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“Jane, I’m right here. I can see you” Katherine practically crying in frustration while on your cell phone waving her free hand in the air. Jane spots her, shakes her silly blonde head, picks up her suitcase and begins to make her way towards the frustrated Katherine.

“There’s just you know so many people here, I didn’t think it would be this busy on a Wednesday, you know?” Jane laments using her hands in her heavy Wisconsin accent. With a long “Come Over” hand swing, “Well come on the cars over here”, Kat has no patience for Janie right now, not in this cold. Where Janie’s from weather like this might be commonplace and not even worth mentioning but to Kath Chicago’s colder than she likes it.

Katherine had arrived the day before, got the car and hotel room for the girls three day vacation to the city.

Katherine felt inspired having broken the chains after her high school graduation and from being kept bound to the four walls and a roof of her parents house since going to college.

The night before Jane arrived had been standard as any really; going the room and setting the temperature to her preference, going out to a nearby three and a half star restaurant for a lonesome meal and a drink. She did spot a few young business men she would have liked to meet if they weren’t so involved in themselves.

“What’s wrong stud? Got something better waiting for you at home?” Katherine might have said under her breath after finishing her second and last martini but instead of forcing her way into their conversation she lingered like the last taste of that delicious gin drink back up to the tenth floor to your seventy-two degree room.

The sheets of the bed called out to Kath to slumber so after a quick shower being careful not get her hair wet she wrapped herself up tight fairly early in the evening in order to be at O’hare early enough to situate a parking spot and gather the clumsy Jamie from the terminal.

Jane was memorized by clouded skyline; Sears Tower, AT&T Center, Chase Tower, Dealy Tower, Aon Center and all the way down to the Heritage Tower. “Oh my, this place is huge. I mean tall, you know what I’m saying Kat?” Jane says looking over at you with huge cat like eyes. “What do you want to do today?”,having looked up possible options to keep the girls as busy as she could over the weekend Katherine reached for a list of things to do sitting on the back seat and handed it over to Janie, “Pick a place to start”.

Before heading out to the streets of Chi-town the young women first got to the W Hotel adjacent lakeside to Lake Michigan so that Janie could get acquitted with the room she and Katherine would be sharing. As she came into the room and threw her bag up on her bed Janie commented that it’s too warm and Katherine gives Janie her “Give me a break” face in return.

Janie’s a true Wisconsin girl who Katherine met in college down south in Tennessee. Jane’s skin is a gorgeous pale and accompanied by alluring blue eyes which she surrounds with a smokey eye shadow. She’s a heartbreaker. On more than one occasion a reasonably good looking and responsible guys have stopped by their shared dorm room to return a parcel of Janie’s clothing which she left after one of her abrupt burst of anger.

Most of the guys mumble something like “She’s crazy” after getting one of Katherine’s dryly given “Thanks, Bye bye”; she knew of Jane’s anger but had yet to witness it first hand, the Jane that Kath knew was generally nice to look at, ditzy and fun.

Out the door the girls went free with adventure.


Hitting the streets and both dressed to be striking at first glance; Jane a communications major longed to become an investigative reporter for a television station for which she had the looks and style for. She wore an open light black leather jacket over a well worn snugly fitting green sweater with a white button down collared shirt under it all. Her shoulder length blonde hair reached the tops of her flared open collar and as beautiful as she was she was practical wearing a casual pair of black Chuck Taylors.

Katherine strutted out in an outfit fit for the business boys she had seen the night before. A pair of cute flats, a knee high dress and long beige overcoat. Katherine’s beautiful red hair curled and blew in the breeze.

The night was filled with the right amount of atmosphere. Dancing, clubbing, drinking and the men. The Downtown Chicago scene was on fire with local boys and out of state cuties ready to mingle and flirt with Katherine’s southern sweetness. She loved the attention as a number of men offered to buy her drinks. Janie was no stranger to it all as the night went on she let the men have their way as their grabby hands covered her body.

The girls swayed and danced. They didn’t discuss the possibility of going home with anyone other than themselves. Tonight was going to be their night. Katherine would have wanted to fall in love with three of her suitors. xslot Rich, successful and seemingly loyal young men. They might have had visions in their head of getting Katherine alone for a night of raucous sex but Katherine had other plans.

When the night was over and the cab had bought the girls safely back to the hotel; they quietly and quickly said “hello” to the tall and quite desk clerk and made their way into their comfortable room. Within minutes of undressing Janie still in her dress passed out on her side of the bed her iPhone in hand.

Katherine pulled the comforter up over Janie and smiled sweetly. Katherine had an after party ritual of makeup removal that she carried out without thought. She undressed; slipping out of her shoes, and unhinging her bra clasp she made her way to the vanity like bathroom mirror with her kit of makeup and began to work. She had three drinks and felt wonderful to be secure, safe and alive.

She caught a glimpse of her tasty nipples hard and exposed, she smiled leaned back a gave her body a shake jiggling those fantastic tits of hers.

“It’s great to be alive” she said to her reflection in the mirror. She dapped a piece of cotton with remover and noticed she was damn near out. “Damn it. I knew I should have gone to the store.” She and Janie had been roommates practically related step sisters for a least a year; the two had shared their love lives, soap and shampoo with each other a few dabs of make up remover wasn’t anything to second guess.

Katherine searched through one bag and then another for Janie’s makeup kit. That’s when she went through Janie’s carry on and found it; a ocean blue with silver sparkles eight inch circulating dildo with a suction cup at the base for enhanced positioning. “Wow Janie’s a big spender. This thing is beautiful”.

So as to see how the dildo worked Katherine brought it back to the private bathroom. Three silver tabbed buttons at the base of the jelly cock controlled the features; one button controlled the head of the devil. It shaked, shaked and spun and turned off. The second silver button spun the actual shaft; one press for clockwise a second for counter clockwise and another for off. The third and final switch controlled vibration of the prick. After running it in her hands as a test Katherine was impressed with her friends firepower.

The blue bolt was impressive so Katherine took a photo of it on her cellphone for future reference and sighed she still had to finish her makeup. She put the fuck toy back in Janie’s carry on. “Oh fuck it” she said out loud, turned the shower on, slipped out of her panties and showered.

Katherine washed her face and body but her mind was occupied with that dildo. She’d yet to buy one so expensive and nice. “Maybe…oh no Janie would kill me if I fucked it”. Katherine stood in the warm water wondering how hard she would orgasms?

Then it struck her; she’d put on condom on the blue bolt. Janie wouldn’t be that upset if Katherine used her vibrator to get off if she first took a little precautions. Janie got out of the shower and dried herself off quickly. She put her panties back on and began to fumble through her own bag for a rubber. Of course she had one and tore it open.

She was actually anxious to fuckn’ feel the beast inside her. On the floor of the bathroom Katherine removed her panties and spread her soft thighs. The toy dick was made from a silicon jelly and very soft, flexible enough to bend.

She licked her fingers and began to massage herself. She was spread open working herself, letting her imagination work and juices start to stir.

Had a man of any grit seen her at this point they would have stopped to watch. She was beautiful, this act was beautiful.

She reached over to grab the dildo and the condom. Katherine’s hand rushed to slide the latex protection over the blue cock. She was trembling with a tremendous amount of excitement about the upcoming workout. She positioned herself and with a breath dipped it into her pussy.

Each time she stroked and maneuvered herself and the cock, swearing and squealing with pleasure. The dildo hummed a low growl while Katherine held the base and rode on it flexing her thighs and pussy to get the sensual sensations across her body.

Her hands were all over her tits pulling on her light beige nipples. Her tittes were ripe, hot and young beautiful breast.

Turning on the shaft to rotate the vibration took her to another level of ecstasy. The pretty blue dildo slid in and out of her tight cunt slowly. She rode on it and rode on it.

Katherine got on her feet facing the bowl and bent her knees. Using the toilet for support she slammed the suction cup base end of her impaler to the tile floor. Without giving it a second thought Katherine brought her entire weight down on the huge jelly prick. The feeling that came through her was unbelievable she had never been so pleased with any other dick or dildo. She rode it hard xslot Giriş and fast fucking her hole working herself to a pleasure not ever reached.

Katherine peaked climaxing while the blue bolt was deep inside her. She came nearly to the point of collapsing, happy she took the chance of getting caught.

After ten minutes of working herself off the expensive toy, cleaning it and kissing it good night Katherine made herself a promise to up her investment and put the blue bolt away in Janie’s carry on. Kat was all smiles as she fell asleep content and satisfied.


And just like a light switch one moment it’s on and the next it’s off and the girls found themselves waking up and going to the lobby Bar of the W. The hotel’s bar sat directly in the front lobby. Kitschy decorative lighting, posh furniture and a beautiful wait staff 24 hours a day except after 2am until 9am the bar was an open area for contemporary dining and drinks. Katherine and Jane came in for the night about 8p.m. rather early though late enough after their second day gallivanting through the city. They took up seating at a round table a top blue bar stools.

A pretty Asian waitress arrived at their table and while she set two napkins down she asks “Enjoying yourselves in Chicago?” You look like you could use a drink. My names Sarah, have anything in mind or would you like my recommendations?”. Jane replies ” I’ll have a strawberry margarita blended with something top shelf and the cheese quesadilla and guacamole.”

Sarah stands between the girls her arms stretched out hands on each of the backrest of their stools. She shakes her head slightly at each detail. Then Sarah hears Katherine’s order and happily excuses herself to place it.

Katherine and Janie look over the other customers unknowingly gaining the attention of a man. He’s seated just behind them in a blind spot. He’s been seen by the staff before and most make him for a local cop. Dark glasses, a tight cut and in his later thirties he’s handsome enough to attract attention from MILF’S and young women alike.

He waits, knowing that the girls have drinks and meals pending there in no hurry. The man steps out for a smoke, pulls out a cellphone and places a call “It’s Donnie I have two possibles. They’re eating at the W. I’ll make contact; I am sure we’ll have company tonight”. He hangs up and tosses down his smoke ready to return to his pretty prey.

20 minutes and several drinks later the ladies are toasted. They’re giggling about high school friends, a talking dog and a girls janky tooth. Donnie makes his move by staring at Janie until she sees his gaze. She smiles and matches his eye moment until he goes back to sitting behind the girls once again.

Janie goes through the motion like so many woman before her; the “did you see that guy’s”? She glances back and finds that although he suggestively had eyes for her he’s no longer looking at her. He has his back turned away; he’s occupied by a phone call but just as Janie and Katherine are trading looks back he is only looking towards the women once every five minutes.

Sarah from across the bar signals to Katherine who gives the thumbs up for another round. Janie excuses herself to the restroom momentarily while Katherine at the table pulls her compact from her purse for a powder. Sarah brings a champagne and strong strawberry liquor daiquiri to the table just as Janie seats herself. Donnie has been intently watching the act as its been played out knowingly suggestively sexually.

Katherine turns in her chair and with an air of drunken cockiness throws the hair off the right side of her neck. She lowers herself enough to expose some cleavage and says “hi”. “Well hello” Donnie replies’ strongly. “Do you want to have a drink with me and my friend? We’re kinda bored if you’d like to join our conversation” Katherine states in a lightly intoxicated fashion, making sure to be somewhat elegant.

“You’re asking me to join your boring conversation?”, ask Donnie. “No I mean I want you to come sit with us and liven us up. Your cute I know you’ve done it before. Don’t play” she says smiling sipping her champagne, legs crossed and dangling from her stool.

He looks at Janie, her fantasy like curves down her legs. “Well alright if you’ll have me”. Janie smiles big and gets up throwing herself in a big hug over Donnie feeling his ass “Of course you’re a cutie. My names Janie. She’s Kat or Katherine whatever want to call her.”

Katherine’s eyes drop alluring over the man as he catches her gaze. Janie slips her hand under the table onto Donnie’s left thigh. He gives her a smile. Their conversation consists of the girl’s stay in the Chicago; they talk about where they’ve been, what they’ve seen. Janie’s playful hand under the table massages Donnie’s package while he’s talking to Katherine’s…

Janie likes what she’s feeling.

Donnie’s hard on is growing down his leg. The practically drunk Janie rubs xslot Güncel Giriş his meat pipe like a whore, her eyes are dropping low when Katherine exclaims “Are you jerking him off? Your eyes, your getting sweaty and he’s getting pink in the face”. Janie stops and brings her hand up from underneath playfully slapping Katherine’s shoulder “Shut up jerk”. They all have a laugh while the color cools in Donnie’s face.

“Ha, well I’m glad I came over for a drink” Donnie tells the fashionable young ladies both whom are smitten with Donnie’s coolness. “What are your plans’ tonight Donnie? Want to take us out” ask the forward Janie who has her hand back on Donnie’s lap tapping the meat beneath his jeans. With a smile he suggest the girls meet him at a club.

He explains the premise; a private club for those wanting to set themselves loose from the time wasting and unguaranteed club scene, where fantasies are not unreasonable. Janie ask if he’ll be there, he will. Donnie recites a password into Katherine’s ear. He tells the girls to call him before arriving. He has to go but sweetly and seductively kisses Janie who lips quiver upon his departure.

Donnie makes his way out the hotel lobby through the doors making a left at the corner. Once out of sight he lights up a cigarette about half way through he again makes a call, “Oh yeah they’re definitely coming”.


“Safe House” Katherine tell the sales clerk. He looks up from the jewelry case. He saunters to his co-worker who has his turned, shuffling items on a shelf. The coworker turns towards Janie. He then leans slightly up against the jewelry case. Janie looks at you and shrugs. Just as quickly as the salesman left he returns “Do you ladies have anyone to notify ah to let them know where you are and that your safe”? Katherine turns to Janie and shakes her head “No no we let the front desk know that we would be out for the night, I think we’re ready”, Katherine replies.

The clerk smiles, he motions his hand upward splitting his index finger and ring as to point out both you and Janie. A would be customer approaches you two ladies from behind, “Follow me this way”, a gray haired woman ask.

The girls are lead behind a evergreen curtain and down a flight of wooden stairs of no more than ten stairs. Their quite, smiling at predicament.

They all enter a carpeted room that has a funny wallpaper that colors the walls in sectional partitions’. Guess who’s there? Donnie is sitting in a wooden chair behind a desk. “Glad to see again” Janie’s with the program and hot for Donnie’s cock. She kisses him and takes a seat on her own.

Donnie starts by welcoming the girls to the exclusive club. He tells them there safe and he’ll personally will see to their return to the hotel the following day.

“Well what do we do?” ask Katherine willing to be talked into anything at this point. Donnie explains how it works that the girls will be paid to not only provide for others but take control and live out their own fantasies. “This facility is prepared for you. It’s has been designed for pleasure whether that’s with a whip or clamps, as a solo act, with another or a group.” He explains the “give and take” premise, the safety and security of the club.

The ladies both are sold on the experience. Both are satisfied with the amount of anonymity and trust in Donnie’s vow of protection.

“Come with me” the gray haired woman asked. The hood of her robe fell to her shoulders revealing a young face, Caucasian with emerald green eyes. The woman stood nearly six foot three on heels. “She’s our Dominatrix, listen to her or don’t each decision is up to you but go with her now to begin” explained Donnie.

The Dominatrix smiles at the two girls and turns towards a blue colored portion of the wall. She places her hand on a wall light and twist the base downward, the wall shifts opening up to another room. The Dominant woman enters and so do Katherine and Janie. They all walk to the center of the adjacent room and the wall closes behind them.

“Strip, down to your. Down to nothing.” the Dom tells the two submissives. Katherine instantly does what she’s told by walking to a wall to lean against as she pulls her boots off. Katherine pulls her jeans down over her hips and ass. Janie whips het shirt off “Just leave our things on the floor? I mean…” Jane questions. The Dom doesn’t give a reply. The two young sluts enticed by the opportunity don’t hesitate again.

“You! Bitch! Sit on the floor” the Dom in character tells Katherine. The Dom’s robe falls to the floor revealing her long and strong body. Katherine immediately sits her ass on the floor; her pussy lips spilt open resembling a bit moist peach.

Katherine loves her pussy. At home in privacy she’ll space out spending ten, fifteen, twenty minutes sprawled out, legs apart in front of her mirrored closet door while her imagination has her pink pussy wet. Janie has a full view and is mesmerized by her roommates lovely body and juicy cunt.

“I never thought I’d be turned on by your red headed pussy Kat but your beautiful” Janie comments as she also is stark naked. Katherine doesn’t reply only smiles back and begins to relax herself into the role of a submissive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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