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Kitchen Delights

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I’m in the kitchen making dinner when you come home from work, tired and hungry. I don’t hear you come into the house because I have my music playing loud in the kitchen. You stand in the doorway of the kitchen and watch me singing and dancing along to the music, unaware that you are there. My back is to you as I stand at the sink peeling potatoes and cutting them up. You slowly sneak up behind me and put your hands over my eyes. You whisper in my ear, “Guess who!”

I smile and pretend I don’t know who you are. I guess, “The Milk Man? The Pool Boy? The Gardener??” You laugh and say no to each guess, then turn me around and kiss me deeply and I wrap my arms around you, hugging you tight.

I break the kiss and say, “Dinner will be ready in about an hour dear. Your newspaper is on the desk in your study, and there’s a fresh pot of coffee in there for you as well.”

You smile and say, “I think that coffee will be cold by the time I’m ready to drink it. I have better things in mind to do right now than read the paper and drink coffee, baby. I’m ready for some hot loving from my sexy woman.”

I laugh softly and say, “Ok, but dinner will have to wait a little longer then.” I put the potatoes in a pan of water and put it in the fridge and turn the meat that I have marinating in there as well. I clear off the table, then wash my hands. I start to reach for the stereo to turn off the music but you say, “Leave it on, baby. I like music on when we make love.” You quickly pull me into your arms, kissing me like there was no tomorrow, your lips moving all over my body as you peel off my lavender cotton sun dress, my white fishnet stockings, my white lace garter belt and my lavender panties.

You smile when you see that I’m not wearing a bra, my full breasts popping free of the bodice of my dress as you slide the straps of my dress over my shoulders and down my arms to let the dress fall to a lavender pile of cotton at my feet. You leave a trail of kisses from my face down my neck to my lush breasts, taking each hard nipple into your mouth and tenderly caressing it with your lips and tongue, and sucking hungrily on each one in turn. Uşak Escort

You back me up so that my butt is pressed against the kitchen table. You slide your hands down my waist and behind my thighs, then you lift me up so I can sit on the table, leaving my dress in a pile on the floor.

You pick it up and put it on a chair so you don’t step on it and rip it since you know it’s my favorite dress to wear around home when I’m doing my chores. You slide your hands up my legs, gently massaging and kneading my calf and thigh muscles as you continue to suck and lick my nipples.

Your fingers slide beneath the straps on my garter belt and you deftly unfasten the straps from my stockings, rolling them down my legs very slowly, tossing the stockings onto the chair with my dress, my garter belt and panties soon following until I am laying on the table naked.

You stand up and look at me, with love and astonishment in your eyes. I know that you are feeling that you are a very lucky man to have gotten me over all the other men that wanted me to marry them, when I was still a single woman. I smile at you and you lean down and kiss me deeply as your fingers stealthily slip into the wetness between my legs.

I moan softly as you stroke me and your thumb presses against my love button (that’s what you always call my clit when we are making love) and I whisper your name in your ear and ask you to make love to me there on the table.

You sit up and pull me up then help me off the table. I sit on one of the chairs and unbuckle your belt. I unfasten your pants and push them down to your feet, along with your sexy tiger-striped underwear that I had gotten you for your birthday.

I smiled when I saw that you were wearing them, and I looked up into your face and said, “Mmmm sexy undies baby!” You smiled as you stepped out of the pants and underwear, then pulled me to my feet and kissed me deeply. I could feel your cock pulsing against my belly and it made my pussy tingle.

I broke the kiss and sat on the chair, taking my hands and rubbing them slowly up and down your thighs. My fingertips teased your balls Uşak Escort Bayan and the base of your cock as my lips pressed light kisses on your stomach, around your belly button and down to your shaft. I teased the tip of it with my tongue, tasting the precum that was there, then I slowly opened my mouth and took in just the tip of it, caressing it with my tongue for a few moments.

My right hand cups and fondles your balls while my left hand starts to stroke your cock in rhythm to my mouth slipping up and down over it. My lips smoothly glide down its length until my nose touches your belly and I increase my sucking pressure a little bit as I move back to the tip.

I can feel your balls start to tighten in my hand and I know you are close to release so I stop my sucking and stroking. I sit up in the chair and you lean down and kiss me again, tasting your precum on my lush full lips. You break the kiss and help me up on the table again and you sit in the chair where I was. You spread my legs apart and slide your hands up my legs, kneading my muscles gently on my calves, over my knees, to my thighs.

You slowly spread my legs wide and caress my dampness between my legs. You smile when you see how wet my pussy is and you slip a finger into my wetness and start caressing my clit as you place little kisses on my tummy, slowly working your lips closer and closer to my moist flesh.

I gasp softly as your tongue flicks over my clit, bared by your fingers spreading my lower lips. My hips buck to your face as you make several long slow strokes over my wet skin and I moan, wanting deeper harder pressure down there.

You know what I want and give it to me as you slide a pair of fingers deep into my vagina, slowly and smoothly moving them in and out of my wet hot hole as your tongue and lips caress my clit in a faster rhythm. My hips lift off the table to meet your hand thrusts and I’m practically begging you for release with the moaning and panting.

You stand up and take your cock in your hand and rub the head against my clit and pussy, teasing me as you lean down and kiss me deeply, then moving Escort Uşak your kisses to my full breasts, taking each nipple into your mouth hungrily. Just as I feel I’m about to explode, you thrust your cock deep into me with one stroke and you just let it set there for a moment to let me adjust to the fullness.

You make love to me long and slow there on the table, your cock moving in and out, in and out, in and out of my hot wet pussy. Within moments, I feel my love juices flowing out as I reach my climax.

The muscles of my vagina squeeze your cock, coaxing forth your release. I wrap my legs around your waist and pull you into me farther, my hands slide up your arms, over your shoulders and behind your neck as I pull your face to me for another kiss.

I make the kiss long and deep and I feel your orgasm approach with each pulse of your cock in my pussy and I refuse to let you go yet. Smiling, I moan and whisper your name in your ear and tell you how much I love you and you tell me you love me just as much if not more. Your thrusting increases in speed and within seconds, I feel you shooting your cum deep into my pussy as my muscles tighten around you.

You pull me up into your arms without removing your cock from my pussy and you hold me tight. I can still feel you pulsing within me and I moan. I rest my head against your shoulder and kiss your sweat-dampened skin, tasting your salty masculinity. I sigh deeply because I am so very happy and in love. I can feel your hands sliding up and down my back tenderly. You slowly pull out of my pussy and kiss me again. You tip my chin up to look at you and ask,”So baby, when’s dinner?” and we both start laughing.

I say, “Well my love, I think we both need to get cleaned up first, then I have to wash the table before I can get supper started for us.” You help me down off the table and hand me my clothes, then you pick up your clothes and we both go to the bathroom to shower together. We wash each other and make love again, then wash again before getting out and drying each other off and getting dressed.

You go into your study to read the news paper and I go in the kitchen to make supper with a big smile on my face and a skip in my step. Half an hour later, supper on the table where we had made love, we sit and eat our dinner and talk about our day before going upstairs to our bedroom and making love again several times during the night.

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