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Krissy Ch. 04: New Friends

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Solo Male

*** This story is written from the perspective of Monica, Krissy’s schoolmate from chapter 3 ***


When I think about what happened when we were at the beach this summer, I feel a bit bad. I admit that it all was a way to get back at her after she made all her friends laugh at me at this stupid party. I didn’t want to go to this party anyway, I hate all these people, and her insulting my family was the limit. Usually I would have just ignored a “funny” remark like this, I heard so many already, but this time it hurt me unexpectedly. Mostly because the only reason I went to the party was her. I know she’s a real attention whore and a right bitch most of the time, but somehow that’s what makes me feel strangely attracted to her in the first place. That air she has that makes her appear to be in charge all the time. That makes her seem invulnerable, even when it’s very clear that things are getting out of hand and she is on the losing end.

The way her too short skirt rides up her thigh while she’s dancing until you see her bare pantyless ass. You can see from the way she curls up the corners of her mouth that she knows exactly what’s happening and that she loves it. How she loves being on display for the whole crowd. How she loves the invisible hands that touch her under her shirt and skirt while she dances, covered in sweat and spilt booze. Letting guys get near enough to be able to kiss her, giving them hope that she will go further than kissing. Then she’ll just turn her back on them, moving on to the next one, leaving them behind in despair. She doesn’t know how much she turns me on. Nor how much I would like to be with her, or better, how I would like to be her.

That night I went home early, first almost crying but later very angry at her for being such a bitch. And I swore that I would get back at her. canlı bahis When she asked me to join her for a swim I decided that this would be my chance. I wondered why she even asked me. Is she that evil or just stupid, I wondered. Of course now I know the answer. She doesn’t have many friends. The guys only want to hang around her in case she shows some skin or goes out of bounds when she is drunk, while the girls… well, most girls don’t like it when one of them is sucking all the attention all the time so they tend to avoid her.

But I like her. I think she’s great. And now that we hang around each other more often, I can see the personality she doesn’t show to everyone. That she might act like a bitch sometimes but can be also loving and concerning to other people. Like when a few weeks ago this ex-psychiatrist of her’s came to her door. Her mother became furious and threatened to call the police. But she went out to talk to him and they had a long conversation. After that the man burst out crying and she hugged him. He thanked her several times and left.

I asked her what that was all about but she didn’t really want to talk about it. She said he treated her some time ago for her nightmares and that she told him the treatment had worked perfectly and her nightmares were gone.

She giggled after that. “It’s true that my nightmares are gone,” she said, “but it had nothing to do with his ‘treatment,'” she said using air quotations. “I used to sleep very bad because I woke up every night after dreaming of getting raped by monsters, but lately that has changed. I still have the same recurring dream sometimes but nowadays ehhhh… can I trust you not to tell this to anyone else?” “Of course,” I said, “I’m your friend.” “Well, if I dream about monsters nowadays I also dream of your brother to rescue me. Right before bad things bahis siteleri start to happen he comes rushing in, picks me up with his strong arms and pulls me out of the situation.” She spoke softly now and I think I could see her blushing. “But you can’t tell him! You promised!” she said.

Who would have thought that my “revenge” would have this outcome. I most certainly didn’t. That after I had put my brother up to practically raping her she would fall in love with him? And she isn’t the only one that fell in love that day. At first I thought our little session on the beach would be a good way to get back to her for picking on me. I exaggerated things a bit when talking my brother into helping me. The things I told him made him so angry that he wanted to help me set a trap for this bitch girl that I had been telling him about. We agreed that I would get the girl to do something incriminating and that he would take pictures so we could blackmail her later. I have to admit the plan worked a bit too well and hadn’t counted on him to start the blackmailing part already five minutes after taking the pictures. But my brother has never been the patient type, so I should have expected things to get out of hand.

After I recovered from my ground shaking orgasm and drank some water in the house I came back to the lake and found the beach empty. I went looking for her and walked into my brother in the house. “Have you seen the video camera?” he asked, “I found a way to blackmail her even better.” He told me he had the girl in the work shed and he wanted to film her. I think that’s when I realized things were getting a bit out of hand but the cat was already out of the bag so I didn’t think of stopping him. Perhaps I should have, but that’s speaking in hindsight.

We found the camera and he took it with him. He also told me not to bahis şirketleri come in and that everything would be alright, that he would make sure she would never hurt me again.

Of course this made me very curious and I decided to go see what was going on. I wasn’t really prepared for what I got to see. Sitting behind the shed where there’s a board missing, so I could easily spy on them, I couldn’t help myself. Watching my brother tie her up and fuck her without mercy made me want to do all kinds of things. I wanted to run into the room and stop him from going too far but I also wanted to keep watching.

I wanted to be in there, to look closer, to participate in this ridiculously horny action. I wanted to be her, tied to the workbench and getting fucked hard. I also wanted to be my brother fucking her with such energy and dedication. I couldn’t help being angry with him and proud at the same time. He might not be the smartest person I’ve met in my life but when he decides to do something, he does it all the way.

In the end I decided to just keep watching and stuff my fingers in my already creamed pussy while pinching my nipples and rubbing my clit furiously. I think I came three times in a row right there and then. And in the evenings for weeks after, countless more times I brought myself to orgasm replaying the images in my mind. I never got to see the video. My brother said he was keeping it as a ‘safety precaution’ and since I promised I wouldn’t look at what they were doing, I couldn’t ask him for it. I’ve searched the whole house for it when nobody was home. Though I did find some pretty interesting stuff, I never found it.

I’ve also never told her that I know what happened and after I apologized for my behavior at the beach we started to hang out together more and more. And I started to fall in love with her more and more too. I would do anything for her. She must be the most unconventional and funniest person I’ve ever met. She drives me crazy! She’s also really into big muscular guys with meaty cocks. Guys like my brother…

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