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Kitten is Late for School

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While the majority of her brain tuned into the words her conducting professor spoke, kitten shifted in her wet panties, almost groaning, and turned over and over in her mind, the words her Sir had written in an e-mail, hastily retrieved during a few delicious moments, stolen between classes.

“hmmm…. watching you walk down the hallowed halls of your school….ass sashaying this way and that….walking up behind you, I take you roughly by the hair…force you into an empty classroom, lock the door behind Me, and push you to your knees.

I will let your wanton imagination take over from there My wet little kitten.

Have a lovely day, and NO FALLING ASLEEP IN CLASS!!!!! “

she pictured herself as He had, sauntering confidently down the hall, generous hips swaying left to right seductively, sensing Him approach, swiftly, quietly, and snatching a handful of her long, soft hair in His tight grip. She felt herself steered toward the room which housed the baby grand. she felt Him press against her back, His hard erection pushing at her soft ass as He reached ahead of her to open the door. In one swift motion, He’d shoved the door open, guided her inside, locked it, and forced her to her knees, dragging her downward by her hair.

she landed with a small thud and a mewl, facing His jean-clad crotch. she felt the urge to steal a glance up at Him, but didn’t dare, for fear of displeasing Him. she closed her eyes and tried to will away her audacity. He ended her internal struggle by pulling on her hair, tilting her head back, exposing her neck.

“Look at Me, My little pet,” He said to her, His clear, mid-toned voice crisp and commanding. her eyes flew open and she drank in the sight of Him. Tall, dark and handsome described her Sir to a tee. A tall Man, His thick dark hair framed a tanned face with full lips. Lips that curled sensuously into a confident grin and brought a fresh wave of wetness to her always damp sex. His hazel eyes bore demandingly into her moss green ones as He asked,

“My little pet, were you late for school today?”

she dropped her eyes and hesitated. looking back up at Him, she spoke softly, “Yes, my Sir,” she answered Him, fearing the consequences, and even more, His disappointment. she hated the thought of lying to Him, though.

“Good girl,” He said softly. she shot Him a confused glance.

“Good girl, my Sir? i’m sorry, i don’t understand, my Sir.” she said to Him questioningly.

“I know that you didn’t want to answer Me, pet,” the hand in her hair loosened slightly, and He caressed her head gently with His thumb, “but you did answer, and you answered honestly. This pleases Me.”

“Thank You, my Sir,” she breathed, smiling. pleased herself with His generosity, and His kindness. He never failed to tell her when she pleased Him. Nor when she had not, but it was this communication that let Her know how to best serve Him, how to best please Him.

she breathed a sigh of relief as He reached for His belt, unbuckling it swiftly with one hand, the other still tangled in her hair. she jumped slightly as the length of the wide black leather swished through its loops and past her face to snap in the air dully. The sound was absorbed by the corking present on the walls of every music room. As nervous as she was, she said a silent thanks that her class-mates and professors would not hear T/them.

she squirmed minutely, closing her eyes and barely shifting as she prepared for her first spanking from Him. As though reading her mind, He chuckled softly.

“Oh no, My pet,” He said to her, “you’re not getting off that easily.”

“my Sir?”

“Did you not tell me that you enjoy being spanked, little one?”

“i did, my Sir.”

“Then don’t You think I’d best punish your tardiness in a more creative fashion, My pet?”

“If it pleases You, my Sir.”

“Good girl,” He said, as He smirked at her. The devilish gleam in His eye made her really nervous, but she decided to do her best to take her discipline well and make Him proud.

Her sex gushed, and her swollen clit throbbed, as He unzipped His pants and freed Himself from the confines of His jeans. She thought herself more lucky than punished as He tightened His grip painfully in her hair, and forced her, mouth wide open, onto His shaft, and He began pumping in and out of her wet mouth. Banging at the back of her tongue, but not forcing himself down her throat. Not yet.

His other hand still held His belt. She was vaguely aware of Him rotating His wrist and wrapping it around His hand as He commanded her,

“Stroke what is Mine, kitten, now. Gently, girl. Ease your little hand into your tight jeans and run your little fingers up and down the length of your slit, kitten.” Although she desperately wanted to answer Him, His hard penis ramming in and out of her mouth would not allow it. She moaned around Him as she complied. She took His groan to mean He liked it.

“Pinch your clit, My kitten.” She moaned again, harder this time, and wriggled slightly as she obeyed. He chuckled low in His throat.

“Do you xslot want to cum, My little kitten?” He dragged her mouth off of His shaft to allow her to answer.

“If it pleases You, my Sir.”

“Then beg for it, kitten,” He told her. she paused a second, looking up at Him, willing herself to do His bidding, choking back the words almost instinctively. she groaned aloud. He knew she hated begging. she growled low in her throat, knowing full well that it brought Him great pleasure to hear her grovel for release.

“May i cum, please, my Sir? Please?” Had His hand not been holding her in place she would have jumped right to her feet as His belt sailed through the air and landed, just the tip of it, on her left cheek, almost at the crease of her ass.

“No, kitten. you may not cum.” He said, “Will You be late for school again, My pet?”

“No, my Sir,” she answered quickly, and winced as His belt sailed through the air and landed once again on her left cheek, just barely missing the first mark.

“Answer Me properly, girl,” He commanded.

“Not if it does not please You, my Sir,” she corrected immediately.

“Good girl” He said, and nodded once. “Now, put one finger inside of your sex, My kitten. Pleasure what is Mine, and open that fuckable mouth of yours. I’m going to use it to pleasure Myself.”

“If it pl-” Her response was cut off as He rammed the length of His shaft inside of her, gagging her as He entered her throat, dragging her by the hair against His pubic bone. He used her roughly for a moment, stroking hard and fast and deep as she did His bidding and fingered herself wetly, feeling her orgasm building inside.

“Do you want to cum, My kitten?” He asked her, pulling on her hair to take her mouth off of His shaft.

“If it pleases You, my Sir, please.” He plunged forward as He pushed against the back of her head and resumed fucking her mouth and throat.

“No, kitten,” He said, the belt sailing through the air again, landing once, twice, on the other cheek, again, the blows nearly on top of one another. “It does NOT please me. You may NOT cum.” She gasped for air and whimpered around Him, feeling her sex gush, willing herself not to release, moisture running down her thighs.

“Are you going to be late for school again, My pet?” He asked her, never losing a beat within her mouth, and not stopping to allow her to answer verbally. She made eye contact with Him and shook her head ever so slightly, causing the head of His penis to hit different places at the back of her throat, renewing the gagging, breathless sensation.

“Good girl,” He told her, “Now, two fingers inside of yourself, girl, and use it hard, as i’m using your pretty little mouth.” When her pleasure mounted, and she thought she would cum from the sheer powerlessness, the divine submission of Him using her mouth, let alone what He had her doing to her sex with her fingers, He asked her once again.

“Still want to cum, My little kitten?” His voice was taunting, the gleam in His eyes telling her He knew He was good, knew full well that she was loving every second of this sweet torture He gave her. Since He continued to ravish her mouth, she simply looked into His eyes, pleadingly, and nodded. He pulled her hair hard, freeing her mouth of His sex.

“What’s that, kitten? Can’t hear you, babe.” He smirked at her, loving every moment of this, too.

“If it pleases You, my Sir, may i cum, now?”

“Beg for it, girl,” He commanded, somehow making it sound like a warning, as well. She moaned, still not wanting to beg, but wanting to please Him, wanting her release. Holding out was starting to be excruciating.

“Please, my Sir,” she whimpered, “Please? May i cum, my Sir?” she raised her eyes to His hopefully, only to squeeze them tight, wincing as He rained three blows upon the bottom of her left ass cheek with the tip of His belt. Laying the stinging marks side by side, she fought back her orgasm by wondering, as clinically as she could, if He practiced, and how, to be so good at placing the belt tip just so.

“No, pet, you may not cum.” He answered her. “Are you going to be late for school again, My kitten?”

“Not if it does not please You, my-” Again He cut off her response pushing Himself past her lips and deep into her throat. She reveled in the knowledge that as roughly as He might take her, as hard as He might use her, that He would never take that which she would not willingly give, that He would never, ever harm her, nor allow any O/other to bring her harm. As odd a moment as it may have been to do so, she fell in love with Him a little more deeply, right then and there, on her knees before Him, gagging on His erection deep in her throat, her nose mashed against His pubic bone, nostrils filled with His scent, gasping for air, as she stroked her own sex at His command.

He jolted her back from her whimsical thoughts by stuffing himself deep within her throat and holding her head rock steady, pinning her between His crotch and His hand, impaled gloriously upon His sex. He looked deep into her eyes, and xslot Giriş she saw tenderness flash there. For a moment, it felt as though another heart beat within hers.

When He began moving her head again, it was slowly, rhythmically, deeply, she couldn’t help but to rock her hips in unison, feeling the lust wash through her once again.

“Three fingers now, pet. Quickly.” she obeyed immediately, and nearly scrambled away from her own touch as an orgasm crashed about inside of her in response, looking for release, determined to find it.

“You want to cum, My kitten? Make sure to beg, dear.” He said to her, somehow aware of every sensation coursing through her body. He pulled her off of His sex again, and allowed her to answer Him.

“If it pleases You, my Sir, please, Sir. My sir, please? Please, please, please, my Sir.”

He looked down at her, into her eyes, appreciating the sweet, genuine pleading written all over her lovely face. He considered a moment. He hadn’t thought she would come this far so soon, he was impressed with her begging, which she had always struggled with, and He was aching for release Himself. Another idea occurred to Him…

“No,” He said simply. Watching her expression of frustrated hope change to one of anguish, He filled her mouth once again with His sex and snapped the tip of His belt against her ass five times, twice in the same spot, planting two more on the other cheek. She whimpered and jumped, gagging herself on His sex.

“Keep stroking what is Mine, pet, with your three fingers inside of yourself, and pinch your nipple roughly with your other hand.” She groaned low in her throat as she did as she was told, desperate to cum, almost reeling from her need to release. Her low moan sent pleasurable vibrations through His sex and He pushed Himself even further into her throat, enjoying His own denial of release nearly as much as He was enjoying hers.

“My kitten. Do you want to cum, kitten?” she raised her eyes, now jewel-green with lust and tears, to meet His hazel ones, pleading Him to allow her release, begging for orgasm. He chuckled.

“You are being punished, little one, for disobeying Me and being late for school. I will cum for you.” With that, He dropped the belt, letting it clatter to the floor and grasped her head in both hands, pummeling her greedy mouth and throat with His sex, gliding in and out of her roughly, His groans increasing in volume, His pace increasing in speed, picking up tempo, feeling her moans and whimpers all around Him, trapped against His sex within her hot wet mouth and throat. His balls tightened, He gripped her hair hard and held her against His pubic bone, spilling His seed within her willing throat, groaning as He released His pent up desire as she struggled to swallow His seed, reveling in His gift, sucking air through her nose into her lungs as she sucked Him, milking every last drop of His seed.

“Good girl,” He said, quietly, contentedly. “Now on with your punishment, eh, pet?” she groaned as He pulled her off of His sex and reached down to her breasts, pushing her hand aside, He took one full, hard nipple between each thumb and forefinger, and pulled upward, raising her to her feet.

Kissing her deeply, He maneuvered their bodies around until her back was facing the wall and pushed her with His weight against her until she was trapped between His body and the wall. Deepening the kiss, He explored every inch of her mouth with His hot tongue until she moaned, pushing against Him, writhing beneath His mouth on hers, His hands roughly manipulating her tender nipples. He felt her body tense beneath Him as she raised herself up on her toes and whimpered. He broke the kiss and pinched her nipples harder, watching her throw her head back against the wall and toss it side to side. He leaned forward and caught her cheek against His, holding her head steady.

“Are you ready to cum, My pet?” He whispered throatily in her ear.

“If it pleases You, my Sir, please, please, may i cum now, my Sir?” she pleaded, groaning and panting.

Instead of answering her He pulled her forward by her nipples. He stopped, stepped back, extending His arms, and released her nipples. she moaned and opened her mouth and eyes wide as the blood rushed back into the tender buds, burning, stinging, sending pleasure coursing throughout her body. she tensed, willing herself to breath deeply, fighting the orgasms that crashed into one another, begging to be released. she’d never held out so long, and marveled that her desire to please Him was stronger than her need to orgasm.

He spun her sideways, stepped close again, and spoke into her ear.

“Bend over, pet, spread your legs and keep them straight,” He told her. Quickly doing as she was told, she felt His hard hand landing on her bottom, six slaps in all, alternating one cheek, then the other as He spoke.

“No, pet, you may not cum. Will you be late for school again, pet?”

“Not if it does not please you, my Sir,” she answered, her breath jarring in her throat as she took her spanks, fighting xslot Güncel Giriş valiantly against the urge to orgasm. As desperately as she wanted to please Him, she didn’t know how much longer she could hold out.

“Stand up, pet,” He told her, and as she obeyed, He turned her away from Him to face the wall, pushing her against it, pushing His weight against her from behind, the porous cork flattening her heavy breasts in front, His hardening shaft pressing against her from behind. He reached in front of her, unbuttoned her jeans and ripped the zipper open. As He yanked downwards, she obligingly stepped from them. Naked from the waist down, she stood, and shivered, as He straightened Himself to tower once again over her.

He reached down and took her slippery clit between His thumb and forefinger, squeezing the little nub until she squealed, then pulled her back against Him far enough to get His thumb and forefinger on her right nipple, squeezing tight there, as well. She shook with the urge to cum, a sheen of perspiration covering her entire body. He tasted and nibbled the sensitive part of her neck where it met her shoulder and ground against her. she pushed back against Him wantonly, almost sobbing with the need to release.

“Do you want to cum, my pet?”

“If it pleases You, my Sir,” she sobbed.

“Then beg for it, my pet,” He commanded her, pinching tighter, grinding harder against her backside, relishing His dominion over her, and her desire to please Him.

“Please, Sir, please,” she sobbed, “please let me cum, my Sir, please.”

Instead of answering, He pinched even harder, pulled her tight against Him and took four steps back. He spun them B/both to face the north wall of the classroom, and dragged her forward my her clit and nipple until her thighs banged against a desk. Using the weight of His body to lean her over the desk, He let go, and stood over her, admiring her form, her curvaceous ass, her long dark silky hair, spilling around her, cascading down and nearly brushing the floor. Steeling Himself, He rained 7 hard smacks on her ass, answering her.

“No, you may not cum, My kitten,” she sobbed, tears flowing now, He leaned down to speak in her ear.

“Are you going to be late for school again, My pet?”

“Not if it displeases You, my Sir, nooo,” she wailed, breath staggered, covered in perspiration.

“Good girl,” He cooed in her ear.

“Are you learning your lesson, My pet?” He asked her, standing and thrusting Himself easily inside of her wet sex. He glided in to the hilt and felt her tense. Grabbing a handful of her hair and using it to pull her head back, He spoke softly, menacingly, into her ear.

“Don’t you dare, little one. Don’t you dare cum without my permission. Do you understand Me, pet?”

“If it pleases You, my Sir, i understand, my Sir.” She clenched against another wave, willing back her orgasm, breaking into a fresh sweat at the exertion.

He slammed in and out of her wet, hot sex, pinning her to the desk with His hand heavy on the middle of her back, the other one kneading her ass.

“Do you want to cum, my pet?”

“If it pleases You, my Sir!” she nearly shouted, her frustration and pent up desire evident in her voice, growling the words at Him. He stopped dead still. The room was silent but for the sound of her sobbing, her groaning, her feral panting.

“Don’t take a tone with Me, pet. Do you want Me to make this harder for you? I can, you know.”

“Not if it doesn’t please You, my Sir, please, please no, my Sir.” she was careful to keep her voice steady and even, free of attitude, so as not to displease her Sir.

“Very well, pet. Keep that in mind, then. Now, let Me ask you again. Do you want to cum, My little one?”

“If it pleases You, my Sir, please, please, my Sir, let me cum, please, my Sir.”

He reached His right hand across to rain 8 hard slaps on her left cheek, turning it nearly crimson.

“No, pet, you may not cum. But good girl,” He said, stroking and consoling her bright red cheek with His hand, “for begging so nicely.” He hooked His thumb lazily between her ass checks, pressing deep into the flesh just to the left of her tiny bud.

“I do think your begging is coming along very well, don’t you, pet?” He asked her, massaging the tender spot in a circle.

“If it pleases You, my Sir, yes, my Sir. Yes.” she could barely speak, her body electrified beneath His touch, she craved more, yet dared not seek it, for fear of cumming against His wishes.

“Good girl,” He said to her, admiring her red ass, and her desire to please Him. He knew this was hard for her, and knew also, that she would fight with every fibre of her being to obey Him.

He moved His thumb to where His shaft slid in and out of her wet and streaming sex, transferred the wetness to her tight bud, just barely pushing at her rear passage. He brought more and more of her wetness to the tiny pink rosebud until there was enough moisture to pop His thumb past her tight sphincter and into her ass, had He wanted to. Instead, He simply rubbed His thumb in wet, lazy circles, gently increasing the pressure until she pushed up against Him, wanting His thumb in there, wanting anything, desperate for her release. Chuckling, He asked her again, the question she was learning to hate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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