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I could hear his footsteps down the hall making his way to my bedroom. With every step, my heart raced. No other person had the effect that Julio had on me. From the moment Daddy hired him to be a month ago after I returned from college, I wanted him. And who could blame me, everything about him just exudes sex, hot steamy sex. With his 6,5-foot frame with olive skin and with an athletic build, one could easily assume he played professional football. Apparently, he played the wide receiver while he was at Stanford. An injury forced him to give up his dreams of joining the NFL and so decided to join the Marine Crop instead. I know because I read his file.

He looked good in the suits he wore to work, you could tell he works out and I would imagine just how he looked naked. Since I decided to take some time off to decide what I wanted to do during my break from college, I had a lot of free time on my hands. My days included shopping with my girls or helping my godmother with her various charities, my nights involved me having steamy dreams of what crazy things I would do to Julio. I would lay in bed picturing him in between my thighs lathering me with his tongue for hours on end while I played with my clit.

The knock on the door jolted me from my daydream. ‘Miss Cameron?” “Miss Cameron are you awake?” Julio asked through the door, I got out of bed and went to the door.

I didn’t care that I had a pair of boy shorts panties on with a tank top. I knew my nipples were hard and were visible through my top and I didn’t care. My panties were damp from my excitement but I didn’t care if he could see or smell my arousal. Security had been beefed up for the entire extended family since one of my cousins had suffered a kidnapping scare and I was glad I got to have Julio watching me. I enjoyed teasing him like this, and I had a feeling he enjoyed playing along.

I opened the door and saw him catch his breath for a quick second while his eyes drank all of me in. He coughs nervously before composing himself then giving me that look that just makes my nipples even harder. “Good morning, Miss Cameron,” he says.

“How many times have I told you not to call me that Julio, just call me Cameron’ I said walking into my room very slowly also taking the time to look back at him over my left shoulder.

I watch him shake his head and simile showing off his dimples. “I can’t samsun escort do that Miss Cameron’ he says.

“I won’t tell if you don’t Juilo” I say to him coyly as I lean on my desk.’

“Would we be going a trip to Langley today for some shopping or driving you to a date with another little boy who thinks he knows what’s he’s doing”? He says walking into the room straight at me.

This peaks my attention, this is the first time he had broken the façade of being unaffected, “And what do you know about that Julio”? at that point he’s standing right in front of me, he slowly drinks me in with his eyes.

He stretches out his right hand to grab my chin and rubs my bottom lip using his thumb “One of these days baby girl, I’ll be downstairs when you are ready.” he says and walks out of my bedroom.

The rest of the day was filled with so much tension, I could barely contain myself especially shopping at Langley Street. While trying on some swimsuits, I asked him “to come into the changing room to help me tie the top”.

After another failed blind date set up by my best friend, I catch Julio glaring at me with a smirk on his face. I even catch him chuckling when the dude attempts to give me a goodbye kiss. “Just take me home please”. I say to Julio after I get in the SUV.

He looks at me through the rearview mirror with a smirk on his face “Yes ma’am”. he speaks.

“Don’t get cute with me Julio” I snap.

He just laughs at me flashing those dimples again, “Anytime you’re ready Baby girl, anytime”. He drives away.

This feels so right, I think to myself as I walk up to the door. It’s past midnight and I hope no one notices my absence. The only person that knows that I’m out of the house is Maggie (the housekeeper) and I made her promise not to say anything. As far as she’s aware, I had to dash to Walgreens to grab some aspirin.

She offered to get it for me but I said “I needed some air, so she let me go and offered to cover for me if anyone asked. Thank God, Daddy’s out of town but he still calls to ensure that I have eyes on me at all times”.

I knock once but I get no response, I knock again and this time he opens the door. He’s in a pair of jeans, barefoot and shirtless. He looks surprised to see me but intrigued at the same time. “Ayo! Lemme holla back at you, something just comes up”.he says on his phone escort samsun and hangs up.

‘Well, this is a surprise, good evening, Miss. Cameron”. he says flashing those dimples again.

“Good evening, Julio, aren’t you going to invite me in”? and he steps aside.

He shuts the door, grabs his glass of brown liquor, and sits on the couch. The only light in the room emanates from the TV, it is Thursday night football after all. His eyes follow me as I walk around his living room. “Do the team know you flew the coop”? he asks taking a sip of his drink. I shake my head. “What can I do you for then?”

I slowly unbutton my coat, take it off slowly to reveal a black lacy bralette, low rise thong held up by a garter belt in 6-inch heels stilettos. I walk to the couch and sit astride him; I can feel just how hard he is through the jeans. “I think you know what I want Julio”. I say.

He takes another sip before saying; “Are you sure about this Cameron?” I take his glass, gulp the rest of the drink, and put the glass down on the coffee table.

I lean into his ear and whisper “I’ve never been sure about anything more in my life”.

Within a second, he lifts me off the couch and walks us to the wall. Pushes my back gently against the wall and plants his lips on mine. Sweet Lord, they’re just as soft as I imagined. His lips then travel down my neck, licking and nibbling with his hand move to caress and pinch my breasts. My legs and arms tighten around him and I try and savour every single moment.

His lips come back to mine and I deepen our kiss. I reach inside his jeans for his cock which I start to rub immediately and he growls in my ear. The kissing stops, untangles my legs from his waist setting them down on the floor. He grabs my chin and looks me dead in the eyes.

“You are a little cock tease, aren’t you”? He takes a big nibble of my shoulder.

“You are not as sleek as you think you are baby girl, you think I didn’t notice all the times you walked around me in your little outfits and acting all coy and shy when all you wanted was to be fucked. Isn’t that right baby girl”? I can only simile and nod, I mean he isn’t lying.

Julio gets on his knees and pulls my thong down my hips almost ripping them in the process. He puts my right leg over his shoulder and digs his tongue inside of me. I almost come at the samsun escort bayan sensation, his tongue goes deeper and deeper inside my inner walls, biting and sucking on my clit, and all I could do is hold on to his buzz-cut head. I don’t know how much of this I can take and my body starts to shudder, also I can feel my essence drip down his goatee but he doesn’t stop. He holds on to me as I convulsed around him.

Julio picks me up carries me across the hallway and kicks a door open leading to his bedroom. The scent of his cologne fills the entire room and he pushes me on the bed. “It’s too late to back down now baby girl’ Julio says as he takes off his jeans revealing his huge hard cock. Lord have mercy, I think to myself. I figured that he’d be big but I didn’t think he’d be that huge. He crawls on the bed slowly; “You’re mine” he says before planting another deep kiss on me.

I unhook my bralette and he goes to work cupping my breasts and suckling them and I can feel myself getting all wet again. I flip him onto his back, my lips start from his neck down to his pecks and his breathing becomes more laboured. My lips reach their destination and he lets out a loud groan. He grabs my head and pushes my mouth further down and I start to gag. “That’s it, baby girl, don’t you dare stop”. My tongue goes around his tip then licks the shaft by the side and I start sucking on his cock even harder, so hard that I can already begin to taste his pre-cum.

“That’s enough fun for you”. Julio says as he pushes me off him, flips me on my hands and knees and I know what’s coming next and he doesn’t disappoint. Grabbing my hips he pushes inside me, “You’re going to take this dick” he says and begins to pound away with abandon with me matching his thrusts.

He yanks my hair which makes me arch my back even more. Our moans fill the room even the entire apartment and I don’t care if the neighbours hear us. He flips me on my back, lifts my legs up to his shoulders, and enters me again even harder.

“I’m not sure of how much of this I can take”.

‘Yes baby, look at me!” he says and I didn’t even know my eyes were closed. They open and he just ups the ante with his thrusts, “That’s it, Cameron, come for me” and like magic,

I scream his name as I climax and my body starts to convulse. His head falls back as he also comes and spills his entire seed inside of me. It is nothing like I have ever felt before and tears run down my cheeks. Julio notices and lays down beside me, “Hey, hey it’s ok, Baby don’t cry” he says as he wipes away my tears and kisses me once again. He holds me in his arms as we both drift off to sleep. I’ll worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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