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Lady’s Second Month

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Big Tits

Check out Lady’s prior stories for a more complete adventure.

Month Two: A New Client

Rose and I stayed together every night we weren’t with an accompaniment. Some nights, we would cuddle and talk… or we would watch movies or play games. And the best nights, we would find new ways to satisfy each other. She was always soft and comfortable… sensitive to my wants.

But she never took herself too seriously. Her easy laugh and active listening were was drew me to her… But of course, the sex was nice too.

After a few weeks, I had a set schedule for clients. This was pretty common for most accompaniments. The clients requested the same girls again and again. They wanted someone they could spend dinner with or show off to business partners… before aggressively enjoying her body. They wanted companionship and conversation.

I spent almost every Thursday and Friday night with Tony. Business events, corporate fundraisers, art shows… we enjoyed dinners and theatre and dancing… and then we enjoyed touching and kissing and fucking.

I avoided Mr. Prick’s requests, although his gift paid off most of my credit card debt. And I had accompanied Alek a few times. He was a big guy with bulging muscles and a thick Russian accent.

The most expensive gifts came from Sir: stylish clothes, diamond jewelry, designer bags, sophisticated shoes. It only took selling a few of these items to start a comfortable savings account.

He alternated between Rose and me, giving us almost equal attention. But it was still obvious to us both, and to the rest of the mansion, that he preferred me.

Tonight was a rare night that he had requested both of us. I braided Rose’s long hair into a loose plait, and she powdered my face and lined my eyes and lips. We passed the other girls, ignoring their jealous stares, giggling together with our arms linked.

We waited for his car in front of the mansion’s large double doors.

Rose looked at me. “What’s the occasion?”

I shrugged. “He just said to meet his car here. No dress code, so I’m guessing a more casual night?”

We slid into the familiar black leather when the car arrived. It traveled out of the skyscrapers, past the suburban townhomes, and into the glamorous estates seated just north of city.

We were left in front of a luxurious hotel seated on a well-manicured golf course. Fountains exploded on either side of the front doors and uniformed doormen bowed and opened the door as we entered.

“No dress code?” Rose whispered to me as we took in the spectacle that was the lobby. Crystal chandeliers swung high above our heads. Marble floors sat below our feet. Large plants and posh couches surrounded an indoor pond beside a modern bar playing light jazz.

I saw Sir just as he saw me. Gripping a martini, he moved quickly towards us and greeted each of us with a peck on the cheek. “Good evening. You both look lovely.”

Rose’s easy laugh made all three of us smile. “We are both very underdressed. This place is beautiful. And you.” She said, motioning to his black suit and tamed hair.

Sir waived off the comment. “I was meeting a client.”

He led us to the elevator. “Besides, I’m only going to rip those clothes off anyways.”

We entered a large suite on the highest floor. The room was spacious and clean with white marble countertops and floors. Thick oriental rugs and glittering vases and dishes artistically decorated the space. The bed was covered in soft sheets and fur throws.

Now alone, Sir pulled me in. He kissed me hard and deep, letting our mouths fall open and our tongues instinctively dance. He pulled away and turned to Rose, repeating the passionate kiss.

They broke apart, and Sir turned her face to mine. She kissed me hard. Her lips were soft and her breath was fresh. I pulled harder, and she leaned me on the bed, straddling my body. As we kissed, Sir removed his clothes. He sat on the opposite side of the bed, gently stroking himself, watching us.

Rose lifted my shirt off, her lips breaking from mine for just a second. I unbuttoned her shirt, slipping it off her shoulders. Our bras followed, so we could feel our bare breasts clash as we kissed.

Sir was fully hard now. “Undress.” He said in his commanding voice.

We stopped our mouths and removed the rest of our clothes.

We stood, naked, before him, waiting for his next instructions. I glimpsed gaziantep escort at Rose, her perfect breasts and juicy pussy. I could taste her already.

Slowly massaging his hard cock, Sir motioned us together again. “I have a job for you two… if you’re up to it. Please. Continue.”

With new desperation, Rose brought her lips back to mine. Our kisses were passionate and wet, with tongues and lips sucking and biting.

I laid on the bed, and Rose climbed on top of me. She split her legs to allow our pussies to meet. Our wet, excited pussy lips kissed as our mouths did, and she rocked back and forth on me, letting the juices slide us up and down.

Sir groaned quietly, still rubbing his cock, his eyes glued to our rubbing pussies, watching Rose gently hump me.

Rose pulled her lips away from mine and sat up, still grinding. Breathing hard, she asked, “what’s the job?”

Sir smiled and motioned us closer to him. “Come give me your mouths.”

We positioned ourselves on either side of him, and began licking and sucking on his cock. We moved together at the head, partly licking his tip and partly still making out.

“Perfect.” Sir groaned, placing one hand on each of our heads.

We stayed like this for a few minutes. Sir sighing in pleasure as we worked hard with our tongues. We paused a few times to enjoy each other, before returning our lips to his cock.

Then, he motioned us away. “God. You two are perfect. Stand up and stand over there.” He pointed at the end of the bed.

“Before I tell you the job…” He smiled cheekily. “Let’s have a little audition.”

He sat up slightly, his hand still stroking his hard cock. “Entertain me.”

I stood still, slightly unsure of what he wanted. But Rose was confident. She slowly walked in front of me, gently lowering herself. Her ass opened towards Sir. He sighed in pleasure, watching her hole gape open.

Rose held my thighs as she licked me. I squirmed and moaned as she slurped my juices. Her tongue was soft and warm, flickering gently to stimulate me.

By now, she knew my body… quickly finding that perfect spot above my pussy lips that was so sensitive. She pressed her tongue firmly, gently making circles.

I gasped and sighed. “Darling.” I groaned. “Don’t stop that.”

Sir smiled and stood up, moving towards a music player in the corner. Sultry jazz began to echo out of the speakers. Rose hummed gently along with the tune, creating a warm buzz that vibrated throughout my pussy.

I stepped back and fell onto a couch, opening my legs wider. Rose advanced, keeping her mouth glued to my clit. She became aggressive, lapping me like a dog, again and again.

Her mouth leaked with saliva and pussy juices, splattering my lap and the couch.

She moved to be beside me, and we kneeled together on the cushions. Without hesitation, she kissed me again. My own sweet, tanginess coated my tongue.

Sir moved closer, stroking his cock again. It sat, rock hard, just inches from our faces. He grunted as he jerked himself, aiming directly at our kissing mouths.

“More.” He demanded, in a stunted voice.

Opening our mouths even wider, we shared saliva freely. Rose ate at my face, licking my cheeks and chin. My entire face was sticky and dripping as we got more passionate.

Sir pumped himself faster. “Don’t stop.” He grunted. “I’m going to cum all over your sticky faces.”

We kissed harder at his words, anxious for his streams. I licked Rose’s cheek, slow and hard, all the way up to her forehead.

We were pressed together now, kneeling on the cushions. Sir stood directly before the couch, his cock bouncing beside our faces as he stroked up and down, harder and harder.

Rose’s perfect breasts bounced against mine. Her nipples were hard and pointed, stabbing against my breasts. Streams of saliva dripped down our chests, creating a lubricant for our bodies.

Sir continued jerking himself, grunting with pleasure as he watched our bodies. “I’m going to cum.” He said again. “All over your faces…” He groaned again, his eyes glued to us. “And you are going to suck up every drop of it.”

Rose and I moaned together as we kissed, desperate for his cum.

It happened fast and satisfying. Thick streams shot from the head of his cock, splashing our faces.

We giggled and kissed as he groaned his finish. Rose licked my face, cleaning off Sir’s cum with her tongue. I did the same to her, tasting his saltiness.

Sir smiled as our messy face and breasts. “Go clean up.” He said. “We have a visitor coming.”


We washed up and reapplied makeup before returning to the bedroom, still completely naked.

Sir was there with another women.

She was short and feisty, with furrowed brows and a bob of straight brown hair. She stood confident and impish in her perfectly tailored pantsuit complete with bright red stilettos.

Her face immediately lit up when she saw us.

“Jakey, you’ve outdone yourself.” She said, eyeing our naked bodies.

Sir smiled at us. “Girls, this is Mia.”

“New client?” Rose asked, her voice full of excitement. Female clients were rare at the mansion.

Mia wandered towards us. “Sort of.” She answered.

She approached us and softly placed her hand on Rose’s hip, gently moving up her body and squeezing her breast.

She moved around us, looking at us from all angles, admiring our curves and features.

She stopped in front of me and wet her lips, staring right at my eyes. “This must be Lady.” She said without question.

She pulled me to her and kissed me slow and hard. Her lips were firm and igniting. I opened my mouth and let her in… her tongue pressed against mine.

She moved closer and let her hands caress my body. One moved to my pussy and began to fondle my lower lips. I sighed as she backed away suddenly, breaking the kiss.

“You know my brother’s taste.” Mia said to Sir, her eyes still fixated on our bodies.

Sir laughed and shrugged. “It’s my taste, too. You know that.”

Mia moved to Rose and took her hand. Nodding at me, she said, “take your Lady.”

Sir waved me to him, and as we left the room, I watched Mia turn to Rose and begin a kiss. Rose answered with passion, and I felt a twinge of jealousy flit through me.


We moved to a connecting suite, and I fell onto the bed as Sir mixed drinks.

I couldn’t help myself. “So… Jakey?”

Sir chuckled.

“Who is she?” I asked.

“Mia is an old friend. And her brother.” Sir handed me a drink and sat beside me on the bed. “I’ve known them since way before I was Sir.”

I took the drink from him and sipped it. I couldn’t imagine Sir before Sir. But he wasn’t always auctioning off pretty women. I imagined Sir as a child, learning his alphabet and how to read. He was a teenager once. Did he date? Did he have a first love? Where are his parents now? Does he have siblings?

“You look so focused.” Sir laughed. He could tell exactly what I was thinking. “My real name is Jacob.” He sighed. “I grew up in a small house in a small town on the East coast. I lost both my parents when I was nine, and spent the next ten years being raised beside Mia and her brother in their mansion.”

“Nine is so young. How did they die?” I replied.

Sir shrugged. “They didn’t. I just lost them. And good riddance. Mia’s parents weren’t parents though. We were raised by nannies and boarding schools mostly.”

I moved closer, listening intently to the rare moment of transparency from Sir. I leaned in and nestled into his arms, enjoying the peace and intimacy. He absentmindedly drew circles across my bare skin as he reminisced.

“On my 18th birthday, they gifted me a full ride scholarship to the college of my choice.”

“That was nice.” I said.

He shrugged again. “They weren’t compassionate. But they were smart. And they could tell I was smart. They took me in because they saw my potential. And they saw they could profit from it. Regardless, I’m appreciative.”

“Well, do they profit from you?” I asked.

Sir smiled. “I studied actuarial science for one year before meeting Tawny. A stunning blonde with a perfect ass and an empty head who showed me just how amazing sex can be. And all it took was a few diamonds and designer handbags to show others.”

Sir was tracing circles on my naked skin. He moved to my breast and began rubbing and tickling my nipple, slowly and meticulously turning my body on.

He continued his story. “So I dropped out, took a loan from my adopted father, and purchased my mansion. Besides a portion of my profits, he gets to enjoy the merchandise whenever he wants.” Sir gave my tit a soft squeeze as he said this.

I rolled over to lay between his legs and began to undo his pants. His cock was still soft, but getting harder each second. I began to kiss his shaft and delicately tongue his cock head.

He placed a hand on the back of my head, subconsciously reminding me that he was in control. I wrapped my lips full around his cock, and he pushed my head down, letting most of his shaft fill my throat. He sighed in pleasure feeling my wet mouth encompass him.

After a few gags, I pulled back up and began kissing and licking his balls.

“Want to meet them?” He asked.

I looked up at him, my lips still making out with his balls.

“Hmm?” I murmured.

“Want to meet Mia’s brother and parents?” He asked again. “I need a date.”

“For?” I asked, moving myself to snuggle beside him.

“A little celebration.” Sir replied.

He set his glass down and moved to lay between my legs, reciprocating the favor. He kissed my inner thighs, teasing me with his lips.

“And the job?” I asked, changing the subject. “You said you had a job for the two of us.”

I could feel Sir’s smile between my thighs. He tilted his head slightly, so he could see my face. With his eyes glued to mine, he tongued my pussy in teasingly slow licks.

I shuttered and moaned at the sensation. I could feel gushes on fluids rush out of me with excitement. But Sir didn’t stop. Slow and exaggerated, he continued the licks until my body trembled.

I felt a rise inside of me… the sensation was too much. I shook as the organism built… waves began to rush over my body.

Then he stopped.

“You know the rule.” He smiled as he moved up my body. He hovered his face right over mine and slowly, with his eyes just inches from mine… his lips just inches from my lips… slowly entered me.

His cock was rock hard and slipped inside me easily. My pussy immediately accepted him and clenched its walls around his shaft. I groaned, but held back.

I knew the rule. As soon as I orgasmed… it was over.

“I need you and Rose to entertain some special guests.” He said, gently rocking inside of me. I felt his cock flick with excitement as my pussy involuntarily squeezed it.

“Special guests?”

“A gift. From Mia to her brother.” Sir said, panting a little. He began humping harder, letting his cock enter me again and again… still slow and controlled.

I lifted myself, allowing him to enter even deeper.

He groaned in pleasure. “The idea of this perfect pussy getting wrecked by a cock that’s not mine…” He smirked at me and sped up.

He pumped hard, pushing his hard cock deep inside me. His balls slapped against me with each thrust. He was still hovering over me. His strong arms bulging as he held himself up. My hands rested on his waist, feeling his core work hard as he continued the motion.

His sparkling eyes were glued to mine. Eye contact wasn’t unusual, but this was different. His face was soft and passionate. The cold, aloof businessman had left. He was enjoying more than just my body.

I smiled at him and he smiled back with a whisper. “The idea of another cock in this perfect pussy…” He shook his head, but maintained the intense eye contact. “You’re mine.”

He pushed deep into me and pressed his body close to mine. Beads of sweat on his abs and chest flattened as our bodies embraced.

He pressed his lips to mine and kissed me. It was different. Our tongues danced a slow waltz instead of the quick, passionate tango we were used to.

The sensation wasn’t centered in my pussy like before. A new feeling built deep in my chest. Like a million butterflies had burst from my heart and were fluttering down to my stomach.

He let his lips hover barely an inch from mine, and whispered. “You can cum now.”

As if on command, my body responded with spasms of pleasure.

My pussy contracted and squeezed his cock. I moaned and closed my eyes, tilting my head back, grunting and gasping.

His cock responded with a spasm of its own. Shooting deep inside of me, I felt his streams mix with my own cum.

I laid still, soaking in the satisfaction… soaking in an orgasm that seemed more than shallow pleasure.

When I opened my eyes again, he was still watching me. His eyes still sparkling, his lips curved to a soft smile.

He pulled his shrinking cock out of my pussy and laid on his back beside me.

We were both silent. Something different hung in the air around us. Without a word or glance, Sir reached over and took my hand. We laid still, holding hands… staring at the ceiling.

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