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Kat and Liz Go Out of Town

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Bdsm S

(This story is a joint effort. Kat and Liz are real and do live in a place where they do not feel free to openly display their love. The initial bathtub scene is all their doing and the rest of this tale is the product of our three imaginations. I hope they allow me to write about their honeymoon. Stay posted for more.)


I realize with all the exposure today that being a lesbian couple may seem to be accepted. In fact lesbian and gay males are allowed to marry in some states and of course Hollywood seems to find the whole issue entertaining. However for a lesbian couple in most areas of the country such acceptance is just not there yet. So it is for Liz and I. While our parents know of our relationship they have made it clear that we should remain private about it and so we are.

We’re early 30’s and work hard at the gym to stay trim and fit. Liz is about 5′-7″ with natural blond hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful complexion that resembles a light tan, but isn’t. Her “full” C cup breasts are firm, and have prominent nips that love attention. I’m tall (5’11”) with silky brown hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion that I enhance with just a bit of spray tan, to be more like Liz. My “semi” C cup breasts (a girl can dream, can’t she?) are even more sensitive and I have often cum just from Liz kissing them.

We are churchgoers and while our particular house of worship claims to be liberal and open, even they would have some difficulties with our relationship. Knowing this, it is particularly difficult some Sundays when the light from the windows catches Liz just the right way, I lose my concentration on the ‘holy word’ and become fixated on the hole between Liz’s legs. I have to stifle a giggle at these times as I imagine the looks on the people near us if I merely leaned over and kissed Liz, much less did what was filling my mind on those occasions.

So when Liz told me she had to go on a business trip and asked if I could take some time off and go with her I jumped at the chance. A few weeks later we were on the plane to San Diego. I was so excited about this trip that I almost caused us to miss the flight. When Liz’s stepped from the shower that morning all naked and wet I jumped her and pulled her into bed. I never gave her an opportunity to stop me. I immediately planted my lips on her lips, my hands on her breasts and my tongue trying to find her throat.

Liz must have been just as excited about our excursion as she responded to me in kind and soon we were deep into a passionate embrace our nipples pressing into one another and our pussies rubbing together. I felt like a teenager I was so excited. I skipped the warm up and moved quickly to her wet pussy. Using my tongue only, I opened her labia and found her clit. Flicking my tongue over her clit I set my eyes on hers. I loved to watch her beautiful face as it contorted with my attention to her. Her eyes were focused on me too. It was something we had discovered early on. We came so much harder and so much longer when we maintained eye contact.

Unfortunately Liz was not satisfied with having an orgasm, she needed to bring me off too. No sooner had her juices flowed into my open mouth and her pussy finished spasming on my tongue then she twirled about and placed her mouth on my pussy. I admit I tried to hold back, to enjoy the journey and not hurry to the destination and while my orgasm was tremendous, it did cause us to run thru the airport to make our plane.

When we finally arrived in San Diego we were exhausted. The long flight and time change had us so worn out that we decided upon checking into our hotel to soak in the tub. I think that Liz was also somewhat anxious about her meetings later in the week. I joined Liz in the warm tub and let the rigors of our journey seep from my pores.

Sitting behind Liz in the oversized tub I elected to massage my lover and try to ease both the fatigue of travel and the tension of her coming meetings. I worked her back, neck, and shoulders. I could feel her body relaxing as my fingers worked to ease the tension. I was musing about our morning fuck as I worked my hands. I was having lots of tender, loving thoughts and leaned forward to hug her waist, pressing my breasts into her back. After holding her like that a few moments I slid my hands up to cup her lovely breasts. Then I leaned my head forward and turned to kiss her right cheek. Liz turned her face toward mine and we shared a tender kiss. My fingers were now busy caressing her nipples finding no tension but managing to help them become erect. Our kisses continued and Liz’s response to my fingers had her pressing her lips more firmly against mine.

I continued to enjoy her breasts with my left hand but I slid the other down across her firm tummy to cup between her legs. Our kissing became more insistent and tongues begin to play. Slipping a middle finger between her pouting pussy lips, I stroked them sensuously. Adding another finger, I explored deeper inside her sex.

Then we clearly heard voices just outside our door. Believing it was the floor maids I wondered if I had put the Ankara bayan escort “Privacy” tag out? Not spending a lot of time in hotels I also wondered if the door to our room even locked? I didn’t want our bath to be interrupted but strangely the thought of possible discovery fueled my excitement. I knew that we were not home and we could be freer with our relationship here then we ever could at home.

We’re kissing passionately now and the voices in the hall come and go but the thought of someone walking in and finding us together only increased my passion. I fully extended two fingers inside her pussy, twisting and stroking. We both are breathing hard, as our passions build. I press up on her G-spot with my fingers, while twiddling the hood of her engorged clit with my thumb. Liz breaks our kiss, pushes her head back against my shoulder, and extends her feet to push against the end of tub. That presses me against the other end and I feel my firm nipples tingling against her back.

Her passion is soaring and Liz begins to undulate her body. With her feet pressing harder against the end of the tub and her upper body pushing against me, she lifts her tight, sexy butt off the tub. Her passion is at a fever pitch and she’s now moaning and thrusting against my busy hand, her midsection undulating like a dolphin swimming, splashing the water vigorously.

We are making a lot of noise as she churns the water, moaning louder. A sudden surge of even more vigorous thrusting splashes big waves of water out of the tub and onto the bathroom floor. Then she tenses, arches up, and cries out as she has an intense orgasm.

Liz collapses against me, resting her head on my shoulder, and all is quiet again. But her body is still quivering and shaking with echoes of the orgasmic ecstasy. I hold her tenderly, her flushed face against mine, our bodies seeming to be one.

Suddenly I’m aware the talking in the hall had stopped. Then I hear soft whispers and giggles from the maids, still just outside our door. I smiled when I realized they must have heard the sounds we made in passion. I whispered.

“I love you, Liz”

Into her ear and held her tightly, not wanting our special moment to end. Liz twists her body around and wraps her arms around me, pressing her tits into mine and licks my lips with her tongue. As she licks across my face and then laps the soft skin at the base of my ear she whispers to me.

“You loved the idea that someone was listening. Tell me Kat, what if they had walked in on us? Would you have loved that too?”

Quickly finding my thoughts confused by the soft warm air accompanying her words, I was unable to put together coherent sentences.

“I…um…well I…er”

Sucking on my ear lobe now I feel my body reacting to her and knowing that what she is doing and what she is asking me have had their effect and I wrap my legs around her hips pulling her puss close to mine. I know I have to say something and finally I whisper.

“Liz, I’ll love you anywhere. Yes, the voices excited me, made me feel free for the first time in a long time. Free to admit my love for you, free to enjoy our tender moments. “

Putting my hands on her ass cheeks and pulling her even closer to my now wet and needy pussy I kiss her savagely forcing my tongue into her hot ready mouth. My hips are bucking up into her and the now cooling water is again splashing wildly as I begin to gyrate my hips into her. Breathless, Liz breaks our kiss and says

“I think the possibility of being seen with you this way is exciting as hell Kat. I don’t know if the reality of that is, but I am enjoying the possibilities.”

I came then as her words set me off. She held me tenderly and soon we pulled our tired bodies from the tub and found the bed. Holding her close to me I kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“I’m with you Liz, whatever you want from me is yours. Now all I want is to feel you next to me and rest a bit. This is a place I’ve always wanted to visit and I want to hold your hand and walk with you as I do.”

Kissing me back Liz cuddled with me as we napped, naked atop the bedspread with drapes open. Neither of us cared for anything at the time only one another and the freedom this trip offered us. Later we had a light dinner and retired early, wanting time to make love to one another.

Liz was up and dressed early for her meetings while I lounged in bed naked making it as hard as possible for her to leave me. I loved toying with her this way and as I slowly let my hand slide through my own pussy I told her.

“We’ll be waiting for you lover. Keep this in mind and enjoy your day.”

Liz smacked my ass lightly and said

“The day will come lover when the hand is mine and you are on your way out. Later I think we will need to finish this but…”

She kissed me quickly and left for her meetings. I was unable to stop what I was doing and soon a couple of my own fingers were exploring what I had offered to Liz. She would be gone till early afternoon and as much as I wanted to stay here and stroke myself I stopped with Escort bayan Ankara a quick orgasm and showered. I’d bought a new swimsuit for the trip and put it on intending to hang at the hotel pool most of the day. Standing in the room and admiring my new bikini I began to doubt the courage I would need to wear this in public. To call this a swimsuit was ridiculous; it was a couple of strings with a few square inches of very thin material. I knew if my nipples were aroused it would very much like being naked.

I tossed on a cover and made it to the pool carrying my latest erotic novel with me. I had not completely thought this through only later realizing how arousing the book was and how wet I became. Thankfully the pool was deserted as most of the guests must have been here on business or were exploring the city. Reading about a lesbian couple having wild naked sex on a beach at night not only got me wet but planted some ideas in my brain. All too soon I knew I’d need to get to the room to relieve myself.

I showered and dressed then waited for Liz to return. I’d donned a simple summer dress with a low neck and a high hem. My serviceable boobs were appropriately hinted at and my thighs gave promise to what was above. Adding heels seemed to put it all out there for display. With my hair neatly styled and hanging to my shoulders I splashed a hint of Liz’s favorite scent on my chest and another touch on my inner thigh. Liz returned and changed before we headed out to see the city.

We found the center of action, a few blocks of trendy restaurants and bars. The sidewalks were busy and realizing we were out of town I soon grabbed Liz’s hand in mine and together we roamed the area looking for dinner. We finally chose a small place with intimate seating and after ordering I excused myself from the table. I went to the ladies room and removed my panties and bra. I slipped them in a gift bag I’d folded into my purse. I’d earlier attached a card to the handle. Returning to the table I handed the gift bag to Liz.

“What’s this Kat?”

“Jeeze Liz open it and see.”

I saw her mouth curl in confusion as she looked in and saw my panties and bra. Giving me another quizzical look she opened the card and I saw her mouth the words I written earlier.

“I just wanted you to know I am ready for you at all times lover.”

“You mean you’re..”

“Yes lover. Other then the dress and shoes, nothing.”

“You’re crazy Kat. That dress is too short and jeeze I can see your nips clearly.”

“We’re free this week Liz. I want to do everything we can’t do at home. I want to be open for you and I’d love it if you’d be open to me too.”

She looked at me for what seemed a long time then taking the bag she left the table. When she returned I could tell the bag was fuller then before and when she handed it to me I saw two sets of panties and bras.

“Ok lover what next?”

I looked at Liz and said.

“Why dancing of course.”

We finished our meal and strolled the streets seeking a bar with music and dancing. The first few steps outside reminded me of my missing panties and I felt a bit like a hooker knowing my almost sufficient breasts were clearly outlined. We held hands like the lover’s we are and found a bar. I insisted we sit on the bar stools and do our best to keep our naked pussies covered. I knew that would keep our minds focused between our legs, right where I wanted them. We spent a few hours dancing and drinking, surprisingly left to ourselves as if a lesbian couple was an everyday occurrence. It was so different from home.

Deciding to walk back to the hotel we found we would have to walk through a park. I pulled Liz to a bench and kissed her, wrapping my arms around her as I did. After a minute or two of hesitation, Liz lost herself in my kiss and when I slid my hand between her legs and found her naked pussy, she merely spread her legs wider for me. Stroking her as we kissed she quickly became very wet. Her body was already starting to move as my finger explored inside her and my thumb strummed her engorged clit.

If anyone passed us or came close enough to watch neither of us ever knew. I was soon so lost in Liz, enjoying the way her pussy was contracting on my fingers as her tongue dueled with mine, that a crowd of thousands could have gathered. When Liz moved her hand between my legs and found my own wet sex I gasped at her touch. I was hot and ready and her soft fingers applied themselves to my needs as mine continued to work on hers. When I came I held Liz tight and forced my fingers as deep as I could into her. She soon joined me and together we experienced our orgasms in public. As we settled down I did take a moment to look up I saw, about forty feet from us, on another bench two young women holding hands and smiling as they watched us. A small spasm coursed through me as I realized that we had been watched and another spasm followed that one, knowing how it excited me to know that.

“Liz, we’ve been watched.”

She slowly turned her head to see the two women still smiling and watching us then said Bayan escort Ankara to them.

“I hope we didn’t bother you.”

Shaking their heads one of then said back.

“It was so fucking beautiful to watch you guys. I hope we didn’t ruin it for you.”

I said.

“No, it actually made my day. “

We hurried back to the room and jumped into bed needing to complete the union we initiated in the park. Pushing Liz’s head between my legs I cried out in joy when her tongue lapped at my wet hot puss. It was quick, that first time and I responded by pushing my face deep into Liz’s nest and reaming her wet pussy with my tongue. Reliving our experience in the park, our night on the town and the furious oral stimulation seconds ago in the room, Liz looked at me and said.

“No more underwear this week. No panties, no bras and no hose. You with me Kat?”

“Well if you still insist on basic clothing….”

I laughed at her then nodded my agreement. We still had most of the week and there were beaches and bars and pool and parks. My head was spinning as I wondered just how daring we would be. Liz had another day of meetings then we’d have four days to ourselves. I wrapped my arms around her as we nestled in bed.

“I wonder just where I’m going to fuck you tomorrow lover.”

“As long as you fuck me Kat, the place won’t matter to me. Hold me lover.”

I did and she held me close as we both fell asleep dreaming of what we each might want to do. Before dropping off to sleep I decided that I would need to do some shopping tomorrow as the clothes we’d brought from home just would not do. I would dress my lover tomorrow exactly how I wanted her. I knew she might object to what I was thinking but in the end she always trusted me. She knew I would never ever hurt her. I had the same trust in her.

I found exactly what I was looking for and felt my naked pussy dampen as I paid the clerk for the dress. I was the sexiest thing I’d ever bought for Liz and although I knew she’d make small objections, she’d wear it for me. It was, of course white, with a halter style top that tied behind her neck. The thin, silky material came down to cover her breasts before reaching the skirt part of the dress. When worn, Liz’s back would be open and naked to maybe a quarter inch above her ass crack. Her breasts would be encased but the material would not cover her cleavage and remained open down to her navel. I guess if she had to bend over her boobs would easily pop out. With the right heels and her blonde locks styled up leaving her neck and shoulders bare, Liz would be walking sex tonight. I think as I bought her a pair of six inch while heels I may have cum, but then again I planned to cum a lot tonight anyway, so why not get warmed up.

I’d also bought myself something new to wear. I was not going shopping and only buy for Liz. My dress was a pale aqua in color and while it was sleeveless and silky too, the top was a bit less revealing. Both of our dresses were short and required us to be careful when sitting. I chose a lower heel too since our height difference was already sizeable I wanted my lips and tits closer to where Liz’s mouth would be tonight.

Showering leisurely and then covering my body with scented oil that I massaged into my skin, I slipped my dress on over my naked body. Standing in my heels and looking at my image I saw my nipples harden and push the soft material out as they did. Leaving my hair down in contrast to what I planned for Liz I was satisfied with me appearance knowing it would keep Liz thinking of me all night.

When Liz came in and saw me her mouth dropped open and came to me looking for a hug and a kiss. I gave her one of each then commanded that she shower. Gloomily she stripped naked and went to the shower. Seeing her naked always makes me drool a bit and it was sheer determination that kept me from taking her right there and then.

A showered and perfumed Liz appeared and I did her hair the way I wanted it. Then I handed her the bag with her dress and watched her face as she pulled it out.

“So beautiful lover. I love it.”

I could see when she slipped it on that she became a bit nervous constantly adjusting the halter style straps over her magnificent chest, never seeming to be satisfied with the coverage.

“Kat, baby are you sure you want me this exposed?”

“Liz, I want everyone to see how incredibly sexy you are, and be jealous of what I have!”

With no more time for discussion or argument we grabbed a cab and went to the waterfront to a restaurant I’d learned about earlier that day. It was right on the water and had a long pier jutting out into the ocean that I planned to use after we ate. Many eyes followed the two of us as we were seated in front of the window with a great view of the pounding surf. It was dusk and the spotlights made the whole vision spectacular. Dinner? Who can remember what we ate. I could not look at her without my eyes being drawn to her beautiful, full breasts. I sooo wanted to feast on them instead of dinner. Thankfully the table was covered with a cloth because I needed to keep putting my foot between her legs and using my toes to stroke her wet pussy. I think we had desert too, but again my mind was elsewhere and after paying our bill, I took Liz’s hand and we strolled out to the end of the pier.

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