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Kim’s New Life Ch. 17

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Sam and I awakened before Kelly. Sam was up first and carefully shook me awake. Placing her finger to her lips, she indicated we should be quiet, so we wouldn’t wake Kelly, while we slipped out of bed. Passing the clock, I noticed that it was a few minutes after 6 A.M. Once out of Kelly’s hearing range, Sam suggested that we should make breakfast for my Mistress and serve it to her in bed.

First, though, we had to use the bathroom for our morning absolutions. While I was still embarrassed, because we were connected by the chain forcing Sam to be closer to me than ever, it didn’t seem to faze Sam one iota. When I asked her why, she replied, “You’ll get used to having company during your previously private moments, Kimmy. Allyson is with me quite often and I am never permitted to close the bathroom door. I imagine it will be the same for you. Our Mistresses are almost like twins in their thinking.”

When I looked at myself in the mirror, my hand strayed down to my I.D. tag. Sam was watching me touch it and asked, “Do you like it?”

“Yes, truthfully, I do.” Seeing it hanging between my legs and knowing what it represented was quite provocative. I also liked the weight of the ring and the way it hung down and pulled my neither lip.

“Strange as it may seem to many people, I’ve loved mine since the day Allyson put it on me.” Standing at my back, she put her arms around me and touched my nipple rings. “What do you think of these?”

“I’ve always turned my nose up when I heard anyone mention pierced nipples. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would do anything like it to their body. Now, I think they add charm to my nipples and my breasts. My nipples ache quite a bit this morning. But then, so does my ass,” I joked, then added, “But it’s a ‘nice’ ache, if you know what I mean.”

“I do. It’s an ache one must experience to understand, though. Both aches should be gone by in a couple days. I must tell you that stripes do look great on you. I hope I see you wearing them more often.” I only grinned.

“Meanwhile, let me help you clean your piercings, so they don’t get infected.” There was no reason I would refuse her offer. First, she wet a face cloth, moistened the hardened matter that had collected on the rings near the openings, and wiped them clean. “Now we can put some antiseptic on them.” She removed a green bottle from the cabinet and moistened a cotton ball with its contents. “This is Campho Phenique. It contains camphor, phenol and eucalyptus oil. It is a great antiseptic but burns like hell. It is listed for external use only, but we have found that it is great for aiding the healing process in small piercings. It’s what Kelly will want you to use. Salt water is also good to use, but this is more medicinal.” Using the cotton ball, she moistened both ends of one ring then turned the ring, moving it back and forth through the pierced hole. She was right it did burn like hell. I had to clamp my teeth together to keep from screaming out loud. After doing this several times with all four rings, she informed me that I should clean them several times a day, initially, then once a day, even after the seepage stops, until the healing is complete. I thanked her with a kiss.

We had a blast preparing breakfast while still naked and chained together. We ate ours at the table in the breakfast nook, knowing that would be OK with Kelly, especially considering what we had planned for her. It was pleasant talking to Sam about her life as Allyson’s sub, knowing my experiences would be quite similar. I knew that the term “slave” was more figurative than real. Sam explained that we were more like indentured servants with lots of freedom. While Sam did “serve” Allyson, when it came to things like housework and attending to her personal care, Allyson usually pitched in and helped, rather than require Sam to do it all. She said that Kelly also helped when she did housework for her. We were slaves only in the sense that we gave ownership of our bodies to our Mistresses and had no decision power in what they did with or to us, unless we opted to end the relationship. I had already started to enjoy letting Kelly have total control.

Returning to the bedroom, Sam and I awakened Kelly, had her sit up in center of the bed, placed her breakfast on a bed tray and took turns feeding her. We all thoroughly enjoyed the moment. Kelly even commented how nice it was having two slaves to take care of her. “At least I get to keep one of you this time,” she commented. I leaned over and kissed her.

When we finished, Kelly said that it was time she introduced me to her “playroom.” I helped her put on a pair of tight, boy-leg shorts. Other than this one item, she was naked as we followed her to the playroom, led by the leash, again connected to the center of our chain.

I was somewhat shocked, and yet amazed, when we walked through the door and into the room. It looked like some of the “dungeon” photos that she had shown me in the B&D magazines. Numerous pieces of equipment were placed around the room. I recognized a St. Andrew’s Cross, a bondage table bursa evi olan escort (that also turned out to be a “rack”), a bondage chair, stocks, a carpenter’s horse that she called a pony, two floor-to-ceiling posts, and eyebolts imbedded in the walls, floor, and ceiling. There were even items I did not recognize. A couple ropes hung from the ceiling and were connected to winches on the wall. One wall, that appeared to be all mirrors, turned out to be several floor-to-ceiling sliding doors faced with mirrors. She stored her bondage equipment and toys on shelves behind these doors in addition to her “library.” Not expecting anything like this, I was truly impressed.

We walked to the bondage chair, which looked more like a throne because the seat was covered in red leather. Commanded to “position” I knelt in front of her, hands clasped behind my back, while Sam continued to stand beside me.

“Pet, you and I will spend quite a few hours together in this room while you are mine. Most of the time you will be in some form of bondage and experience light discipline; discipline in this case meaning for my pleasure, not punishment. Nothing like last night, unless you do something that deserves strict punishment. I find that highly unlikely, though. I love to play bondage games and I am sure you will like them too; eventually if not at first.

“Considering what I have already learned about you, I even think there will be times you will ask me to bring you up here for a session. As I promised before, I will only bring you here if I decide that you really like it. I have no doubt that you will, however. The exception will be for punishment if you get too far out of line. I know, I said I probably wouldn’t physically punish you if I determine you enjoy it, but there may be times I will. Otherwise, just imagine spending a couple hours of “time out” locked in the stocks or in my cage.

“This chair is my throne as long as it has this leather cushion on the seat. Without the cushion, it becomes a versatile bondage chair. I had it built to my specifications. When we are here you will worship your Mistress while she sits on it. At other times it will be used to put you into bondage.” She showed me the attachments for the chair that could be used for various forms of bondage. I was impressed.

Kelly explained that she and Allyson had lived together for a time, while in college, and had designed most of the items in the room for a little business they formed. My eyebrows went up and she said she would tell me more about the business at an appropriate time. After she bought the house, they moved their equipment into this room. They often use it for parties with the Coterie, and with a few close friends. “Sam has spent many hours here with Allyson and me. Right, Sam?”

“Yes, Miss Kelly, and I loved it every time,” Sam replied, grinning.

After our “tour” Kelly suggested that we move to the den. I shocked her when I commented, “Mistress, I know it isn’t proper for a slave to question her Mistress, but are you suggesting that we leave your playroom without testing anything?”

Kelly stopped, turned and turned to stare at me. “Is my slut saying what I think?”

“Yes, ma’am, I think she is,” I replied with a smile.

“Well, then, I don’t think I should disappoint her! Sam, would you like to be a part of this?”

“Yes, ma’am, it would be an honor and a privilege.”

“By assisting me and also as a participant, of course?”

“Absolutely both, Miss Kelly,” Sam replied, smiling.

Kelly slid one mirrored door aside, removed what appeared to be a large, piece of leather formed into a tube, or sheath, larger at one end than at the other end with laces holding the sides together. She handed it to Sam and said, “You can put this on her while I make a few preparations.”

Following Sam’s instructions, I clasped my hands behind my back, palm to palm. The sheath was slipped up over my hands and arms. It extended from my hands nearly to my shoulders. The portion over my hands was fit like a glove. The rest was split from the wrists up but held loosely together with the laces. She buckled a strap around it at wrists then started to pull the laces tight, from the bottom to the top. As she moved up, my forearms and elbows were pulled closer together. When she finally tied the laces at the top, I could feel the intense pressure the binding created in my shoulders. “I could continue to pull the laces tighter, until your elbows touch, Kimmy, but this should do for your first time.”

“Thank you, Sam. I appreciate your deep concern for my comfort,” I replied in my most sarcastic tone. In reply, she slapped my ass.

Two straps hung from the underside of the sheath at the top. The left strap was passed under my left arm, over the shoulder and buckled to the top right side of the sheath. The right strap went under my right arm, over that shoulder then was buckled to the left side of the sheath. Sam explained this was to insure the sheath would not slide down my arms.

While Sam was altıparmak escort preparing my bonds, I watched Kelly pass a rope through a pulley which she attached to an eyebolt in the ceiling. She accomplished this by hanging the hook of the pulley over a nail imbedded into a long pole, then passing the hook through the eyebolt. Her actions were so smooth, there was no doubt in my mind that she had done it many times before. The two ends of the rope ended about three feet above the floor.

Kelly locked leather wrist cuffs on Sam, connected them behind her back and instructed us to stand face-to-face under the pulley. She slipped one end of a double-headed dildo gag into my mouth and buckled its straps behind my head. Without receiving any instruction, Sam leaned forward and took the other dildo into her mouth. A second set of straps attached to the gag were buckled behind Sam’s head. We were nose-to-nose and staring into one another’s eyes. Sam’s eyes were literally smiling at me. “I have two versions of this gag, pet. The outer end of the other one is much longer and larger. I will let you guess the purpose of the longer one. You will get to use it many times in the future.”

After tying one end of the hanging rope to the D-rings on Sam’s cuffs, Kelly moved behind me and threaded the remaining end through a D-ring connected at the wrists of my sheath. She slowly pulled on the end of the rope, raising our arms. We automatically spread our legs and moved our feet back to maintain our balance. We were also forced to lean forward. Kelly continued pulling the rope through my D-ring until our hands were slightly higher than our heads and our upper bodies nearly parallel to the floor. She then tied it off. To increase the intensity of my bondage, Kelly locked my ankles into cuffs attached to the ends of a three-foot long spreader bar.

Initially I jumped (as much as one could in my predicament), when Kelly’s fingers brushed my pussy, then relaxed as she continued to play. At the same time, my eyes danced with Sam’s. It is wild having someone do this to you while in a position where you cannot relay feelings other than with your eyes or through grunts and groans. Sam could partially see Kelly and knew what she was doing, which brought me to an even higher sexual plateau. I am sure my eyes opened wider when Kelly slipped two fingers into my vagina. Sam’s eyes simply continued to smile at me, especially when a third, then a fourth finger entered me. I was beginning to hope Kelly would push her whole hand into me, even though I knew it wouldn’t fit. I wanted to scream when she stopped and walked away, saying, “I’ll just let you two hang around here while I make a couple phone calls.”

When Kelly reentered the room, I listened intently as the mirrored doors behind me opened and closed. Sam’s eyes would stare at me then occasionally dart to the side. I knew she was watching Kelly. Her eyes smiled again just before Kelly appeared in my peripheral vision. She was wearing a strap-on. “Would my slut like to be fucked?” she asked. With the minimal movement I could make with my head, I nodded an emphatic “yes.” I also managed to grunt a mostly unintelligible, “Uh, huh.” Moving behind me, she ran her finger over my quim again. The next time she touched me was not with her fingers. My cunt was being probed by the dildo. While I had guessed that the fake cock was only about two inches in diameter and eight inches long, it felt more like a baseball bat. I had used vibrators on myself before but never a dildo. And the vibrators weren’t as large as the instrument that was attempting to gain entrance to my hot love tunnel. Had my mouth been empty, I am sure I would have gasped when Kelly started to push. She grasped my hips, pushed, retreated, and pushed again, several times. I tried to push back but couldn’t. Since a single rope connected both Sam and me, any movement on my part caused an opposite reaction on Sam’s arms and, therefore, made it difficult for me to move.

In a few strokes, Kelly hit bottom and I was ready for her to fuck me silly. This woman knew how to turn me on as no male ever had, or could, up to this point in my life. Using my hips for leverage, she started slamming her rubber dick into me. To my dismay, she had already learned how to sense my reactions. As I closed in on my climax, she stopped moving and, while continuing to hold the dildo partially inside me, started probing my anus with her fingers. First one, then two fingers were pushed into me. It wasn’t long before I felt something cold being applied and realized she was lubricating my ass. The reason was obvious. When she felt that my anal muscles were sufficiently relaxed, she added more lube and a third finger to stretch me just a little more. Both my orifices were empty for a few seconds before the head of her cock replaced her fingers and started to press on my flower.

The initial stretch was the worst part of the invasion. Once again, if my ability to scream had not been removed, I would have. I made the obvious noises, however, and am positive gemlik escort my eyes signaled my situation to Sam because the smile of her eyes had widened considerably. Still, an audible groan came from my throat as the head of the dildo broke through. Once in, Kelly held still for a moment, then plunged the full eight inches of her weapon in and started fucking. It was unbelievable. While not the same as being fucked vaginally, I wanted it. She had introduced me to another experience I would have rejected had it been within my decision-making ability or authority to do so. She was right again! In bondage there definitely was freedom.

Not only did I enjoy being fucked anally, I climaxed. It was unbelievable. Never would I have believed it possible. Of course, she had me well primed before entering my forbidden hole. The climax was insane. My legs turned to rubber and I started to collapse. While still imbedded on the fake cock, Kelly held me up by my hips until I recovered sufficiently and was able to stand on my own legs. The spreader bar and ropes were removed permitting Sam and I to stand while our mutual gag was unbuckled. To my own surprise, the first thing I did was give Sam a passionate kiss. “Fantastic, wasn’t it?” she asked. I could only nod assent.

When Kelly suggested we should go for a swim, Sam and I quickly agreed. An eight-foot high wall separated Kelly’s yard from her neighbors, so clothing was normally optional in her patio and pool. Well, not for Sam and me. I was informed I would never wear a bathing suit while there. It really didn’t matter, because I found that it was more enjoyable to swim naked. The feeling of the water against my bare skin was incredible. I knew I was going to be using this pool a lot in the following month and, hopefully, in the future. The three of us had fun playing and swimming together, splashing and teasing like three twelve-year-old kids. After about an hour, we got out and coated one another with tanning lotion. Sam and I did one another and both of us worked on Kelly. We soaked up the sun’s rays for another hour.

Unlike many homeowners, Kelly had an outside shower on her patio. From one of those large European showerheads, mounted directly above us, water cascaded down like a warm spring shower. We frolicked around, soaping one another, to wash off the lotion. I realized that the friendship we were creating was nothing short of extraordinaire. When we finally finished our reverie and were dry, Kelly grasped my hands and pushed me against the side of the house. She intertwined her fingers in mine, lifted my arms above my head and pushed her naked body tight against me. With an extremely serious look on her face, she asked, “Just what the fuck do you think you are doing, bitch?”

“I’m sorry, Mistress, I don’t understand what you mean.”

“What I mean, my slut, is that you have caused me to do something that I have been able to avoid for a long time.”

When I answered, “You are truly confusing me, Mistress. I have no idea what you mean,” her serious look turned into a smile.

“Damn, I need you to know that in less than forty-eight hours I have truly fallen in love with you. It will take a team of wild horses to pull you away from me. Please do not forget these words when your month is up.” Her announcement was followed by a deep, very passionate kiss. My toes curled and the butterflies filled my stomach again.

When the kiss finally ended, she announced that we had an appointment in less than an hour and needed to get ready. First, though, she asked Sam if she could stay to work on the project they had discussed. “Absolutely,” Sam replied. “Allyson said I could stay as long as you needed me today. It really shouldn’t take too long.”

“Thanks. If you finish before we return, you have permission to run home to your Mistress.”

Kelly and I went to the bedroom to dress. Attending to my slave duties, I helped her into a pair of ankle socks, white, of course, tennis shoes, shorts, and a tank top. My initial clothing consisted of white tennis shoes, white knee socks, and a denim mini skirt that we had purchased. She then debated over which top I should wear. After having me try on a cami and a tube top, she selected the latter, announcing that it displayed “her” assets much better. She especially liked the way my nipple rings were highlighted by the tight top. “It would be best if we temporarily replace your collar.” The replacement was a beautiful gold choker necklace secured with a gold, heart-shaped lock.

I was instructed to bend over the bed with my forehead resting on it. She flipped the back of the skirt up, saying, “I could have done this before you put the skirt on, but just thought about it. It is the prerogative of a Mistress to change her mind at any time, isn’t it, little one.”

“Yes, ma’am, it is.”

I listened to her move around the bedroom and jumped when a cold finger touched, then entered, my anus and realized she was putting lube in. “This is only a two-inch butt plug, pet, but I want you to get used to them. Just relax and it won’t hurt any more than the dildo did. She slowly pushed the invader into me stretching me bit by bit. There was some pain while my anus opened to accommodate the largest diameter of the plug. Suddenly I felt my anal muscles close as they closed over the narrow neck. I was then permitted to stand up again.

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