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Kelly was so Beautiful Young Wife

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This is the story of a young beautiful wife who is consumed with the need for more sex than she can get. She gets nailed by two different men, then a third who shouldn’t have done. But in the end the young beauty finds her way.

The anonymous critics will love this story, and be their usual abusive selves, and I will just delete them as usual, have fun guys, lol.


Kelly Walker was busy in her kitchen, whistling to the tune playing on the radio, she hadn’t got it turned up so her whistling matched the sounds emanating from it. It was a happy tune, so it made Kelly happy. And when Kelly was happy the sun shines bright in her world. She was also horny!

The twenty four year old lovely, married for the last three years, was as horny as she ever was. It seemed to her she was like this most days, she wasn’t kept short by her husband, they had sex, made love, fought and played most nights and days when he was home, so it wasn’t a lack of sex, Kelly just wanted it all day long.

She had just come off the pill six weeks ago, they had decided to go for a baby, to start a family, and she was now looking forward greatly to missing her period. This would be the first sign she had caught on, it also added to her sex drive which she found incredible that it did.

The five foot five inch beauty was wiping down a counter top, she was wearing a simple short sleeved button down dress, with the top three undone showing off a nice bit of her swelling cleavage, it was dark brown which matched the colour of her long soft hair.

Kelly was never short of admirers, her soft face, angelic to look at attracted the men from all quarters, and if they had known what was underneath she would have been followed around by a continuous pack of hunting sex mad dogs.

She had never been one for flaunting her body to all and sundry, she was always a little shy to do so. But Kelly had no reason to be so. Her body should have belonged to the world to view as a shrine to the beauty of woman. She had more erogenous zones than you could shake a stick at. Her soft, pouting symmetrical lips, her long willowy neck, her shoulders, and her nipples, oh her nipples, could and often, and did drive her crazy.

Her belly button, the backs of her knees, her toes, the inside of her thighs, and then there was her succulent shaved (for her husband) pussy. There were other places, but these were her main protagonists, and among them, her neck, nipples and pussy were her worst offenders when she didn’t want them to be.

It didn’t matter what she wore, there was always something that could itch her where she couldn’t scratch sometimes! She had sometimes in the past, even had to go somewhere private, to not exactly relieve herself, though she sometimes did, but to readjust her clothing, or to rub the offending erogenous spot.

Her husband was a very lucky man to have such a beautiful and sexy wife waiting for him at home. He never knew what he was going to be confronted with when he got in from work. Sometimes she would greet him with a kiss hello, and give him his dinner. Sometimes she would yank his trousers down and give him a wank where he was standing. Or even a super duper blowjob, and sometimes she would nearly fuck his head off on the mat inside the front door.

Her husband, though he tried, knew he couldn’t keep up with her no matter how much he wanted to. He had bought her a couple of toys to help her cope with the sudden onslaught of sexual arousal he knew happened to her unannounced. Kelly had been a bit put off, wanting to know why she didn’t excite him, he got around that by simply saying.

“Darling, I’m out at work, and sometimes you need help around the house?” Kelly, after thinking about that for a while, saw the way he was thinking. She thanked him by driving him nuts with the vibrator before half fucking him to death. That was his best memory so far in their marriage, the weekend he had shared with her like that. She had ended up tying him up, and him willingly being so.

Kelly was always been chatted up, men trying to curry favour for her affections. There were very many good looking guys out there, some were akin to sex gods she thought. She would sometimes even stop herself to imagine what this or that guy might just be like. But that’s as far as it went, and ever would go she had decided.

There was nothing Kelly didn’t like now in her sexual life, whatever she had wanted to do, whatever her husband had wanted to do they had done it. They had tied each other up, had consensual forced sex on the other. Although Kelly had been so excruciatingly aroused, when her husband had had her tied over the kitchen table and fucked her in all three holes. He had been on top form that night and Kelly had had her best ever orgasms.

They had sex all over their house, there wasn’t anywhere they could have sex on that they hadn’t had it by now. They even had it on the front lawn in the middle of the night, both naked, and both vulnerable to possibly being Escort bayan seen by a neighbour who happened to be awake and looking out of their window.

The back lawn had been used, the garage, the shed, and on the roof of that too. Every window sill, front and back, downstairs and up. Kelly loved it when she had him tied up, she would sit on him, hold his balls in one hand and drive her middle finger up his ass. Knowing it turned his wife on, it in itself turned him on. Kelly knew this and she would toy with him forever before she mounted him, he would be begging her to do him.

But an event in her garden took her life in a different direction, not one of her choosing but it happened never the less. She had been planting seedlings in her vegetable patch, and was taking the trays back to the green house. She was wearing an old skirt, and silly top, she saw herself as a scarecrow and laughed at herself. But she still looked gorgeous in her sloppy attire.

It is amazing sometimes how things can be jelled together in life, simply by a twist of fate, and this was going to be hers. Next door there was a man knocking on the rear door of the house, but no one answered. Kelly was unaware of this, then she had tripped on a step, her hands flew forward as she went down, but the trays smashed into the door of the greenhouse and smashed the glass. This got the attention of the man knocking next door. He turned to listen and he heard someone cry out in what sounded like pain.

He grabbed the top of the fence to see what was going on. He saw Kelly on her hands and knees with her head down. He could see she was hurt, even if only a little, so he hopped over the 2 meter high fence and went to her aid.

“Can I help, have you hurt yourself maam?” he asked. It took Kelly by surprise and she stuttered.

“I think I have hurt my knee,” she said. He looked and saw some blood there, it wasn’t a lot, but it was there. So he stood and helped her up and that’s when he saw how beautiful she was. He took a deep breath when he studied her.

As Kelly rose up she wobbled a little, her took her hand and told her he would guide to her door twenty yards away, as they moved off Kelly nearly fell over. He grabbed her, steadied her, he took the decision to carry her. And before she knew it she was up in his arms, hers went around his neck and he strode off.

He entered her door and kicked it shut behind him, he looked at the table, then the chairs and decided neither were good enough for a medical inspection. He walked down her hall, and into her sitting room and laid her on her sofa.

“Do you have a medical kit maam?” he asked

“In the kitchen,” Kelly said and told him which cupboard it was in. He hurried of and came back with it, he looked in and got some antiseptic lotion and apiece of cotton dab. He applied some to her bloody knee, Kelly moaned, it stung like crazy.

As she cringed away, again she cried out and put her hand on her hip. “Ooooh,” she sobbed, “my hip hurts too, I must have jarred it?” He asked where and Kelly pointed to the spot. The man was now taking stock of this beautiful wife, she looked as sexy as hell no matter what she was wearing, and he knew they were her gardening clothes.

“Let me,” said gently, and he slid his hand up her thigh, but he made sure it was under her skirt. “An accident,” he would tell her if she complained. He began a finger tip massage of her injured hip. He saw her relax back on the sofa, her eyes closed slowly. He was doing something right, what he didn’t know was, how right he really was! His fingers worked their way gently, probing her soft flesh, caressing it. Then he got them under the tiny scrap of material holding her thong together.

Taking a chance he slid his left hand up her inner thigh, his finger tips lightly stroking and dancing as he went. The thought of possibly getting to fuck this beauty rose massively in his mind. As did his cock in his pants. Kelly felt the contact, but at the same time she didn’t feel it, the fingers on her hip felt so good as he continued his massage of her it. But the fingers seemed to be in contact with the others on his left hand, as he touched then stroked her pussy through her thong, and Kelly breathed in deep, very deep!

Her body, always on the lookout for satisfaction and sexual contact, and arousal, closed her mind down. The part of the brain that dealt with protestations and resistance were in hibernation, put there by her body’s rapidly growing needs. The man stroked a little more firmly, he could feel heat from her pussy as her body radiated out her desires. He looked at her again, her eyes were closed and he could tell by her face, that she was feeling sexy or horny, or both.

His right hand came away from her hip, and gently and slowly raised the skirt up as high as it would go, and there it was, the cause of the heat on his softly probing fingers. Now he could see his target, getting his finger under the thong was a cinch. Bayan escort He slid it under and drew it up her lips, which were getting wetter by the moment. His right hand went to his own pants and one handed he undid his belt, the button, and drew his zip down.

He pulled out his throbbing cock, he was as hard as he could be, he pictured in his mind what he wanted to happen, and he did it. He yanked her thong open, jumped up and got his knees between hers and he drove it in. Kelly’s eyes flew open along with a silent yell of surprise. But it was too late, she was full of cock, and her body cheered for it. She could hear the cheers echoing in her head.

The man began to screw the beautiful married woman under him. Kelly had no choice in the matter now, she had been got, she had been conned by the man, and betrayed by her body. Her knees were already apart, he got hold of her thong and ripped it off. Kelly gasped in aroused shock, her feet rose and dropped on to him, her arms went unasked around him.

She was fully aroused by now, the sexual beast within her had reared its ugly head, and just when her husband wasn’t within reach. Now this man, this complete stranger was about to reap and harvest a beautiful young wife’s pussy. She was in dire need for the cock in her to finish her off, it wasn’t her husband’s cock, and it didn’t matter, not to Kelly’s inane needs. Kelly wanted the cock and the man to finish the job it had started, and she was ably aided and abetted by her sexual needful body.

The man was in blissful heaven, there he had been knocking on a neighbour’s door not less than fifteen minutes ago, and now he was balls deep in a luscious beautiful sexy woman’s cunt. He made the most of it, which in turn forced Kelly to do the same. She held him tight, fucked him back. She had to squirrel out of him every bit of cum she could gather.

The man went on as long as he could, he held his breath, he kissed her and she kissed him back. He was in a place not visited in his life, he had somehow seduced this gorgeous woman without really trying. He would never understand how, he tightened his grip. But then the inevitable caught up with him, he groaned, forced himself all the way into Kelly’s super heated pussy and blew his load all the way in.

He lay on her, and slowly regained his senses, he was an intelligent man, and his first thought was to get the fuck out. If she cried rape he would go to jail that was for sure. So he gently climbed off her, said something stupid, like, “I hope your knee and hip get better?” Then he picked his pants up and hurried away. She had never seen him before, and had no idea as to who he was.

But there was one undeniable fact, the stranger had scratched an itch Kelly had been unable to. She wondered about him after he had gone, he was fairly good looking, seemed kind and gentle, and he had seduced her without her knowing he was. His secret would be safe with her. She sometimes wondered if it had been a dream, he had come into her life so quickly, but she knew it hadn’t been, she still had the small graze on her knee!

Two weeks later events had overtook her again, she was flat on her back, on her kitchen table, her feet in the air, and she was being rogered out of her head. But the man doing the rogering wasn’t her husband either, and it wasn’t the stranger who had seduced her so easily, it was the mail man!

Kelly was hot and particularly horny this particular morning, they had got up late, and so there was no time for a bit of slap and tickle with her husband. It wasn’t his fault they were late up, it was hers. Kelly hadn’t set the alarm properly and it was all hell let loose so he wasn’t late for work.

It was ten am, and she saw the mailman whistling away as he walked up her path, normally he would pop the mail through the door and go on his way, this day though it was a package that needed to be signed for. She had talked to him in the past briefly, he was a good looking guy about forty years old she thought, and he looked quite fit too.

So after she opened the door to his knock, she saw the look of male appreciation on his face. Kelly knew the look and she always liked the attention. They chatted about the weather, this and that, he couldn’t take his eyes off the dark haired lovely stood right in front of him. He was wondering whether to make a pass at her. Kelly knew what he was thinking so she stayed right where she was and teased him silently, daring him to do so.

She had no intention of doing anything but tease, egg him on and then say goodbye, then he spoke the words that led him to her body, and the young beautiful housewife, down the road to her infidelity for the second time.

“Mmmmm, is that coffee I can smell?” he asked.

And Kelly, without thinking said, “Yes, would you like a cup?”

“I most certainly would, thank you,” he replied, she stepped aside and in he walked.

She closed the door and led him through to her kitchen, he Escort stood at the table and Kelly poured two mugs for them. And to this day Kelly didn’t know if she gave off signals, a smell, a sign, she did know she was exceptionally horny that day because of the lateness she had caused. But there must have been something that made him approach her.

She was half turned to him, more or less sideways on, her lovely face was toward him, her eyes were looking at his lips as if asking him if he wanted to kiss her. He was looking at her, and he actually saw her lips turn red and quiver, tremble. He knew the signs, “A sexy woman’s lips filling with blood means only one thing, she’s feeling sexy, randy, and hopefully in need of a seeing to!” were the words in his head.

He took immediate action, he went the two steps to her, put his left arm across her back, and rested his hand on her opposite shoulder. His right hand lifted, cupped the swelling orb in her dress, and squeezed her nipple. Kelly didn’t move except to lift her head as her mouth sagged open, her huge intake of breath stopped her from speaking. The mail man leaned down and connected his mouth with hers.

Suddenly they were in each other’s arms, the crush of her nipple sent her immediately into an internal sexual frenzy. Kelly had threw her left arm over his shoulder around his neck, and her right, went around his back. The kiss was ocean deep in a second, lips locked and instantly passionate. He held her to him with his left arm, but he didn’t let go of her nipple. “Not yet!” he told himself, “wait a minute, make her go for it!”

Kelly’s right arm slid down his back, over his ass, round the side, and brushed his cock, from there she took a hold of it. He grinned happily and inwardly, “In!” he shouted in his head. He let go of her nipple and undid the rest of the buttons on Kelly’s dress, it dropped open.

He risked a quick look down, a lacy bra, and a thong, he didn’t bother with her bra, he could get that off her later, he thought, he hooked a finger into the thong and yanked it apart, now it was only fitted to Kelly’s left leg. Kelly was open for business, he was her sole customer, and he intended now on robbing her shop.

The mailman swiftly undid his trousers and let them fall, he was on top speed, not wanting the beautiful young wife to suddenly come to her senses. His engorged cock, which was a good size was at the ready, as it had been for the last five minutes or more. Pushing Kelly backwards he laid her on the table, she was looking up at him in a haze of sexual depravity. And it was all caused by herself, she was in extreme heat, and needed desperately to be fucked.

The man wasted not one second, he got between her shapely knees, and stepped up to the plate,. Then, in a sudden change of mind he dropped to his knees and damn near swallowed her luscious shaved pussy. His tongue was all the way in, and he sucked at the same time. Kelly climaxed in a rush, so fast and so rapid, she squealed in anguish.

Her hands went to his head to hold him in place while he hoovered away at her, he poked a finger into her ass and her legs shot up into the air. Another tumultuous climax hit her, her head bumped on the table, and she lay there in the absolute glory of being done. This she loved, wanted and needed, the fact that it wasn’t her husband didn’t matter one jot. She was being given what was required for her to even live, sex!

As she wallowed in being given the best tongue ever, she caressed his head with her fingers, it was all she could do, she didn’t have the strength to raise herself up yet. Her feet had come to rest on his bent back, as he bent to his delicious task, plating this gorgeous young wife.

After an eternity, it seemed like, he came up for air, a very satisfied look on his face. But it didn’t match the satisfied look Kelly had on hers. His cock jutting out towards her, he closed quarters, and ram rodded the helpless beauty. He speared her with one thrust, nailing her completely, he hefted her legs back up, and this time her feet rested on his manly shoulders.

Then he set about getting his! He shafted Kelly as if it was their last day on earth, he rammed his goodly cock in and out, hitting bottom every time. His too blood filled cock, with the thick shaft just swept all before it as he raided her pussy time after time. Kelly had a hand in her mouth to stop her from crying out in sheer ecstasy, her other hand gripping the table edge to keep her there. Then another climax bombed its way through her, ripping away her senses totally.

Then she heard grunting, it was him, he was cumming, she tried to speak to say, “No don’t cum in me,” but her throat was tightly constricted and not one letter came out. He leaned over her and shot a huge amount of thick steaming cum up and into Kelly. It forced another bomb to go off in her stomach, and her pussy muscles fought to keep all of his cum within its walls.

He slowed, and stopped, leaned down and kissed her again, it was a sweet loving kiss that she returned gladly. Then he backed away, his cock was like a sleek powerful car slipping out of its garage. He stood and looked at her, then he helped her up, she sat on the edge of the table in the daze she had been in when this had begun.

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