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Just Your Normal Incest Family

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The moon was as bright as the noon day sun as I stepped out on the deck. The air was warm and if felt good on my naked body. Ladies don’t sweat so I must be glistening. Resting my bare ass on the wood railing I turned to look back into the master bedroom. The beautiful young lady with long brown hair and olive skin was just rising from the bed. My husband was reaching for a cigarette as his eyes followed her plump bottom as it bobbed toward the bathroom. I smiled as I felt a few drops of wetness slip from me and run down the inside of my leg. Martin is in his fifties but does one hell of a job of taking care of me his wife, Lynn of nearly twenty years and his lovely daughter Megan. Peter our son had also joined this sexual party this first night up here at our lake house.

However Peter was off soon after he screwed his sister as he had a hot date with a girl across the lake. I had hoped he would also take the time to give his mother a few inches of his very strong cock. But he was satisfied with the blow job I had given him on the way up this morning. When we travel in our motor home we can have sex any time we feel like it as we all can drive. So whoever is not driving can play all they want to.

After Peter had gone I and Megan joined Martin in the master bedroom. Martin had screwed me first and once I was filled with his never ending supply of sperm. Megan had done her very best to lick and suck as much of her Daddy’s sperm from me as she could. Dad managed to get his cock erect again and get behind Megan for a little of her plump little ass. Martin does enjoy taking Megan doggie style and after a few juicy plunges into her wet cunt he will then rub the head of his handsome cock on her tight little ass and takes her. Megan loves to feel his cock up her ass nearly as much as I do.

Martin has been an ass man for as long as I can remember. When we first started dating he wanted to take my cherry ass. I let him think he did just that but in fact; neither my ass, mouth nor pussy was cherry.

Like our daughter Megan I lost my cherry to my brother and his buddy one afternoon in the basement of our house. I was young and did not know what I was doing but I did think if I let them do it I would be more grown up. It worked for the very next weekend my mother had to work and left us in the care of our Aunt Celia. Celia was much younger than my mother. Celia was more like a kid than an adult. It started by Walter; my brother joking and kidding Celia about how sexy she was and how all he ever thought about was sex. Celia joked back and before long we were daring one another to get naked. Celia showed Walter her breasts and he dropped his pants to show her his cock. That is all it took Celia saw his long thick cock and soon we were all naked on the bed. Celia showed me how to take his cock in my mouth and work on it till he cum.

Celia said I was a natural cocksucker and since that day I have tried to do the natural thing. Celia also showed me how to lick her pussy while she sucked Walter’s cock. We all learned to masturbate ourselves and each other. I was so thrilled when I saw Walter put his cock in Celia’s ass. She cried out it was too big but wanted him to force it in her any way. I guess you could say it hurt just fine. As I watched I masturbated bursa escort bayan myself to a climax for he first time. After Walter cum in her ass. She sucked him hard again so he could “Fuck my ass” but before that happened mother came home caught us in the bed and never in my life did I hear so many swear words. Celia jumped up and ran out. Walter stood there cock wilting and crying all at the same time. I was told to get my fucking ass up to my room and don’t come out till I was told.

Well it was very late that night when Mom came up to my room and handed me a plate of supper. We had a long talk and she explained to me that what we were doing was wrong and I was too young to do that any more. She made me promise never to do that again and never with my brother again. I was already to get my ass fucked when these new found pleasures were cut off by our mother. Walter never acted as if he wanted to play with me again after that. But for the longest time I noticed he was very willing to do anything mother wanted of him. Well as you might guess mother had made an agreement with Walter that if he left me alone she would let him screw her. I did not know about this for several years.

I was still very horny even though at the time I did not know what horny was. I started dating in high school and on my first date the boy wanted to screw me. I told him I would try but he had to do it in my rear because I did not want a baby. So lying on a blanket out in the woods I lost my cherry ass. He was very small and it did not hurt too much. So the next time we went out he brought some Vaseline and that made it much better. He loved it and he would screw me two or three times every time we went out. I was getting to really enjoy the feel of it. But I never got close to a climax. Well not with him any way.

I was working at a beach park were they have rides and the tunnel of love when I met Martin. He was older by a few years and he seemed to know everything. On our first date he never tried anything at all. Oh, I would have let him had he tired but I can wait till he wants to start fooling around.

By this time Walter was off and gone in the Army. I noticed Mom seemed to be really jumpy and nervous after Walter went away. Now I know she was just horny as hell. So when I brought Martin home to meet her she saw right away he was older and maybe knew a thing or two about life. That very night after Martin brought me home he sat down stairs with mom and talked while I was sent to bed. It was near two in the morning when I heard Martins car start up and drive away. That’s right Martin had screwed my mother before he screwed me. But here is the kicker.

Martin got locked up for driving drunk and hitting a street car. He was in for thirty days and there was nothing any one could do.

I had met this other guy at the park and when he asked me out I said “Hell yes” Well he knew just how to treat a gal. He got me drunk and took me to a motel. His buddy joined us and before I knew what was going on I was fucked twice and had a mouth full of cock. I was getting the royal treatment and loving every minute of it. I was bent over his buddy with a very large cock in my mouth when I felt a smooth skinned cock head press my ass. bursa anal yapan escort He had me by the hips and pulled me back hard. He had soaped up his cock and it slipped in with very little effort. The second guy to fuck my ass filled me up with a load of hot sperm. . After the first time it started to feel pretty good and by the time his buddy screwed my ass I climaxed. I went out screaming and going completely crazy. I scared them both so much they ran out and never cam back.

So when Martin got out of jail he was pretty horny and it did not take him long to get me in his bed. He was a very good fuck as they say. He made me climax the first time and it has never stopped since. The night a few days later when he wanted to try it in the rear I said “Really, will it hurt.” Well it did not but he never knew he did not get my cherry ass.

So as the kids were growing up it just seem natural to introduce them to sex in a way that made us a tighter and closer family. We waited until we found out they were having sex and instead of screaming as my mother once did we talked about it and came to the conclusions a family that fucks together has one hell of a lot fun together.

Our son Peter started screwing early and was well into his active sex life when he joined us for our first sexual party. He was getting ready to go off to college and Megan was going to start her first job.

When we found Peter was screwing Megan. Martin thought as long as the kids were old enough to drink he may as well fix drinks all around. Peter sat on the sofa next to me and after a few drinks I simply reached over and open his pants. Peter was very helpful as he pulled this long hard cock out for me to see and appreciate. Megan started to laugh and did the same thing to her father. Martin let her get his cock out and quickly pushed her head down into his lap. Megan was up to the task and quickly took his cock in her mouth. I was not going to be out done by my daughter so I went down on my son Peter. At that moment I felt the strangest feeling and a surge of excitement that I had never before felt. To take my own son’s cock in my mouth it was so erotic I think I started to climax as he did. I knew he was excited also and it did not take him long to climax. His sperm was hot and creamy, sweet and salty at the same time. I sucked and swallowed all he had and wanted more. I watched as Martin gave his load to Megan and she did a fine job of drinking what he had to offer. So we two girls started off by sucking our men off and it was a real blast.

Now here we were almost two years later and we were still at it. But to night Martin had given Megan such a royal ass fucking she screamed and climaxed saying it was her first ass climax ever. I was sure this made Martin feel really good. After all he has an ego too.

Martin joined me on the desk and hugged me. His naked body next to mine still gives me shivers after all these years. He said. “Baby your still the best fuck I ever had. But I’ll tell you this, fucking Megan in the ass is very close to being as good as you are.” Oh, I know he was just trying to make me feel good, the silver tongued devil. I was not about to tell him Peter was a better fuck that bursa rus escort he was because. Peter was a great fuck and he drove me up the wall. Even when Peter wants anal sex I love it and he can bring me to a climax several times before he empties his load in me. But I do love my husband and I know he loves me. And we both love the kids…..

Megan walked out on the deck joining us in the moon light. She had slipped on a short terry cloth rob that barely covered her firm plump ass. Martin hugged her and let her slide between us.

Megan said. “Oh, look there are lights coming up the drive. Peter must be home.” Megan ran to the front bedroom so she could see down into the parking area. She ran back to tell us Peter had a girl with him. Martin and I slipped into sweats and went down stairs to meet Peter’s girl. It was late by now and we were surprised that Peter had brought her home at this hour. She was so drunk she had no idea where she was or who we were. Martin told Peter this was not a good Idea. But Peter said her parents were not coming up until tomorrow so it was OK that she stayed out all night. Besides she was of age any way.

Her name was Sandy and we helped her up stairs to bed. Martin was standing there talking to Peter when Sandy said, “Peter are you going to fuck me or not?” Peter looked at her as she seemed to fall back asleep. He said, “Sure Sandy I’ll be there in a second I am talking to my Dad.” Sandy rose up on one elbow and smiling said “Oh good bring him along I’ll fuck you both.”

Now in all the years I have known Martin I had never seen him take an interest in a drunken girl. But for some reason Martin went straight to the edge of the bed and dropped his sweats. His cock was erect and Sandy took one look at it and took a mouth full. Peter was naked and quickly got behind Sandy and got his cock in her pussy as she still held Martins cock in her mouth. Megan and I stood there watching the show.

The trio on the bed was getting it on pretty good. When Martin got off in her mouth and Peter filled his pussy with his load. Both Megan and I were getting all turned on again and needed some assistance from our men. But both were petty well shot for this day. But let it to Megan to fine an out for her pent up passions. Megan got Sandy over on her back and spread her legs. I got really turned on as I watched Megan suck her brother’s sperm from Sandy’s cunt.

It was like I was so excited I moved without thinking as I got up on the bed and sat down across Sandy s’ face. Drunk or sober Sandy reacted to the pressure on my wet dripping pussy near her mouth. Sandy managed to get a finger up to spread my pussy so she could get her tongue in deep. I was so excited I came early flooding Sandy with a combination of new juice from my pussy and old sperm from Martin. Sandy licked me clean before I left her to reward Megan for her efforts. We all left Peter and Sandy in his bed and headed for our own beds.

It was morning before we saw Sandy and Peter again. Megan had eaten breakfast and had gone out when Peter and Sandy stumbled into the kitchen. Hot strong coffee all around helped get life back into the pair. Martin and I just waited to see where the conversation would lead. Sandy smiled and said she was sorry for being so drunk last night nothing about all he sexual play. Peter only smiled. I really wanted to hear Sandy say she had a great time and would love to come over again for more. But that was not to happen this day. However Sandy and her parents would come over for dinner the next week and what happened that night is a whole over story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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