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Kevin , Caroline

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Big Tits

Getting home from work I let myself into the house, smiling at the music playing, it was great that Mom was getting back to normal. I went through to the kitchen where Mom was cooking and moving gently to the music.

“Hi Mom, what’s cooking?” I said kissing her on the cheek.”

“Hi hon, just something simple, how was your day?” She asked, “Would you open the wine please?”

“Fine, been a busy one, yes, will do.” I replied.

After the meal, as usual I did the washing up, then went and sat with Mom, finishing the wine.

“Darling, it’s your twentieth in a couple of weeks, what would you like?” She asked.

“Oh, nothing thanks Mom.” I replied.

“Sweetie, we missed your eighteenth because of Dad passing, I’d like to make it up, anything, within reason, and it’s yours.” She said.

(Dad had died just before my eighteenth.)

“Um, can I think on it please?” I asked.

“Of course, honey, but don’t leave it till the last moment, I know you!” She chuckled.

A couple days later I said to Mom. “Remember you asked what I would like for my birthday?” Looking up she nodded. “Well, what I’d really like is to take this girl on a special date, a meal at that posh restaurant we used to go to followed by a show.”

“Oh, honey that’s great, I didn’t know you were dating, who is she?”

“Uh, mom!” Was my response.

She laughed and said, “Sorry honey I didn’t mean to embarrass you, if you’re sure, it’s a deal.”

“Thanks Mom, you’re a star.” I said kissing her cheek.

A few days later Mom gave me an envelope, In it a voucher for a meal for two, including wine, also tickets for the show, a box no less! Also cash, for taxi’s.

Giving Mom a hug and kiss I said, “Mom, that’s brilliant! Thanks so much.”

“Pleasure, hon, I did think that the show you asked for seems rather risqué, I hope your date will be ok with it, by the way what’s her name and will I meet her?” She asked.

“Er, I haven’t asked her yet.” I replied.

“Honey, don’t leave it until the last minute, your birthday is only four days away.” She exclaimed.

“I’ll speak to her tomorrow Mom, I promise.” I said.

The next evening, Mom asked “Well, did you ask?”

“Er, um not yet, Mom, but I will.”

She rolled her eyes, and said, “Honestly Kevin.”

About half an hour later, I called for Mom to come to the sitting room.

“Mom, I want you to meet the girl I want to ask out.” I said.

Looking round Mom said, “What do you mean Kevin, there’s no one here?”

“Mom, come here,” I pulled her in front of the mirror over the fireplace. “That’s who I want to be my date, will you be my date, please Mom?”

“Kevin! Me, but I’m your mother, you don’t want to take an old lady out!” She exclaimed, her hand over her mouth.

“You are not even forty, and you are the lady I want to go on my special date. no one else.” I said.

“Why, honey, why?” She asked.

“Mom, since we lost Dad you have moped about, but in the last month or so I have seen the old you emerging, but you haven’t dated, so as I don’t have girl friend, I hoped that I could persuade you, what do you say?” I asked.

She looked at me for what seemed like ages, then said, “Oh, honey, I’d love to be your date, thank you!” She hugged me tight.

The next few days I was walking on air, and she hadn’t said anything about the show!

My birthday arrived, work as usual, I rushed home in the evening to get ready, heard Mom’s shower going, so showered, shaved and dressed, I went downstairs, after about ten minutes the sound of a horn outside..

“Mom, taxi is here.” I called.

“Coming honey.” With that she appeared at the top of the stairs, did a twirl, “Well?” She asked.

All I could say was. “WOW!”

She was wearing a stunning maroon dress that had deep cleavage, hugged her figure, ending half way down her thighs, was slit half way on one side, her emerald bracelet, necklace and earring set, no stockings, Escort bayan maroon high heeled shoes, gold ankle bracelet, boy was I glad that I had worn my suit!

She giggled, “Is that all you can say?”

Again I said, “WOW! You are stunning Mom, stunning.”

As we went out the door she said, “By the way Kevin, your date’s name is Caroline, ok?”

“Oh, thanks, Mom, er, Caroline.” I said holding the taxi door for her. As she swung her legs in, a flash of more maroon, oh boy, oh boy.

The meal was great, Mom held my hand, was relaxed and joking, seemed like her old self. After the meal we walked to the theatre, arms around each other, her head resting on my shoulder, glancing down I could see a lot of lovely cleaveage, I squeezed her, kissed her hair and said, “I love you mo.. uh, Caroline.”

She looked at me, kissed me on the lips and said, “I love you, Kevin, lots.”

In the theatre, our box was very private, I had my arm around her, resting on the swell of her lovely tits, slowly stroking, Mom’s hand rested on my leg above my knee, when the show got erotic Mom squeezed my leg, boy, was I hard! When the girl on the stage had her tits out, Mom moaned, looking at her she was flushed, her mouth open. Wow, she was also getting turned on!

Moving my hand slowly, I felt under her dress, moving down the swell, Mom’s hand came up, stopped me going further, but didn’t take it out! She glanced at me smiled, squeezed my leg and looked back to the stage. I stroked her tit where my hand was, I didn’t try to go further, but I could see that her nipples were hard!

After the show we got the taxi, Mom, slid close to me, rested her head on my shoulder, I said, “Um, Caroline can I kiss you? Please?”

She looked at me held my head, pulled me to her, and kissed, I felt her tongue on my lips, opened my mouth slightly, she slid her tongue in and we were soon tonguing frantically, my one hand went to her leg, rubbing from her knee up her thigh, her legs parted, a little, I let my hand wander to the inside, she moaned, I stroked from her knee almost to heaven, she closed her legs, I moaned and moved my hand back, her legs opened, I stroked back up, stopping where she had closed her legs.

“Excuse me, we are at your destination.” Said the driver, grinning as we pulled apart.

We both blushed, I noticed him looking at Mom’s legs, he must have had quite a view, she closed her legs, he looked up, caught my eye, and gave me a thumbs up, saying, “You folks have a good evening.”

Going into the house, Mom said, I can’t believe how quick the journey home was! Darling, how about a glass of wine, would you get it please?”

“Sure Caroline, you sit.” I replied, when I returned Mom was sitting in a chair, so I placed the glasses on a table, went to her held out my hand.

“What?” She asked.

“Come and sit with me.”

She smiled, took my hand, I pulled her up, and led her to the sofa, we sat, had a drink.

Leaning in, I kissed her, she responded with a moan., her hand fell to my leg, she stroked me, getting close to my hard cock, and back, I groaned, l lightly felt her breast, she moaned.

Sitting back she said, “Phew, honey, too intense, stop!” She took her glass drank the remaining wine, “Be a dear, get me a refill,” She asked, handing me her glass.

Whilst getting her wine I readjusted the bulge in my pants, took her glass back, she had put some music on and sat in the chair.

“Caroline, ” I said, indicating the sofa.

Shaking her head, she said, “Caroline’s over.”

“Aaah, no, why?” I asked.

Smiling she said, “You wouldn’t expect her to ‘put out’ on a first date would you honey?”

I sighed and said, “Sorry Mom, I guess I was a bit ott, but I’ve never had a more enjoyable date.”

“Caroline thoroughly enjoyed it too, now, how about dancing with your old Mom?” She asked.

I smiled, held out my hand, pulled her to her feet, took her in my arms, Bayan escort and we started dancing, slowly perambulating round the room, she looked at me, and quietly said, “It would be nice if you held me closer.” She sighed as I drew her to me. My cock immediately started to rise again.

When the music stopped she held me, leant back, our groins and thighs touching, her eyes searching my face, biting her lower lip, she sighed, kissed me lightly on the lips and said, “Sweetheart, Caroline has gone, but your Mom wonders whether you would kiss her like you did Caroline?”

“Oh, Mom, yes!” We kissed, held each other tight, Mom’s groin was lightly moving against my hard cock! I stroked her back, my hands moved to her bum, pulled her into me she groaned and responded, slowly dry humping, My hand went to her leg, lightly scratched up her leg to the top of the slit in her dress, too tight to go further, I put my hand on her bum, kneaded her buns, again she groaned into my mouth.

Mom was stroking my back, her fingers sometimes scratching, sometimes not. I wanted to go further, but was scared she would stop me and this magical evening would end. Hesitantly, I felt for the zip on her dress, pulled it a short way, hesitated, she broke the kiss, looked at me.

“Honey, don’t… we can’t.” She said.

“Mom, please!” I pleaded.

“I want to darling, but its not right.”

Looking into her eyes I slowly lowering the zip, I could feel the blood pounding in my ears, I groaned, kissed her, zip coming to a halt low on her butt, leaving the zip, my fingers continued down, deep into her crack, under the thong, then back, stroking, up to the catch on her dress, needed two hands, got it undone.

Stepping back, Mom sighed and said, “Take it off.”

I took the shoulders, pulled, then slid her dress down, exposing her sheer maroon bra, nipples proudly erect, areola, looked weird, on down, next her maroon thong, She stepped out of her dress, hands on my head for support, her thong clad pussy thrust into my face, I inhaled her intoxicating aroma. Her hands moved to my ears,gently pulled me up.

Thrusting her tits, she whispered. “Take it off.”

Reaching behind her, I unclasped her bra, pulled it off. Stunned, I looked at her tits, my mouth salivating, but what?? She had silver shields around her nipples, covering the areola’s.

“Your father liked them and I promised myself I’d wear them for the next man I went out with, do you like them Kevin?” She asked.

“Hell yea, um.” With that I clutched at two fantastic tits, mauled the nipples…

“Ouch, careful honey, the nipple shields make my nipples very sensitive.” Said Mom. “Come, let me.” She released the shields, I mauled again, “Gently honey..”

She took off my tie,then undid the buttons on my shirt, pushed it off my shoulders, raked her finger nails down my chest, undid my belt, trouser button, unzipped, kneeling, pulled my trousers down with my undies, stepping out of my slip on shoes and trousers, I pulled her up, kissed her hard, holding her bum close, pressing my erection into her mons.

Leaning back, I looked at the vision of beauty and asked, “Mom, could I suck them?”

Chuckling she said. “Yes. love, but gently, they’re very sensitive.”

As I suckled first one then the other, Mom held my head to her, she was beginning to moan and breathe heavily and started gentle thrusting movements, her one hand on my bum, kneading me as she thrust… I let go, knelt, took hold of her thong, pulled, she spread her legs allowing the thong to slip down, she stepped out of them, I leant in, inhaled her intoxicating musk, tentatively licked, she moaned, spread her legs, held my head. I licked some more, moved up and found her hard little nub, flicked it with my tongue. She bucked against my face.

She said, “Aah, honey, come, lets go to the bedroom…”

Once there Mom lay back. For a few seconds I stood savouring the sight of my lovely Escort mother, naked, legs spread, looking up at me, eyes hooded in lust, breathing heavily, her tits rising and falling on her chest, nipples hard.

With a moan I fell on her, my mouth headed straight for her pussy, my arms under her legs, lifting, giving me better access, her clit, so small yet so hard, waiting, inviting, I licked, no, suckled on her pussy, savouring the sweet nectar, then up to that lovely nub, gently taking it between my teeth, brushing my tongue over it, with a groan Mom came, clamping her thighs round my head, hands holding me in place, thrusting up, again and again. Finally collapsing and releasing me from her breath defying grip.

I looked up at her, she looked down at me, smiled and said, “Oh honey, that was incredible, I had forgotten how good it could be, come let me taste myself.”

With that I scooted up the bed, as I kissed her, Mom reached down and guided my hard prick to her pussy, one thrust and I was buried to the hilt, frantically I started fucking her.

“Slowly, Kevin, slowly honey we’ve got all night!” She said, “Mm, thats better,” As I slowed to a gentle pace, really wanting to piston in and out. “Now, vary your strokes, mm yes,.” I did as told, learning what she liked. After a short while I was getting close when she said, “Oh yes sweetie I’m going to cum again, thats lovely, oh yes, god Kevin your cock is lovely, ohh, yeees, cumming baby aah, mm oh cum honey cum in me, I want you to cumm, aaah.” Her cunt clenched my prick and I erupted, emptying my balls, spasm after spasm until I was sated, collapsing on Mom, desperately trying to get my breath, I could feel her chest heaving under me.

I must have drifted off as next thing I knew was Mom saying, “You are getting heavy Honey!”

I pushed up, looked down at her, she smiled, stoked my face and said, “Darling, you’re still hard!”

My prick was still buried in Mom’s cunt, slowly she contracted her cunt round me, groaning I started to thrust again, after a few minutes of gentle thrusting she said, “Lets turn over love, my turn to ride you.”

Holding her and rolling over, trying to keep my prick in her, failing, my prick popped out,she laughed, sat up, held my prick and lowered herself until she was sitting, fully impaled, her hands on my chest she started to grind herself on me, my hands fondling her tits, gently tweaking her nipples, our eyes locked, a flush started on her neck slowly spreading down, covering her tits, her eyes closed, beads of sweat appeared on her forehead, she bit her lip, groaned, her cunt spasmed on my cock.

“Cuuuumming oooh, fuck baby, sooo good.” she said falling forward on me, her cunt again squeezing my cock. Holding her, stroking her back and bum, once she stopped moving I started to thrust up into her, gently, savouring every stroke, every ripple of her cunt around my cock, senses seemed heightened, gradually my cock seeming to get bigger, I felt my seed rising, then with a cry I came, hard, thrusting up, Mom’s cunt milking me… spent I fell back on the bed, still embedded, slowly my cock subsided, then slipped out, resting against her pussy, our juices leaking out.

Moving off me Mom leaned in, kissed me hard, and said, “That, honey, was incredible.”

We kissed and fondled each other for a while, then Mom suggested we shower.

We soaped each other up, I really enjoyed washing Mom’s tits, and then paying particular attention to her pussy, which had me hard again. “Mom, turn around please, I want you bent over.”

She giggled, turned spread her legs and touched her toes! What a sight, her pussy still engorged from our earlier fuck. It was hard pushing into her like this, holding her hips I was soon thrusting away frantically, she moved her arms and braced herself on the wall, her tits bouncing around, she was so tight that I came way to quickly.

“Ah, oh, mm sorry Mom, you didn’t cum.” I said as my cock deflated and slipped out.

Turning, she held me, said, “I have cum plenty, thanks.” She reached up kissed me. “Time to dry and head for bed, all this activity has got me tired!”

Once dry we went to her bed, naked we snuggled up, in no time I was asleep, holding my beautiful Mom in my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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