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Kavita: Maid and Masseuse

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Having benefited from a recent inheritance I bought myself some acreage over looking one of the many man made lakes close to Mumbai: it has idyllic settings of lush sylvan vegetation, beautiful lake views and some of the oldest mountains in the world forming part of the Western Ghats.

Having built a small cottage I employed two local women to look after the house. One was a widow name Kamala, an elderly lady but her thin body gave her both the strength and agility. She looked younger than her age suggested with not an ounce of fat. She was a widow having lost a devoted husband and came from a relatively well off family. Her children were well settled and she was working to support herself and not be a burden to her kids. The fairer of the two her family was well settled and she was a hard worker. Not an ounce of fat she was lean like Kavita but taller and older.

The other was a younger woman named Kavita. She was a dark skinned tribal beauty. She had eyes that were bright, a narrow face with terse lips that burst into a beautiful smile and sparkling white teeth. Her dark olive complexion almost perfect matched her jet-black hair she was unknowingly a sexually playful creature. Married when she was fifteen, she had given birth to two children by the time she was eighteen years old. Her husband had squandered his wealth or what little of it he had on booze. As an alcoholic he could not stick to a job and Kavita had to make ends meet. Life was tough for Kavita but she always smiled and was eager to learn some thing new and ready to take on more responsibility. Both the women looked out for each other and the work of running the house went smoothly and harmoniously. Kavita was short and her skin was a dark coffee colour, her smile was bright with her white teeth decorating a small but clearly defined jaw line. Slightly wide in the hips she had an otherwise small, framed body with almost perfectly formed firm breasts. Her nipples would protrude through her blouse when erect and she knew she had an effect on me. She got work as a house sweeper together with Kamala.

One day I happened to ask Kamala if she knew any woman who gave massages. She replied that Kavita used to give massages but her husband stopped her from doing such work. She would be happy to start again as the money was more I inquired of Kamala whether Kavita would agree to give me a massage. Kamala said she would ask her and came back to me that Kavita was more than willing but she was shy to ask for money. I told Kamala that I would pay Kavita double her salary if she gave me a massage every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays. Kamala asked what about her self. I agreed to that same amount if she would take on additional work and she readily agreed. Kamala asked me when I would like to have a massage and replied whenever Kavita was ready.

About half an hour later Kavita came up to me as I sat in the verandah and informed me that she was ready to give me a massage. I asked where and she suggested my bedroom where she had laid out a mattress and some towels. She would just heat up the oil and meet me there and that I should have a hot shower before. I retired to my bedroom and had a quick hot shower after which I wore fresh underwear, my bathrobe and pajamas and lay on the mattress she had prepared. A few minutes later Kavita entered carrying a bowl of warm oil. I got up went to my dresser and stripped off my clothes down to my underwear wrapped a towel around my waist and took off my underwear. I lay down on my stomach. She kneeled and asked me how I would like to be massaged. I told her for at least two hours and that she should give me a deep tissue massage and explained what that meant to her. She asked me whether she should do my whole body or just my legs and back I replied whatever she would be willing to do. She poured some hot oil on to my back and let it trickle down into the hollow of my back. She then poured some more oil and this time it trickled down my spine and through the crack in my bums flowing over my anus. The warm oil was sooting and yet I felt quite sexually excited.

She poured some more oil in her palms and rubbed her hands together before proceeding to dig her thumbs and knuckles into the hollow of my back digging deep and tracing her hands way up my spine and then back up to the base of my neck. She did this a few times before shifting her concentration to my shoulders and then my arms and fingers. She came back to spine and did each vertebra individually and then my lower back. She slipped her hands under the towel and kneaded my lower back after which she unfolded the towel on itself and then did each buttock individually. As she massaged me, we talked a little but both our voices got husky and whilst she was massaging my buttocks I could sense that she was a little hesitant and I encouraged her to do so by raising my bums towards her hands. Encouraged by me she placed her hands on my buttocks and she kneaded my buttocks like she was kneading dough. It felt good and I could feel my penis harden with excitement at my buttocks being felt over. She rubbed the oil around my arse hole and in the inner Antalya Escort of my thighs avoiding my testicles. She then came back to my butt cheeks and started her kneading again slowly shifting back to my lower back. Doing each side separately, she continued for a while her breathing getting hotter and more frequent as I am sure it was physically quite a strain. For some one with such a lithe body she had strength in her hands and fingers. She knew how to pick out the nerves and concentrate on them causing the pain to shoot into pleasure.

Perhaps she was breathing heavily with the physical exertion but she sounded like she was also getting a little turned on as she slipped my towel over my buttocks. After she completed her massage of my buttocks, she replaced the towel over them. She then did my thighs and feet. Whilst doing my feet she placed a towel over my abdomen, tied her “pallau” of her “sari” around her waist and placed my feet trying to unsuccessfully stop my feet from touching her body. I felt her thighs on my feet and legs. Occasionally when she leant forward to do my sides of the stomach, calves and hamstrings, I occasionally felt her breasts accidently rub against my back. She poured warm oil over my legs and did my legs and feet massaging the soles and each individual toe, pulling them, pressing the sides from the bottom of each toe till the nub of toe.

Kavita then gently raised the towel up over till my bums and rubbed the warm oil into my inner thighs sliding her hands up and down my legs tightening her fingers around my legs as she glided over my thighs and legs pressing them at points sending a mixed feeling of pleasure with welcome pain through my tired legs. Again as she oiled my inner thighs and the joint of my hips and inside leg she avoided any contact with my testicles.

She took her time before she asked me to turn over. My erection was visible through the towel and she smiled when she saw it but ignored it. She poured more hot oil over my chest and stomach allowing the belly button to fill up with oil. She then started rubbing my stomach and worked her way up my chest, my neck and face. She massaged every part of my face working the nose, the eyelids, my forehead and eyebrows. She concentrated on my ears, the sides of my neck, forearms and worked my fingers individually as she did my toes. As she returned to my chest and stomach and the sides of my stomach slowly working her way to the centre of my stomach I became more aware of my erection and my cock started felt hard and stiff. I tried to think of other things to stop the erection from happening but the sight of her breasts hanging with a heavy sway through the blouse, the dark cleavage revealing itself intermittently as she massaged me. She came to my groin area and again just slightly moved my towel to reach the sides of my hips when my cock peeked its head through the edge of the towel. She pretended she did not see it but when she first saw it she burst into a sighed and smiled. She continued to work each side and the towel slid a little lower revealing more of my hardened cock. But she ignored my genitals completely by passing them as if they did not exist. At one point she even poured some oil on my now hardened cock but did not even attempt to touch it let alone massage it even though it strained to break free of the towel.

Kavita went to work on my legs and feet and after she completed them I asked her to work my stomach and hips a little more. She smiled and returned to massage me there. She removed the towel and continued to massage me. She was relieved I think because it meant she would see my cock and not accidentally brush it as she massaged closer areas.

This sexless but highly erotic routine went on for several weeks. She would glimpse my cock and I would see her breasts, her cleavage and on occasion the sight of a dark stiff nipple when she wore a loose blouse. I was certainly getting aroused by her and was surprised that her body had a pleasant musky odour. Sometimes as my hands lay by my side she would whilst massaging me press her waist against the side and I would get to feel her warm thighs. My hand would be pressed against her pudenda and even if she was aware of it and I don’t see how she could not have been even though she appeared oblivious to my hand being pressed against her pussy.

After some time she got a little bolder and freer I asked her to straddle me so that she could get the centre of my back and then she would when I turned over, my cock inches from her vagina really made me hard and my cock would often stick out and protrude boldly since by now the pretense of the towel had been shed and I would be lying naked for my massage. She did not seem to mind at all and continued as if it was a very normal thing. Once I remember I ejaculated just after she had poured the warm oil on my cock. My hand just went there and as I rubbed myself, I just spurted my cum. She took a towel and cleaned me up.

Finally after I just took off my underwear and would be nude as Kavita massaged me all over but she would religiously stay away from my cock Antalya Escort Bayan and balls. She would massage me between my thighs on the sides of my inner legs, hips and waist neatly folding the towel but she stayed away from my cock. On occasion her hand or wrist would accidently brush my cock. This aroused me even more. The was always a sexual tension when she came to massage me.

One afternoon whilst she was massaging me, I turned over and my cock as usual was stiff in anticipation of her hands caressing me massaging the sinews deep and hard. My cock released from under the towel and the towel fell away leaving me stark naked. She bent down to collect the towel but I told her we did not need it and she left it on the side of the bed as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do.

It was a particularly hot day and she was sweating in spite of my having the air-conditioning on. As she leaned over me to do my shoulders and arms I could see her bulbous breasts swollen and heavy swaying with the motion her dark nipples erect and succulent like dark purple berries. I felt this uncontrollable urge to hold her breasts in my hands and fondle and caress them. She moved lower down and was vigorously massaging my stomach.

My hands clenched the sides of the massaging table when she pressed her vagina against my hand. At first I thought nothing of it but when she didn’t move her waist but kept her pudenda pressed firmly against my fingers and knuckles I gently moved the back of hand, rolling my fingers caressing her pussy through her thin cotton sari and petticoat with my knuckles. The motion of my hand raised her sari. I repeated the gentle massaging raising her sari higher. I turned over on my side as I moved my hand away I clutched her buttock and drew her nearer. My hand now free raised her sari exposing her hairy vagina and I clutched her bum drawing her closer to me whilst sliding my other hand between her legs and caressing the insides of her thighs. I brushed her vagina lightly feeling her pubic hair and the wetness of her vagina.

Her breathing had became irregular and I could see she was fully turned on and not herself. She moaned “Ah! Ooh… hmm… Huh…” as I gently massaged her swollen labia: I gently probed with my finger inserting my forefinger just enough to part her swollen lips. She sucked in air as my hand slipped between her legs and under her vagina whilst the other clutching her bum pulling her gently towards me. She turned her hips to accommodate me hesitantly but involuntarily. She hesitated as I moved my face towards her vagina. She writhed and lifted her hips towards me almost as though she was driven to in spite of her initial hesitation. I buried face in her pubic hair and she clutched my head and pressed it into her vagina as my tongue licked the surrounding area.

She shuddered as she felt my tongue slid over her moist vagina, her cum juices coating my tongue and I moistened and licked her clit sliding her juices over her swollen clitoris as it peered from under its hood exposing herself to the ecstasy caused by my licking her clitoris from all angles sucking it and gently tugging it between my lips. She hissed and clenched my head towards her and my other hand massaged her heavy breasts playing her nipples as she ached with lust. She surprised herself by clutching my hard cock with her hand stroking it up and down. I asked her to stride me: she begged me not to and I asked her if she was enjoying it. She just smiled and looked away. She then climbed on top of me sliding her wet vagina up and down the length of cock without letting me penetrate her and leant forward as I undid her blouse her breasts fell loose like dark skinned succulent pears. She leant forward and rested her hands near my head as I suckled her breasts licking and biting her hard swollen nipples as they swelled in response to my nibbling and suckling her repeatedly. She would alternate her nipples in my mouth offering them to me like ripened grapes and as they secreted at my suckling.

She arched her back thrusting her pendulous breasts towards me hanging like ripened mangoes as I squeezed them now with both hands and played with them. She squirmed with excitement as my hand clutching her wrist guided her hand over my cock. She held my hard penis without moving her hand before she stroked and masturbated my cock roughly. I motioned her to be a little gentle and she smiled and resumed stroking my throbbing penis. After a while she used her hand guiding her pussy lips to keep sliding over my cock in a repetitive motion. She was drenched and her juices spilled onto my cock like thick cream as she slid her vagina up and down the length of my hard shaft all the while not allowing me to enter her as she spread her cum all over my cock. She was secreting her juices freely on me.

She brought my cock allowing me to nestle its head at the entrance to her vagina. She rolled her hips massaging my penis head with her warm and dripping lips of her pudendum. I tried thrusting my self into her but missed and landed up caressing her clit with my penis and Escort Antalya almost came.

With one thrust she buried me deep in her gasping for air, her eyes closed as she rode me possessed by her riding movement she dripped her juices over my cock as we both came in a pulsating orgasm thrusting each other to a shuddering orgasm that wracked our bodies. She collapsed over me bathed in sweat, her pussy dripping a cream pie of my, cum and her juices. I was exhausted and my cock felt drained and started to limp rapidly. She wiped me clean with a warm scented towel and then proceeded to sponge the rest of my body.

On some occasions I would survive her being on top of me and then roll her over and thrust my penis into her moist vagina and she would spread her thighs as wide open as possible not because I was too large but she loved my thrusting into her pussy. Sometimes she would herself volunteer to allow me to penetrate her from behind but if I even attempted to enter her arse she would immediately desist and show her disapproval. But when I penetrated her from behind she used to arch her back and open up her pussy to me and I would often withdraw just to wipe and taste her cum she had spilled on me. She loved it when I thrust her vagina from behind as she knelt on all fours.

Every Saturday we would fuck and our sessions were frenzied and sometimes noisy as we became more familiar with each other. But she would refuse to blow me and though our sex was great we did not perform cunnilingus nor did we have anal sex. We spoke about it and the one time she tried she found it unpleasant and almost puked when I in my excitement shoved my hard cock deep into her mouth. She choked and not being used to it, almost threw up. In the beginning when we fucked she would have her clothes on and I would be naked. Slowly I got her to agree to disrobe completely and I greatly enjoyed her nakedness holding her close and hugging her for long periods of time just feeling her breathing in my ear as she cuddled up to me. I would feel her breasts pressed against my chest her nipples like stud indenting my skin. I would play with them tweaking them, pressing her nipples, twisting them gently allowing them to grow stiff after each manipulation.

One day I spoke to her about trying to give me a blowjob again. She was very reluctant. I asked her if she would like to see a demonstration. She said yes as her curiosity was aroused so I told her I would arrange for it. So the following weekend when she came for our massage session, I played her a pornographic DVD where a porn star gives her partner a blowjob. The movies were a selection of African American and Latino porn stars so the colour of their skin was similar to her dark chocolate brown so that she would relate better than by showing her a European or fair porn star. She was intrigued as to how they could swallow a man’s cum and why they liked it splattered on their faces. But it made her feel aroused that much she knew and as her cheeks flushed, her nipples and breasts jutted in my direction. I fondled them pinching her nipples which she seemed to enjoy. The harder I squeezed them the more she seemed to enjoy it. Her heavy breathing hissed in my ear as her breasts rose and fell with the swell of her gasping for air. She drew my face towards her breasts as I disrobed her blouse and bra and sari. She was in her petticoat, which she felt uncomfortable taking it off. I pulled the nari or string of her petticoat and it fell to the ground. I fondled her breasts and played her nipples causing them to sweat and my fingers felt damp manipulating her ripened and swollen chocolate berries.

As usual I was naked and my cock grew stiff and erect as my excitement at playing with her breasts gripped me. She wrapped her hands around me smothering me with her breasts and her nipples brushed my face growing harder as she rubbed them against my cheeks and lips and eyes. She caressed her breasts guiding her nipples over my face, my tongue, playing hide and seek with them. I clutched at her firm bums as my forefinger lightly felt her anus. She tightened her arse at my touch and I ran my finger gently towards her vagina parting her lips swollen labia and gently encircling her hardened clitoris. She parted her legs to give me easier access and my finger probed her vaginal passage, which was wet and her juices ran onto my fingers. I licked them and encouraged her to do so to. At first she was as in all things hesitant but then relented enjoying her flavor and the heavy musty texture, which was unusual for her as she licked her juices off my finger.

I moved her to the couch and spread her legs raising her knees I held them as apart as she would let me. Kneeling between her legs, I caressed her clitoris with my fingers massaging it and pulling it till it was swollen. She tapped it with her fingers as traced my finger along the insides of her thighs and vaginal lips. I kissed her pussy and licked her clitoris. She moaned and offered her pudenda to me asking me to lick her more! I gently chewed her clitoris and using my tongue I penetrated vagina, licking her swollen labia repeatedly she fell in to a spasm of ecstasy as orgasms writhed through her body. I finger fucked her pussy whilst licking and chewing her clitoris and she raised her hips twisting them pushing her vagina in my mouth almost delirious writhing her body to my oral and masturbatory lovemaking.

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