play it by ear.

I went up the steps onto the porch and walked up to the door. Rich and Bill were out of sight on either side of the door. I knocked and waited. Soon the door opened and Danny asked, “What can I do for you?” Then he recognized me and said, “Tell Julie there is no sense in threatening me, she doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on, now go away before I call the police.”

I pushed him back into the hallway and toward the kitchen. The boys were right behind me and before we got 10 feet into the house he collapsed to his knees and started crying. This brought us up short and we didn’t quite know how to proceed. Then Rich grinned and said, “OK you two, start throwing all his stuff out on the lawn and I’ll watch him.”

“No, no,” he cried, “not all my clothing, how will I be able to go to work, how can I be seen in public.”

There was a nice Burberry hanging from a coat tree there in the hall. I lifted it off its hook and held it like I was clip4sale porno admiring it it. Then I grabbed a sleeve and viciously tore it off. The wail from Danny was louder than if I had ripped his arm off.

“Do you want me to go to the closet in your bedroom now?” I asked menacingly.

“NO, NO,” he groaned “I have made a terrible mistake. I will leave tonight if you will just leave my wardrobe intact. This apartment is not worth the loss of my precious things.”

“Well, I guess we found his weak spot pretty quickly. OK Randy get up off the floor and sit down. Here is the number of a guy I know. He has a lovely one bedroom with a nice garden in the back just for you. You call him while I make another call. I pulled my phone out and hit a redial number. When they picked up I asked if he had the address and he said sure. I told him quick like a bunny, he laughed and said half an hour. I hung up and turned to Danny. He had just hung up from talking to his new landlord.

“OK, in half an hour there will be a couple of guys with a small moving van will show up. They will load up all of your things, but only your things things. They will move them in to your new place. You will leave all copies of the keys to this place in the mailbox and you will never come here again. The movers are paid for, here is $1000 cash for your coat and the inconvenience of having to leave so quickly and I hope this concludes any business we will ever have. Do you have any questions?”

“Why are you doing this?” was his question.

“Because sometimes good things happen to good people, like Julie.”

We walked out and I gave both my guys hugs and said thanks. None necessary man, it’s family bro.

I called Julie at the C store and told her to stick around until I got there. I swung by her place to make sure everything was OK and picked up the keys. By the time I got to the store Julie was off work and sitting at the same picnic table.

I dropped the keys on the table as I sat down, “Problem solved, he decided to move out and give you back your place.”

She just looked stunned and then squealing, threw her arms around me. “Thank you, how? Oh thank you so much.”

Then she pulled back and looked at me intently, “You didn’t hurt him did you?”

I laughed and said, “The only casualty was a tan Burberry.”

She looked doubtful but said, “Well if that was all, it was a small price to pay.”

“Now, how do I repay you for helping me like this?”

“I guess the only way is to let me take you out for a nice dinner,” I replied.

She hung her head down and said, “No, you don’t want to go out with someone like me.”

I said, “What do you mean, someone like you. What’s wrong with you?”

“You know,” she said helplessly, “someone with no experience, you want a bad girl.”

I reached out and slowly lifted her chin up so I could look into her eyes. “It’s not your fault you haven’t had someone to teach you things.”

“Well who’s fault is it then?” she exclaimed, “I only went on two dates in high school. I ended the first one when we kissed and he tried to put his tongue in my mouth. I ended the second one when the guy tried to squeeze my breast. That’s why I married Danny, he didn’t want anything, it was safe, I didn’t have to be afraid I would do something wrong.” She put her head on my arm and started crying.

I turned sideways so I could pull her on to my lap and hold her. I held her and rocked her gently until she was finally done. She pulled back then looked down at my shirt and said, “Oh no, I’ve soaked you.”

I tried to lighten things up by saying, “How can someone so small produce that many tears.”

That set her off again, “That’s another problem, I’m so small I will never be able to take a normal sized guy inside me. I’ll never be able to make a man happy.”

When she had re wet my shirt for a bit I eased her back and looked into her eyes. Gently I said, “Have you ever thought about having a baby?”

She gave me an odd look and said, “Yeah, I do want to have kids someday.”

“OK,” I smiled, “and where do babies exit your body? Exactly, if a baby can come out of your pussy a cock can fit inside.”

She looked a little embarrassed and said, “I knew that of course. The reason I’m in awe is the way you just say those things, like it’s the most natural thing in the world.”

“Well having babies is pretty natural isn’t it?” I said a little confused.

“That’s not what I meant,” she blushed, “I meant when you said those other words.”

I finally got her drift. “What words do you mean,” I asked innocently, “Oh, you mean like cock and pussy.”

“Y-ye -yes,” she stammered. She also looked just a little excited.

“How about the these words,” I said drawing them out, “fuck, tits, asshole, cunt, cocksucker.”

By the time I got to the end of the list she had her eyes closed and was breathing hard. Her hips, with a mind of their own, were sliding along my leg.

“You like colette porno it when I use those words don’t you.” She kept her eyes closed and just nodded.

“How about if I use those words in a sentence, like this,” I whispered. “I would love to stick my big cock in your pussy and fuck you while I play with your tits.”

She was moaning and trembling then her eyes suddenly sprang open wide. “I…I…I think I just peed my pants, I’m all wet.” She had a look of wonder on her face, as if something had happened for the first time. My god I realized, she had just had her first ever orgasm. And all from sliding her hips along my leg and hearing some dirty words.

How is it that a beautiful woman of 24 and had never had an orgasm? As easily as she had come it seems she would have almost accidentally gotten herself off. Or even tiny dick Danny would have made her pop.

She tried to get off my lap saying, “I have to go to the ladies room right now.”

I shushed her and holding her gently explained, “You had an orgasm. That’s right, your tight little pussy just came from thinking about my hard cock invading your hot cunt.”

“OH,” she moaned, holding one little fist against her pubic mound, “that can’t be, it’s never happened before. I-I think it may be happening again. When you say those dirty words I get all tight in my v-v-vagina and hot and, and, and I twitch.”

“You mean when I call it your pretty kitty, your pussy, your little fuck hole?”

She moaned and shook and I felt a wet spot on the leg of my jeans. She had leaked through her panties and uniform trousers.

“OH god,” she moaned, “I think you are going to turn me into a bad girl.”

“Have you ever sucked a cock?” I asked.

“No,” she moaned, “I’ve never even touched one with my hand. I only ever even saw Danny’s penis two times.”

I smiled and told her, “Then you are a bad girl.” She looked at me quizzically as I continued, “What you want to be is a good girl. Good girls like to come, they like to suck cock, they like to fuck, they like to take loads of cum everywhere, they like to please themselves and the person they are with.”

“YES, I want that,” she exclaimed. She threw her arms around my neck and hugging me tight she continued, “I want you to teach me to be a good girl. I want to do all of those things. I always thought I was better than those girls that talked about being with you. Now I want to be one of them, I want to be your good girl. Please say you’ll teach me to be good. I have to have it.”

Wow I thought, it didn’t take much to bring her out of her shell did it. Looking down into the large eyes of this petite woman I couldn’t help but smile and hug her.

“Of course,” I replied, “I will make you into the best girl ever.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she gushed, “can we start now?”

“Well we should probably find a place a little more private but yeah, I would love to give you your first lesson,” I joked.

She laughed and punched me on the arm. “I have to go home and take a shower, I seem to have made a mess of myself.” Then she stood up and saw my wet jeans. She shook her head and giggled, “I guess you need to change more than your wet shirt too.”

I said, “How about I pick you up at seven and we’ll go eat and then go back to your place?”

“Oh no,” she said, “I am to nervous to eat. Just come over at seven and we’ll see what happens.”

She almost ran to her car and took off. I got in my pickup and drove home wondering where these ‘lessons’ were going to lead.

After a shower and a change into casual clothes I headed to Julie’s. I still didn’t know how to proceed. In the end I figured I would do what I had when I was here earlier, wing it.

I grabbed up the bottle of wine I had taken from my wine cellar and headed up the walk. The door opened before I had a chance to knock. Julie was dressed in a very nice denim blouse and a black shirt that ended at her knees. I told her how nice she looked and she blushed and said thanks.

“Sorry, I don’t even know whether you like wine, or even if you drink alcohol at all,” I apologized.

She put the bottle on the table and nervously replied, “I do like a glass now and then but I think tonight I better keep my wits about me.”

I slowly opened my arms and moved toward her, “Why, are you afraid I am going to take advantage of you?”

“Huh,” she snorted, “I am so clueless about all this sex stuff that it wouldn’t be hard to do. But you awakened something in me that I dearly want to explore”

I suggested that we sit on the couch and talk awhile. It was somewhat awkward. Neither of us knew how to start things.

Finally I said, “Why do you think dirty words, dirty talk, excite you? Surely you must have heard them before.”

She shook her head and said, “No, not really. My mothers notion of swearing is ‘oh hell’ and my fathers was ‘damn’. My brother is eight years older than me and very bookish. He left for college when I was ten. The only friends I had were as sheltered as I was.” She giggled and continued, “If I heard any swear words on the playground or in the locker room I would try to remember them and look them up in the dictionary or the medical journal we had at home.”

“Does it turn you on to talk dirty yourself?” I wondered aloud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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