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Lady In The House Ch. 16

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Chapter 16 — The Conclusion

After putting this story to bed in July 2005 and then reviving it again in March 2007, I have finally run out of ideas for our intrepid transvestite prison prostitute. That said, after you read on and see how I have ended the series, you could argue that there is plenty more to explore in this story; especially the development of the characters of Michele’s sister Angie and her niece. But, I have other stories to write and I think it’s time for this saga to end. But you never know…

“Well honey; that was wonderful but we still have to work,” Carmel said, and arranged her clothing before leaving my workroom cell.

I head the clicking of her high heels receding down the corridor dividing the workroom cells.

I cleaned up and sat down to wait for my next punter. My life had come the full circle and I was resigned to my future as a transvestite prison prostitute; being forced to service punters for “Iron Bar’ Steve in MH Correctional Establishment Chelmsford. Steve had hold over me by using blackmail and the threatening to hurt my sister Angie and her daughter.

And what was the story with Angie? During the conjugal visit that Steve had arranged I had no choice but to fellate Danny in front of her; but she had willingly sucked Steve off and orgasmed herself when he came. I guess she has the same desires as anyone; after all, how many times I had I orgasmed whilst being taken against my will. Which reminded my of those four filthy prison guards who had used me and then pissed on me; god I hated them and I hoped that some form of revenge would be forthcoming. Then I heard muffled male voices in the corridor and mentally prepared myself for work.

It was about a month later that Steve came to visit me one evening in my workroom. I had settled into the routine of forced prostitution and was seeing about four customers a night and more on the weekends. I did very little during the day; Steve’s ‘special girls’ got special treatment from the guards, we didn’t have to work and we got preferential treatment and better food than the ordinary prisoners. There was some resentment from the other inmates; but what could they do about it? Steve and his henchmen ran Chelmsford Prison with the help of the guards on the payroll and with the consent of the warden. Besides, a lot of the prisoners saved up their cash so that they could visit Steve’s prison brothel and enjoy some time his troupe of transvestite prostitutes.

It had got to the stage where if I liked a punter I would allow myself to become aroused during the sex and sometimes even orgasm. Some of the punters liked to play with the girls’ cocks but a lot of them liked to think of us as real women and didn’t want to even see our male sex organs. They never got violent though, Steve wouldn’t allow his merchandise to be damaged.

And that was why, it turned out, that Steve came to visit me.

“Hi Michele,” he smiled as he entered my workroom cell.

I was dressed in a red leather miniskirt with a kick pleat in back, white satin blouse and red high heeled pumps. I was wearing lashings of makeup and lots of trashy jewellery with my red painted fingernails and jet black bob wig I looked like a proper trollop. Under my skirt and blouse I wore a red satin brassiere and suspender belt, sheer white nylon panties and black, fully-fashioned silk stockings. I was earning Steve plenty of money, and as our clothing allowance was proportional to the amount of money we bought in, I could afford the best clothing and lingerie available. I even looked forward to getting my weekly clothing catalogue from Carmel. We would sit together, sometimes with anther working girl named Charlotte, and we would select sexy fetish clothing from the catalogue and then it would be ordered in for us. Carmel and I also managed to get together for the occasional hot transbian sex session which I enjoyed a great deal.

It was different making love with another transvestite than it was with the punters. Most of the punters were rough and only concerned with getting gratified, whereas when Carmel and I had sex we took our time and were gentle with each other. We had discussed asking Charlotte to join us, after all during my last incarceration in Chelmsford, Carmel and Charlotte had forced me to participate in a threesome, so it would not be a new experience for us, except that this time I would be a willing participant.

“Hi Steve,” I smiled back.

Steve Ataşehir Öğrenci Escort came over and took me in his arms and kissed me passionately his hand roaming under my shirt, caressing my stocking tops and then squeezing my buttocks.

“You’re still a stunner for an old broad,” he laughed as he sat down on the bed and patted the duvet beside him.

I sat down next to him, his manly sweaty odour contrasting with my favourite Poison perfume. He stoked my knee and allowed his hand to wander up my thigh and then removed his hand from my legs and looked at me seriously.

“I have something to show you that you are going to like,” he said.

“You need to realise that what I’m about to show is not personal; it’s business.”

I nodded, “Ok; now I’m intrigued,” I answered.

Steve pulled his Blackberry from his pocket and showed me the screen while he scrolled through a picture library. The images were brutal. They were pictures of the Bill, Harold and the other two prison guards who had sexually assaulted me and then urinated on me. All of the guards had been beaten had had black eyes, bloody noses and missing teeth.

“And they all got suspended from work too,” he smiled evilly.

“Fuck them!” I whispered, “They got what they deserved.”

My mind drifted back to the dark and dirty room in F Block where I lay on my side in the foetal position, my legs curled up against my body, my face hidden in my hands, sobbing with humiliation covered in their semen and urine.

“Now that should teach this bitch who is running this prison!” Harold, the leader of the guards, had growled at me.

“Tell Steve that Bill said hello, and thanks for the loan of one his girls; tell him he knows where to find me if has any problems with me using his property without permission,” the other guard. had said.

Steve obviously did have problems with the guards using his property and had meted out a vicious punishment. Although the images of the beaten guards were brutal, I couldn’t help but allow myself to smile.

“I told you Michele; it’s business not personal,” Steve said.

“I can’t have the guards and inmates thinking they can take anything from me without recrimination,” he went on.

“But if those pictures make you happy; so be it. Maybe you could find some way to thank me appropriately,” he smiled.

“But you better be quick because I’ve got other business to attend to.”

I stood up and walked over to cell door and closed it and then pulled the curtains closed across the cell bars. I turned around and smiled seductively at Steve.

“Well honey; a girl has gotta reward the man who defends her honour.”

“And if you need a quickie who am I to say no.”

I reached out and holding onto the vertical cell bars I bent over. My skirt rode up exposing my stocking tops and gauzy nylon panties.

“Come and get it,” I moaned seductively and wriggled my buttocks invitingly.

“Oh fuck Michele; you have become such a slut!” Steve chortled, and I heard the bed springs creak as he stood up.

Steve walked across the cell, stopping at my dressing table to pick up a tube of K-Y Jelly and then positioned himself behind me. I heard the unmistakeable sound of a zipper being opened and then the rustle of material as he dropped his pants. Steve stood close behind me stroking my buttocks and stocking tops. I reached around behind me and my fingers brushed along the firm flesh of Steve’s erect penis and traced the veins along its length; when I reached the tip, I ran my fingers gently along the glans and frenulum.

I reached beneath Steve’s crotch with my other hand and gently tickled his scrotum, while my other hand gently petted the top of his cock. Steve growled as I closed a hand around his shaft, and stroked the length of it while my other hand continued to massage his scrotum. After a few back and forth strokes, I fluttered my fingers against his glans and gently scraped a fingernail against his frenulum. Steve moaned, shuddering and twitching. I didn’t want him to climax yet so I shortened my stroke and concentrated on his shaft, avoiding the sensitive glans on most of my strokes. Every few strokes though, I gave his glans a soft squeeze. It was driving Steve crazy and I could hear him panting.

“Oh fuck Michele; I’d like to let you do this all day but I really gotta go soon; here rub this in,” Steve sighed and I felt him squeeze a Ataşehir Çıtır Escort dollop of cool lubricant on his shaft.

I thoroughly coated Steve’s rampant cock with lubricant, and wiggled my pantied buttocks again. Over the last weeks I had been taken anally repeatedly and I had acquired the ability to relax my sphincter and anal muscles; but I knew the key to keeping pain to a minimum during anal penetration was to use plenty of lubricant.

“Be gentle please honey; lubricate me please,” I requested.

Steve pulled my panties down to around my knees and squeezed a splodge of the clear lubricant in the entrance to my puckered anus. My cock began to harden slightly in anticipation. After a moment spent further lubricating his cock and my opening, Steve placed his glans at my awaiting sphincter and paused for a moment. The anticipation was wicked and I now desperately wanted to feel his manhood inside me and I pushed by buttocks up to meet him.

“Ok you slut; here it comes; get ready, this might hurt at first.” Steve growled.

Steve grabbed my by the hips and slowly began to thrust his lubricated cock into my ass. He was right about the pain, I tried to relax the muscles in my anus to allow him to thrust deeper inside me but the pain still brought a tear to my eye. As Steve pulled his cock back out of my anus I felt an emptiness that was only filled when he thrust it back in again. It didn’t take long as Steve gently fucked me for me to relax my sphincter and anal muscles so that I could appreciate the heightened sensitivity and stimulation as Steve thrust upwards towards my prostate.

“Fuck me Steve,” I moaned.

“Yes honey harder; fuck me harder! I am your little slut.”

My encouragement drove Steve on and he began to quicken the pace and thrust himself deep inside me slamming his groin against my buttocks. His hands roamed all over by buttocks, thighs and caressed my stocking tops. My own cock was aching for a release as I became thoroughly stimulated. My panties fell from my thighs and pooled around my ankles.

“Fuck me, Steve!” I yelled, getting louder with every thrust.

“Fuck me like a slut! Fuck me like your little whore!”

My screams of pleasure had obviously attracted attention because suddenly my cell door opened and Carmel squeezed through the full-length curtains and came into my workroom. She was dressed elegantly in a bone business suit, lashings of makeup, blonde bob, black patent leather high heel pumps and gold accessories. Her taupe nylons were fully fashioned with contrasting black back-seams and Cuban heels.

Steve stopped thrusting and looked questioningly at Carmel.

“Well what can we do for you madam?” he sniggered, “can’t you see we’re a little busy here.”

“Well Michele, you certainly seem to know how to show a man a good time,” she giggled.

“And Steve you certainly look like you’re enjoying yourself and I wondered if you would like to share; it’s always more fun with two trannies. More bang for your buck; if you know what I mean?”

Carmel walked over and hitched up her skirt exposing her black satin panties and gauzy black stocking welts. Carmel’s tumescent penis stook out from from her smooth nylon encased thighs.

“Come on Michele, let me play too” she purred.

I looked up into Carmel’s sensual, heavily made-up, face and thought ‘Why not?’

I released my hold on the cell bars and allowed to Carmel slide into the space between my face and the bars. I bent over a little further and opened my mouth to let Carmel’s hard cock slip between my lips, Steve began once more with his regular and powerful thrusts. I held onto the cell bars again to steady myself as Carmel fucked my face and Steve fucked my arse.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see our reflection in the dressing table mirror. My stocking sheathed legs splayed wide, my skirt hiked up and my panties around my ankles. I watched myself being fucked at both ends as Steve and Carmel thrust their hard cocks in and out of me. There was something exciting about being used like this, of submitting to the people who had both physical and mental control over me. I moaned with increasing pleasure around Carmel’s cock as she fucked my face.

Steve’s cock filled my anus and slid in and out of me in a steady rhythm banging against my prostate and my tumescent penis tingled and quivered as my body convulsed with pleasure as my tight Ataşehir Elit Escort anus spasmed around Steve’s cock. I ejaculated streams of semen, some of which splashed over Carmel’s Stockings and on her high heels. Steve’s own orgasm came only a few seconds later and my anus contracted around his cock.

“Fuck I’m coming you slut,” he cried and slapped my arse.

His warm seed filled my back passage until I could contain it no longer and it began to leak out and stream down my thighs and all over my black silk stockings.

“Get ready Michele,” Carmel cried as her orgasm approached.

Inside my mouth Carmel’s cock twitched and she began to empty her load. I swallowed the first spurt of her musty issue and then Carmel gripped the back of my head and forced me to swallow her sperm until it leaked round the edges of my mouth. Carmel withdrew her cock and shot her final ejaculations into my hair, over my face and over my blouse. Steve pulled his cock from my arse and spent the last of his issue over my buttocks and thighs, the hot liquid soaking into the welts of my stockings.

I shuddered and quivered in ecstasy and let go of the cell bars, collapsing in a sticky mess on the floor, gasping for breath. Steve reached for a box of tissues and cleaned himself up and then pulled up his pants, zipped his fly and buckled his jeans. He passed the tissues to Carmel who cleaned herself and wiped small puddles of spunk off her pumps and dabbed at the globs of semen on her stockings and then she pulled down the hem of her skirt around her thighs. She passed the tissues on to me and I cleaned my face, hair, buttocks and thighs as best I could and stood up and pulled up my panties and pulled down the hem of my skirt. I was sticky with drying semen and would need to clean myself up before I could see any punters.

“One more thing before I go Michele,” Steve said, patting the chair next to the dressing table.

“Carmel; fuck off and get this place open for business,” he said and spanked Carmel playfully on the bum as she made her way out the cell door.

I sat down on the chair and Steve came over and stood over me. He opened up his Blackberry and fiddled with it for a few seconds and then put it in front of my face. I looked at the screen and was shocked by what I saw. It was video of my sister Angie that had been taken in the conjugal visit hut a few weeks ago.

On the small screen Angie was drumming her fingers against her mound inside her panties and at the same time she was massaging Steve’s hard member, squeezing and caressing the organ in time with her own climatic convulsions until the first stream of ejaculate shot out of his throbbing cock and sprayed a thick rope of white semen across her blouse and jacket. Angie then engulfed Steve’s ejaculating member with her mouth and sucked on the tumescent organ until she drained it dry. She swallowed and gagged but didn’t allow a drop of Steve’s issue to escape her mouth while she stroked and fondled her own sex until both of them were sated.

“My God Steve; you filmed her!!!” I gasped.

“Yeah; and when Danny showed it to her and threatened to email the video to her boss and post it on the web she was really pissed off,” he said sarcastically.

“Lucky though, we’ve come to an arrangement. It’s sort of similar to your arrangement,” he smiled malevolently.

“Check this out,” he said and thrust the small screen back into my face.

A new video clip appeared. In this clip Angie was fellating a large black man; his cock jack-hammering in and out of her lipsticked lips as he fucked her face. She was dressed only in a bustiere, black stockings and high heels; her face was heavily made up. She looked like a whore. The background looked like a cheap hotel room.

“So now she gets to keep her regular job; you know the stuck-up executive professional ball-breaking bitch.” Steve sniggered.

“And at night she works for me in an establishment that Danny runs on my behalf.”

“Look on the bright side Michele; you haven’t got long left to serve in Chelmsford, so when you get out I have a job waiting for you working alongside your sister.”

“Now all I have to do is get your niece in on the act and I will have your whole family working for me,” he chuckled and walked out of my cell, slamming the door behind him.

A week later Steve sat on the edge of my bed and I was on my knees between his legs sucking eagerly on his erect penis. His head was thrown back in pleasure and his eyes closed as his orgasm approached. As the first stream of hot semen erupted from his cock into my mouth I snaked my hand out and reached under the mattress.

My hand closed around the handle of the shank that I had hidden there earlier…

The End

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