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Knobs, Tubes and Halfmoons

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I was eating a provolone and Italian ham sandwich and drinking coffee around eight in the morning when the phone rang.

“Hickeys electric, how can I help you?”

“I’m going through fuses like crazy and wondered if you could give me some advice?”

“Sure whats your address?”

“12 Jefferson street.”

“Be there in twenty minutes.”

I was there and when she opened the door I was very pleased by the looks of this older woman. Five foot seven, off white hair center parted. She was donning a black skirt and white ruffled blouse and black patent two inch heels. She was a bit chunky but made up for that with a pair of 46D bosoms and a pair of gold squarish glasses with halfmoons for reading.

“Come on in Mr. Hickey, here is a box of fuses I have been replacing, all blown.”

“Actually they’re not blown, they opened because there was an overload. Let me check down cellar and see whats going on.”

I did and it was as I figured, the old knob and tube story. Low amperage fuses and circuits that had to be at least forty years old, not enough juice for the loads of today.

“Well miss what are you using when the lights go out?”

“You may call me Marcia, The lights go out when I use malatya escort the electric skillet an coffeepot or the waffle iron an coffeepot

“Well you are going to need two new kitchen circuits anyways with gfi protection against electrocution. And you will also need a gfi receptacle for the bathroom.

“When can you start?

“Tomorrow morning.”

I was there at eight and by noontime I had the two circuits almost done. Marcia offered me a coffee and doughnut and when I finished she asked. . .

“Why do you have such a lump in your pants?”

“Holy bloody crummins, nothing gets past you.”

“Well it is your fault looking so hot, since I was here yesterday my thoughts were not up to the national electric code, and those glasses with the half-moons have something to do with the way I have been feeling about you.

The work was done, she gave me a check and to my surprise called me into the living room.

“Mr. Hickey, I want to see why you are so turned on by my half-moons, drop your pants.”

So I did and she is touching me down there, not a spot was missed by her gold square glasses with the half-moons. And when it looked like I was gonna blow my load she took my cock maltepe escort between her lips and started sucking and licking and all the while stroking my balls with her sexy half- moons and I came like I never came before. She was definitely a woman who believed in sex.

Marcia was very pleased and asked me back for supper at six.

And supper was delicious. A salad, fried taters and onions and a t-bone steak. Soft piano music could be heard and the lighting was low. Marcia was surprised I knew of Chopins works.

A Baldwin grand sat in her parlor and I played her a few pieces. But she had ideas of playing a different tune.

She was on the sofa with her blouse and bra off as well as her gold square glasses with those sexy half-moons and pearl styled eyeglass chain. I took the glasses and chain and rubbed the string of beads back an forth against her lovely nipple while I sucked and licked her other nipple and Marcia was moaning and arching her back.

Her heels were on the floor and I grabbed it and began doing her with the toe of that sexy black patent heel. I loved the way her love juices sloshed around that toe and she had to have gotten off a few more times.

“Now mamak escort it is time to do something nice for you.”

As I was getting undressed she saw the heel I did her with, picked it up looking at the pussy juices on it and smiled.

“So you did me with my own heel? Thats a great idea I will have to remember that when no one is around.”

Lying on the sofa, Marcia began touching me down there with her heels and gold square glasses with those sexy half-moons. She had another pair of glasses also. These were silver ovals with the half-moons and she had been touching me with them. I was hard and could hardly wait to blow my load. Marcia saw how hard I was and within a minute she was on top of me and now I felt her hot pussy juices around my cock.I had my arms around her and looking into those sexy half moons and breathing like an old engine deep and steady.

I loved hearing Marcia’s pussy juices sloshing around my fat swollen cock.

Marcia was tight and her pussy was so inviting I kept a steady beat as she would arch her back and suddenly like a knife switch at the powerhouse being closed, thousands of amps of juice flowed into Marcia and she trembled with the happiness of finally having her needs met.

We sat and talked for a short time, I told her I had a job to finish up tomorrow, and that I would be back Monday to install a gfi plug socket for the bathroom.

Marcia gave me a real squeeze and asked if I could take care of her half-moons when I return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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